The airship – called the Albiore – is the help that Peony sent, and its pilot is a girl named Noelle. They can’t do anything to prevent the chunk of St. Binah from falling down into Qliphoth, but they do manage to catch up to it while it’s falling, and they save McGovern and the others. Luke is desperate to find a way to save the city as well, but Jade yells some sense into him, and the bigger problem is that the war between the two powers has started. Tear realizes that this is what Van was after because he knew where the battle would take place and could take out both armies at once since the Sephiroth Tree under the land was gone. The group decides to split up to convince the two sides to stop fighting, but Jade’s group is unable to convince Peony, and Luke and Natalia’s group gets accused of being traitorous by Mohs.

Mohs specifically accuses Natalia of being a fake princess, and he backs it up in front of Natalia’s father back in Baticul by bringing forward the servant who reveals that the real Natalia was stillborn. Since the queen had a weak heart, the servant had switched her own daughter’s new baby in as a replacement, and that baby became the current Natalia. Luke tries to convince the king that Natalia is still the daughter he raised, but the king refuses to listen and is willing to let them be executed. Mohs then calls out Dist and Largo to do the killing, but they are stopped by Asch who had also rescued Tear and Guy from jail. The group escapes while Asch holds off the enemy, and they are further aided by the townspeople loyal to Natalia and the Dark Wings working for Asch.


So I initially thought Mohs had fabricated something with the fake princess assertion, but even if what he and old servant said is true, what kind of father who would put his own daughter to death just because she turns out to be not blood related to him. It was frustrating to watch because of that stupidity and what I assume to be him blindly following religion and/or the Score, but I guess the fact that the king appears at least a little hesitant to order the executions shows that he can be redeemed. I also assume that there’s more to all this from the Largo angle since he utters Natalia’s name again, and I’m inclined to think at this point that Largo is her real father.

The other thing I have to say about this is that Kimlasca really needs to protect the throne room better. It got burst into twice, and there are no signs of any guards at the doors or in the hallways. Given that, I’d only half-jokingly suggest that the fastest way to stop the war is probably to overthrow the king at this point, especially since Natalia also appears to have plenty of public support. Running away is not nearly as exciting or effective an option. In any case, it looks like next episode will feature Van again, and we’ll get to see more of Guy’s past.


  1. I hate the king for doing that, but I can never hate him completely, because there’s nothing in Tales of the Abyss that I hate more than Mohs. Seriously, I would gladly have long haired Luke back than see another minute of that asshole being a complete asshole.

  2. You’re right about who the real father is. Mom was daughter of the nanny. And Mohs is one of the greatest rear ends in a tophat. Screw that he’s a real bastard. Completely obsessed with the Score.

  3. I think its hilarious how none of the world except for the higher ups in the church know about the land being way up in the air and yet, theres a freaking radar on the Albiore that even shows where the exact line is in the air that shows when the land will start falling faster. what. the. heck.

  4. @Sarukah: On the episode it’s explained that originally the Albiore was found inside some ruins; it was just repaired and equiped with a fon machine. It’s posible that some old civilization could know about the fact that the land is in the air; and that by now, it’s just a forgotten knowledge.

    (On a random thought, to me, the Albiore looks so much like a Tetheallan airship… xD)


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