As the Tartarus takes the group by sea to see Emperor Peony, it suddenly experiences an engine problem. This forces them to head to the nearest port for repairs, and it takes them to the city of Keterburg. Upon arrival, Jade informs the stationed troops of his identity and leads the group to go see the governor Osborne. Jade is originally from here, so he knows his way around, and he brings everyone past Emperor Peony’s old home. Peony’s father had a lot of enemies, so Peony was kept here during his childhood. The group eventually arrives at the governor’s mansion, and they’re all surprised to learn that Nephry Osborne is actually Jade’s younger sister. After they explain the situation to her, she agrees to help get the Tartarus ready again and puts them up in a hotel. She also wishes to speak with Luke privately, though Luke first heads to the hotel with the others. There, the group discusses how Jade and Dist were both from this city and went to the same private school when they were young. Dist had also been the person who made it possible for Anise’s stuffed toy to grow bigger in response to her fonom frequency, and she doesn’t consider him a bad person.

Later that night, Luke goes back to see Nephry, and due to how he’s a replica, she wants to tell him why her brother created fomicry. Jade had been a child genius, and one time when her doll got broken, he had used fomicry to make her a replica of it. However, Jade was also a terror as a child and had enjoyed cruelly killing harmless creatures because he didn’t understand the death of living things. His teacher Nebilim was the one who started guiding him in the right direction, but when Nebilim died, he returned back to how he was. Nephry thinks that Jade was doing frightening things with Dist, and she wants Luke to stop him. When Luke returns to the hotel, he finds Jade waiting for him and takes the chance to ask Jade about what his sister said. Jade explains that he had actually killed Nebilim, and he recounts how she had been able to use the Seventh Fonom. He had been determined to figure out how he could use it as well, but that led to the accident that caused her death.

Wanting to save her, Jade had tried to use fomicry to create a replica of her, but it was a failure and went berserk. Nevertheless, he and Dist had vowed to create a perfect replica, and Jade joined the military. His necromancer name comes from how he pulled replica information out of the dead on the battlefield. Luke can understand Jade’s feelings, but he questions why the production of replicas of living things is prohibited, so Jade explains how close he came to dying from failed experiments and how Peony had talked some sense into him. Jade also admits that he realized that replicas don’t have memories of the past, so it wouldn’t have really been Nebilim, and what he really wanted was her forgiveness. As the conversation draws to a close, Luke thanks Jade for telling him all this and feels a little closer to him. The next day, the group reboards the repaired Tartarus and sets out again.


This episode was pretty much entirely devoted to Jade – probably because Peony is appearing next week, and this was as good a time as any to give Jade and Dist some backstory. Whereas Dist was portrayed as just a crybaby and misunderstood loner, Jade felt a lot more complex as a character with his desire for knowledge and lack of understanding of death. Plus, the way he tried to create a replica of his dying teacher and failed with all those human attempts reminded me of Fullmetal Alchemist‘s rules against human transmutation. That always ends up being something you don’t wanna mess with.

I question though why they even bothered hiding Peony’s face if they’re just going to show him in the preview for next week. Surely there’s not some surprise there too, though I guess he does look rather evil with that smile of his at the end of the episode. It’s akin to the smile of a certain evil someone from today’s episode of Index. It also looks like Sync might be finally taking control of Guy next week. I’m sure Luke won’t be too happy about that.


  1. Yay, it look like they covered part of Dist/Anise’s Gaiden! I really, really, hope they cover part of Nephy/Peony’s Gaiden…out of the manga extras that was one of my favorite (and most tragic).

    I’m also kind of curious of they’re going to go into part of the Nebellim sidequest now that they’ve actually shown her…

  2. Why does Peony look sinister? seriously its not like he did anything evil in the game, unless its something from the manga that i don’t know about, but even so, it doesn’t suit his personality at all.

  3. Yay! Peony! I have been waiting for him forever! Despite the fact he’s only a side character, he remains one of my absolute favorites. I love him. Not to mention the fact he looks so cool in the anime. But I agree with everyone else, he looks weirdly evil. Unless that was him spying on Nephry. I haven’t watched it yet but if he is than I can understand it. Anyway, awesome episode. Can’t wait for the subs! 🙂

  4. Oh, so they showed some of the Anise and Dist Gaiden as well as some of the Peony Gaiden. It’d be pretty entertaining to see the Ion Gaiden in an episode one day, hehe. And with Guy being in Sync’s “Cursed Slot” and whatnot, that’d be a nice show too. Oh my, the conflict between Show Spoiler ▼

    But at least eveything gets resolved, like always…

    Reika Noko
  5. After rewatching the episode (I’ve been doing that too lately just to be able to follow this crap), that grin on Peony doesn’t look all that evil at all. Hell, he didn’t do anything akin to being evil in the game. I think yall just got use to any charcater smiling, not showing eyes, etc. being evil. Peony is a weird & refreshing character, but his nature is the exact opposite of being evil. Now Jade & Dist, those guys ARE evil.

  6. Decided to pick this up after needing fill the gap to help forget code geass (remembering its over is just to painful *sob* :P) got as far as episode 9 but decided to comment anyway!
    My thoughts so far:

    All of lukes friends (accept maybe guy) are men and excessively cruel to him
    I think this because in a worlds where everything is apparently preordained by ‘The Score’ they had the audacity to blame him for accomplishing somthing that was written in it! They also consistently question his behaviour but hes a replica so its essentially like questioning a 12yrold for acting like a 12yr old and doing as hes told by grown ups ultimately i kind of feel sorry for the poor chap!

    Luke being a replica frees him uo to get romantically involved with Tear ultimately!
    Its in the opening therefore it seems logical especially as they already seem closer

    Im not sure if Yulia Jue is still alive or not is she?? she needs a slap if so!!!
    for telling people that if they do things like start wars and demolish cities they will achieve prosperity!

    Van is prob just trying to bring his own people back and defy the score at the same time
    so i feel sorry for him despite the severity of his mis-guided behaviour

    WingZero zxt
  7. Also Asche is a moron for leaving withot a word after he made it home just cos his clone was there!!! he could have done somthing about it this whole time!!! ohwell if its wrttn in the score….

    WingZero zxt
  8. Asch coudn’t. They all thought that the replica was the real Luke and they couldn’t see it. He was crushed that he would be easily replaced by a replica by his own family and friends so he ran away. Get it?

    Reika Noko
  9. @ Reika Noko:
    Actually Asch was a moron for leaving. But if he would have stayed, we would have had little or no story. They would have most likely kept both of them there both we would never know. It’s not that he couldn’t, it’s that he wouldn’t – there is a difference. It just would have been awkward as hell. I know one thing, it I was kidnapped from my only home, escaped, & found my way back, I’m sure as hell not going to leave if I find another me there.

    I see what you’re saying that he was crushed mentally but he was still stupid as hell. NO one there except Van knew that he wasn’t the original Luke, or if he was even copied. Not only that but he blamed Luke for being pampered: ASSch, the kid was basically a baby at 7, & YOU was the one that left. Luke didn’t ask to be a replica & Asch didn’t ask to be copied. The reason Luke was so spoiled was because the yuckups who raised him did it. I can only commend Luke for trying to grow up in such a small amount of time. However, it did make Asch more of a interesting character, but his angst just kills it.

    I completely agree with WingZero when it comes to Luke’s yuckup friends. If I was Luke, I would bury it in their heads when their problems start biting them in the ass. Too bad Luke will do the opposite. Damn he’s such a good guy.

  10. Lol i meant to say mean earlier. There are meaner ways to put it but im not fond of swearing also an addition to my thoughts that i didnt have time to put down cos i was busy.

    Asche renownsing his name makes Luke the Hero of ‘The Score’ meaning that the score fortold him as a copy further making the score dubious at best morally speaking but hey we live in a normal world with our own ethical dilemas.

    A re write of what should of happened when asche made it home (because of ease and for loose obssessive CG refferencing real luke or asche will be reffered to as L1 and replica luke will be reffrered to as L2!)

    *replica luke cries*

    L1: Mum… Dad im bac… What are you doing!!!!!
    Mum: who are you…. a fake an imposeter.. you’re to late we already have our son back
    Dad: I dunno what those evildoers at Malkulth did to make you look that way but you will never succeed GUARDS….GUARDS!!!!!!! arrest this freak!!!

    L1: mum Dad its me the real me dont you see i remember everything Van kidnapped me and copied me but i escaped. Natalia remeber the promise i made to you a few months ago

    Natalia: well thats true…

    L1: and Guy we are best friends

    Guy: nahhh mate this one is way more amusing jokes ok i beleive you

    L1: Seriously mum and dad who you gonna believe Me or that imposter who has to wear nappies (diapers for the americans) cos he cant even remember how to walk to the bathrom let alone Aim!!!

    Parents-together:…. My Bad

    L1 i uses L2 as a personal servant and both therefore grow up better balanced individuals
    Due to the writings in the score Van is left thinking he got away with it (he only sees one .of them at a time!) til Tear comes to kill Van and both boys (now entirely normal) jump him with her and he dies there and then on the palace steps!
    Then L1 goes on to marry his cousin after fulfiling (due to thier apparent lack of choice) his part of the score because his balanced life meant that he also has little or no knowledge of the pillars and all that ‘TOA’BlahBlah’.

    L2 who eventually gets his name changed to Dave (Which is short for Davelexises :P) eventually ends up living a relatively peaceful life becomes a coach driver in the Qiploth (which cos thats a stupid word[no matter how u spell it!] will now be known as the underworld! ) with tear as his bride and when Yulia shows up again to see how the people who she read the score to faired, shes met with linch mob carrying fonic spears and pitchforks to which she being a feeble priestess ultimately succumbs! The world gets on with its exsistence using free will… Global warming ensues

    Yuor right Megas its not quite as interesting 😛 😛 😛

    WingZero zxt
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