Ryuuji decides to chase after Taiga with Minori, but they aren’t able to find her immediately. Nevertheless, Minori yells to Taiga through the halls an admission that she likes Ryuuji, and she reveals how she had felt that she had to let Taiga have him because Taiga needed him. She realizes now that this was a misunderstanding, and she feels that only Taiga can decide her own happiness. By the time Minori reaches the entrance of school though, Taiga is already gone, and Minori collapses to the ground. Ryuuji thinks that she might be crying, but in actuality, she just has a nosebleed from falling earlier. The two thus go to the school infirmary where Minori explains that she used to play baseball and was pretty good at it. She hadn’t continued it at the time because she was a girl, but she’snow saving up money so that she can attend a sports university with a goal of all-Japan softball. Minori wants to shout to the world that this is her happiness, and she had been resolved to do her best despite the pain and not cry. She also asks Ryuuji about the hairpin and apologizes because she had believed that it was a present from Taiga and because she had worn it in front of him even though she had decided not to accept it. Minori ends the conversation by noting that there’s one more thing she can see – that he likes Taiga – and she bids him a giant farewell by putting her fist at his lips and then by cheering him on as he leaves to find Taiga.

Ryuuji correctly predicts that Taiga will show back up at the bakery, so he’s waiting for her when she gets there. He wants to talk to her about earlier, but Taiga avoids it by saying that she heard Minori back at school, and she wants to put off talking about things until after they finish their job. That’s what they end up doing, but on their way home, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Yasuko who accuses Ryuuji of lying to her. With her is Taiga’s mother who’s ready to take custody of Taiga, but Taiga refuses to go with her. Not paying attention to what’s going on between Taiga and her mother, Yasuko is angry that Ryuuji broke his promise not to work, but Ryuuji points to how she took on more work and collapsed. When Yasuko reiterates how she wants Ryuuji to study hard so that he can live well, Ryuuji snaps and reminds her that it was her who didn’t study and her who didn’t become the great person she wants him to be. Halfway through telling her not to force her failures onto him, Ryuuji realizes that his mother is crying, so he stops. Given all this, Taiga takes Ryuuji’s hand and the two run away.

The two eventually find themselves on a bridge, and Taiga explains how her father’s business failed, so he ran away from it all. Taiga doesn’t feel that she can be with her mother either because her mother already has a new family and is pregnant with a baby. Understanding what Taiga is feeling, Ryuuji relates how it might have been better for his own mother if he had never been born since she was still young at the time and could have gone back to high school. With Ryuuji thinking about all this while looking over the side of the bridge, Taiga panics and tries to keep him from jumping off. She feels that she’s living because he’s there for her, but in the process of saying all this, she accidentally pushes him off the bridge. Ryuuji ends up okay, and after a bit of back and forth, he decides to tell Taiga that they should run away until he turns 18 in two months, at which point he wants to marry her. If they do so, they’ll be adults and no one can get in their way, and Ryuuji promises to devote himself to her. Before Ryuuji can say that he loves her, Taiga jumps off the bridge onto him, and the two decide to reveal their feelings together. However, they’re interrupted by the sound of Ryuuji’s cell phone, and it turns out to be Yuusaku who’s concerned about them.

Taiga and Ryuuji end up going to Ami’s house, and since they’re soaked, Ami sends Taiga to take a shower first. While Taiga is gone, Ami gets Ryuuji to say clearly that he likes Taiga, and after he does so, she smiles and kicks him. Later, when the entire gang has gathered, Taiga and Ryuuji surprises everyone by declaring that they’re going to elope. Ami and Yuusaku try to warn the two against it, but after Taiga talks about how she has to do away with how she had thought that whatever she desired breaks because her wish now came true, Minori decides to support the couple. Even though Minori doesn’t think that what they’re doing is right, she’s feels that if this is how they’re going to do it, then she can’t oppose them, and she gives them her bankbook and her seal. To show their support as well, Ami gives them the keys to her villa, and Yuusaku gives them rice coupons. When Taiga and Ryuuji then get ready to leave Ami’s house, Minori makes Taiga happy by showing that she’s made up with Ami. However, after the door closes, Minori starts crying, and she doesn’t understand why since she had decided never to cry. What Minori does know is that your nose bleeds when you fall down in the hallway, and tears come out when you fall down in life. Ami, however, feels that it’s too early for them to be talking about life like that.

Taiga and Ryuuji meanwhile head home to get some things, and Ryuuji finds that both his mother and Inko-chan are gone. On the table is his grandfather’s watch, a map to his grandparents’ house, and a note from Yasuko telling him to show the watch to them. Given that his mother has run away, Ryuuji realizes that if he won’t become an adult when his birthday comes if he runs away as well. Thus, after Taiga talks about being a family with Yasuko on the train, Ryuuji proposes that they go to his grandparents’ place instead. There, he shows his grandparents the watch and introduces himself as their grandson and Taiga as his bride. Ryuuji has decided that they won’t run away.


Well how was that for exciting. It’s so great to see Taiga and Ryuuji’s relationship finally coming to a head, as well as Minori’s stuff, and I’m fairly pleased with how it all turned out. Minori finally showed and explained her true feelings, and she had some pretty good lines this episode (the farewell, then the nosebleed ones). Ami was somewhat redeemed as well, though her role was still pretty minor. Ryuuji and Taiga’s decision to elope was surprising to say the least – that entire bridge scene was a little crazy – but it’s not entirely unreasonable in the sense that Ryuuji was desperate and wanted to take care of Taiga without letting her get taken away by her mother. Incidentally, Taiga’s mother was portrayed as a lot more evil than I thought she’d be, but at least we got to see her.

Now I understand that there were some changes from the novels, such as there not being a kiss between Ryuuji and Taiga on the bridge, but I thought that the anime adaptation still did a pretty good job telling the overall story, and there were a lot of strong moments. I wish they hadn’t included an OP at all this episode given how late it came and how it changed the mood from an important scene, but J.C.Staff made up for it with a strong ending. Yuusaku’s fever line in particular was perfect. In any case, I assume they’re saving the kiss for the climax in the finale – at least I’m hoping they are because I’ll be a bit disappointed if there’s no kiss at all before this is over. Regardless, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a strong finish.


  1. now, since the pairing is finally decided (i was rooting for minori > ami > taiga > sensei) but nevermind, at least give me some ero-scenes, they know eachother long enough to go on this far, but no ideas for a plot? easy doing, just animate a h-doujin *g*

  2. @blackinmind

    she was pushing him to go to college and go onto a career. it had to deal with her being unable to because she had him so young i believe.

    not that that’s unreasonable, i don’t recall if she was pushing him into a specific career path, which WOULD be unreasonable.

  3. Hm. Its not like anyone was expecting anything BUT a taiga x ryuuji end. Now their future would be established, they’ll probably do spin-off stories. Which may be interesting in more ways than possible.

    Guido Salazari
  4. why do you even watch the series -___- wasn’t it the title clear? why do you ship even now god dammit give me a break guys and please STOP THE SHIPPING else get drowned, no matter how hard you rage the ending won’t change at all. And if you are disappointed in the show for not turning out like YOU wanted to then you are just plain stupid

  5. Well I can sort of understand why people would be upset that their girl didn’t win. Even if it’s obviously TaigaxRyuuji it doesn’t mean people didn’t prefer their own girl to win. Now if you were genuinely surprised that Taiga and Ryuuji got together then I seriously have to question your intelligence. It’s either that or you are seriously in denial.


    Not everything goes smoothly in life. Just because you damn shippers didn’t get the ending you wanted does not make this a bad show.

    If you enjoyed it so far, then why hate it now?

    Anyway, they skipped out on the kiss scene. Which is depressing.

    Dammit Japan.

  7. I don’t really think it was a waste since you invested your emotions into a character. Don’t you think she was worth your time? As for the pairing, well this isn’t a harem anime based off an eroge like Shuffle!. You really should have known what you were getting into here. It was obvious it was TaigaxRyuuji from Episode 1.

  8. We wouldnt be upset, when TaigaxRyuuji would make more sense because of what happend in the series. But with what happened its just plain shit to get these 2 together.
    RyuujixKitamura would make more sense.

    It was of course expected, but rahter badly made, because it was always Ryuuji saying Minorin here, Minorin there and now with Taiga? Common, it doesn’t really make sense at all from Ryuuji side.

  9. Unfortunately I don’t completely disagree with you. They had to squeeze so much into so little. Still, I think they did a rather decent job of it. It’s just a little hard for people to swallow because of the nature of their relationship. The anime would have needed more eps to make it more believable.

  10. mannn isnt that a bit too much? for a light hearted novel, i mean, n whats with ryuuji calling her his bride.. *blush* they havent graduated high school yet!! elope?? wth… im like yuri the single teacher, lol. sad for minori, poor minori…. this could be the end already, one more eps?? most likely gonna be ryuuji’s reconciliation with yasuko. back to school already, u cant find decent job without a degree!!

  11. degree is important for only someone status, many japanese only take part time jobs and can support their kids for school *just like Yasuko* that’s why Ryuuji didn’t feel getting into an univ is that important… then, part time jobs, sometimes can pay more than monthly salary X’D and has most of ppl hav commented on, this anime is bout both of them “Toradora” so why depressed over ur fav girl didn’t get the main guy… i enjoy this serie, since not only they gave me more foundation for both Ryuuji and Taiga relationship, but also other sub-charas development. Toradora is even more enjoyable than Gundam OO, at least for me, it is!

  12. “Now if you were genuinely surprised that Taiga and Ryuuji got together then I seriously have to question your intelligence.”
    – Nellie

    It’s not even the “surprise” that’s the worst of it (although that’s part of it). It’s this: if Ryuuji and Taiga did *not* end up together in some form, then what is the moral of the story? What is the meaning of the opening narration in episode 1? What would it mean for the show to be called “Toradora” (see episode 2)? What is the guiding purpose behind all of the development we’ve seen so far between Taiga and Ryuuji (see every episode in between)?

    You can’t just take an entire show’s themes, messages, and character development, throw it all out the window, pick some random other ending, and say “surprise!” Writing doesn’t work like this. And yet, if you read the comments, some people clearly would have preferred an “unpredictable” ending even if that ending didn’t make any sense in the story. Ryuuji never loved Minori, and he never loved Ami; otherwise, what has the whole story been all about? Toradora is (and has always been) the unlikely love story between a Tiger and a Dragon; that’s what they told us right at the start. It’s predictable precisely because we knew it all along.

    I think some people like the story that plays out in their heads more than the story that plays out on the screen. But I guess this is nothing new.

  13. People only see what they want to. People want everything to go their way, to “surprised”, as they put it, ironically.

    Also people are stupid. But we already knew that.

  14. me parese bien que ami se quedara sin ruiji ya que ella misma lo trato mal al principio por su gran ego , creia que hiba estar a sus pies como un perrito pero se equivoco y muy tarde se dio cuenta de lo que se habia perdido por esa actitud suya . taiga o minorin creo que hasta el ultimo no se sabra .

  15. You are right relentlessflame. I only wish they had had more than 2 cour to tell the story. They could have fleshed out their relationship a bit more. In some places the story seemed a bit rushed, but as I said before I think they did a decent job of it. I know I certainly enjoyed the ride.

  16. Dammit, they cut the kiss on the bridge! Maybe if they’d left that in, shippers would have been in less of a RAGE over there being “no buildup” to Ryuuji asking Taiga to elope. ….Who am I kidding, anyone who thinks TaigaXRyuuji is “unrealistic” or “predictable” will complain regardless, and has missed the whole point of the show. I thought the way all 24 episodes so far have built up this theme of the difference between crushes and real love (including love of friends and family) was really unique. <3

  17. “I thought the way all 24 episodes so far have built up this theme of the difference between crushes and real love (including love of friends and family) was really unique.”
    – f

    Yay to you for picking up on one of the show’s central themes! The fact that many viewers don’t seem to understand this difference might suggest that it’s a lesson that not only those in the show need to learn…

  18. I am surprised O_O

    But when I watched the first episode I thougth that Ryuuji will end up with Taiga. Minori rejects Ryuuji felling that it’s the best for her and for Taiga and Ami doesn’t open up her feelings for Ryuuji after several episodes… but too late for it ¬¬

    What I enjoy of this show is the way that love changes people and the life of them, especially when someone creates a bond with friends and family.

    At first it was pretty funny, but then the characters around Taiga and Ryuuji began to change when they get together. Also the final is written TORADORA (which means Tiger and Dragon :P).

  19. Its always been like this, what’s the reason having open comment section? its so we can speak out all our reactions ,so people who argue with those who share with their own RAGING disappointments of having their pair/ending wishes didn’t end as they wanted to be comments (event though its pretty obvious/predictable on this kind of story)is very immature. let them speak up what they want, try not to make your self the Mr/Ms knows every thing and always on the right side (you look stupid) really if they act like kids/idiotic to you don’t act like you’re one of those kids

    anyway i do like Minorin(ftw) to end up with Ryuji (a very wishful thinking of mine)but heck i really like how they finally put those two love birds together (very cute ) and really, elope + instant fiance are quite a big jump (i wish they try to stretch it a bit more but who oh well still fun and quite good to me….. they really make a good couple~

  20. I’m laughing my ass off at people who still ship or think that Toradora is a harem show.

    Just because there are less guys than girls doesn’t automatically mean that a show is of the harem-type. If that were the case, Suzumiya Haruhi would have a harem.

  21. this episode was just EPIC!!!! I feel sorry for shippers though, I wonder if they are gonna bleed themselves to death because AmixRyuuji or MinoriXRyuuji didn’t happen


    Teenagers do stupid things when they feel they are trapped. Last episode will win, and own everyone

  22. i was looking at a picture online and it showed Ryuuji wearing a ring on his finger Taija was also wearing one making a pinky swear (promise that cannot be broken or counteracted by the crossing of fingers) Afterall the title of the anime is called Toradora meaning tigerxdragon which means “Taiga and Ryuuji.They started out as friends trying to help each other get who they want but as the series continued they started caring for each other. I noticed one thing while i was watching this anime Minori, Kitamru and Ami care too much about whether Taiga and Ryuuji love each other to the point where they have surpressed their own feelings just to see both of them happy really it is quite sad
    i really taught Minori would realize she made a big mistake cuz Taiga is just happy being around Ryuuji

    Peter Rice
  23. I thought every single Anime out there always have the main protagonist ending up with the main heroine(hinted by OP/ED and even name of the anime sometimes). Since when was there even an exception? Name me 1 please! Why are you guys even expecting Minorin X Ryuji?(tho I prefer Minorin too)

  24. @RyuujixKitamura would make more sense.

    wtf that’s ridiculous. i thought that the Ryuuji x Taiga stuff was obvious not only for the recalled name also ‘cuz seeing these openings and endings we can rescue the indispensable stuff that it’s coming (trama and more)

    They both like the best friend of the other one so they become friends and mutually help each other.. but one fall in love and blahblah

    Random person
  25. @Novax
    that is because some of us are tired of the same ending/outcome i was really hoping that this anime’s ending would different i think everyone understands Taiga and Ryuuji relationship says it all but the others are not as fortunate to have that kind of relationship but even though some of us still hoped that characters like Minori and Ami ended up with the main character to me i think Taiga would happily let go of him.

    Peter Rice
  26. “You’ve got to admit, this is a side of Ryuuji’s mom that we have never seen before. And she is fully dressed!”
    – draksig

    I like the way you juxtaposed the sentences there. Get rid of the “And” and it still works! :p

    (In all seriousness, though, those two points really are related! Symbolism…)

  27. I’m a bit curious as to what Minori did after she put her fist on Ryuuji’s mouth and after he left did she kiss it? does that mean she loves him too? cuz i,m kind of confused now.

  28. Jesus F-in Christ, you guys are done. Skinned, Seasoned, Cooked, & Served. Anyway, half of vol 10 is done. Its great that they was able to keep up this pace. But compared to the earlier volumes, 10 seemed to be as rushed as the latter episodes (I wonder why…) But an epic anime is epic as hell. & no its not an epic fail. Taiga & Ryuuji really do kick it up when they have to & its only going to get more steamy 😀

  29. can’t wait for the subs, watching raws now. I had no idea that Ryuuji’s cell phone was waterproof, I want one of those! I do think they are rushing things a bit. They still have one year to go in school and they just finally admit they like each other and they are already talking getting married. With them getting to this point with one more episode to go makes me wonder if something will happen to stop them, or at least make them slow down.

  30. I doubt there will be any steamy episodes for Toradora. some of you must be hoping they do like was done for green Green, A Hentai OVA was created for the DVD. IF they do a Hentai OVA of Toradora, I think I’ll pass, unless they have a Minori-Ami scene. You will just have to settle for the Dojin’s.

  31. Is it typical in Japan for two people to become fiancee so quickly after finding out they love each other? Or is this just something they put in? I don’t know, it just seems kind of weird to me… *shrugs*

  32. Like I’ve said to the people expecting a ‘surprising’ or their preferred ending:

    It’s not your story to tell, haha. You’re only here for the ride. And yes it’s either you enjoy it or you don’t. Otherwise go write fan fictions and stuff to satisfy your needs. xD

    Xineohp Erif
  33. This is just silly; it’s fine that they admit they liked each other, but decided that they’re going to get married 10 min later just just ridiculous…

    Next ep is going to be the final one right? Either way this won’t end well.

  34. LOL shippers. Good ep, and I agree with the post saying they’re teenagers… teenagers do crazy stuff when overcome with emotions (i.e. Romeo and Juliet)

    also curious as to how they plan on using the kissing scene since if you follow the book should’ve happened on this ep. Looks like they’re saving the scene up for something better I hope; like the muffler scene(s)

  35. fast development of taiga x ryuuji but the storyline supports the fast-developed relationship since Taiga’s mum and Ryuuji’s mum went a lil At least all characters came clean..cept for Ami’s feelings for ryuuji. That’s still a lil hazy and I doubt there’s any more screen time for that to clear up. Ah well, at least they got the story nicely done up unlike other animes where they alter the plot.

  36. Now, That this show is coming to an end, I’m gonna miss it… really. They made laugh and shed a tear. I wish and wait for a second season or the spin off’s. They are all lovable characters, and would like to see more of them, like Sumire or even those two guys (noko and “pimp” haruta)… Maybe they could make another show and introduce new characters, and maybe a pair some new couples… Is like denying death, but I don’t want this show to leave. Shippers can rot, the story was set on stones, get over it! Besides, Toradora Portable is comming to PSP on april. I think you can change this story in this game.

    Rick Masters
  37. RyuujixTaiga was obvious from episode 1, but I think people are just getting tired of the tsundere stereotype. Then again I wonder why you’d watch it if you don’t enjoy the characters…I dropped it on episode 4 or so, though I read this blog from time to time.

  38. Man, I’m a girl and I really love this series, even though it’s seinen (for young/men). It gets kind of annoying seeing all the complaints on how “predictable” the pairing is. You can never really escape cliches completely; what is most important is how the couple developed along the way and I enjoyed it very much. Well, you can’t make everyone happy.

    While Taiga is a tsundere, for me, there’s something about her that remind me of a cute albeit violent teddybear, which I never felt about Shana or Nagi.

  39. I think the problem people have with this coupling is that it all seems too simple. We can see it happening, but we expect more than what to happen. Not to mention how fast it seems to be going. Frankly, from the preview screens, there seems to be something happening.

    Be glad the ending’s not like Suzuka. Be it the manga’s “suitable life” ending, or the anime’s “lack of” ending. Plus, I’m kinda sick of that artist altogether.

  40. @Kiki:
    “You can never really escape cliches completely”
    Why? The only reason there are cliches is the fact that the authors are afraid of trying something new – old cliches that were successful in the past are much safer. That’s why I’m so disappointed with Toradora, I really hoped for a non cliche ending (yes, I know that the show’s titled Toradora, so what).

    Still, I’m quite “sad” that there’s only one episode left. That’s what I hate the most in all romance/comedy shows the fact that they focus on getting together, but they rarely say anything about what happens after, and to be honest I think it’s more complicated to maintain a relationship rather than to establish one.

    @Rick Masters:
    To be honest I’d prefer if they left it as it is now, by which mean very good. Who knows what would JC staff do to it if they were to make the plot by themselfs (as the novels came to and end, and from what I know there won’t be more). Sometimes it’s better to have leave good things as they are.

  41. Aww..
    I wanted a RyuujixMinori ending…
    The last thing I wanted was a Taiga ending… T^T
    ….I’m actually pretty disappointed.
    At the scene where Minori put her fist on his lips, it would been alot better…
    If she kissed him instead.

  42. Ah also I forgot to say. Wth, they wanted to elope? That just seems to me really out of character for Ryuuji, I mean how does he want to face the reality and earn a living without even graduating from high school, add to that the fact he didn’t take under consideration what his mother would say (well ok I’m basing my opinion on what Omni told us, as I didn’t really have the time to watch this ep yet), ok it’s his life but throught the whole series he was really considerate about his mother. Maybe it’s just me but the whole episode was really rushed, from all the confessions to running away and deciding to go to his grandparents. Ok they were in love with each other, but it’s just ridiculous to make a snap decision about getting married. Well all from me for now, gonna whine a bit more after watching the episode probably 😉

  43. @Zenzen
    “That’s what I hate the most in all romance/comedy shows the fact that they focus on getting together, but they rarely say anything about what happens after”

    Then did you enjoy Itazura na kiss, which went well beyond them getting together as a couple but followed them into marriage, covered their marriage problems and even their first child? I did and I didn’t want it to end either.

  44. I’d rather see RyuujixTaiga than any other pairing because the dynamics of their characters and their interactions were the only part of the show I actually cared for and enjoyed. I just found the pairing a lot more charming than any of the other said pairing for character purposes. The show was about them in the beginning, and I’m glad it ends with them in the end.

    On another note, Taiga is one of the stronger roles Kugimiya Rie has done in recent years. Not that she did a shitty job with other chars, but it’s just that I had forgotten when I thought her voice was cute instead of annoying, so Taiga also gets points redeeming TeH Rie.

    As for people watching for the other characters… well, the only other character worth watching for some people was Ami, since I know there were a damn lot of people who hated both Kitamura and Minori (their respective crushes) by the end of the series, or right from the beginning.

  45. Great Show!!
    really liked it. It really reminded me of my high school days.
    the only thing i wished was for them to end it some how that none of the main cast would suffer. Pour Minori.
    maybe they can make Minori get together with Kitamura and pair the rest of the characters up so that they all live happy ever after.
    I wouldn’t say it was predictable at all. I mean they made it look so simple that they made the viewers think that there will be some kind of plot twist. You can say it was too obvious to be true (he swore his loyalty in ep 2 now he will do it officially by marying her).

  46. little out of topic but WOW just looked at the illustrations of Taiga in the Light novel. Looks like she is portrayed as a regular sized(slightly smaller) pretty girl with long hair(longer than in TV) as opposed to tiny loli that she is in the TV series…… Much more attractive in those illustrations imo!

  47. Well theirs a cram episode for ya. They tried to put way to much in this episode. Granted its the second to the last episode, but still it was a bit much. Also when it spilled over into to credits showed that there really trying to wrap this up, which is good since theirs nothing worse then leaving major plot gaps open.

    As for the episode over all goes i had a mixed reactions towards it. Ryuuji and Taiga finally realizing there true feelings was a definite plus in this episode. Though as i mentioned a few weeks ago ” i saw a RyuujixTaiga pairing at the beginning.” But i didn’t see how it would “emerge”. A Major negative of this episode was that everyone else kinda got the shaft as far as there happiness and such are concerned. They pulled a ” i want what i can’t have” and the “put others before myself” cleshay with Minorie and Ami, which really bugged me. I wish they would of has them express there feelings to Ryuuji early on which would of made things fore interesting and wouldn’t of come off as some “cram ending” which is whats gonna happen. Granted it would go against the novel a bit, but it would of payed off in the long run…aw well.

  48. You might think things are moving too fast suddenly or getting out of control but actually… this is how life can be at times. Crazy things happen. Crazy situations come up. Man I love this anime.

  49. @Kaisos

    I didn’t read your reply to my comment from ep. 23 until a few seconds ago. I don’t think you fully read my comment, but anyway-long story short: you have it good. Obviously, you like the Taiga and Ryuuji ending over the other ones people have proposed/suggested. I’m pretty sure if the anime ending up as a Ryuuji and Minori/Ami ending, you would be prettttyyyy ticked. And just because I “ship”, I don’t mindlessly do so. Like yourself, I use context from the story along with my own personal feelings to base my opinions. And actually, the only argument you’ve been putting recently was to tell people to stop shipping and enjoy the ride. Again, you’ve got it good. You’ve got the high ground when debating with other viewers because you see eye to eye with the story and pairing.

    But I’m pretty sure there are other animes you’ve watched and you had your own kind of “shipping”; and there were probably things that you didn’t approve of. And if I’m wrong, then go have fun enjoy every anime and other types of story-based entertainment you’ll ever watch. I’m sure you’ll see eye to eye and enjoy the journey of everyone of them.

  50. @DPGuy

    Nah man. There wasn’t any clear clue as to which girl is the main female lead, not in the OPs and EDs I watched at least. My point is in all the anime that clearly hinted(OP/ED/manga and light novel cover) who the main female lead is, you will always find the main male lead ending up with the main female lead at the end. Toradora is one of these. So I don’t see why anyone would be disappointed that Ryuji is ending up with Taiga cos you knew it right from the beginning.

  51. I think that they are moving way too fast, they are wanting to elope and haven’t even kissed or properly confessed yet. I have known several couples who marry young, but they have been dating a while. They all have one thing in common, they are now divorced.

    His mother was just pathetic, running away, abandoning her own son like that. One last thing, this boy is about to turn 18 and has never met his own grandparents?

  52. seriously interesting plot, bad time for opening, and should hab placed both episode 25 and 26 2gether…

    looking forward to what would happen last, kisses would be nice…

  53. umm do some of you people realize theres one more episode right? They even had a preview. Why are people calling this a ending. If it was the last episode I would have been happy enough. Hell finally Ryuuji grew some balls and said he loved taiga and even said hes going to be his wife and she accepted. MOST FUCKING ANIMES WE DONT EVEN GET CLOSE TO THAT.

    Hell FUCKING BLEACH AS MUCH AS LOVE IT…PISSES ME OFF with hints of IchiRuki and overall feelings about each other still hidden. and still 211+ episodes and where still one feelings wise with IchiRuki as we where about 60+ episodes into it…

    Yes I understand there 2 different types of series Bleach isnt a romance its a Shoten..but if the hints are there and Kubo’s throwing them at us just like this series yet…but the processing is slower then dirt…and its starting to annoy me lol.

    I want Ichigo to tell Rukia the same way Ryuuji told Taiga.. I love you, lets get married. Plan and simple.

    In 24 episodes the 2 main characters love each other and are getting married. Wtf more would you want. We laughed, we worried, we cried… It was a great story. And now we get one more episode to see how things are going. And I think we’ll get some OVA’s later on as well. I’m very happy I watched this series so much so that I’m going to watch though it again when I have the time. Finally a anime that had a great story and not some open ended bullshit ending where no one ends up with anyone like fucking Tenchi Muyo. Great job JC staff!

  54. … the marriage thing is a little bit too much for me at this moment of the story… so cheesy >_> bargh … although it makes sense. But i still don’t like it.
    I’m also not really statisfied with an ryuujixtaiga ending. It’s okay, but it kinda took the aspect i liked the most about this show: the platonic and deep friendship of those two.
    i’m a bit disappointed in toradora concerning that aspect but the characters and how the story was told was still splendid. And i’m a little bit sad Ami was just a side character in the end… i liked her the most.

  55. I really love ToraDora! It has been one hell of a ride, and a great one at that. No words could describe the ups and downs that I have felt while watching this show. The laughter, the sadness, the twists and turns. Sorry to all shippers, but perhaps its about time you actually judge a story for its journey rather than its end. ToraDora! is clearly not a story that focuses on the end pairing, which was pretty obvious since the beginning, but on the development of the characters and their feelings. How antagonists met to become accomplices, friends, crushes and lovers. If Ryuuji had ended with any other character, it wouldn’t have made much sense considering that the highest level of development were given to the 2 main characters (Ryuuji and Taiga). Kudos to JC Staff and I hope to see similar stories in the future. Also, does anyone know where I can read the Light Novel? I really wanted to see it since I heard that it has more development that the anime.

  56. It’s like so obvious that it will be RyujixTaiga ending…They seem to be so close but the ending was unpredictable as I didn’t even think so far about them getting married…Way too fast!They have not even graduated from high school! Marrying at 18 is like extremely early in Singapore!I’m only 12 but ya know newspapers were like talking about teens marrying in the age of 17-20 lol =D

  57. Although reading the novel may point out some events not found in the anime that may contribute in the development of Taiga and Takasu’s relationship,

    I was really surprised about the marriage. Based on the anime adaptation I had watched, No matter how I think about it, I believe that it was reasonable to say that it was a rash decision made by the two. In addition, doesn’t it feel awkward to marry someone without kissing the person even once? Oh well, just my opinion and things does happen in real world anyways.

    Crap, needs fan service next ep.

  58. That was amazing!
    You knew it was going to happen, but the way the story was portrayed, you get emotionally attached to the characters. It was perfect, the confession that didn’t really happen but was felt, the rushed eloping, the feelings which already existed and don’t need development just crashing through.
    I agree the decision to marry is rash, however if you consider the personal history of both characters – how they both come from not so great families, and the fact that they still only kids; they are allowed to act rashly and immaturely. Also i think its the culture in Japan that makes eloping, and running away from home seem so romantic and idealized while still exhilarating. In the west it would probably be considered completely irrational, but Japan is the perfect catalyst as it itself is a mixture of both eastern and western philosophies.
    I also like the parallels between Taiga x Ryuuji and Yasuko x Ryuuji’s father, as they both married young and ran away from home. Hopefully though, as Ryuuji hinted when reading his mother’s note, something will be different. Although it still must be deja-vu for his grandparents.

  59. Good pre-climax stuff, they made the Taiga ending satisfying for me at the end of the episode when Takasu named her as his wife LOL.

    I was rooting for an Ami ending, but never really thought of it happening… hahha her face when she was asking Ryuuji the serious question was priceless. 😀

  60. I agree, Ami did redeem herself in this episode. She acted like a decent human being and a friend. Maybe we can get an OVA showing how Ami comforted Minori after her crying session (Yea, I know, in my dreams and Doujin only).

    Taiga and Ryuuji are rushing this quite a bit. “So, you two are getting married. How long have you been dating?” “18 hours.” I’m hoping that his grandparents will talk some sense into them, not that they shouldn’t date, but they do need to hold off getting married.

    I don’t know about in Japan, but where I live, a pair of teenagers who drop out of highschool to elope tend to lead tough lives. They can’t sponge off his grandparents for long and I doubt that Taiga’s father or mother will offer any financial help. The culture shock for Taiga, goignngI am content with the Taiga ending, but if she says anything about not caring about being rich any more as long as she and he are together, I may puke.

  61. S.S. AMINORI (ami+minori :D) till the bitter end…

    can’t deny that Toradora! has been one hell of a ride. the characters were so unique and well developed, and the pacing of the comedy/drama/action was so well carried out… i’ll be quite sad when it all comes to a close next week 🙁

  62. I think this episode is absolutely ridiculous. Although it managed to highlight Yusako’s childish nature and Taiga’s isolation, it showed extremely irrational behavior among primarily rational characters. Elopement? Running away? These seem completely out of place in this story. It makes the ending seem sloppy and smashed together, as though the studio was rushed for time. I personally would have liked it, if the adults stopped acting like kids and the main characters stopped pretending to be adults. Or perhaps, it was supposed to be the culmination of the flipped role theme that the author put forth. Either way, it would have been better if the two of them confronted their respective parents about their issues. Needless to say, the episode seemed to be a bit disappointing and yet pleasurable, maybe its due to the dichotomy of the situations presented-I’m not to sure. After I watched this episode I felt a bit bothered, so I needed an outlet to vent. Enjoy!

    Alexander the Great
  63. Wow that was a roller-coaster ride. Yasuko said she’s at her relatives’ house – and Inko-chan’s gone – thus directing him to go see his grandparents. The parallelism is clearly obvious – Yasuko and Ryuuji’s dad and now Ryuuji and Taiga. Plus I’m pretty sure they’re not actually married yet so what was with the ‘This is my wife’ bit – maybe he was practising? Anyhow that part about “we didn’t run away” was the part I’m focussing on – I think Ryuuji’s trying to say rather than go the actual elopement and hotel life route he took his mother’s advice and went to see his Grandparents – i.e. people who can talk them both down from the ledge they’re about to jump off.

    Really disappointed about the non-kiss too. And I’m glad about Ami’s redemption – plus the Minori kissing her fist after it touched Ryuuji’s lips bi was sweet. And Ami sort of got her ending too – She didn’t come out in the open with her feelings about Ryuuji and this whole time she was the one pushing him to deal with his feelings about Taiga – I know lot’s of people are dissatisfied with that but Ami chose – not acting on what you know you feel is a choice – She saw Ryuuji’s feelings for Taiga before he did and I think she worked out that it was already too late.

    I was kind of disappointed about the Minori thing too – they would have been cute together but Taiga and Ryuuji has been foreshadowed from the beginning and the two deserve each other both a bit awkward about feelings but they understand each other and before they know it they’re in love. And all the blushing was adorable so in the end I like Ryuuji/Taiga as much as Ryuuji/Minori – no matter how much people wanted it we all know Ryuuji/Ami probably wouldn’t have worked – she spent too much time screwing him around and still hasn’t come to a point where she is fully honest about who she is – She still wears the ‘sweet Ami’ mask with the girls she hangs out with at school.

  64. I thought this episode was the final. Seeing how they extended the 13 episode to 24, and now surprise 25. I’m hoping… will there be a season 2? Its pretty special that they made a ending frame saying “to be continued”.

  65. Were my eyes playing tricks on me or does Taigas mom look a little to much like Peggy Hill. If my mom looked anything like peggy Hill i’d run away too; God i hate that Bitch(Peggy Hill not my mom). Also,160 something posts and no one has even hinted at any concern over Inkochans wellfare. Unbelievable:(

  66. Realmente se perfila como una de las mejores series pos-Code Geass. Mis felicitaciones para todos los cradores de Toradora! y gracias por todo esto. Definitivamente recordare esta historia por mucho tiempo.

  67. Ok. WTF Happened? They skipped the (real) dating process and went straight to marriage. It’s so unnatural.

    So what if Taiga’s mom is gonna take her to come live with her. Taiga can always see Ryuuji. And as for Ryuji, since when did he become such a terrible son leaving her mother like that.

    This episode felt too forced and stupid.

  68. Wait until next episode before making judgments.

    I will say that you’re not supposed to agree with them, nor are you supposed to think this is going to work out.

    Yes, I know it’s fast. Just wait until next episode.


    I agree this episode was super fast. Ryuji was a aways great to his mother, and he never screamed at her before. As for Taiga, I think she’s normal but not too normal. The endings were like riding a bullet train. Maybe season 2 might help 😀

  70. I am so damn disappointed at ryuuji..why the hell is he treating his mom that way..he is the good-for-nothing child that wants to get married before graduating high school..he wants to penetrate taiga’s vagina before he finish studying i guess..his mom was sacrificing so much for him but those 2 babies wanna run away and get married..compared to clannad..this story just became the suckiest love story ever happened in the anime world

  71. @ShaRM-Taiga
    There isn’t any more material for a season 2. Maybe some OVA. Legally, you CAN get married at 18 in SG. I know some friends who got married at 20 even. Also, it’s not illegal to do ‘IT’ once you’re 16. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Wait. Now you think abt it, does that mean Taiga’s 18 also? That’s really, like chibi.

    Here’s a link for the novel. I posted it quite alot of times alr.!

    Enjoy. Alot better in my opinion. Altho not fully completed.

  72. Anyone else notice how Minori pressed the same fist to her mouth that she used to press against Takasu’s lips after he ran off? That indirect kiss she gave herself made me feel bad that she wasn’t able to be with Takasu in the end =(

  73. you know, I kinda feel bad saying this, but looking at how both had serious infatuations that basically amounted to nothing in the end show that these two don’t really even know what they want and may not turn out to be the most responsible people. and ami could have been a much more interesting character but her role in the series sucked 🙁

  74. Seems like a lot of people are confused as to what the hell is going on. Let me give my insights on this issue. Ryuuji’s suggestion to elope with Taiga might not seem rational to most. If you agree with this point, you might want to then think that he and Taiga are both teenagers who are therefore prone to emotional fluctuations. This is especially true if they are in a passionate love, which happens among any new couples. On top of that, the fact that Taiga was going to be taken away from him (by her mother), just as he had only cleared up his feelings and made his decision, prompted him to make a last desperate attempt, an attempt to keep Taiga at his side. If you factor all this in, perhaps elopement doesn’t seem that unreasonable, after all they were in a desperate corner. Also, it so happened at the end that Ryuuji decides not to elope after realizing that doing so would not make him an adult even after turning 18. Turning into an adult in this sense, is becoming an adult emotionally. I think that Ryuuji feels that this is very important as being an adult gave him a sense of legitimacy for his decision to marry. Another possible reason is because he wants to be different from his mother. You all have seen his outburst with Ya-chan. This, I feel, is the sum of his true feelings. Humans, after all, tend to keep their real thoughts to themselves and show others what would be socially acceptable but in cases of outbursts, the true emotions might be revealed. In it he certainly show that he felt that his mother was a failure who is trying to push her regrets onto him, while he in the meantime, desire independence to make his own choices. Hmm…Independence, adulthood, legitimacy, does that ring a bell to you?

  75. So, allot of people are saying them eloping is ridiculous. I think it’s expectable(in a non-expectable way) as the show’s been having some pretty crazy things going on(taiga trying to kill Ryuuji, Taiga pushing ryuuji off the bridge, ryuuji/minorin’s race, and allot more I can’t immediately recall).
    And as for everyone complaining about the expectable ending, if it was that expectable then don’t start complaining at the second to last episode for christ’s sake, it was pretty obvious from the start so if you were sure you wouldn’t enjoy that sort of ending then you should have stopped right around it became apparent(for me it was the first 10 seconds of the OP).

    I’m surely biased since I was rooting for a taigaXryuuji ending anyways, but really, just think about it for a moment before you go on ranting about the stupidest things.

  76. Wow, this is a lot to soak in. There are especially some bits where I start scratching my head, especially when it came to the bridge scene. Falling at that height from that bridge should of at least gave him a concussion, it’s a pretty long fall if you looked at it.

    The pairings decided, I guess I’m happy with a Taiga/Takasu ending, but I still thought from the episodes before, I always thought Takasu would go for Minorin in the end.

    But the ending is the kicker, now there’s no chance of Minorin now.

    Can’t wait for the next episode, very good.

  77. Dating is a getting to know process. It looks like both of them don’t need to go through this phase now, do they? Basing on events that happened during the school year.


    Ryuuji did run on top a fence during the cultural festival and endure Taiga’s beating, so falling from that height is no problem for him.

  78. come on, you’ve got to admit, this was a very well thought out ending…
    It’s freaking hilarious too!!!
    “Did they catch a cold together? … More like a fever” Haha!! EPIC

  79. For all those people saying they didn’t date, i can say that living together for so long (the only thing taiga did at her apartment was sleeping) made them share a lot more than couples share while dating. Yeah, they didn’t kiss or had a romantic atmosphere, but to some extent their life was like that of a married couple if only without the burden of carrying with their own expenses. Hell, they even bought groceries together.

    Having read part of the light novel myself, I found a Ryuuji completely devoted to Taiga, even if he didn’t want to accept feelings sparked back at almost the beginning (watching Taiga sleeping at her apartment for the first time or how happy he felt the time when Taiga claimed him as hers after saving his life at the pool). I’m a married guy living with my wife since I was 21, and i can perfectly understand that when you feel you belong with someone and that someone has the same feelings, parting even for the night hurts. I was specially moved when Ryuuji in one line surrendered his whole life to her. That was the crashing point for a wave of feelings that was generated a long time ago.

    Maybe things were a bit rushed, but real life insists on presenting scenarios a lot weirder than this. I knew they would be together and i’m very sad it’s coming to an end.

    RyuujiXTaiga rule!

  80. Ryuuji, Ryuuji…you don’t say things like that to your mother. Believe me, I did that once and it makes you look like an $!@#%^!@# to make your mom cry. Anyway, I’m just hoping things will be tied up nicely in this week’s episode. So guys, quit getting upset and just hope for the best. ;D

    I was expecting Ami to start crying like Minori after Ryuuji and Taiga left…but then again, that’s so like her to keep the mask on. I feel bad for Ami, because I found parts of myself in her (the whole mask, et cetera). But hey, you reap what you sow.


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