On a mission to recover a demon tool, Kid, Liz, and Patti approach a village that was mysteriously wiped out twenty years ago. Knowing the danger, he leaves the two girls outside and enters the village alone. The place is deserted and in ruins, and Kid eventually comes upon a strange building. Inside, Kid finds a long set of stairs that lead down to a tent, and within that tent is the demon tool key that he’s looking for. However, soon after Kid gets the key, he’s attacked by a giant mechanical clown. This clown reveals that this is the place of enshrinement for the final demon tool and that it had eaten all the people after they excavated this place twenty years ago. Kid manages to escape from this clown by returning to the surface, but he’s caught off guard by a second clown. The two clowns together are able to outmaneuver him, and Kid is distracted momentarily by the clowns’ symmetry. Fortunately, Liz and Patti come save him, and the trio ultimately use their Death Cannon attack to destroy the clowns.

After the battle is over, Kid walks past the broken remains of one of the clowns, and it gathers up enough energy to play a recorded message. The message tells Kid to ask himself whether he’s qualified to use the demon tool for himself or not, and it warns that there’s no glory for those without – only destruction. Acknowledging this, Kid wonders to himself who can say that what they did is not an irreparable crime and who can assert that Shibusen won’t misuse the demon tool. This leads him to question if he should obediently turn it over to his father. Meanwhile, Crona and Marie continue their journey toward Medusa’s lair, unaware that they’re being pursued by Maka and Soul. Medusa is at that moment watching over the battle between Shibusen and Arachnophobia with Stein.


Well that was nothing like the clown arc in the manga, but it wasn’t bad either. This episode started off feeling a bit like it was going to simply have Kid trying to overcome some clowns to get the final demon tool – the atmosphere reminded me a little of D.Gray-man – and although that is mostly what it turned out to be, I liked the way they played up the lingering doubts inside of Kid. Given how big of a part of the story this has become, I really hope this doubt actually leads to something, and Kid doesn’t just end up deciding to trust his father after whatever explanation he’s ultimately given. The message from Eibon (which I believe is the first time we’ve heard his voice) also made me wonder again if they’ll ever clarify Shinigami-sama’s relationship with Eibon and if we’ll actually ever see Eibon speak in person. Since the BONES writers are now crafting their own ending, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible.

Aside from Kid, the other main characters don’t do much this week – Make ran and Black*Star fought Arachne’s minions – and it looks like Maka won’t reach Crona until next week’s episode in Medusa’s lair. I’m really curious to see how they’re going to resolve the Crona vs. Medusa conflict and if just killing Medusa will free Stein from her grasp. If Medusa does get eventually killed (which I suspect won’t happen just yet since there are still too many episodes left), I wonder if this’ll be death for good or if she’ll slink away inside another snake as sort of a to-be-continued in case someone ever wants to animate a sequel. I’m hoping it’ll be death for good, but it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen here.


  1. I’m still waiting on Maka to go berserk again~. It hasn’t happened in the manga, but I can always hope it’ll happen in the anime. xD

    I wonder how things are going to wrap up, here. Good luck, Bones, don’t screw it up. 😛

  2. I actually like this event than the one in the manga. Not sure why but it just seems like this is how it SHOULD be.

    Anywho I have one question, how much longer until the end? Like what’s the final ep count? The manga didn’t finish yet right (haven’t read too far ahead)? Really hoping for a second season if they decide to finish this off. Though I somewhat hope Soul Eater becomes something like One Piece I highly doubt that would happen.

  3. Also (and sorry for the double) I didn’t suspect the last piece to have been the key for Breu (sp?). Also I would put a spoiler warning but I’m sure everyone here already knows (and even if you don’t you would have suspected it). I thought Shinigami didn’t know where it was? Or maybe I haven’t been paying attention to the details (I watch all Soul Eater eps stoned so I may be missing a few parts here and there).

  4. Man, at this point the story is just too far away from the manga, thats not a bad thing because its being really interesting, but… We missing a lot of stuff like Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I have to say though, filler like this exasperates me. Especially when it revolves around a relatively strong character having trouble against some minor enemies that if it weren’t for one stupid detail, they would be defeated within 5 minutes of the episode, but because for some reason he “doesn’t want them to get hurt” he lets his weapons stay behind making his inability to fight a crutch so that they can drag out the episode.

    Inuyasha suffered from this problem on a consistent basis.

  6. Actually now that I think about it…Eibon’s voice is FINALLY revealed…and considering there’s only about…8 eps left…I don’t think that’ll be enough time. Most likely there’s going to be a second season. Here’s hoping.

  7. I doubt Medusa will de because she is just borrowing the body. I also think Stien will die and it will Marie who kills him. Black Star using the demon blade mode which means that his body can withstand the power. And Kid may attack shibusen and find out it all because of them. Just hunches but one or two may be true.

  8. I’m digging the different story, kinda like alternate realities BUT in real time..sort of.
    @ROFLWAFFLELAWL ditto on the stoned part heheh, aint the OP and the ED 40X better that way!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. “I’m still waiting on Maka to go berserk again~. It hasn’t happened in the manga, but I can always hope it’ll happen in the anime. xD

    I wonder how things are going to wrap up, here. Good luck, Bones, don’t screw it up. :P”

    Me too.

    name required
  10. @BOOKLYN otaku

    hell yea man! Especially the ED with Ashura. With the skull and shit. Crazy.
    But I’m really hoping for a 2nd season or BONES going “Hey…let’s just make the series longer than 51 episodes.”


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