Death the Kid, Liz, and Patti have arrived in the Sahara Desert to go after a special train that has run without stopping for 100 years. It does so through a demon tool that Arachnophobia is now after, and their job is to prevent this and recover it themselves. When they arrive at a train station in the middle of the desert, there is already someone there, but this person doesn’t say anything to Kid or the girls. The train soon arrives on time, however the way it arrives is by bursting out the sand. An agent of Arachnophobia named Fisher King immediately grabs onto it and gets on, and Kid is further surprised when the other person at the station – Mizune – suddenly cancels her Soul Protect and flies after the train. Realizing that he’s being beaten by Fisher King and by a witch, Kid races after the train with the girls in their gun form. As Kid catches up, Fisher King starts shooting at him, but luckily for Kid, Mizune then starts bombing the train. This gives Kid the chance to get closer to the train and have Patti shoot inside, but right before Patti can fire a well-aimed shot, Kid does a 360-degree kickflip and then a 3600-degree no-hander because he feels that it’d be rude to the desert not to do tricks out there.

The result of this is no shot by Patti against Fisher King, but Kid does manage to land on top of the train. After Mizune tries to bomb him, Kid enters the train, but by this point, Fisher King is already one car ahead and is separating the train. Mizune’s subsequent whisker attack forces Fisher King to dodge by jumping, but he jumps back onto the train car that’s being left behind. When Fisher King uses his hook weapon to grab onto and get back to the main train, Liz, Patti, and Kid grab onto him and go with him. All four go crashing into the train car that’s still connected to the locomotive, and a firefight then begins between them. Kid isn’t able to get a chance to attack until Mizune uses her whiskers to slice apart Fisher King’s weapon, and he ends up kicking Fisher King into the locomotive. This is where the demon tool is, and Kid uses this spot to finish Fisher King off. After Kid takes out the giant key – causing the train to stop – the defeated-but-not-dead Fisher King reveals that this tool was created by Eibon. Kid thinks that Eibon is just some evil guy, but Fisher King mysteriously claims that Eibon and Shinigami-sama are the same.

This anger Kid, so Fisher King directs him to open the box that the key was stuck in. Inside, Kid is shocked to find a plate signed by Eibon and by Death – his father. Before Fisher King can tell Kid any more though, a knife flies out of nowhere and kills him. The knife was the doing of Sid, and he and a whole force are here to take over the operation. Having overheard much of the conversation between Fisher King and Kid, Mizune subsequently escapes, and after handing over the tool to Sid, Kid returns to Shibusen. He’s very disturbed by what he learned though, so he immediately goes to the library to see what he can find about Eibon. When he inquires with the librarian about getting books on Eibon that require a high level of clearance, he’s forced to use his status as Shinigami-sama’s son, but even then, he’s unable to get what he’s looking for. The librarian informs him that there’s one book about Eibon, but it was borrowed two months ago and never returned. The person who borrowed it only left an “M” when he or she signed it out, and Kid quickly figures out that this M stands for Medusa.


Well, there was still no new OP this week, but by the end of this episode, I had forgotten all about that. This was another great action episode, and it features the first of what I expect to be many exciting three-way battles between Medusa’s allies (I assume Mizune is still being manipulated by Medusa), Arachne’s allies, and the Shibusen group. The kicker here was the revelation that Shinigami-sama was closely connected to this Eibon person. The set of circumstances around it – mainly Sid killing Fisher King at exactly the right moment and then taking over the operation without really telling Kid anything – was very suspicious and made me very curious about what actually happened between Shinigami-sama and Eibon. The most logical explanation is that Eibon was a good guy who went rogue at some point, but I suspect there’s more to it than that.

As for next week, it looks like Medusa is coming back into Crona’s life and making Crona do bad things again. Hopefully it won’t erase all the progress Maka made with Crona and force Crona to go through all that angst again.


  1. Even at this point in the manga, there is little know about Ebon, other than a picture of him, though he looks pretty awesome, it’s feel like he is on the ‘good’ people side for now.

  2. could it be that they will pull a surprise on us with shinigami is the real bad guy. Since medusa talks about the power of kishi can progress the world for bad or worse, but in short makes the world changing. While shimigami uses all of his effort to prevent that happens. Is he fear that his position will be taken by another person with a new kind of power? From my experience, those who try to keep the world as how it is without a single change doesnt up to good things.

  3. So how could medusa borrow a lvl 4 book. She should be able to get level 3 max.

    It probably is some high ranked meister chosen by shinigami. Since shinigami is being a ltitle bit too secretive. Including the assisination of the bad guy who was willing to speak

  4. Crona looks really good in white. Symbolism WTF?! 😀

    I totally loved this episode. Patty got to show off her badass-age, and Liz was once again in the background, doing nothing special.


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