Luke and Tear go to see her grandfather Teodoro so that Luke can apologize for what happened with Akzeriuth, but Teodoro feels that it’s not necessary because the collapse of Akzeriuth was written in Yulia’s Score. It was part of the Closed Score that only Maestros or higher in the Order of Lorelei know about. This leads to Luke questioning why Teodoro didn’t do something to stop it if he already knew, so Teodoro explains that the teachings of the Order are to live quietly in accordance to the Score. They need to move history in line with the Score so that they won’t lose the expected prosperity. Mohs confined Ion and tried to start a war because the Score said that war in Rugnica would lead to unprecedented prosperity for mankind. Tear then points out that her brother is trying to cause the collapse of St. Binah, but Teodoro is convinced that that won’t happen. He knows that the fighting will take place in that area, and he tells Luke and Tear to take Yulia Road back to the Outer Lands if they’re worried.

After the talk with Teodoro, Tear suspects that the destruction of Hod was also in the Closed Score. This causes Luke to remember how Van is supposedly trying to make a replica of Hod, and Tear explains to him that Hod was the island that collapsed during the war 16 years ago. Hod was actually Tear and Van’s hometown, and Van had said in the past that he wouldn’t forgive a world that abandoned Hod. Tear had previously overheard her brother talking with Legretta about how it’d be troublesome if Asch learned of the plan to annihilate the people of the Outer Lands. This is why Tear had wanted to stop her brother and had come to the Outer Lands, and she feels that Luke wasn’t the only one to blame for Akzeriuth. After hearing all this, Luke calls Tear strong and thanks her for telling him because he understands her a little better now. Tear notes that this is the first time he’s ever thanked her for anything. The two then return to the Outer Lands via the Yulia Road and arrive at the Aramis Spring.

On the way out of the spring, they run into Guy who had been waiting for them. Luke is still concerned about his identity, so Guy tells him that he is himself and Asch is Asch. Guy doesn’t care about the replica stuff and simply sees Luke as real. Luke ends up thanking Guy, and that surprises him. As they continue towards the exit of the springs, Luke asks Guy why he waited, so Guy recounts an incident from the past where he was trying to teach Luke to walk. He had urged Luke to get back his past, but Luke felt that he didn’t need it. Guy saw the truth in this because being stuck in the past means that you can’t move forward, and because he liked that part of Luke, he stayed around. Since Luke is still caught up on Akzeriuth, Guy advises him to just help others for the rest of his life. The trio then runs into Jade who had been looking for Guy because Ion and Natalia had gotten captured.

Mohs still intends to start a war by claiming that what happened at Akzeriuth was a Malkuth conspiracy, and Kimlasca doesn’t know any better because both the princess and goodwill ambassador are missing. Jade specifically asks for Guy and Tear’s help in this matter, but when it comes to Luke, Jade only says that he won’t stop Luke from coming along. The group then heads to the Lorelei headquarters at Daath and meets up with Anise. In order to enter the base, Tear presents her rank and tells the guards there that she’s with witnesses of the discovery of the Seventh Fonstone, and that’s enough to grant everyone entry. The others are surprised to hear about the Seventh Fonstone, so Tear explains afterward that her mission was to investigate if the Seventh Fonstone at Akzeriuth was real or not. In any case, the group sneaks through the base until they reach Mohs’ office, and they overhear Mohs unhappy about how Van hasn’t contacted them yet. Mohs knows that they’re at last able to cause a war in accordance with the Score, and he decides to go to Baticul with Legretta.

Before moving on to save Ion and Natalia, Jade warns Luke that there’ll be many Oracle soldiers ahead, and Luke understands the implication that they’ll need to fight and kill. This is put to the test when Luke gets ambushed, and after a heated battle, he strikes down a guard. Luke is frustrated about what he had to do, but Guy tells him that they can’t waste time because then more people will die. The group soon finds Ion and Natalia, and they all escape safely from the headquarters. Once they get a chance to catch their breath, Ion proposes that they go get Malkuth Emperor Peony’s help to stop the war. Luckily, Asch had left the Tartarus in Daath’s harbor. This leads to Luke thinking about Asch again and what Asch is going to do from now on, but Guy suggests that Luke leave him alone. Guy reminds Luke that he is himself and Asch is Asch, and Luke should do what he can.


Well, the whole Score thing keeps getting more and more suspicious. My gut says that blindly following the Score is a bad thing and that the promised prosperity is a myth, but I’m not convinced that actively trying to defy it is any better. There’s too much we haven’t been told about what’s in the Closed Score, and for all we know, Luke saving the world could have already been foreseen. Regardless, Van is clearly using the Order of Lorelei’s stance towards it to his advantage, and so while I think that the Order and its members might merely be misguided, it’s looking more and more like Van is going to be the real bad guy – barring any big surprises. He even appears to absolve Asch of suspicion in the conversation he had with Legretta. Speaking of which though, Asch was more or less absent from this episode – so much for him being a second protagonist. I wonder what he’s up to…

What this episode did have a lot of was signs that Luke is changing. Obviously they’re trying to show him in a much better light, and to an extent, it’s working. At the very least, I don’t hate his character like I did a few episodes ago. Which reminds me: the most eyebrow-raising part of this episode was the random soldier that Luke had to fight. Most of the time these guys are like stormtroopers, but this one had some surprisingly good moves. Ultimately I think it shows that the animators can make any fight exciting if they want to, and I wouldn’t be against seeing more battles like that.


  1. Next episode, cue young!Dist/Nephry/Jade and Nebellim.

    I wonder if the series is going to cover part of the Nebellim sidequest since they’re bothering to show her….

    Very slight spoilers but marked anyway: Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Why is Asch suddenly disappear? As far as I remember, last episode he still with Jade and Natalie and only Guy went to pick up Luke. How come now Jade is with Luke too, did I miss something? And who´s the white hair guy in the preview, don´t tell me he´s Dist…

  3. I can understand the authors confusion with all the jumping around… with the lack of a world map things seem a bit disorientating for someone who doesn’t know the geography of the world of Abyss. It would be nice if they used an overhead map or something to keep the non-gamer viewers notified of how people get from one point to the other.

    As to clarify the warp thing… As someone said before it was the same warp that Tear used in episode 1 but it’s not like it took her all the way to Luke’s Manor. The warp leaves the party in a small cave that’s pretty near to Daath and I guessed that it’s implied that during the events on EP1 that Tear traveled all the way from Daath to Baticul.

    I guess that here is a world map xD

    (Or very last link in this page if you can’t direct link:

    Tear and Luke pop up at Aranis Spring and then walk to Daath (Middle Left) and a bit to the right you can see where the Taratus came out from (Qliphoth Entrance/Exit) So… I guess that explains it better to some people that might be confused XD maybe you ought to consider having this map beside you when you’re watching the show, as to avoid some confusion… lol.

  4. “-How convenient for there to be a special teleportation way out of Yulia City that Luke and Tear can just take. Here I thought Qliphoth was a hard place to get out of, and yet there are all these ways to get back to the Outer Lands.”

    You have seen that already, Tear used it in episode one. And it makes sense considering that Yulia city is connected to the Order of Lorelei and that Tear came from Yulia City that there would be a way to get to the surface from there.

  5. Also, about there being all these ways out of the Qliphoth, one of the methods was more or less made by Luke’s screw up, so had they somehow wandered their way into it without destroying the Sephiroth, there wouldn’t have been as many ways in and out. I would also assume it’s harder to get back in once you leave but I dunno that’s never explained.

    @Acerbus- It’s not.

  6. Even with Asch becoming a part of the group, showed through a glitch in the game which I find it hard for it to be a glitch, they’re still going to Show Spoiler ▼

    I just wish this would happen though:

    Mieu: Master shouldn’t be sorry! After all, you gave me the name “thing”!
    Luke: Oh that. I guess I’m sorry for calling you that too.
    Mieu: No, you shouldn’t! I’m glad you gave me this name, master!
    Luke: (Even so, he still seems like one…)

    Oh, Mieu. So, so cute.

    Reika Noko
  7. “-And what was with that soldier who came after Luke? They’re supposed to be like stormtroopers, but that one soldier had some pretty speedy and impressive moves.”

    Luke was underleveled, his equipment was out of date, and they set the difficulty to hard mode. :3

  8. wow…well i am very happy with luke’s more humble attitude..its good to see him groveling after how much of a jerk he was…if he stays like this i could very well start to like his character! in fact i almost felt a bit sorry for him – what a turn around! lol

  9. So Jade has a sister, at least she looks a lot like him.. And next episode more should be explained about Fomicry arts and his past, as it looks from the preview.

    Can’t wait for the next episode and to be honest I don’t really mind the jumping between scene’s, but that’s probably because I’ve played my share of RPG’s.

  10. This episode was awesome. It’s kinda funny to see how quickly everyone watching this series changes when they are watching the series for the first time, from OMG I HATE LUKE to Oh he’s not SO bad. XD

    I don’t mind that it skipped around because I played the game and know what happened already but I can see how it can be confusing for first-time watchers. I love Luke and Guy’s friendship!

    I loved Mieu in this episode. He was really cute! Ahhhh! (squeals)

  11. @KCDusky

    That’s pretty much the point of Lukes character and I think that he is fairly well done in the series xD He’ll never be on anybodies top-heroes list but his character does present a much more refreshing change of pace from typical anti-social or uber-social heroes. Too bad some of it is lost in the transition between game and anime due to the shortening of dialogue and the obvious omission of Skits (Those really add depth to the characters, even if it’s not always about important stuff xD).

  12. When it comes to the characters, Luke’s problem is one of the greatest in the game. The other idiots also end up fighting their little demons. Out of all of them, Luke easily overcomes his problem better than all the others. Tear’s problem is up there with Luke but she really can’t do anything to help herself. I can excuse Tear, but the rest of Luke’s idiotic crew just gets too wrapped up in their own BS for my tastes. Because of that, Luke easily takes the stage back from those self-righteous fools. I do have to applaud Guy from being a rock from start to finish.

    They actually end up tearing down each other more than helping each other. With friends like that, who needs enemies. Luke ends up being the solid foundation for that stupid group of yuckups. So all you Luke-haters out there better be prepared. You’ll find out why I hate Luke’s crew so much & why I keep on calling them “Luke’s crew” soon enough.

  13. haha XD man i cant wait for little jade and dist next ep! also
    Show Spoiler ▼

  14. @HEYhey!!!: I can’t imagine why they’d end it at there. That isn’t the full story and there’s still enough episodes to cover the ending instead of stopping at the “false” ending.


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