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  • According to Gigazine’s website the “renewed” airing of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suuzumiya anime series is 28 episodes long. Gigazine said that they had contacted the Teletama broadcasting station and a representative had reportedly told them that “we hear from the client that it is 28 episodes long.” J-Cast had also contacted Teletama upon hearing the news and they were told that the “renewed” airing will also include new material due to the planned 28 episode allotment. Interesting…
  • The official website for the anime adaptation of Guin Saga is streaming an English dubbed trailer. I can’t say much for the dubbing, but this series looks like its going to be great.
  • FUNimation is offering the new Fullmetal Alchemist anime on their website for streaming on April 9th at 12pm; four days after the Japanese airing.
  • With it becoming increasingly popular these days for companies to distribute anime on the web, Bandai Namco plans to join all the others by offering its Gundam franchise in ten different languages on the internet sometime this year.
  • FUNimation also announced that it has signed a partnership with Toei to release – Air Master, Captain Harlock, Digimon Adventure 02, Fist Of The North Star, Galaxy Express, Pretty Cure, and Slam Dunk on its website. I believe I already know what two series I plan to check out.
  • It was announced that a manga spinoff of the popular Capcom video game Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) will be on the prosecution’s side and it is entitled Gyakuten Kenji. The manga will premiere in Kodansha‘s Weekly Young Magazine on April 13th.
  • A new manga adaptation of Tales Of The Abyss entitled Tales of the Abyss -Tsuioku no Jade- is scheduled to start April 24th in Kadokawa Shoten‘s Asuka magazine.
  • A second promotional video is being streamed for Shangri-La on its official website.
  • Kamikaze Douga is streaming a promotional video for its anime short Amanatsu on its website.
  • Kyon artwork courtesy of みっちー on pixiv (account needed to access)

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    Tales of the Abyss – 14

    After escaping from Baticul, Luke and company are reunited with Jade’s group and the Albiore.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 13

    The airship – called the Albiore – is the help that Peony sent, and its pilot is a girl named Noelle.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 12

    The Tartarus arrives at the capital of Malkuth, but because its ports are closed, Jade proposes that they approach by land.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 11

    As the Tartarus takes the group by sea to see Emperor Peony, it suddenly experiences an engine problem.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 10

    Luke and Tear go to see her grandfather Teodoro so that Luke can apologize for what happened with Akzeriuth, but Teodoro feels that it’s not necessary because the collapse of Akzeriuth was written in Yulia’s Score.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 09

    When Luke regains his senses, he finds himself viewing the world through Asch’s eyes while his own body is still unconscious.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 08

    The group arrives at Akzeriuth to find it entirely covered with the miasma, and all the people there are suffering.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 07

    Even though their goal isn’t to pursue Van, Luke still hurries along the group through the desert because he doesn’t want to keep Van waiting.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 06

    When Ion goes out for a walk one morning in the city, his escort gets attacked, and he’s captured by an oddly dressed trio.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 05

    Onboard the ship headed toward Luke’s home, Jade examines the fon disk obtained during the battle at Choral Castle and concludes that Luke might someday resent him enough to want to kill him.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 04

    After Tear wakes back up, she heals her own arm and apologizes to Luke for not protecting him since he’s a civilian and she’s a soldier.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 03

    Under interrogation by Jade onboard the Tartarus, Luke finally reveals that he’s the son of Duke Fabre of the Kimlasca Kingdom.

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    Tales of the Abyss – 02

    「聖獣の森」 (Seijuu no Mori)
    “Forest of the Sacred Beast”

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    Snapshot: Tales of the Abyss – 01

    「預言の世界」 (Sukoa no Sekai)
    “The World of the Score”

    First Glance:
    From Namco’s “Tales” video game franchise comes another anime adaptation, except this time, the folks over at Sunrise are in charge of the production.

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