Many years ago, a boy had woken up in a lab to the telepathic voice of a girl calling out to anyone who could hear her. The voice led him to a room with a girl inside an enclosure, but he discovered that she had no control over her body and could only communicate in this telepathic manner. The girl was nevertheless happy to see him since she had been alone up to this point, and she introduced herself as Marie. The boy didn’t have any memories of who he was, so Marie had given him the name Allelujah because those were words of gratitude to God. Since Allelujah didn’t know what they were grateful for, Marie had explained that it was for being alive. Back in the present, Allelujah remembers that this was a sort of baptism for him. Marina meanwhile is thanking some of the Ptolemaios crew for helping put a stop to Azadistan’s internal conflict five years ago. Her intent right now is to return to Azadistan, and she feels that an Azadistan that didn’t participate in the Federation is castaway from the world since its economy is in shambles and since conservative leader Rasa is dead. Setsuna agrees to have the Ptolemaios change course towards Azadistan, and after the meeting, Mileina asks Setsuna and Marina if they’re lovers. Their immediate and in-unison response is to deny it.

In the hanger, Lyle is practicing sniping in a simulation, but his accuracy is only 78%. He finds Feldt outside as if she had been watching him, and she gets embarrassed when Haro reveals that she likes Lockon. Lyle makes it clear that he’s not his brother, and since Feldt claims to understand that, Lyle kisses her. He follows it up by trying to invite her to his room, but she slaps him and runs off. As he walks off as well, Lyle comments on how he did it to make her come to her senses and how unbearable being compared to his brother would be. Over on an A-LAWS ship out on the Arabian Sea, Arthur Goodman is reprimanding Kathy for her previous failure. He assigns the next operation to a man named Arba Lindt, and Lindt promises to show Kathy how A-LAWS does things. After Kathy is dismissed, Lindt discusses how Marina was taken and how he thinks that Celestial Being is acting on self-interest. Based on Lindt’s plan, Goodman approves the use of the Trilobite mobile armor. Lindt then introduces a man who also wants to participate in this operation: Mr. Bushido. As the Trilobite launches underwater, out on the deck of the A-LAWS ship, Soma comments on how a mobile armor with a GN Drive was developed, and Andrei reveals that there’s a rumor of a woman who donated a lot of money. Up in space, Louise’s platoon meanwhile receives orders to head to Earth.

Over in the desert, the Katharon forces learn of the Ptolemaios’ new heading towards Azadistan, and Klaus decides to help because they need Celestial Being for their own goals and so that they can protect Marina. Shirin remembers how, back when she left Marina’s side, she had explained that their country had no future even if it was possible to join the Federation. At the time, she had wanted to create a future for Azadistan in her own way, and she now asks Klaus to let her go with the Katharon force. Back on the Ptolemaios, Marina is thinking about how she should be able to do something when Setsuna finds her. She uses this chance to ask him to come to Azadistan with her to reshape the country so that it’s a place where people can lead normal lives. Setsuna, however, feels that he can’t do that because all he is able to do is fight. Hearing this prompts Marina to tell him that nothing can be created from strife – there would only be things lost. Setsuna explains that he felt the same way until he joined Celestial Being, but he now knows that there is something that can be created from destruction, and for the sake of the future, he’ll cut away the warped part of the world with the Gundam.

In the engine room, Ian is having Saji help out since he has training as a space engineer. When Saji asks Ian why he’s here, Ian explains his dislike of battlefields and how he wants to get rid of war. Ian knows that the others on the ship feel the same way, and they’ve all lost something important in war. That said, he also knows that they’re criminals and that they’ll receive their punishment after war is gone. Elsewhere on the ship, Allelujah brings Sumeragi some wine and talks to her about Soma. Back when he was captured by U.N. forces, he thought that it was time for him to atone for his sins, and he had even been okay with rotting away as he was. However, he feels differently now – he now wants to get Marie back. Sumeragi points out that Soma is an enemy right now and that Allelujah had destroyed the super-soldier organization’s facilities, but Allelujah realizes all this and knows that Marie would hate him if she knew that he killed the others like him. Sumeragi admits to being envious of the fact that Allelujah has a reason to fight, and although she had wanted to get rid of war, she reveals that she was also trying to wipe out her abominable past. She feels that her ego led to the sacrifice of a lot of lives, and she wasn’t able to wipe out her past, so she feels that she has no reason to fight now or be on the Ptolemaios. Allelujah, however, suggests that there is a reason and points to how she helped save him.

As Sumeragi thinks over Allelujah’s words and remembers someone named Emilio, Allelujah goes to the Gundam hanger and vows to get back Marie even if Hallelujah is gone and even if he can’t use quantum brain waves. Around this time, the Ptolemaios exits the Strait of Hormuz, and Sumeragi realizes too late that the surrounding waters are too quiet. The ship suddenly gets attacked by a wave of torpedoes, and although they get a GN field up to protect themselves, the torpedoes carried a compound that prevents the use of sonar. The Trilobite is firing these, and the second wave it launches consists of a pair of torpedoes that can pierce through the Ptolemaios’s GN field. This results in part of the bottom of the Ptolemaios being flooded, and Lasse tries to raise the ship to a high enough point that they can release the Gundams. The ship then gets hit with depth charges that cover the ship with a resin that prevents them from opening their gunports. With all this going on, Sumeragi rushes to the bridge and calms everyone down. She knows that the depth charges will stop soon and that the enemy mobile armor will then start attacking them directly, and that’s exactly what happens.

Although the Trilobite hits the Ptolemaio’s hull, Sumeragi is optimistic because they now know where it is, and they’ve also reached the point where they can release the Gundams. The Seravee is first out of the ship, and Tieria activates its Trans-Am in order to push the Trilobite away from the Ptolemaios. Lyle then starts firing at it, and Setsuna eviscerates the mobile armor after pausing for a moment to remember how Marina wanted him to join her. Afterward, the 00 Gundam hitches a ride on the Arios Gundam to reach the water surface, but right before Setsuna can destroy the command ship carrying Lindt and Kathy, the 00 Gundam gets tackled by a custom model Ahead. It belongs to Mr. Bushido, and he quickly figures out that the pilot of the 00 Gundam is Setsuna. While he and Setsuna are fighting, Soma meanwhile launches in her custom mobile suit and engages Allelujah in battle. Allelujah gets his several times, but he doesn’t blame the Gundam and instead blames his own abilities. Unfortunately for the A-LAWS forces, a group of Katharon mobile suits choose this moment to strike, so Kathy orders a retreat. In the aftermath, Setsuna brings Marina in front of the Katharon forces, and she’s reunited with Shirin. Shirin declares herself a member of Katharon and a woman who objects to the way the Earth Federation does things.

Back at A-LAWS headquarters, Billy officially joins, and his uncle Homer assigns him to succeed Eifman in taking charge of the development of new mobile suits. Billy now harbors feelings of resentment over how Sumeragi used him and trampled on his feelings. At that moment, Sumeragi is rejoining the crew on the bridge of the Ptolemaios, and she’s now wearing their uniform. It’s a bit small for her though, so Feldt goes to prepare another, and Sumeragi smiles as Setsuna formally welcomes her back.


So despite all the serious stuff that happened, there were quite a few cute moments this episode like Sumeragi’s uniform being too small, Feldt’s blushing during the scene with Lyle, and Setsuna and Marina denying that they were lovers. The latter was especially amusing given how the two immediately and in-unison denied it. The scene between Feldt and Lyle was also interesting, but less because Feldt was cute and more because of how Lyle seemed to intentionally want to put some distance between them because of how sensitive he is to being compared to his brother. He might not be a playboy, but I still don’t find him 100% trustworthy given that his interests lie with Katharon.

The biggest laugh this week came when Graham was introduced not as the Masked Man but as Mr. Bushido. It’s a pretty ridiculous sounding name, especially when we all know that he’s actually Graham. At least his custom Ahead can perform on par with the 00 Gundam, so the danger of the Gundams being completely overpowered is avoided for now. Speaking of mobile suits, maybe now that Billy has joined A-LAWS, he can develop them some better looking ones (I think the Aheads are pretty bulky and ugly). What’s also interesting is the rumor that there’s a wealthy female financing the development of them, and that person could only be Wang Liu Mei. It’s more evidence that she’s playing both sides to get the change she wants, and that could be a dangerous game. I guess it technically could be Louise too, but that just doesn’t make as much sense as Wang Liu Mei.

As for Saji, he’s slowly getting a bigger role on the Ptolemaios, and it looks like next week he’ll go off and meet Sergei about something. Ali Al-Saachez will likely also make an appearance since his new mobile suit can be seen in the preview as well.


  1. Whoa, I missed that in the preview about Saji. And here I was thinking he was going to stop being a jerk, looks like he’s selling them out. What a lamer

    “It was quite amusing to see Mileina ask them if they’re lovers, and their immediate and in-unison reaction was to deny it.”

    Haha, I loved that. The in-sync response from both of them was just priceless

  2. Hoo.. so there is a reason for the name ‘Allelujah’, and they put it nicely in terms of its literal meaning

    And when I thought this show will be more and more plot-driven, they gave us character-centric episode

  3. @Nazarielle

    the original Lockon had a real name too y’know. xD

    Now the current Lockon is Lyle, so I’m just assuming people know which Lockon I’m talking about. xD

    It’s fun seeing Lyle Pimp it up a notch!

  4. I just finished watching it. Its pretty amaze how the Graham Ahead was customized and he draw his beam saber like katana and like samurai. So maybe his suit is capable as melee unit, oh well not sure yet. We all know Billy he felt like being cheated & joined the A-laws just because he knew tht Sumeragi is the CB Strategic Planner. And whats up with Saji wanted to see Sergei? Maybe he want leak information of CB or wanted to tell the truth of CB? Oh well we will see then and Ali-al Sarches will be reappear with his new MS suits of customized throne Zwei at next episode.

    Anson Goh
  5. @dh19440113
    Because, as it was revealed in Season 1, Graham was obsessed with Japanese bushido code of honour, quite literally living by it. To say short the entire first season he was a closet otaku ^^”

  6. Billy is just being emo- so lame. I really want to see more of the interaction betwn Sestuna and Marina…..I hope Saji isn’t selling out, cause he would regret it when he finds out about louis

  7. Uhh, sorry to break it to you, but the custom Aheads aren’t at the same level with the new gundams. The only advantage they had in this ep was the element of surprise.

    Standard mode aside when the gundams go into transam mode, that’s all she wrote.

    Though I do like it when the fights are more even, you still know the gundams will pull something out to win in the end.

    And lol at Billy being all bitter and emo. I guess after those 2 years he didn’t get any loving and only empty liquor cabinets.

    Marina looks strangely out of character in this shot, resembles Akiha Tohno from Tsukihime.
    I just can’t see Setsuna and Marina together as lovers, more as friendly soulmates.
    Alleluyah should ditch Soma and go for Sumeragi 😀

    ninja penguin
  9. cant wait for the fight between Graham a.k.a Mistah Bushido who looks like a fool VS Setsuna to occur again!….and when is my dear PATRICK coming out?!….i wanna see him getting own repeatedly by the gundam meisters again!

  10. *Still Laughing* This was a great episode. It introduces a lot of custom Aheads,which I still think are ugly and bulky. It seems that Kataron and CB will begin to work closer together now. Good Setsuna and Marina and Felt and Lyle moments. Looks like Trans-arm is going to be used more frequently except for 00, which makes the gundams all the more powerful.

  11. 1) It appears Allelujah isn’t his real name. Soma(Marie) gave him that name

    2) Both Allelujah & Sumeragi should get paired. Don’t you agee?

    3) Lyle may be Lockon’s twin, but he’s no Lockon, plus he will never replace Lockon in Feldt’s heart

    4) Those two Ahead units look awesome

    5) I have to admit, Sumeragi looks hot in them tight outfit

    6) I’m expecting the next episode, looks like its gonna be about Saji, & he’ll met Sergei

  12. @Asoch3
    That would be cool, but, you can’t deny the fact that sooner or later, Lyle will betray CB, and that picture during the EP, ain’t very reassuring that this relationship will last in a positive way.

  13. To all those cursing Lyle, we salute YOU! And, btw, there still might be a chance of Lockon being alive, I mean, he’s in the OP (with the eyepatch!), and Setsuna lived, so why not Lockon? Besides, if the storyline won’t do it, the protest, and threats, of the viewers will. LONG LIVE… um.. LOCKON!

  14. Neil would be really ashamed of his brother if he were still alive if Lyle actually has the cojones to kiss Feldt. He totally deserved the bitchslap. And i have been an Allelujah/Sumeragi romance fan ever since that scene in the end of episode 11 where he asks her for a drink and says he just turned 20 so he can drink. They share the drink and he asks her why she drinks so constantly and she tells him he’ll understand one day. I think that if Allelujah/Soma doesn’t turn out well, and if Billy will carry a grudge on Sumeragi all the way to the end, then Allelujah/Sumeragi totally deserve each other. And i definately now believe that Setsuna/Marina will be the main pairing by the end.

    Eternal Kali
  15. People seem to be forgetting that Mishizuma mentioned in an interview that Graham Aker the all-Union fighting ace is “dead”. Hence why we have Mr. Bushido now instead who is but a pale shadow of Graham’s former ideals, albeit with the same skill level. Also don’t forget that the Union included Japanese territory so they can more or less get away with adopting a samurai theme for his custom MS and his new persona. In fact the whole world is supposed to be united now so they could have gotten away with any theme really.

    Granted he could have chosen something less generic than Mr. Bushido as his codename, but at least it’s more inspired then “Masked Man”. Wait…why should I care so much about this. The nickname is other people’s obsession and lulz fest not mine…..

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, I just had a good dream last night, I was dreaming Sumeragi was a Female Luchador in Mexican Wrestling. After seeing that pic now that makes me blemish inside and dreaming of kicking another Luchadora ass!

    Why do I think Marina family is intergrated into bunch of pedophiles! She does make her victims like taking candy from a baby!

  17. @UnknownVoice
    Um… I’m pretty sure that he could be knocked out or something… and wasn’t there an explosion, no way could they gte his body for his grave, it might be empty. And typically, anime characters that ppl think are dead, but come back… always look like that… doesn’t mean he’s dead… if one of the meisters thermaled him, and checked that he had no body heat, sure, I’d accept it, BUT, they didn’t…

  18. To the Lyle bashers, the whole point of the kiss was to prove that he was not his brother. Being identified as someone else rather than your own identity sucks, and that fact he did it means he wants to be seen as a person with his own name.

  19. Given the lack of emotion when Setsuna and Marina denied being a couple, I get the impression that the idea never actually occurred to either of them. It’s not at all like the usual cliche where the not-a-couple are obviously embarassed by the question. Marina is more like a big sister/surrogate mother figure to Setsuna.

  20. I think Mr. Bushido has a horny helmet since he’s poised to be like an Oni – like how samurai do it.

    Hmm, in the preview, is Marina speaking in a TV show? The background looks like something from a children’s show. That would make her a Lacus Clyne figure all right.

    Chino F.
  21. Well we know now what Louise did with her inherited fortune.. She funded A-Laws bigtime, that atleast explains why she is allowed to pilot a ahead.

    Doesn’t the preview shot of Marina remind you of a younger her? From a time were there was actual happiness. My guess is that it’s a flashback and no not a possible date.

    A lot of character development this episode, I had hoped for a bit more action, but all in all I liked this episode.

  22. As for Saiji, remember that Sergei was suspicious of A-laws.. He has quite the puzzled look when speaking to Saiji. So no I don’t think he’ll betray CB, more so I see him getting more help for CB.. Who knows maybe Sergei will help CB in some way, I also have the feeling that Kathy might be playing a double role and passes info about A-laws to Sergei, it’s just a hunge though.

  23. @ Unknown…

    Dude I’m with you in the comment about Lyle! I mean he has such a big shadow to fill that he’s getting stress out… I mean… nobody likes him because he is Lyle but because he is Neil’s brother… that must suck… and now, we don’t know that he’s gonna betray CB yet… those are just speculations so far and if both Kataron and CB have the same goal… why can’t they work together?? that’s the whole reason why he joined… because they had the same goal as Kataron… So, I don’t like Lyle as much as I like his bro, but I still do!

  24. How could you Graham! Why aren’t you using a flag! You have broken your promise. But wow a samurai gundam. That’s a nice one. But I still liked the flag better. Its a pity that the custom GN Flag only got a little bit of time on the final episode of season 1.

  25. Graham fulfilled his promise by putting Exia out of commission or in need of fixing with his GN flag. Putting a gundam out of commission or in need of fixing is defeating it. Graham did say something about going through the disgrace just to fight Setsuna again. I think he realizes that A-laws or A-lols are corrupt and evil.

  26. I think when they say there’s a woman financing the development of mobile suits they’re referring to Louise because right after that scene they cut to Louise sitting in her quarters.

  27. Interesting move Lyle did… guess it’s not easy being a twin…

    But the whole Sakemelon and the uniform problem isn’t surprising (In a world where women have sizable racks…. Sakemelon’s bigger.)

  28. i think the person they were referring to on funding the trilobyte is probably wang liumei… she potrays herself as one to do this sort of thing, give both sides the essentials to destroy each other

  29. My thoughts on the wealthy female funding the A-Laws would be Louise. Since they showed her during this part and otherwise there would be no reason for her to be shown. I mean, her family owned an effin castle in Spain. Insurance on that ALONE would probably be able to produce a couple of A-Heads.

  30. Wang Liu Mei isn’t the only extremely wealthy female character in the series though. I think A-Laws is exploiting Louise and her inherited fortune. Remember back at the wedding in Season One? Everyone there died cept Louise so she must probably be filthy rich and A-Laws is just making use of her money atm.

    Also, when they mention the part of a weathly female donating money, the screen flashes to Louise, which I think implies that she is funding the development of MS’s to combat Gundams, and she has somewhat good reasons for it as well.

  31. I haven’t taken the time to read everyone’s comments yet, but
    I agree Graham’s pseudonym sounds ridiculous…

    …Mr. Bushido, dude?!

    Sounds like they weren’t even trying.

  32. Omni, I just want to point out that I think the wealthy lady that Andrei is speaking about is actually Louise. She was the sole heir to the Halevy fortune, and it’s been hinted that she gave it all to A-LAWS for her chance at revenge (hence why someone as green and unsuited as her is in an elite unit).

  33. Louise may in the end, she reminds me of Frey a litt.e
    I’m all Allelujah x Marie
    Marina x Setsuma (I wouldn’t care if everyone died, but if they can be together G)) would be worth it. Sadly though this doesn’t happen in Gundam often)
    Sumeragi x Billy?
    Lyle x bleh who cares.. I don’t want any I’m not your brother crap.

    id be funny if Saji is going to leak information to Sergei. That would put some angst in Gundam.

  34. Miiiiiistah Boooosheeedooo, nuff said^^

    It’s times like this I love myself for not being a freak that reads every spoiler like it’s a religion….There’s no way someone reading spoilers can have as much fun watching as me…Had no clue Graham was Master Asia meets Corrozzo…Yes, Mister Bushido, a life of shame is a small price to pay in order to fight the Gundam!!

  35. Hey Omni, don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but the Woman that donated money, and this isn’t really a spoiler as it was implied rather blatantly this episode, was Louise. This was confirmed by the GN-XIII model release that states that Louise dontated a large portion of her family inheritance to the formation of the A-Laws, which also goes to explain how she so readily got into the group.

  36. i think i could understand why lockon kiss felt. seeing that he was practicing that time and he was trying to be on par/beat his brother he was already piss off. then if you add felts emotions with it thats the result you get. well maybe when they were still kids there’s this comparison that always happen between them thats why he was so force to beat his brother’s record. also i remember from season 1 where original lockon put flowers to the grave of his family then he hides just to see his younger brother. so maybe there is this brother rivalry between them ever since they where kids. i think this would fuel lyle to betray CB since everybody there compares him to the orginal(not to mention he cant beat his brother skills).

    as for sergei and saji talking this might be good. if this would start sergei to cooperate with CB then maybe later he will be joining forces with them(as you can see in the opening sergei on the left, his son on the right, then soma in the center). he can also be the link/help for allelujah and soma “get together”.

    for marinaxsetsuna its pretty vague right now. im rooting for them, but since everybody has a chance they would die. i hope at least before or at the end of the season admit their feelings to each other.

    by the way this out of the topic but im too lazy to go and look for an answer. did heero and the princess from gundam wing admit their feelings to each other?

  37. I think it was Louis who gave the donation to A-Laws.Her family was rich and they all DIED.My only guess is that she inherited the fortune,and the scene did switch to her when Katie was mentioning it.

    But Wang Liu Mei is also a possibility too,as the article mentioned.I just think the show just “hinted” at it being Louise.

  38. I HATE graham acre!!!! his character is so annoying!!! Did anyone else see the trigger which made him turn from just an ordinary soldier to a psychotic retard!!! Also the mask situation is getting out of hand! The ignorance of all the military commanders when he walks in a mister Bushido ( a name which in itself is rather lame and stupid) is way to overly pronounced!!!

    Also everyones going on about how mean lyle is. He even said that what he did was deliberately rude so that Feldt WAKSES UP (incidently the song MEZAMERO YASEI ROCKS) dont get me wrong im still not sure of his true nature whether it will be pointlessly evil or good but letsw not forget he is a member of Kataron which so far has made no real malicious move beyond feeding off of celestial beings success. at worse i can only see Kataron being misguided but to be honest since we have the EAF (im calling it that in honour of Gundam Wing!) im not sure Kataron will be stupid! (Unless they pull a starwars where the ultimate bad guy controls both sides which i find unlikely but not impossible

    To Reiterate: I HATE GRAHAM ACRE calling yourself MISTER bushido in a military organisation is L.A.M.E

    WingZero zxt
  39. Setsuna should say “Keikaku Dori” LOL just like Light. Well this was a crazy episode can’t wait for Ali Al Sarshes to be back. I wonder if Billy will recognize Grahm behind his mask.

  40. @reilina: About Lockon, it’s actually the opposite. Lyle deeply respects his brother, and he kissed Feldt because, as he said, he wanted to show Feldt that comparing him to his brother would be unthinkable.

  41. Hey, I KNOW IT’s Kind of Crazy, but i wonder Show Spoiler ▼

    , i hope not. C’ause the preview said Setsuna was going to have a drastic change about something. They killed Lockon, so why not her?? Or the off-voice guy was referring simply to Azadistan being burned to ashes in front os Setsuna??.

  42. @Bulletcatcher
    really? i thought it was the other way around because of the scene in season 1. well if its like that then there’s only a small chance that he will betray CB? either way the story would be still interesting.

  43. Darkloco: Patrick is not dead, he’s clearly visible in the epilogue of season 1. Also the cockpit of the GN-X is in the crotch so that’s how he survived the top half exploding.

  44. anyone noticed some extra stuff 00 had on it’s vernier plates thing? like… shields or something.
    oh and i think lyle did the right thing, although feldt’s first kiss was sorta wasted. lol!

    >alleluia’s in trouble with his toned down abilities. Arios taking damage already?!
    >lyle’s shooting isn’t THAT great after all.
    >tieria seems to have a family consisting ribbons. And he’s been a tank for damage for epi 3 and 4.
    >setsuna should get some training so he doesn’t rely too much on the gundam’s strength.
    >feldt looks hot as usual. ^^
    >sumeragi’s intervention was awesome.
    >why’s the ptolemy taking so much damage already?!
    >I think the difference between the fake and real solar furnaces should play a more consistent part than just trans-am. it’s starting to feel the same, and it raises questions on how come the gundams are still more powerful albeit the same propulsion systems. i’m not unhappy that gundams rock more though =)



  46. @Robby
    I actually like the fact that the gundams have to put in some effort in order to battle the false GN MS. It makes the battles more interesting since the gundams are not omnipotent against fodder suits. Setsuna’s skills are fine. He was able to fight two new MS with his broken down Exia, that was producing mininum GN particles, for a good amount of time. Setsuna also tied with Graham back in season one despite the fact that the use of trans-arm lowered his gundam’s performance. As for the GN drives, the fact that the gundams can fight outnumbered against the best of the false GN MS should say something about the difference between a false GN drive and a real GN drive. A false GN drive makes fodder suits and a real GN drive makes a gundam. In addition, false drives have to be recharged and can run out of power while real drives can run forever.

  47. When Andrei said, “A woman who donated a lot of money (to help develop mobile armor Trilobite)…” Who exactly did Andrei refer to? Wang Liu Mei?

    Scars on Mr. Bushido’s / Graham’s face…

    Is this the scene when Marina sings as mentioned by one of the rumored spoilers?

    “New Gundam GN-00000”
    Show Spoiler ▼

  48. Also its important o note tat fake drivese as previously stated have a certain ammount of health risk attached to them! MAN ARE THEY UGLY and i thought the TIERAN’s were ugly but im loving the random rise of the Lance as a viable mech weapon Code Geass now gundam booya! If a mech wepon makes it into Gundam it becomes a standard

    Again MR. Bushido is soooo lame its painfully obvious its him! and i dont mean the usual obvoiusness i mean ABOVe the usual masked man ridiculous behaviour theres no real reason whys hes even behaving like that!

    WingZero zxt
  49. Oh my goodness, so many comments to read through, lol.
    Ok, where to start?
    1. Mister Bushido? Really Graham? That’s the new name he chose for himself? Well it works well with his Samurai looking A-head.
    2. Totally agree with Lyle wanting to not be compared to his brother Neil anymore. He even said it himself that he cannot stand being compared to his brother.
    3. Patrick is not dead. You see him in a Federation uniform in the last episode of Season 1. Besides, the man’s a cockroach, he can’t die.
    4. Ooh, you know, it had not occured to me that Louise could be the one funding A-Law. I thought it was Wang Liu Mei, but now I’m not so sure. It also makes sense now how Louise ended up in A-Law when in the first episode the captain (or was it commander?) wondered how she got into A-Law.
    5. Wow, Louise has changed a lot. I know that’s a major “duh” there, but wow… Listening to her reply when she was ordered to head over to the bridge was like listening to a completely different person.

  50. any one know who the yellowed hair man is in the Picture that sumeragi has? (the one she looks at for inspiration. the man in question is in the right hand corner of the picture looking quite sketchy with shades. Was he in Season one? or is he coming in the later episodes and does any one think he’s some what similar looking as the creepy major lynt?

  51. Pretty good episode. Though why

    Whose bright idea was it to have Graham have his identity secret despite the fact its blindly obviously who he is, turn his name into Mr.Bushido (or whatever it was), and make him and look like a Japanese samurai despite the fact that Graham is a white caucasian and possibly a North American born.

    There is no logical or sound reasoning to allow this nonsense. I can think of several reasons behind this.

    1. Promoting japanese culture in the most ridiculous way possible.
    2. Somebody in the production and/or creation of the series thought it was clever and/or funny.
    3.Somebody messed up big time.
    4. Some paranoid conspiracy theorists must think Japan is trying to go back to its militant past or at least increase the public’s acceptance of Japanese military by putting more and more of it in popular culture like anime. I doubt it personally but some people claimed this over Keroro Gunsou.

  52. I honestly think that “Mr” Bushido is a part of the “humiliation” mentioned in the Menclave subs. I mean, I’m pretty sure that even the dumbest of people would notice how bad a name Mr. Bushido is.

  53. Man when a fight breaks out between Acker and Setsuna. Setsuna will deliver a strong blow to Acker and his mask will dislodge from that ugly face and we get to see a beautiful sight. “[That] mask will rub off [him]”, I quote The Boss on that one.

    And Tieria once he finally meets Ribbons and his gang from the 70’s, he will say, “Brotherrrr it’s been to long” and “The system is now mine”. HAHAHA and the CB team will rule the world.

  54. @Cas have u JUST seen it or somthing (i do agree gundam wing was amazing by comparison to the recent drivel! Just like past version of Macross were WAY!!!! better than frontier which ultimately became nothing more than a gimicky way to sell Albums!)

    The thing with Gundam Wing if you have seen the movie endless waltz (which is also amazing using the custom suits instead the series ones is that (The narators last words were somthing along the lines of, ‘Weapons known as mobile suits Including the Gundams….. Were never seen again’ at which point i cried: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because i was new to anime and didnt realise they mae a new gundam series every other year! ah memories…. Anyhow thats why

    Also its just a thought but did anyone consider the possibility of Saji being given his own gundam i mean its been a few years long enough for em to nip to saturn of Jupiter or wherever to thier ancient production facility make another then get bck! (i was never eall clear on the production process on real GN drives! it shows

    WingZero zxt
  55. Sumeragi X Allelujah 🙂 <—– Makes me smiles, they suite each other, alas, just as every other series I watch had done before it, Gundam 00 is going to split the pair I think works best . Not that I don’t like Soma, I just think they have screwed with her character too much. What happened to the killing machine over the past four years to turn her into a pile of mush. And talk about &!%chy! Give ‘im a name and takes it right back again 🙁


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