• New Anime Announcements:
    &#149 Pani Poni Dash will be getting a new episode with the release of the DVD-box March 2009.
    &#149 Tenchi Muyo-inspired Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari will be getting animated.
    &#149 A Gundam “surprise” project is underway to mark the franchise’s 30th anniversary.
    &#149 The next Tsubasa Chronicle OVA will be called Tsubasa Shunraiki and will be two episodes released on March 17 and then April 17th.
    &#149 Slayers will be getting a 5th series titled Slayers EVOLUTION-R; this will be a sequel to Slayers REVOLUTION.
  • (Promo video): Major the movie will be out in Japan December 13.
  • Morning 2 will be posting 3 of their issues online for free.
  • Resident Evil: Degeneration will ship in North America December 30.
  • Top Shelf will be publishing AX Anthology.
  • Bungaku Shoujo will be getting a second manga adaption.
  • 3 people were arrested for stealing a Dragon Ball vending machine last week. (I HAD to put this in =D)
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me (not Omni) an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
  • Nunnally artwork at left courtesy of kl on pixiv (account needed to access) in celebration of her birthday yesterday.


    1. Yeah, shame on Sunrise for daring to mark the franchise’s 30th anniversary exactly like they did the 20th anniversary with the Big Bang Project (Turn A Gundam, G-Saviour and many short films) back in 1999!

      Seriously, though, I expected a celebration and can’t wait to find out what the project is.

    2. @mit
      Omni used to do the Daily Doses before, I’ll be helping him continue them from now on.

      @anon & olivia
      Its not really confirmed whether the surprise is a new series. The 20th anniversary was a Gundam movie called G-Savior (as Kaioshin stated), so we’re probably looking at either an OVA or another movie, but we’ll see ;).

    3. As long as the celebratory project takes us back to the UC and features Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, I’ll be happy. Though to be honest, I’d be happy with a movie adaptation of Beltochika’s Children (want to see an animated Hi-Nu) or a movie adaptation of Hathaway’s Flash.

    4. about the surprice gundam project hopefully is not a continuation in “any” form of the idiotic seed destiny i am ok i guess,but it will be cool to see the original like tomino wanted it, with more sayla action this time please, sence she got shafted in the sequels becase of her V,A moreover just with tomino as director i will be happy >:D.

    5. I appreciate what you’re doing here but I think if you write a little longer description or your own ideas for each announcement it makes them much more enjoyable to read. Right now it is as if I’m reading summery of news paper headlines. It’s just that, you know, it’s boring!

      Good luck 🙂

    6. i bet the gundam surpise is the ova MS IGLOO 2. i seen the first igloo series (6 episodes) and i liked the fact that it was UC ERA, and portrayed the side of ZEON, AND it was fairly realistic. MORE IGLOO PLZ!! maybe a gundam will actually show up in igloo2

    7. And here i was hoping there was a Code geass movie or third season coming in The Daily Dose. Well I know the chances for third season or a movie is less than 10% likely so whatever still I like to have my hopes up.

    8. I have a gut feeling that the Gundam SEED movie IS the Sunrise 30th project. Even though it was previously announced, everyone thinks it’s never coming out after the co-writer came down with a case of the cancer, so unveiling the SEED movie at this point would indeed be a surprise. Also, considering how incredible SEED and Destiny’s TV ratings were, it’d be a big deal.

    9. a new tenchi muyo yaay
      last week I rewatched everything and I was already wondering then if they were ever going to remake it
      Tenchi Muyo is the only harem I can stand XD ha ha

    10. i hope the gundam surprise is either, Gundam Unicorn, a new AU Gundam story, a new Gundam UC altogether with Amuro and Char again. Also i hope that they make that Gundam SEED movie that they have been talking about for over a year now. I wanna see Kira and Athrun again or even better a Gundam 00 Movie but we will just have to wait and see

      ∞ Aries

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