Buttataki Joe has arrived at Shibusen, but the real reason for him being there is a mystery to Kid, and the man himself doesn’t reveal anything when Kid questions him. Black*Star meanwhile has been haunted by his recent losses in battle, and Tsubaki informs him that Nygus doesn’t want them using youtou mode anymore because of the great strain it puts on Black*Star’s body. He refuses to stop though, and Tsubaki understands. Still bothered, Black*Star proceeds to incite Kid to duel him, and although it seems Black*Star has the upper hand at first, he experiences a misfire right when he’s about to use his wavelength with his attack. Kid pisses him off further by saying that he’s become weak, and Sid observes that Black*Star has lost his self-confidence, in turn influencing the his soul wavelength. Sid also sees in Black*Star’s eyes and wavelength a great resemblance to Black*Star’s father White*Star. Since Black*Star refuses to stop with the fight, Kid has no choice but to completely defeat him by slamming him into the ground. In the aftermath, Tsubaki tries to apologize to Kid, but Kid recognizes that these kinds of things will happen and that what’s important is Black*Star safely overcoming this. Maka and Soul later find Black*Star doing push-ups in the infirmary. Unbeknownst to all of them, Arachne has finally tracked down Ashura, and her madness amplification device has been completed.


So the Buttataki Joe stuff appears to be going in a different direction from the manga, but they kept all the Black*Star turmoil and even added some extra flavor to round it out. I feel bad for Black*Star watching him get destroyed by Kid, but he probably needed something like this to get him out of his funk. It would have been interesting to see Tsubaki play a bigger role, but I guess Black*Star is all about independence and doing things his own way. What was interesting was Sid’s observation about adults clinging to the past and children running to the future, and then the later reference to Black*Star’s father White*Star. The former is one of those rather insightful-sounding statements, and the latter sounds like it could be a hint of something to come.

The preview also has me pretty excited because even though next episode looks like a fairly Crona-centric one, it appears to have Arachne meeting Ashura as well. Come to think of it, I don’t even know how Ashura would treat Medusa if the two met. In any case however, there’s no episode next week because it’s that time of the year again, and episode 39 will air January 5th, 2009.


  1. So are they going to follow the Manga or not? Because if not, I’m dropping this Anime. I watched it because of how much I liked the Manga. If they decide to create their own story then bye bye Soul Eater; you’ll be the second anime I drop this year after Bleach due to exact same reasons.

  2. @Anonymous

    lol? Are you really Igarashi? You working for Bones? Grow some balls and give me at least a name instead of “Anonymous”. If you are omni (?) then say don’t post in my Blog and I won’t. This is the comment section that is open to public to comment in case you were incapable of comprehending that.

  3. Bamzi, you’re just another of those sad Manga-centric people. Ok, so it diverged from the Manga, who gives a shit. It’s still a good show and thats the entire point. For the future, keep your self-centric, pathetic, and abnoxious comments to yourself.

  4. @ bamzi,Anonymous

    However I have to agree with bamzi since saying that you are dropping the anime is not diffrent then saying that the anime is god. Its all just a matter of opinion and you can usually see both kinds in the comment section.

    Personally Im getting pumped up after seeing the preview

  5. @bamzi Are you serious? who cares if they diverge from the manga. Thats what they did in Full Metal Alchemist and looked how that turned out, Awesome. If you want to drop it then do it. If you want to have everything exactly the same as it is in the manga then read the manga and dont watch the anime. Or if you dont like fillers such as bleach just skip the filler arcs pfftt. I’ve read the manga for this and i dont really mind the minor fillers they added so far. I’m more curious to find out how it turns out, then raging because they changed the story.

  6. @that Anonymousx2 moron

    If you like the anime and don’t care about the Manga then why do you give a shit about what I have to say anyways? Do you have an attention spam of a 12 year old or are really mentally retarded? Do you know what a public comment section means?! HELLO? Whatever you’re smoking today seems to be really strong dude.

    “Sad Manga -centeric people”?! HAHAHA! An anime-watcher with psychic powers! Do you even think before writing or do you just want to post something in English regardless? Without the Manga the anime wouldn’t even exist you bonehead but again, this leads to a never ending cycle of arguments and counter arguments. Don’t be a pussy, if you want to argue, come with something better than personal insults and I’ll reply, otherwise don’t even bother replying.

    Now please find a high bridge and take the long walk. Thank you.

  7. Ugh getting way off the Manga track =_= And how come it feels like the Black Star thing is resolved? Maka was smiling at him as if to say, “He’s ok now”…The manga story is so good u_u I hope they atleast make a decent ending out of the anime.

  8. @bamzi

    There are a lot of ORIGINAL Anime that isn’t based on a manga.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you’re not entitled to besmirch anyone elses. General comments like “an anime that strays from the manga is shit” isn’t welcome AT ALL in public access comment section such as this one. If you post something of the sort, please also include A REASONABLE EXPLANATION as to why you think so, and not just using your bigot as an excuse. Examples of these valid arguments are: “it ruins the pacing… the production is shit… I am twelve and can’t think beyond what I want… etc.”

    Name calling in the comment sections of this kind of site is not only distasteful, it’s wrong. Don’t think that if other people do not share your opinion, that it’s a go-ahead for mud-slinging. Although, I do agree that your (Anonymous & bamzi) actions are childish because it shows immaturity and lack of tolerance, both of which are widely accepted prerequisites for adulthood. Besides that, before you criticize someone else’s language skills and call them “mentally retarded”, please ensure that your grammar is perfect because it is not. If wrong grammar or typos are the tale-tell signs of mental retardation, then 97% of the world falls in that category. Not everyone that frequents this site is a Native English Speaker.

    Such bigot, on both parties, is very much in bad taste. And although I am not one of the admins of this site, I think I can speak for the majority of readers in telling you to stop.

  9. On the episode and series in general,

    I’m very pleased on how BONES has handled the series so far. Remembering that I had serious complaints about Maka’s seiyuu, I’ve got to say that she’ve grown on me. Gwahaha~!

    Truth be told, my favorite character is Black*Star~! It just tore me up seeing him doubt his own “godliness”. It was kind of creepy seeing him with those crazy *star* eyes. And his resemblance to his father is amazing.

    With 11 episodes to go, I wonder how they might conclude it. The anime isn’t that far off from the manga now, so I’m expecting a LARGE deviation from the happenings of the manga if they intend to wrap things up. So, if anyone is a stickler for anime ONLY sticking to manga material, RUN FAR AWAY FROM SOUL EATER NOW! I do hold some hope that they’ll go for another 25 episodes sometime at the later part of 2009 so that they can follow the manga more closely as the current manga arc is really exciting and riveting!

  10. I think we all knew this was going to stray from the manga eventually so what’s the fuss?
    You may or may not be forgeting that Bones, the same studio handling this show, did the same thing with FMA and that still turned out to be one hell of a show.
    If all you wanted was to see an exact replica of the manga then fair enough, but surely as you claim to be a fan of the franchaise you’d be interested to see a new take on it?

  11. I can take the arguements about sticking with the manga or going original it’s shipping wars that get me into rage mode. More like I’d like to troll both sides ala MF.

    And I’ll second with blinx about FMA, going an original route can still lead to awesomeness. It can be tricky trying to go with everything in the manga…. some stuff works better reading/viewing it.

  12. haha, nothing makes me happier than to see someone get pissed at a troll. Anyway, I think it’s not a matter of whether the manga is better than the anime, and vice versa, but which the viewer was introduced to first.

  13. I actually enjoy when shows of Manga I like stray off the original story a bit (however in the FMA way, obviously, not the Bleach/Naruto way) because after the novelty of seeing some of the story animated, I like to have the extra story. The same reasons I will read a manga after seeing an anime, a lot of the time it is interesting to see how the story turns out in the hands of different artists. Just my opinion, though.

  14. Bamzi,

    Hello, I understand how you feel about them changing the anime and not going buy the manga. It happens a lot. And the fillers, sometimes hey can be important. Some fillers follow in the footsteps of the next arc. And than you got some fillers that are not even worth watching. Naruto and Bleach are the prime example of important fillers. Yes they can be a pain sometimes, but it its worth it, because when the new arc comes back up, the fillers are mentioned. If you don’t watch the fillers on some anime, you might not be able understand the new arc. Well anyway, don’t let Anyone tick you off, because of your own opinion, enjoy and keep expressing your opinons to the world.

  15. I don’t understand why you would drop an anime you like just because it diverges from the manga. Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad, to me this just means there’ll be two Soul Eater storylines to enjoy instead of one. Double your pleasure and all that. ^_^

  16. The moment they start straying away from the manga, the storytelling and pacing will be off… For now I can only think about the way BJ was introduced (we had all this Marie stuff in the manga -wich I’m still positive they will manage to put in anyway-), the coffee based jokes are SHIT. A meeting between Arachne and UBER EVIL ASURA means 90% of chance the anime will create its own ending T_T (who cares about Eibon, don’t kill Joe just make him open a new coffee shop and give Maka a Giga Death Scythe To Kill Asura With One Hit), or they are trying to find ways to put fillers without having to resort to Excalibur… My hopes are fading away (will they go the long way by making a second faithful adaptation FMA style)… Gonzo butchered so much unfinished manga don’t let Bone do the same…

  17. @orange HI!! 😛
    Dude. Alright. I understand what you mean. Loving the manga and seeing how the anime goes off to it’s own story is pretty bad. I’ve had that happen a few times and did not like it. But I do agree with anon as well. Though this IS a public community, personal thoughts that don’t really have much to add to the blog/episode other than you just not liking it isn’t very useful. If you could add some to the story of the anime like telling us (in a spoiler of course) what originally happened or what they should’ve done, etc etc. then you wouldn’t have people like anon telling you to keep your own thoughts to yourself.

    I personally loved this episode. It show’s how much Black Star has improved but also how much he weakened. We also see Kids concern for Black Star. We haven’t been able to see any Black Star + Death The Kid moments since Kid first came and Black Star (with Soul) was trying to beat him.

    We were also hinted with (we have been plenty of times) how Tsubaki feels towards Black Star. And that Kid also knows.

  18. bamzi is a crazy S.O.B.; Why ask people if the anime is ‘following the anime’ when the anime is right infront of your nose just WATCH and then decide to drop it or not. The anime viewers aren’t interested in your decisions, so no need to explain why you would drop an anime. If you still feel the need to explain your problems to anime loving people( as in not manga obsessed ), there are special forums for that. This site is obivously made for the people who have decided to watch anime, including the public comment section. Alternatively, if you feel obligated to watch an anime ( to know if you ‘want’ to follow it or not ) you can simply read the summary, like the one posted above.
    And Anon, thanks for the subs!

  19. @Ddadain

    wow get off your fucking high horse buddy. I’ve seen people writing nonsense before but yours certainly tops them all. The original argument was pretty stupid but you made it even more stupid with your utterly moronic reasoning. I was talking to the guy who called me “self-centric, pathetic, and obnoxious” and here you jump all over me for something I didn’t do. I’m not sure if you can read and understand English, your comment clearly shows that you cannot. such inability will put strain on my side to give you a clear, coherent argument but I will write what I have to; if you don’t get it, ask your parents for translation and while at it, ask them why they gave you permission to use a computer in the first place. You obviously don’t understand the concept of public opinion and different points of views.

    Where the hell did I say the anime is shit in my original post? Where the hell did I say people who watch and enjoy the anime are idiots (unlike the anonymous guy)? Nowhere! So what the hell are you even talking about you doofus? I don’t like the anime and will always enjoy the Manga; that’s my opinion. now get over it and get a life you retard.

  20. @Bamzi

    I’ve read your comments, and the way you act to people writing in response to you is childish and highly immature, everything that Ddadain said is mostly correct…

    Not only that but your constant use of words such as fuck, stupid, moronic, and your constant hostility to others response to you really shows your lack of tolerance and your immaturity. If you can’t stand people’s response to you, don’t post… Honestly, you’re most likely always going to get some form of criticism when you post on a blog or forum on the internet that gives the slightest reason for someone to criticize it. Ddadain isn’t acting all “high & mighty” as you claim, he, like the rest of us distaste childish, ignorant people who can do nothing but call people “moronic”. Also, you may not have posted something but in you did imply it in your posts whether that was intentional or not.

    Honestly, if you get criticized by someone for a post you make, then just back up your reasoning behind why you posted it instead of immediately attacking them and calling them an idiot, but by the way you act in your posts thats highly unlikely…

  21. ahh, you were doing good until that “childish, ignorant” comment about me. Why do you always have to resort to personal insults? The guy comes out of nowhere calling me “self-centric, pathetic, and obnoxious” and instead of criticizing him you come with that beautiful reply. I called them idiots because they started name calling and telling me not to write here (sort of like what you did just above me). So, what goes around come around buddy.

    Anybody here can tell me which part of “i will drop the anime” is offensive to people? Did i call your mom something? You guys need to chill out! It’s good entertainment for me but honestly what’s wrong with some of you? you need to learn to live with criticism regardless of agreeing with it or not. Oh and “DaramaDoc4U”, you really are a moron 🙂
    You see, it’s easy to write and it feels good. So, why not giving me a good argument instead of “you hurt my anime feelings(!) so i have the right to call you a childish idiot”?

  22. well since this is a blog about anime lets see if we be able to… well you know talk about the anime instead of insulting each other, it will be hard but ill give it a try
    (even though reading the arguments are quite funny bit long though)

    this episode was good one in showing the coolness in kid but also the story line with black star going all weak and losing confidence since the last three fights he has beasically lost.
    but i myself would pefer the anime could stay on track with the manga since the soul eater manga is my favourite mange at the moment, especially since their doing the coolest fight at the moment i wont say who though in case you havent read it. however it be interesting to see where bones does take the anime since they are good at doing it (FMA). but there has been other good anime orignals look at all the mai otome and himes manga and animes all of them were good and all different so ill keep my hopes up

    hopefully i wont get insulted for writing this.

  23. @ bamzi

    Clearly, you did not read and understand my post. Rather, by the tone you’re using now, you are displaying the very criticism quite a number of people have assessed you of having.

    People have a problem with your statement of dropping Soul EATER if they deviate from the manga because the production quality so far has been superb. Do NOT group it with animes like Bleach or Naruto–it’s, by a mile, a superior show!

    You asked for us to use “real arguments instead of personal attacks” and so I ask you to do the same. You think your half-assed comments about comments is a “real argument”? Your statement is chuck full of rhetoric with no substance. Please state one reason why the anime suffers due to it straying from the manga? Or please just state that it’s your PERSONAL OPINION and not as a factual statement that you’re watching just to see the manga animated. Now go tell whoever raised you that they should have taught you to NOT ask of others what you’re NOT doing yourself. With all your allusions of “go ask your parents…”, you really are just childish–an antagonistic and spoiled brat.

    As for further discussion with you, I’d deem it a waste of time. You really should talk to someone because you’ve got PROBLEMS.

  24. @bamzi

    From your first post to your latest, all you’ve shown is hostility and name-slinging. Why not just not post at all instead of filling the comment section with “moron”, “pussy”. Incidentally I should add, these words in your third post is followed by “…something better than personal insults” … how’s that for hypocrisy.

    Another example…and I quote:
    “Why do you have to resort to personal insults?” [Comment #462176]
    Here’s a sentence from your third post: “Do you have an attention spam of a 12 year old or are really mentally retarded?” [Comment #462108]


    Anyhow…back on track. Comments are meant for the post and not for a forum on commenters.

    Bones has done a very impressive job with this series and while I’m not entirely sure of what to make of this change in direction with Joe, the Black Star stuff is looking pretty awesome. ^^ However, I’m really waiting to see the direction in which Bones will take the whole Black Star part here (whether it will follow the manga in all/some/none) as that’s one of my more favorite aspects of the series.

  25. @bamzi

    Word of advice; If the majority of the people here are telling you something is wrong with your post, chances are you’re probably wrong and they’re probably right. Which is ironic because you told Ddadain to get off his high horse when you seem to be sitting on an elephant. In any case, don’t bother responding to this because I won’t be doing likewise. Maybe (and this is gonna be a personal attack, you can quote me on this too if you want) when you drop some, you can call me up and we’ll do lunch.

    Anyways, children aside, this looks to be an excellent episode. I always like Black*star fights because he brings a lot of intensity into his battles.

  26. Ha ha ha, bamzi and YOU need to fall off that pedestal. i think that u think that ur superior. am i wrong? anyways… why watch an anime that follows a manga exactly? what tells u that ur not wasting ur time complaning watching, let alone complaning about an anime that doesnt follow a manga. honestly, i think that some ppl get carried away with watching too much anime in one go. over and out.

  27. Bamzi, to help you with your decision:



    Yes. This is final. Drop the anime. Stop watching it, in fact, erase it all from hard drive if you happen to archive it.

    Now your dilemma is solved. So, go visit some other part of this site to complain about the anime following the manga, where I will again, proceed to tell you to DROP IT.

  28. Adapting an unfinished manga series is always a catch-22 for anime studios. You either follow the manga very faithfully until you run out of chapters to adapt (which leads to an unfulfilling, open ending that makes viewers hope for a sequel that may never come) or you come up with your own ending, which is what Bones usually does.

    I my opinion, it worked beautifully for FMA, but only because they had one of the best head writers out there, Shou Aikawa. On the other hand, the head writer on Soul Eater is Akatsuki Yamatoya, whom I find mediocre. His “anime original” episodes are usually very unimpressive, which makes me a little wary of what he’ll come up with for the show’s final arc.

  29. Darn i’ll be happy if they stray away some plots in the manga, that would give more originallity to the anime and doesnt feel like im gonna predict exactly what’s goin to show on every nxt episode, coz i already read the manga. Hell, everything is dam good so far and im sure its gonna get better. Reminds me when i was watching death note anime, and almost every frame are like captured direct from the manga…

  30. personally, after read ahead in the mang, and dont worry no spoilers are being posted, if this is really jus a filler. but i feel that the manga has a better story line then what the anime is diverging into. but thats my opinion, i feel that they should have kept with the writer instead of changing the story line, if they are.

  31. personally, after read ahead in the manga, and dont worry no spoilers are being posted, if this is really jus a filler. but i feel that the manga has a better story line then what the anime is diverging into. but thats my opinion, i feel that they should have kept with the writer instead of changing the story line, if they are.


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