Having routed Gilgamesh’s forces, Kelb goes to face the king and is left with no choice but to fight him. Neeba and the other Gilgamesh meanwhile have already started their battle, and Neeba is clearly losing. He gets some help from Ki in the form of a spell, but Henaro helps Gilgamesh out by using Might the Fool. Jil and company arrive on the scene just in time to see Gilgamesh stab Neeba in the chest, and they decide to fight him as well after he explains that he’s going to kill Kaaya. They’re no match for him though, and he easily takes them all out on his own. Henaro watches as Gilgamesh beats up on Jil, but when Gilgamesh goes in for the kill, she decides to stop him with Might the Fool. While Gilgamesh is occupied, Jil frees Kaaya and gives her back her hairband. Jil forgives Kaaya for what she did in the past, and he wants her help now in defeating Gilgamesh.

After Might the Fool gets taken out by Gilgamesh as well, much to Uragon’s dismay, he gets ready to deal with Henaro for betraying him. Jil and Kaaya, however, draw his attention away from her, and Kaaya casts several spells during the ensuing fight to help Jil. When Jil gets knocked back, she even joins him in charging at their opponent, but Gilgamesh still comes out on top. Before he can finish Jil off though, he gets stabbed from behind by Uragon who’s still grieving over the loss of Might the Fool. Jil follows this up with his own attack, and that topples Gilgamesh. His older form in the real world falls as well. With this done, Ki thanks Jil before heading to Gilgamesh’s side and telling him that he’ll be free from now on. Gilgamesh admits that he didn’t want to be king, and Ki understands because she’s loved him ever since he was a crybaby. The two disappear into sparkles as Gilgamesh dies.

Still conscious despite the sword in his chest, Neeba hears the Succubus urge him to go get the Blue Crystal Rod. Neeba thinks that it’s impossible for him since he’s going to die, but the Succubus motivates him by saying that he’d be pitied by Jil. Neeba proceeds to shoots Henaro after she grabs the Blue Crystal Rod for Jil and Kaaya, and he takes the Rod himself and places it into the ground. This activates the entire Mythical Tower and causes it to start to become one with the Tower below. Jil and company all get thrown off the Tower by this, and they fall down into the waters around Meskia. Neeba meanwhile is now in command of the Tower of Druaga that the Succubus calls a strategic weapon for opposing the Gods, and he immediately uses its power to blow away a mountain.


Well that was entertaining. The animation quality was all over the place, particularly in the first half of the episode, but it was still a pretty good episode. It was nice to see Jil and Kaaya finally reunited, and it makes sense now why they kept Uragon around since he actually played a significant role. I think my main complaint was that Henaro switched sides again a bit too easily. With her supposed loyalty to Gilgamesh, you’d think it’d take a little more than Gilgamesh kicking Jil around and perhaps killing him to get her to that tipping point (like torture or something).

I laughed though when they showed that the Tower of Druaga is really a death cannon because it reminded me of the Damocles and the FLEIJA warheads from Geass R2 (coincidentally, both Neeba and the Succubus’s voice actors also voiced Suzaku and C.C.). If only Jil and company had a certain overpowered mecha to fight it… All kidding aside, Neeba being the final boss isn’t too surprising a turn of events, but I’m curious to see if Jil will save him or have no choice but to kill him. The Druaga arms behind Neeba make me lean towards the latter, however knowing Jil, it’ll probably be the former. Either way, the two brothers are probably going to have to face off, and I just hope that doesn’t result in Fatina getting shafted in the ending. There were no images to go with the preview this week, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for the finale to see.


  1. I really hope Fatina doesn’t try to go back to Neeba. I would lose all respect for her if that happens. Though she didn’t look heartbroken when Neeba got stab in the chest.

  2. “I really hope Fatina doesn’t try to go back to Neeba. I would lose all respect for her if that happens.”

    You mean the WRITERS and I am betting that is EXACTLY what they will do … Gonzo, grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Oh well, still one more episode …

  3. Well the s*** has hit the fan. Neeba has shown his true colors. Didn’t see that coming.
    I’m kinda bummed that Henaro and Might the Fool got killed off, just when they became decide to help the good guys…again. Anyway over all i found this episode entertaining, despite some despite it getting a little cliche at the end. Though [url=] this part[/url] kinda felt a little out of place. What i mean is that despite being dead Nenaro and Fool ejected from the tower. Now that could just because the floor opened up and every one fell out, but Henero was next to Neeba. So what’d he do kick her through the opening floor? What i’m getting at is that maybe there gonna do some “last farewell” or “May you rest in peace and not in some lonely place” sort of thing. Then again i could just be over thinking it.

    On a side note, i’ve noticed through out the series every female character has made mention of Jil during some dramatic, intense, or sad moment. Despite others being in the room/ area with him, some times when he’s not even in the room. Was Gonzo trying to do something with this or what?

  4. tomtom at 5:42 am on March 13th, 2009
    “!!! fatina and neeba will die, that is the only way for jil and kaaya to stay together, without a second thought OR kaaya and neeba will die, leaving fatina and jil coming together. whatever the case the four (neeba, kaaya, fatina and jil) won’t survive all, imo. !!!”

    so…fatina will 100% interfere with the brothers fight and most likely losing her live saying last words like “thank you jil for the time, smiling and going down together with neeba, while jil holds kaaya and the surrounding is crumbling and breaking down, because he killed neeba or neeba sacrificed himself after realizing his mistakes and the tower is destroyed…something along the line, right ???

  5. What I see happening this next week is they talk about going after Neeba who now has that “Death Tower” and that sets up a third season of this anime on a cliffhanger (kinda what they did last season when Neeba and Kayaa turned heel on the others and split). I don’t see how they can stop Neeba all in just 1 episode and have it make sense. We will see next week I guess….

  6. Jil should marry one, and keep the other as his mistress lol, Problem instantly solved! 😀

    It beats me how they are going to climb up – yet again, kick Neeba’s ass, and destroy his Death Star all in one last episode.

    Ninja Penguin
  7. This was a really terrible episode… I was hoping they wouldn’t have any more plot twists, that they would focus solely on making a really great battle with the king’s shadow. But the fight was badly choreographed, the animation quality was mostly bad, and no explanation was given for how Neeba was able to get up (after a wound that deep, that much blood loss, and that much time passed since he lost it all, it’s just too unrealistic, even for an anime). Plus they all got thrown out of the tower at the end! How are they supposed to even return to Neeba, much less defeat him now?

  8. Two other things that bothered me: how did Jil reach Kaaya (she was hanging on that platform high above him) and just how did everyone get thrown out of the tower (there were no windows… if the floor fell through, they should have fallen to the previous floor)? I don’t want to be a jerk and over think things, but it all just challenges suspension of disbelief too much.

    There was so much in this episode to dislike. Honestly.

  9. Fatina doesn’t seem to get a proper closure with Neeba yet. She probably will get one the next episode.
    Either he fucking try to kill her and she blast him into bits or he die protecting her or something.

  10. Hang on! henaro betrays jil and gets killed and kaaya screws him over and gets a happy ending perhaps? oi fatina bint, remind jil of this and take your man instead of making up a piss poor neeba copout excuse. Just remember when jil was on the sick getting benifits who was the bread winner for 6mths!

    ark noir

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