One day, Ami is telling the other girls how she doesn’t diet because she’s naturally predisposed to not getting fat. This prompts Taiga and Minori to grab her and start feeling up her stomach flab for the sake of what they call the dieting warriors. Pissed off at this treatment, Ami lets her true personality shine through for a moment before turning to fake tears. Later that day, while Ryuuji is heading home with Taiga, Ami runs up to him in a panic and wants him to accompany her for a while. Ryuuji realizes that Ami is being followed by a strange guy who had earlier been loitering around the entrance of the school, but it’s a pissed off Taiga who subsequently scares the guy away by throwing a garbage can. Ami explains afterward that this was a fan, and she asks Ryuuji to hide her at his apartment for a while. Taiga, however, claims that her own apartment is safer and convinces Ami to go there instead.

The following day, Ryuuji finds Ami looking extremely tired because Taiga had made her go through countless hours of monomane (impersonations). Kitamura is encouraged from hearing this and asks Taiga to take care of Ami since Ami has a hard time making real friends. This leads to Taiga coercing Ami to join her, Minori, and Ryuuji for lunch. When Ami notices that Ryuuji and Taiga have basically the same lunch, Taiga rectifies the situation by eating all of Ryuuji’s side dishes, leaving him with only rice and nori. Ami shares a meatball with him so that he can have something else, though she also asks why he lets Taiga do what she wants. Before Ryuuji can really answer, Taiga claims that it’s because he was her dog in a previous life.

Kitamura later asks for volunteers for a neighborhood cleanup, and Taiga forces Ryuuji to participate because she’s interested in coming along too so that she can spend time with Kitamura. Unfortunately, Kitamura splits off into a different group, leaving Taiga, Ryuuji, Ami, and Minori to collect trash on their own. Since she doesn’t get along with Ami, Taiga drags Minori off in another direction, and so Ryuuji and Ami go collecting trash by themselves by the riverside. Ami initially puts on her nice act for Ryuuji, but it disappears after she steps in some mud and sees a frog on her shoe. When she tries to go back to being nice, Ryuuji questions why she forced herself to come do such troublesome work and reveals that he knows about her true nature. Ami, however, claims that she’s useless without her fake personality. She then notices something and runs off, so Ryuuji follows her, and after she stops, he realizes that the strange guy from before is back. Ami finally admits that this guy is a stalker and had messed up her life, causing her to move here.

To Ami’s surprise, Taiga and Minori then appear looking for her and Ryuuji, and when the stalker starts taking pictures of Taiga and calling her a cute mini-sized youkai, Taiga gets pissed off and starts chasing after him. Ami is shocked that Taiga isn’t scared of the stalker since this is the same guy had ruined her life, and when she realizes that she’s losing to both the stalker and Taiga, she decides to take Ryuuji’s advice and stop putting on her nice act. She declares that she’ll live with her bad side and then takes off after the stalker as well. Ami is the one who ultimately tracks him down – passing by Taiga in the process – and destroys his camera, shattering his illusion of her. It’s all over by the time Ryuuji catches up with her, and although Ami is happy to have done this, she admits that she was very scared. In the aftermath back at Ryuuji’s apartment, Ami comments on how Taiga is selfish and reckless yet still has friends and Ryuuji with her. She then asks what Ryuuji would do if she showed her true self to him, and – getting really close up to him – she wonders if he’d like her. Before Ryuuji can answer, Taiga walks in on them and is surprised to see them in that position.


Well, Minori was once again the vehicle for a lot of the humor this episode, and it finally occurred to me that she’s the true airhead. She’s probably my favorite character out of the bunch right now. Still, the humor wasn’t quite as good overall as last week, but I think that’s mainly because this was a more story/character-focused episode with Ami finally deciding to stop with her nice act. Incidentally, I really liked the part where she makes up her mind and chases after the stalker – the music there was uplifting and great for the scene. I do have to say though that the whole stalker thing seemed a bit on the weak side to me, especially since the stalker himself seemed like just some feeble otaku kid who was in over his head. The other interesting part of the episode was at the end, and it made me wonder if Ami actually developed feelings for Ryuuji. I’ve been under the impression that her getting close to him was all part of the act and that she really actually liked Kitamura, but maybe not. In any case, it looks like the swimsuits are coming out next week for the requisite pool episode.


  1. lol an RyuujixAmi pairng could actually work it would be pretty well ballanced, with Ryuuji looking tough and unrully but being kind and helpful, and Ami looking beautiful and graciouse but really being sly and deviouse. They are kind of the oppisites of eachh other in every way.

  2. “Yeah! DROP THIS ANIME”…. because it’s not like the manga, right? Well not all of us have read the manga.

    Love this series. It’s the only anime of the new season that fills the hole left by Code Geass for me.

  3. Goddamnit!!! Ryuji, Taiga, & Ami just need to go & have a threesome. Then in the background there’s Yusaku smiling & nodding while Minori doing jumping jacks & spinning around like an idiot. I would give anything to see that animated. I would be laughing for hours.

    …& yeah, anyone who want this series dropped seriously needs to be ignored. Why in the hell should an anime be JUST like the fucking manga. I hate predictable shit. God I don’t get you ppl at all.

  4. Agree with Megas. I like it when the anime is different from the manga since I get two stories in the same background =D.

    I third Hudson making his own blog, that way he won’t have to troll every anime blog in the net.

  5. i think that it would definitely be possible that Ami would develop feelings for Ryuuji (i haven’t read the novels) as a common way to move the plot forward; making Taiga get jealous and realize she likes Ryuuji.

  6. This was close enough for me, as far the light novel goes. They kept all the important things I suppose. But I really hope the next episode is close as possible to the original; it was such a great part of the book.

  7. LoL was wondering if they were gonna go straight through or make it long like the novel.
    I say this was best for the anime… and 2 of the parts I thought they were gonna skip actually found its way into 1 episode. Just wish they showed Ami and Ryuuji a little closer there by the bicycles… one of those “I’m gonna protect you” moments… keke

    Next episode I’m guessing its Taiga vs Ami with swimsuits… =P.

  8. Wait, I thought you’ve read the manga?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Did they not mention it at the end? I haven’t seen the episode yet.

  9. At least they kept up the ‘diet attack’ revenge Taiga had in the novel, and the ending (while the method of dealing with the stalker was different) was fairly similar in spirit and events. Could’ve used more Kitamura for a change, but I won’t complain too much.

  10. Interesting, I rushed here to confirm that there are some skipped parts (when Ami and Ryuuji was stuck at the bicycle parking area thanks to the rain… Show Spoiler ▼

    ) XD. And, they gave chase straight away to the stalker? In the novel that did not happen, sorry to say.

    And it seems that I was mistaken on my impression that the crucial parts I’ve been waiting for to see in the anime have been skipped. Now this makes me want to watch ep 6 more! =D

    -Does Ami actually develop feelings for Ryuuji? I’ve been under the impression that she liked Kitamura.

    Like Chicle and some several others might have said, Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I’m not a mecha’s fan, and neither I die for see school comedies, but I could copy and paste Devilot’s comment, since I feel the same way.
    After the end of Code Geass I started to follow a few of the new series, and just Toradora got my curiosity.
    I find it’s a simple story but well equilibrated, from the backgrounds to the musics.
    The characters are interesting and I like also the drawing style, fits good on them.
    Gives pleasure to watch it 🙂

  12. hey dont compare toradora! with code geass they are way to different…

    and stop complaining… omni like the anime series and he blogs it…

    he’s not blogging for your own sake people…. (<,,>)

  13. People just ignore hudson. If we learnt anything from the time negima?! was being blogged, it should be that trolls are best ignored.

    The next novel should be wrapped in one episode judging from the preview. That one always seemed to be more for filler rather than actual plot to me.

  14. @Louise: Gundam 00 S2 filling the hole that Code geass left? Heck no, the series isn’t even worthy to compare to geass. IMO I don’t like the gundam battles, the pilots are soo frikin weak, only beating a few suites even in the last season, especially these season. Heck if you can imagine the best combination of characters that can produce a godly gundam pilot, it’s Lelouch and Suzaku, strategy plus real time tactics plus geass, unbeatable.

    Just my two cents, since I’m quite disappointed that they show the twin drive system having soo much trouble synchronizing it and that the results are subpar, I mean setsuna just destroyed 1 or 2 suits at best with it. I like the gundam suits and their functions, I hate the lack of ability of the gundam pilots, I’d say replace those four with Kira, Athrun, Suzaku, and Kallen = whole world domination, they’ll easily own the A-laws, federation, and those weirdo Innovators.

  15. Haha. Anyway, wow. I definitely wonder how Ami is after this. Guess she will now of course be one of the main characters too with the others. Love that look near end when she was like, “I had enough, time to do kick someone or something senseless!”

  16. I love this series because another Character of KUGIMIYA RIE and YUUHI plus SHANA and LOUISE.. hehehehee.. i watch the RAW this episode is laugher too and i waiting the subbed version in AERO… and About Code Geass i like the story well but in Gundam i did n’t that like the Story all of the GUNDAM SERIES cause is too boring to watch except the G GUNDAM series i like the fight scene What DOMON and RAIN say GOD FINGER at the part when they defeat GUNDAM DEVIL that all hehehhehehe… HOPE ANOTHER WILD EPISODE OF TORADORA!!!

  17. yeah, I do agree with the animu is not really up to standard of the mango. But then again, I feel that the mango is not up to standard of the novel. So? Just watch it and enjoy it. At least I can hear Rie in another top notch performance.
    And man, Ga-Rei Zero is underrated

  18. haha amazing! Gods forbid you claim to like one anime as much as another because of the genre!

    some people here are reacting as if you can’t say you like grapes as much as oranges. “Heeey don’t compare those two fruits! They’re TOTALLY different!”

  19. People who like this show has shit taste in anime. All this is is another copy paste shitty bitchy character anime. Nagi/Louise/Shana, and now this crap IT’S ALL THE SAME SHIT!!!

  20. Maybe some people like the same shit. I mean, I do enjoy my new, exciting original plots/characters, etc. But I do need my occasional dosage of the “typical.” Because the “same shit” can be funny too. And really, is a concept ever really “original?”

  21. I have this new found respect for Ami. Knowing that she was playing the shy/innocent person ended up as being the strong type. As for her looking at him, I was like “wow she really is pretty and dead serious how she looks at him”. Maybe I’m falling for her charm but how things have progressed with Ryuuji I’m thinking she really has fallen in love for him.

  22. Maybe they related to each other??? how boring that people they are… they comparing the anime that finish airing in TV??? in still airing in TV… LETS ENJOY THE ANIME SERIES TORODORA! what everybody say about it…

  23. #
    Power Otaku ^_^x at 11:03 am on November 6th, 2008

    Caras, vocês ficam falando de Gundam 2nd e Code Geass, comparando Toradora que é um anime totalmente diferente desse. Vão se foder. Gringos idiotas ~_~x

    You know I understand your message perfectly you racist prick.

  24. Some of the scenes in this anime are missing and some of the events are out of order as portrayed in the manga and light novels, but you know what, who the hell cares, I love this series, I get a kick out of how Taiga and Riuji get along with each other and I’m wondering how long it will be before they finally start seeing how much they have in common.

  25. I will agree with Devilot and Bruno. This series is the only that I get interest in watching after code geass end, gundan 00 is excellent, but I don’t want watch a another mecha anime right now. Now waiting qq subbed version.

    @ Power Otaku se é para escrever em português então fica quieto. (if you will write in Portuguese then be quiet)

  26. Hmm i don’t understand Hudson rampant hate for this show, yeah its rather bland and isn’t a very good show overall but it not bad enough to be unwatchable.

    This season overall has been pretty disappointing, both Gundam 00 and Tales of the Abyss are good but most of the other shows are prettty underwhelming. I think the only series this season that has exceed my expectation is Kannagi and maybe Chaos Head.

    It’s not like there any better alternative for Omni to blog if he stop with this show and it would be silly since there seems to be a significant amount of peoples who enjoy it.

  27. Jeez there some comments about what people think of this series…

    Anyway it seems they decided to have Ami “remove her mask.” I kinda wanted to see a little more done with that, aw well. Over all this was a pretty good episode, i liked how they tried to be a little more serious in this have some plot development.

    The (much over used) “helping each other, then falling for one another” scenario is kinda predicable. Though i didn’t see it coming this way, which was a bid surprise.

  28. I’ve been waiting for this episode, can’t wait to watch it..

    The only thing Hudson has succeeded in doing is keeping this series alive by bumping the thread.. that’s one hell of a contradiction, don’t cha think? lol.. ^_^

    Thousand Master
  29. I think if you read both the manga and watch the anime they go really well together, since both have differences and similarities.

    @Hudson, you don’t like it? THEN DON’T WATCH, period.

  30. Fayt at 9:48 pm on November 6th, 2008

    E daí? Vocês ficam comparando um anime como Toradora com Code Geass e Gundam mesmo. Isso é uma burrice. Pois são dois animes diferentes um do outro. Agora eu não sou racista, mas se você que é americano com certeza é. Não adianta esconder com a peneira, pois o mundo todo sabe disso.

    Power Otaku ^_^x
  31. I thought the stalker thing was pretty ridiculous considering how beyond pathetic he was, Taiga still annoys me since she refuses to admit her own feelings (or perhaps she still likes the student council guy) but i liked the ending alot since some drama might show up but most likely a classic taiga tsundere moment will come up.
    the blatantly obvious swimsuit episode is next, but no complaints here 😉

    Precise Moment
  32. @ Precise Moment

    I think she still likes Kitamura so it’s not something to be annoyed about. Hanging out with someone of the opposite sex does not automatically means they like each other. Although of course it’s probably because we are expecting Taiga to like him anyway since he is one of the main character after all.

  33. A pool episode is always welcome.

    Damn it, Taiga’s face was priceless at the end of this episode. Despite we knowing how this series surely will end, still is funny to see all her reactions when someone else interacts with Ryuuji. I guess Ami was necessary to the series.

    We’ll see how their relationship grows up with time.

  34. some people complains about an anime not following the manga, some people complains about an anime is too much the same as the manga. so people who likes manga, dont watch the anime and for people who likes the anime, dont read the manga. AND SHUT THE HELL UP!


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