Japanese hip-hop duo HALCALI appeared on Music Fair last week along with SPEED, Perfume, and Lil’B, where they performed “Long Kiss Good Bye”, the seventh ending theme to Naruto Shippuuden. While I’m sure Naruto fans will have a more immediate attachment to the song, it sounds really good on its own due to the nice mix of Jpop and hip-hop. Despite not being a huge fan of rap, I find female asian hip-hop artists quite refreshing to listen to, especially with HALCALI’s style of music. Case in point, I’ve listened to this song to death already, but am not sick of it in the slightest yet. Prior to Music Fair, HALCALI also appeared on Girl Pop Factory, but has since added some simple choreography to their performance as seen above. If you’re interested in checking out the PV as well, I’ve uploaded a copy of it here. In any case, enjoy the video(s).

…in an ongoing effort to make use of the new HD YouTube.


  1. What blows for one culture is like crack to another. (Don’t you ever feel ashamed of anything American/English/Whatever popular culture has made international?) Idol-type coordinated dancing and singing is incredibly popular over here, so it’s no surprise they’ve made a whole industry about what are the cutest hand gestures and dance moves for this kind of thing ; P

    I’m in awe of the HD though. Please keep posting great commentary whenever you have time : )

  2. While I like HALCALI, this was not one of their better songs. It’s kind of weak compared to the other stuff I have heard from them. The chorus is meh, but the rap parts are much better.

  3. i love halicali, & i personally find the coordinated dancing really cute XD
    can anyone tell me what the little llama looking hand motion (with your middle & ring fingers to your thumb & your pinky & index in the air) & is supposed to mean?
    i’ve been seeing it everywhere.

  4. whoa my laptop was groaning while it was running the video but who cares.I love HD!!
    As for the song…I don’t watch naruto but the song was OK, though the rap part was hard to follow for me since I can’t read the kanji too fast while listening >.<
    Did I mention I love HD?!

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