When a stray dog finds a snake amidst some garbage, the snake enters the dog. When a little girl named Rachel then finds the dog, the snake enters Rachel. Rachel’s mother notices her daughter acting strange all evening, and that night, she wakes up to find Rachel at her bedside staring at her with an evil eye. This causes Rachel’s mother to scream and wake up Rachel’s father, but Rachel is now crying on their bed, talking about some scary snake in a nightmare. The father lets Rachel sleep with them, and the next morning, she appears back to normal. When a spider suddenly appears in the kitchen though, Rachel crushes it with her hand and comments on how Arachne already noticed. Rachel then tells her mother that she’s going out to play with an important friend, and when her mother stops her and demands to know who she is, Medusa reverts back to her true voice for a moment to comment on how good of a girl Rachel is and how easy she is to handle. Medusa disappears shortly after leaving the house.

Over at Shibusen, Stein has decided to teach his students some techniques to fight against Arachne and her organization. He gathers Ox, Harvar, Maka, Soul, and Black*Star without Tsubaki to show them on how to do a team version of the resonance of souls, but first he instructs them all attack him. This goes poorly for the students because each of their attacks gets in the way of someone else. Maka ends up nailing Black*Star in the face as she tries to swing Soul around and Ox fries both Maka and Black*Star. Black*Star even punches Ox in the face in what was supposed to be a lesson about teamplay. Elsewhere in the school, Sid and Nygus bring a part of the Eibon’s book they found at Arachne’s research facility to Shinigami-sama’s secret vault at his request. At around the same time, Arachne is watching Mosquito and Giriko argue and fight when one of her underlings brings news of her younger sister arriving.

Medusa by now has more or less returned to her old look, and although she still has the Rachel’s figure, she feels that it’s good for deceiving people. She and her sister exchange pleasantries and talk about how Medusa survived before Arachne questions why Medusa came. Arachne still carries a grudge for how Medusa betrayed her 800 years ago during the battle with the Shinigami that led to Arachne’s miserable death. Medusa claims to want to get along, but Arachne has Giriko, Mifune, and Mosquito surround her, so Medusa leaves. The underling who escorts Medusa out is actually Eruka in disguise, and Medusa has her observing the place. Medusa’s own plan for now involves heading to Death City for something important that was left behind.


For those of you still waiting, there was no new OP this week. I thought that after the song premiered in last week’s episode, this week would surely have it, but that wasn’t the case. At this point, I’m curious if there’s any reasoning behind this – like they’re waiting for the introduction of a character that they included in the new OP or they need extra time to animate it or something. In any case, OP aside, this episode was once again pretty entertaining, and I like how Medusa as a little girl was portrayed in such a creepy way. She was like a character in a horror movie who I was half expecting to take out a cleaver at any moment and hack up the parents of the girl she possessed. It was good to see Eruka again as well, though it doesn’t look like she’ll be playing a very big role for the time being. The return of Stein to his chair-fighting ways was also fun, but unfortunately he wasn’t sparring very seriously with Black*Star and company.

As for what’s going on in the main plot, the prospect of Medusa vs. Arachne is very intriguing to me because it’s always great to see bad guys fight each other instead of the good guys. I’m rooting for Medusa if that happens. Her goal for the time being though is probably to go back to Death City for Crona, but the preview indicates a Kid-centric episode next week, so that might not happen right away.


  1. Am I the only one bothered by Medusa stealing an innocent kids body here? Probably. Only thing this episode did was to have me want to have Medusa finished off for good this time. Problem is stopping her when she is a walking hostage.

  2. This show used to be awsome, now they’re killing children in order to bring back a bitch? The worst part is, none of the fans mind! This anime just lost it’s luster and just earned it selfe a “Worst Anime Ever” Award!! Next time you people put up a report of an episode like this, try to leave out the part where an innocent kid and his/her familly are killed and sliced up!!! Bastards!

  3. EASY BRO! i can feel ur sentiments bout dat EVIL MEDUSA. but nobody got sliced up and i doubt they are gonna take it there…fo some reason i see a suicide/ redemtion/ love u chrona in the works fo medusa…..well,,either dat OR SHE CHOpp’s every body the FU$K UP!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. Keroro, first, it follows the manga very closely so most of the fans already knew this was happening. Next, as was stated, no one died. Not to mention plenty of other anime, and even regular tv shows, have used kids in tense situations so its not something new. Now and Then for instance, ever watch that? It is a story telling element and part of character development. Because Medusa possessed that little girl it accentuates how evil she is. Man. Uppity…

  5. POSSESSED?!! Is that the best you can come up with?! She’s dead, the poor little girl’s life has just ended and its all because of some body snatching satanist named Medusa!! The kid’s body has even changed into a kiddy version of that witch! This anime has just reached a new low, they ruined it by having children get killed!! Its hell on television!

  6. @keroro: take a couple of chill pills, and get off the internet, it’s bad for you. Nobody died.

    This is a shonen anime. There are only TWO options:

    1. The extract Medusa from the girls body, or she just leaves it after regaining the original one. Then, she’s defeated.

    2. She turnes face. I would actually like that to happen. I’ve come to the conclusion that witches are not BORN evil, but become like that, mostly because of humans. You saw how Angela was treted before, right? And how she talked, and really hated everything? Now look at her. Mifune treted her right, and she’s a happy-go-lucky little witch, as it should be.

  7. PS: Keroro21 seems to be just another troll. Ignore it, and it will go away.

    Interesting fact: it seemed to me like Medusa wnated to kill Rachel’s (the little girl) mother, but stopped. Why? Was she afraid to be discovered? Don’t think so. She seams to not fear anyone.

  8. First of all, I’m not a troll. Second, I just don’t see how you guys like this exorcist sort of thing. And third, what makes you guys think the little kid will be all right? I’m just scared of this change of pase, thats all.

  9. @Keroro21
    “Second, I just don’t see how you guys like this exorcist sort of thing.”

    Something wrong about this? It’s call FICTION, in this case, it’s HILARIOUS that medusa, the old witch we all grew up to like or dislike, took possession of a cute and adorable little girl, and how she eventually started to have some fun with the parents, a bit like Chucky ( God. lol

  10. looks like part of my comment was cut off
    – to conclude, yeah, she will be alright, but who cares about a little kid when there are other more important issues to worry about, like an evil Kishin who might just cause millions of little kids to die if he is not stopped.

  11. ‘Kids’ are such a taboo these days.
    Destroy an entire town? COOL!
    A little kid scratched his knee? OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Kinda like horror movies, EVERYONE dies except for the kids lol. Logically they would be the first ones to die too…oh well.

    I bet if Medusa possessed an adult woman, nobody would care.

  12. People are sensitive about weird things. A dead child is worst than a dead adult. A guy killing another guy isn’t an issue like a guy loving another guy. Talking about bias…

    Get a life, man.

  13. Yup, we understand. We’ve all got hot buttons. 😀 Mine is when people speak Spanish to me just because I look a bit Hispanic. I don’t speak anything beyond hola, and it just irritates me so much. I’ve also got a problem of conveying emotion properly in text. Sometimes people take me too seriously because I don’t want to overuse emoticons and such.

  14. @ally yo!!! como va la cosa tigere!? no deha ese cosa ase mal a tu mente! mucho latinos no abla engish en tounce eyo mirran a ti en pensa’s eyo puede comunicaded con tigo….

    btw- i fully endorse killing kids.
    JUST kidding again….maybe

    BROOKLYN otaku
  15. Keroro21: don’t worry their is a conversation with Medusa and some of the good character (i think maybe Spirit) where he says why don’t you give the girl’s body back her parents are looking for her, and medusa says that she still needs the body for now etc.

    Lucky Channel
  16. @keroro21

    don’t worry man, it’s stated in the manga that in one way or another, medusa is just using the kid to recuperate. She will probably leave the kid in some way or another. Besides this is a SHONEN anime. None of those seriously sadistic stuff happens

  17. Keroro21 is prime example of what religion does to one’s self. XD

    Chibi Medusa KAWAII~ OML Kawaii~ n_n SO what~ some NON-REAL kid got taken over~ kawaiiiii~
    Also, Stein you beast! =D Black Star you beat! =D Chibi Medusa kawaii~ Also, hurray for Eruka coming back~ also kawaii~…hmm…kawaii…

  18. @ KonoKona4

    Being a little stereotypical, are we now?
    Do note that people tend to have a variety of tolerance over sensitive issues in fiction materials whether they are religious or not.
    Please do respect others’ differences even if it may seem ridiculous to you.

  19. @Tonketsu: “Please do respect others’ differences even if it may seem ridiculous to you”
    You may want to tell that to all those religious nuts including the pope and other religious leaders who criticize gay and lesbian like plague. And no, they only threaten the government to prevent gay paradises and the like. They didnt do anything wrong at all.

  20. @ mysterious
    Kira is right, I should relax, and yea I figured KonaKona was joking after I study his comment a few times.
    But I’m tad sick of being generalized with the “nutfreaks” you mentioned JUST BECAUSE I chose to be religious. There is a fine line between those who simply take part of a community and those who goes absolute with their believes. I am religious, so what? I have no problem watching or reading materials that includes sensitive issues like what we have here. I honestly don’t give a dino-dung about .

    But as one can see I’m quite sensitve to being included on the wrong boat of people. I’ll work on that OCD on my part.

    End of rant. I’ll not talk any more about this for the fear of Stein dissecting me in my dreams…

    On / Off Topic: Did Medusa repaint the child’s outfit to her own o_O?

  21. For those of you who are confused about the situation of Medusa now taking over the little kid. And the Outer look of her… If you ever seen the old film “Ghost” of when the dead guy goes into the body of the woman(something Woopie Goldberg I think), to take over to talk to his widowed wife. Basically like that. The human girl’s body is still there, it’s just the soul of Medusa is ‘overlapping’ it in a sense.

  22. Medusa as LOLI.. me likey moar than adult form XD

    haven’t watched the Subbed version yet but..
    Show Spoiler ▼

  23. At any rate, this is a troublesome hostage situation. They can’t really take Medusa out in that state without putting the kids life in danger. Of course nothing stopping Medusa from attacking anyone who crosses her path.

    Think its fine to be bothered or not bothered by the situation. No one is going to watch a series in some gray emotionless way. Has to be some reason people watch anime to begin with. If your allowed to like a character, your allowed to dislike one. If people choose to be upset about a witch stealing a kids body after messing up her own child’s life and unleashing a dangerous threat onto the world, that’s fine.

    Personally wouldn’t bother watching anything if I couldn’t feel something about the characters involved.

  24. How can anyone who considers themselves to be of the Christian faith even consider watching a show like this? The creators have the audacity to combine representations of beings with god-like power with storylines involving witchcraft! As if this was not bad enough, Soul (an inappropriate name) has visions where the devil himself appears in a miniature form (believe me, there is nothing ‘kawaii’ about satan!). Also, teenagers of different genders are shown co-habiting (and worse, no doubt) and fraternising in a totally inappropriate manner. Before anyone calls me a ‘hypocrite’ I must state I only follow these shows for the purposes of advising parents in my congregation which animes they should ensure their children are protected from – to date, this comprises pretty much all of them.

  25. Witch hunting, Crusades and smashing pagan babies head into brick walls. Did you tell your parents to change their religion because of the fact you pretty much are descended from mass murderers?

    On a more serious note, stop plaguing this comment with your beliefs.

  26. As long as you don’t have a problem separating your fictional entertainment and your real life there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a Christian and an anime fan, and the students in this show aren’t sleeping together if that’s what you’re implying…

  27. Ah, if only close-minded people like that ruled the world, we would be served with ethic cleansing, and still be living in the middle ages. God bless man of science and people who actually use their imagination first, and foremost. Bless the Japanese. 🙂

  28. I’m not sure I understand that one scene with the old mosquito dude and chainsaw guy, what with those peons changing the decor on top of the columns, between plates and vases, every time one of them gets the advantage in the conversation (maybe not even that, perhaps just whenever one of them speaks at at all). I’m assuming it’s supposed to be some kind of metaphor, but for what I’m not sure.


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