Before Saji can fire at Louise’s GN-XIII, the Ptolemaios veers out of the way and launches a set of missiles. One of the missiles hits and destroys Louise’s suit’s right arm, and she’s protected from another missile by Andrei who subsequently orders her to get away. Back on the Ptolemaios, Ian doesn’t mind that Saji wasn’t able to fire, and Saji continues to struggle with his emotions. Outside, the 00 Gundam is losing the battle against Mr. Bushido’s custom Ahead, leaving Setsuna no choice but to activate the Trans-Am system. With it on, he’s able to slice off the custom Ahead’s left arm, but right as Setsuna goes in for the killing blow, the Trans-Am system shuts off because of an overload. Mr. Bushido takes this opportunity to point his custom Ahead’s beam saber beside the head of the 00 Gundam as if he were planning on cutting it off, but because he feels that his opponent’s unit wasn’t perfect, he declares that it’s not worth it and leaves. When the other A-LAWS mobile suits then try to attack the disabled 00 Gundam, the Seravee and the Cherudim Gundams come to its rescue.

It is at this point that Sumeragi, having regained consciousness, orders the retreat of the Gundams along with the firing of a special smoke torpedo. This in turn causes Kati to order a retreat of her forces as well. Unfortunately for the Celestial Being group, they then realize that they can’t find the Arios, so Sumeragi sends the Seravee and the Cherudim out to search for it. The Arios had crashed earlier along with Soma’s custom Ahead into a forest, and when Allelujah regains consciousness, he immediately goes to check on Soma. When she sees him, she tries to kill him, but her proximity to him causes a painful reaction inside of her. It culminates in her remembering her past with Allelujah after he calls her by her real full name: Marie Parfacy. Though she faints soon afterward, she first calls Allelujah by his name as well. Meanwhile, both Sergei and the A-LAWS forces are out searching for Soma, but the latter group is forced to abort their search because their job is to focus on Celestial Being. Onboard the Ptolemaios, Ian scolds Setsuna for using the Trans-Am system and gets to work with repairs. Saji helps Ian out and admits to Setsuna that he’ll do anything until the Katharon people can get away safely.

Back in the forest, Marie wakes up inside a tent that Allelujah had set up. He reports that both of their mobile suits’ systems are down and that they can’t repair it themselves, so they have to wait to be rescued. Allelujah then asks Marie why she was Soma Peries, so she suggests that a different personality was planted in her which restored her lost senses. The super-human organization had sent her off to the military as a super-soldier in an attempt to continue the organization’s own existence. Still, Marie credits that for being able to see Allelujah, and he in turn admits that he didn’t think he’d be able to exchange words with her. Marie then asks Allelujah what happened after he fled from the organization, so he explains that he and a bunch of others were escaping from being disposed. He had stopped in front of Marie’s room on the way out, but he had decided to continue on without going in. Allelujah had initially regretted not taking her with him, but he’s glad now that he didn’t. He and the others had left the colony via a stolen transport, but with no place to go, they drifted in space and ran out of food and oxygen. That led to Hallelujah taking over and killing the others.

Marie admits that she knew that there was another personality inside of him, but Allelujah makes no excuses and declares that Hallelujah is himself. He feels that his fate was cursed, and he became a Gundam Meister to change the world because, as a super-soldier, all he can do is fight. This discussion prompts Allelujah to ask Marie about having Soma’s memories, and since she admits to having them as well as Soma’s personality, he thinks that she knows about what he did. He’s still distraught over how he killed everyone when he destroyed the superhuman organization’s facilities with the Kyrios, but Marie doesn’t blame him because she also killed him – Hallelujah – once before. Allelujah tries to make the distinction between Marie and Soma, but Marie feels that they are one and the same, and she apologizes to him. Since Allelujah is unsure about what to do, Marie holds his hand and tells him that just him being there makes her happy. He was the only one who reacted to the quantum brain waves she sent out when she couldn’t move or use any of her senses, and it was because of him that she was able to be thankful for being alive.

Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a Federation mobile suit: Sergei’s. Sergei recognizes Allelujah’s voice from their previous encounter years ago, and as a result of this, he draws his gun and tries to separate Allelujah and Marie. Meanwhile, the Katharon survivors arrive at another secret base and learn that the Federation has finally embarked on the Middle East. Its military has entered the attacked Azadistan, and they’ve established an interim government with plans to reorganize the entire Middle East. Marina is shocked when she hears that Azadistan no longer exists. Back in the forest, Marie tries to explain to Sergei that she’s no longer Soma Peries, and Allelujah refuses to turn her over because he knows that she’d just be treated as a super-soldier by the Federation and A-LAWS. Sergei, however, points out that if Marie stayed with Allelujah, she’d get involved in fighting anyway because Allelujah belongs to Celestial Being. He refuses to believe in someone who he considers to be a terrorist, and he still harbors a grudge over all the comrades he’s lost to them. With Sergei ready to shoot him, Allelujah actually asks Sergei to do so, but he also wants Sergei to swear that Marie will never be involved in fighting again because he just wants her to be happy.

Agreeing to this, Sergei fires his gun, and Marie jumps in front of Allelujah at the last moment to prevent him from getting hit. She is unhurt though because Sergei had actually fired his gun into the air, and he then declares that Soma Peries died with honor in battle. As he turns to leave, Sergei also remembers to thank Allelujah for helping out in the rescue operation five years ago at the low orbit station. Marie in turn uses this chance to thank Sergei for using her only against the Gundams and for not making her participate in other operations. She also reveals that the Soma Peries inside of her had wanted to become his daughter, and Sergei is content just to hear those words. When Marie then runs and hugs Sergei one last time, he urges her to live on happily with Allelujah. The two part ways with a salute, and Marie can’t help but cry as she watches him fly off in his mobile suit. Wiping away her tears, Allelujah thanks her for being alive and for giving him something to live for. Lockon meanwhile spots Sergei’s GN-XIII, but to his surprise, Sergei transmits the location of the Arios via optical communication, and the two mobile suits pass each other without incident. By the time Lockon flies over where Allelujah and Marie are standing, the two are kissing.

The crew of the Ptolemaios are happy to hear that Allelujah has been found, and even Setsuna is relieved. When Saji catches him smiling, Setsuna explains that anyone would smile when there’s something happy. The crew, however, is surprised to learn that Allelujah is bringing a girl back with him. The news eventually reaches Tieria, who is out on a cliff overlooking the ocean, but he then gets approached by someone who looks just like him. This person explains that it’s because their DNA is the same, and he introduces himself as an Innovator, Regene Regetta.


Well that was a pretty quick conclusion to the Allelujah and Marie stuff. I probably shouldn’t call it a conclusion since there’s likely (or hopefully) more to it down the road, but my point is that I was surprised how easily things were resolved between them. That’s also not to say that this was rushed or poorly done – in fact, despite feeling that some parts were a bit slow and overly dramatic, I enjoyed the episode. I had merely thought something like this could drag on for the better part of the series as one of several important subplots, yet in the course of one episode, Soma became Marie, and Marie and Allelujah became a couple. Perhaps with so many characters to develop, they couldn’t afford to spend any more time on this.

As for Sergei, I rather liked the parting scene between him and Soma/Marie (helped along by the Tommy heavenly6 insert song titled Unlimited Sky), and what he did only reinforces my notion that he’s too kind, but it looks like he won’t get killed because of it. Actually, I was half-expecting Sergei to get killed by Lockon in an ultimate twist of irony and fate, but fortunately it didn’t turn out that way. I’m curious to see now what happens to his character and to Marie’s character. There’s a good chance one or both of them will just fade into the background while other characters take center stage, especially since, as cool as it would be to see Allelujah and Marie fighting alongside each other, Allelujah probably won’t want her to do any more piloting. Anyway, it looks like we’re already moving on to Tieria’s back-story next, and, as the OP and ED have hinted, it’s connected with Ribbons and the Innovators. I’m sure this shot from the preview will get a lot of attention.


  1. You know, the last time Hal and Marie interected on good terms was when they were preteens, and Marie was comatose. I’m kinda baffled they had this kinda relationship with those conditions, especially with those freaky HRL scientists peeping on them. I suppose I should say, ‘As expected of Super Soldiers, they move fast(in everything it seems).

  2. @ Monstratboy

    I was also thinking the same thing! They are fast! Hahahahaha! While Setsuna and Marina’s story is oh so slow! Will there be a love story for them?

    @ Haesslich

    I didn’t notice the female Tiera until you pointed it out! I knew there is something familiar about her. Lol. Now, who is she? Twin female robot?

  3. I don’t think we’ll get very much for for Allah x Soma/Marie. Why? Because the show has loads of other characters to cover also. Tieria is up next it seems starting with ep8, and you have to figure that’ll be a few eps, so maybe go up to ep10? 11? You then have Lockon 2, with some Feldt stuff probably. Sumaragi and Billy + Katie stuff to cover. There’s Saji and Louise + Andrie. Then to get it to the final “arc” with Setsuna and Marina + Mr Bushido.

    Oh and before I forget, Ali is there, Nena and miss China with her brother, Pluss others as well.

    So looking at it, there’s still loads of story to go for 8-25 with the rest of the cast. I just think Allah and Soma will be around, maybe some more nice small scenes but anything big like we’ve seen plot wise? I doubt it.

    They could be holding soemthing for the final 2 eps though. But until then we should be going through everyone elses arcs next.

  4. @dward

    I think it helps when you’ve been able to link your minds together for years. How long where they together in that place before Allah got out? Plus only he could connect to Marie it seems, at least that’s what I remember being said a few eps ago.

    They just have a whole different kind of bond when you think about it. Sure it’s fast, but like I posted above, the show has alot of other things to cover also.

    Besides this isn’t some romantic action series that can beat around the bush and draw out pairs to the end. I like the fact it got delt with quick. How much more of Allah moping over wanting Soma could they keep doing?

  5. *slapping hands in one another and praying*
    Please please please please, we’ve got too much angst in the Anime World in general lately, leave us some romance King of Demons and let me hope that MariexAllelujah will continue till the end, without any tragedy, drama, murder, death, useless sacrifice, misplaced misunderstandings, brainwashing, suicide, and similar…

  6. Since Marie is now with Celestial Being, it might be that she can read Saji’s feeling with her quantium brain waves, and notice that there is a connection with him and Louise and might tell him later on that Louise is in the A-LAWS. Just a thought lol….

  7. @Espada & UnknownVoice

    I thought so T___T
    Still, it’s very sad: in the Anime/Manga World lately, we can’t count on romance nor on happily ever after endings anymore…
    Angst has its charm and his excitement, but when more then half of the shows you watch/read turns into a blood bath and all the couples you ships are torn in pieces and their lives ruined, this is really depressing T___T

  8. For people who said that Sestuna and marina are so slow (totally agree with you but so thereis more suspense and I like it, we are just #7 episode)
    I made a video from one doujinshi setsuna and marina (kawai) but it’s in japanese. We cannot understand clearly that they said bu we can guess 😉
    Setsuna is so shy XD

    I really like this episode because Marie and allelujah are together and I really want to the past of tiera now XD

  9. The minute this episode becomes available with English subtitles, I am SO watching it. I’m very glad that up to now, Allelujah/Marie seems to be going great as from what i’ve been seeing through these images. As for the Lady In Red (no pun intended) in the next episode, I REALLY hope that’s not Tieria since i’m not too much of a crossdressing fan. Even though i haven’t been able to see Turn-A Gundam completely, i do know that it was infamous for having main character Loran Cehack crossdress as a female. While we’re on the topic of Turn-A, does anybody else besides me wish it could be brought to the American side and if not dubbed, then at least brought out to DVD in Japanese with English subs. I do remember that Turn-A was initially thought to be Tomino-sama’s final contribution to the Gundam universe, even Tomino-sama himself I believe thought so too but he of course came back and directed the Zeta Gundam movie trilogy which is supposedly his real final contribution to Gundam. I’m hoping that the Lady In Red is either Regene or some other female Innovator personally.

    Eternal Kali
  10. I’m fairly certain that the Soma x Alleleujah problems aren’t finished, if you think about it, it’s really not that early for their problems to be finished, since it’s actually 32 episodes into a 50 episode series.

  11. Look. That was an incredibly lame resolution and it came far too soon. This series needs to kick things up a notch. It’s been extremely dull so far. If Lockon had destroyed Sergei when he climbed into his mobile suit…it would have made things a ton more interesting. If you and I realize that…then how come the real writers can’t?

  12. shit i really hope thats not THE tieria. its ok if shes one of the innovators or whatever but not the real tieria. that would be awful to see one full season plus 7 more episodes and then you find out hey it’s a chick! that would be quite weird. i mean tieria obviously had a flat chest from all of these episodes.

  13. Tieria gets Veda.

    Very good episode. This episode have many plot details and the music was very good and played at the right scenes. I totally saw 00’s GN Drives overloading a mile away.

  14. Sad…Gundam 00 is looking like a liability more than an ace in hand. I was disappointed with its showing this time. Almost leads me to assume that Setsuna hardly even puts up much of a fight without his Trans-Am.

    I do think the Allelujah/Marie scenes were a tad bit dramatic, but I think it was on the whole nicely wrapped up (for now).

    Tieria cross-dressing…Wonder whether its a reaction to the numerous fanarts made of him as a female. XD Anyway, I just hope Setsuna (more like Gundam 00) gets his act together.

    And just for a snipe at a certain poster, ‘SRSLY, if you think its for tripfags, save yourself some trouble and time. not everyone can appreciate what’s good in a show, anyway.’

    Owaranai Destiny
  15. Tieria gets Veda… or in the worst case scenario Ribons XD (or Regene?)
    Mari will be killed by epi 17 awaking Hallelujah, the Wild Bear will die by epi 14 (or even before that XD)

    I’m quite disappointed with this episode, actually with the whole season thus far. It has been one heck of an nonsensical roll coaster, there hasn’t been any decent fight, it’s giving me GSD vibes (and THAT’S not good)… and there is NO PATRICK thus far!!!

    I just hope they get their act together for next week and on… I don’t want some CGR2 and GSD again.

  16. uh oh.. this is a little suspicious. i’m starting to see death flags pop up for Allelujah and Marie. Something’s definitely going to happen.
    And i’m still laughing until it hurts every time i hear ‘Mr. Bushido’ 😀

  17. Ru. I totally agree with you. Somehow I don’t feel like I am watching Gundam 00. More like watching anime love story. I thought there were suppose to be a big fight or battle along the way and stay like that for many seconds but they only show us a few. Isn’t that boring? This Gundam,OMG…where does it take us to? I thought wars and politics were made to be many here and then less about romantic stuffs all around. But I don’t mind the reunion though. Oh,I dunno…Am I dissapointed?

  18. Is there a Gundam with only fights? Without crazy pacifist woman and the principal pilot loving this crazy woman, and all the others pilots having love ones too?
    What I’m asking is: Is there a Gundam that all the pilots kill for the sake of LIKING killing?
    Or maybe with pilots like today soldiers. They go to war, they kill people, but they don’t know exactly the reason for it, they are just doing their paper as soldiers trained by their country, without utterly reason, just the abstract “protect the life and freedom of my country and all that people that I really don’t know and give a shit if they die.” (AKA political and financial interests of powerful people) in the final survivors come home crazy. nice.

  19. Pieres and Allelujah… rather unexpected but somewhay pleasant to look at. Well, not everything has to be a bad thing and at least something good has happened to the characters. For those of you who has a problem with this episode sissy well all I can say is ask whether they’d prefer bodybags by the dozens per episode as well as plenty of betrayal or mayhem. As long as too much time isn’t taken in these softcore events it ain’t so bad.

    From the preview I can have a few guesses.

    1. Tieria was a girl but something happened.
    2. Tieria can switch sexes.
    3. Tieria is one of those people who have organs of both sexes, they do exist in real life though its mostly internal and not visibile on the outside.
    4. There is another character that looks like Tieria but is a girl.

  20. maybe he just has a twin? =/ but then again i think this show has already enough double personalities and twin motifs…

    and EEEEE <3 marie and allelujah!! but for some reason i don’t think it’ll end happily between them…we’ll see

  21. I am getting a few vibes from this show.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. @mango

    There can be a possibilty that Soma is prettending to be Marie because in the last 2 episodes she keeps saying to herself she can’t obtain happiness of a normal human, she exists solely to fight. She could be doing this to get close to celestial being and does something really bad that awakens the Hallelujah.

  23. I just had a new idea for this Tieria lookalike.

    6. She, assuming she’s a ‘she’, could be the genetic source for Tieria. For example, the ‘woman’ regardless of whether that scene is really in the past or present ‘her’ cells might have been used… somewhere along that line.

  24. Why does everyone keep saying Tieria’s can change genders, or is actually a girl?

    It’s already a known fact that among the Innovators, there’s at least one who is genetically identical to Tieria, with the exception of being a girl.

    Why wouldn’t there be more than one?

  25. I could be wrong about the Innovator being a girl (Dangit, Romi Paku!), but the fact remains there are a group of people who are creating humans with enhanced quantum brain-waves, etc…cloning is the least of what they can do.

  26. LAME!!!!! this series is sooooo slow feeling! Setsuna is rubbish as a gundam pilot Grham acre is a Schmuk and Marie regaining her memories whilst emotional felt ever so slightly forced! (by slightly i mean as if the series had constipation and they forced a resolution of one half-plotline to ge the flow going again. this (co)incidentally fits in with me saying the series was slow feeling!

    WingZero zxt
  27. Once again this new Gundam 00 is just plain junk and Setsuna is frikin weak! I mean spec wise, I’m sure that the 00 exceeds Mr.Bushido’s customized Ahead, I mean come on! It has two frikin solar reactors! HOWEVER! Setsuna is still forced to use the Trans-Am! Weak I tell you! Sighs, I’m kinda pissed off at the fact that despite getting a new gundam, he still manages to lose against weaker mobile suits, which logically means that Setsuna will perhaps NEVER win against that Ali Sarches guy and his gundam.

  28. @WingZero zxt: I know! Setsuna sucks! How the hell did he become a gundam pilot? Cuz he’s got an obsession of declaring himself as “I am Gundam!” LOL haven’t heard it from him for a while. He is frikin weak and pathetic! Was it really necessary to activate the trans-am system against Graham whom he was able to defeat last season, despite being too fatigue from having to battle that almost invincible golden gundam that Alehandro had?

    Seriously, fire Setsuna as a gundam meister, in fact fire all of them – they all suck, such a waste for the machine, replace those four with Kira, Athrun, Heero, and Suzaku/Kallen and they’ll own the A-LAWS, The Federation, and the whole dam world. Replace Sumeragi with Lelouch to make the Celestial Being truly Godly!

  29. Man, i dont understand why u guys are whining the love scenes about Marie X Allelujah and wanted more about fighting? I mean come on, doesnt mean is OK to have a love scene, even for action mecha anime? I think is a same part for it.

    Anson Goh
  30. And part of Setsuna, i know its dissapointed Setsuna was unlucky and lost during the Trans-Am was got error because of overdrive and nearly kill by Bushido, but we havent gotten so far yet that when 00 gundam can be safely using Trans-Am by changing up a new system for more next episode. So lets not complain for now and raise our voice down. Shall we?

    Anson Goh
  31. too bad Hallelujah is dead, he and Soma (not Marie) would make the best couple, then Allelujah and Marie. Sounds really weird but their different personalities would kinda fit each other

  32. To be frank with you all, the first season fits the title.Yeah,wouldn’t mind the love-crap thing pushing in the way to get for a few shot of it.But enough showing about their personal feelings.The plot were so stucked up like,not going anywhere.

  33. Hummm, I think the Marie/ Alleluja part was ratter obvious than rushed.
    It was clear that once Marie took over, she wouldn’t keep fighting and would choose Alleluja, for me as a girl was obvious they loved each other. So I think that they resolved this part in the most easy way. Quickly and simple.
    But yeah, we are still in the ep 7 so, I’m surprised.

    Lanelle Black
  34. @X For one thing the 00 is working properly yet. Have you not been listening to what everyone has been saying. If a moblie suit isn’t working at full power then it isn’t impossible for it to get beaten by weaker suits, no matter how advance it is. And also your line up of gundam meister and battle forecasters just isn’t fair. The show wouldn’t be as intersting any more if the protaganist don’t have any enemies that stand a chance.

    As for Marie going with Alleluja, it’s a good thing. Think about it, the only times Alleluja was getting beaten was when he was fighting Soma the super solider, all the other times he was kicking ass.

  35. @MrBushido
    well said, I started with Destiny, even from the start, the playfield was sort of balanced between Shinn and their struggle against Phantom Pain, until Kira and the Freedom gundam came, and it just turn into Mr. Indestructible vs the rest of the world; he even survived a nuclear explosion ffs.

    G00 is the closest to a nonsensical cliche mecha anime (am looking at you G-Gundam).

  36. great eps! I bawled through the whole episode. I mean, looking at the tragic pasts these gundam meisters had, I just felt happy for Allelujah that he has finally found a little happiness..:]

    lol and PAPA BEAR FTW!!

  37. X: Seriously, fire Setsuna as a gundam meister, in fact fire all of them – they all suck, such a waste for the machine, replace those four with Kira, Athrun, Heero, and Suzaku/Kallen and they’ll own the A-LAWS, The Federation, and the whole dam world. Replace Sumeragi with Lelouch to make the Celestial Being truly Godly!

    Haha, that’d be soo fun to watch, just because they’d own basically everything that was in their way. xDD

    But, dammit, when are subs going to be out, they’re taking pretty long today, oh well!
    I can’t wait to see the episode tho!

  38. im really wondering if the girl in the preview who looks like Tieria is Regene or another look alike. I always thought Regene was a male or at least the innovators version of one like Tieria. I cant wait to see next weeks ep so it can be explained.

    ∞ Aries
  39. Is Allelujah going to be replaced or something? It’s unlikely but it feels possible because of Saji*Louise, that and Allelujah seems to be really sucking without his otherhalf backing him up in the last few episodes. He also seems to be clearly outmatched by the enemy… This might cause a problem for Marie though eventually…

  40. Also it seems that Setsuna is a kinda weak… Everyone who has a suit even close to the one Setsuna is using seems to kick his ass. Counting on Trans-AM probably won’t work forever…

  41. “Tylon:Cool episode. I doubt they will be together for long… Too early to conclude a couple (Ep07). Or prehaps death should separate them…”

    ya.. Too early… Its only been since last season.. yep to early.. You like louise and saji anger me with your stupidity , nativity , and ignorance.

    this was a season and nearly a half in the making , and if you use the stories timeline a life time in the making. If they went to this trouble to kill one off, it makes the entire thing pointless in my view. So perhaps* maybe you should look into the plot and timeline more then just going “oh its episode 7 too soon they have to have a fight or die” Damn ignorant people piss me off

    But all around great episode!

  42. @MrBushido /@Magixiii i agree Seed Destiny was LAME storyline wise but 00 is only slightly less lame and without the overpowered mobile suits!!! we have setsuna who isnt A Character (i.e he hasnt got one!) Mr Bushido (NOT YOU) whos acting obbsessive and insane for damn near no reason. And we have all the other main characters except lyle whining uncontrollably.

    For a mech fan like myself watching the ELITE, the EPIC, the ICONIC gundams get owned every sunday is not the original direction i was hoping for! heck that was pretty much the only thing worth keeping! i mean the original RX78 and the F91 and ofcourse THE WINGZERO custom and the EPYON (the point at which i feel design wise theyd peeked) were unstoppable by anything excpet other gundam like creatures! (the end of W.Zero in the endless waltz movie still makes me excited) or massive ammounts of shrapnel suits like we saw in season 1 which is one of my favourite episodes of this show! The 00 aint working properly i know but that ultimately means he just cant use transam! The fact that he ultimately cant beat grham acre in a GUNDAM which no matter how you look at it is still ultimately annoying,is what is the biggest windup!

    Also fair enough what X sed about changing the lineup to mech idols from past gundam series and Code Geass whilst amusing would obv. detract from the storyline. but you also summed up my point. This series of Gundam is JUST interesting THATS IT! its not exciting its not ground breaking (well it is for a gundam series to have gundams that can be killed easily!) in no way could you call anything thats happened epic! Seed/Destiny had epic (though overused fight scenes) Wing had Epic suits and Battlestations
    X had one EPIC WEAPON and the final incarnation of the Victory gundam was in itself epic! but for this series theyve gone Out of thier way to make em look weak and before you say its cos its the start of the series it really isnt cos we are actually half way through!

    (ive been watching gundam for a litte while btw)

    But at the end of the day im still watching it so it cant be all bad…

    LOL Predictions:
    Louise will beat setsuna in a fight.
    Marie will take over from Alleujah cos she is better than him
    Saji will get his own gundam at some point making it 5 Booya
    Ali al sarahes will continue to stomp up and downn setsuna A** until graham acre switches sides and beats him (no one else is even close to good enough)
    at some point they will run out of spare parts for the arios meaning Alleujah will end up piloting an Ahead!
    The seravees head count will be higher than virtues by the end by 1
    The series will end in space
    Scarface smirnov will die
    Sumeragi will get reeaaaaaaaaallly drunk
    I Will watch 1 episode of seed destiny to remind my self of how the time warp transam/destiny effect should be done then get bored due to obvious storyline defeciences and rewatch all of code geass to remind myself of better times
    Atleast three people on this blog will get annoyed for me bitching bout 00 so much after only 7 episodes (or is it 32 i forgget…)

    It annoys me that the only fight i wanna see is between 2 no gundam pilots

    @Blackrain fair enough but it felt rushed

    @Cain … nm

    WingZero zxt
  43. …, while I can’t say that I agree with every point on the disagreement side, I have to say that this was not the coolest episode ever. As of right now, it’s definitely slipping. I mean, the highlight episode was definitely the episode where they free Allelujah. While the highlight of the entire series is the desert fight and 2nd to last battle of Season 1.

    Yes I’m damn disapointed with Setsuna’s progress as a pilot. I mean for christ sake, Setsuna, You beat Graham in his new Flag with a GN Drive season 1 with your trans am missing which means you have a weaker suit. Now you can barely touch him with out Trans-am? WHAT THE FUCK! Unless that A-head and Grahams skills over the years increase compare to 00 without trans-am and Setsuna skills over the years happen, then damn learn to fight. Then again, Gundam 00 is not exactly the perfect suit yet, plus Setsuna seems to be having hestitations ever since Marina came into the picture. I’ll just leave believing Graham skills improve. I mean, apparently from the first episode, Setsuna finally reappeared in a junk up Exia. Perhaps he lost some skill during the years he was missing

    Btw, I kinda consider any unit with a Psedo GN Drive Gundam-Like and any unit with Real GN Drive a Gundam. Which leads me to the point that I can see other units defeating the Gundams which is where I agree with you upon. Yes Gundam-like units should be able to beat Gundams which means a Ahead can beat a Gundam. ANd I remember early on in the series the RX-78 got is ass kicked by a Zaku. Also, the 08 Mobile Suit series, the Gundams, (to be exact, the Land Battle Gundam, Land Battle Gundam with a GM head and EX-S Gundam) had one hell of a time to beat a sole ace Gouf pilot. Therefore I can see any mobile suit as long as the pilot is skilled enough to beat a Gundam. If it was a tank… or some other small thing.. then thats another story.

    Bah, who gives a shit about Kira, Athurn, Kallen, Suzaku and Lelouche… If yeh didn’t notice, both sides technology increase and to mention that both sides have strong ACE pilots. If you were putting in Amuro Ray… that would be a different story. Anyways, you my dear friend X have not seen Char taking out a Gundam with a Zaku. A technologcal lower suit doesn’t mean it can’t win against a technological better suit. Stop whining that Setsuna can’t own in a better units, there are battles where a skill, psychological state of mind, and normal pilot skills come in. Btw, no we won’t know if they would own everything in sight.

    Final Points to conclude

    Setsuna Lacks training (srsly, I agree with everyone of you that he’s doing bad as a pilot right now)
    Grahams skills have grown (I mean if he can decide where and when he wants to fight… then he has to be one of the top pilots)
    Aheads’ are possibly on Par with a Gundam if only a tad bit less. Skills of other ACE Pilots are more.
    Waiting to see Tieria or Lockon Stratos have a fight with a Ace pilot.
    Not the coolest episode ever… just around the middle
    00 is still in the prototype stages
    Marie and Allelujah love was kinda quick.

    Over all conclusion: SETSUNA GET YOUR ASS WORKING ON THOSE SIMILUTORS BEFORE MORE PEOPLE COMPLAIN WITH YOUR LACK OF SKILLS! And fix that damn 00 pls, so he can fight at full compacity..

    Sora no Kaze
  44. well the double 0 needs some tuning -saji may be the one to figure out the glich

    also allelugh and marie was obvious from the min. they revealed he knew her-also getting stranded in a gundam series with a girl is pritty much the franchies way of saying they will fall in love-how many times is this now i count 4 so far

  45. well if you guys remember back in ep2 the 00 suit is not even at 100% its bearly above 80% the reason they tell him no to use Trans-am is because the suit will drop below 80%
    and you all show know the back in ep1 the suit won’t work below 80% just my litle 2cents

    willing man
  46. very well said, a powerful suit is not as powerful as it should if its trump card is used without 100% fully refined. . and likewise, it would be pathetic to watch a show where you can predict whose gonna win in a match. . just enjoy it, afterall its not even half the season yet. .

  47. Once again…TWIN DRIVE SYSTEM IS NOT FULLY OPERATIONAL. Graham himself noticed that something was off about Setsuna’s fighting.

    As it is, not-trans-am 00 may actually be slightly worse than normal Exia. And Setsuna HAS improved; Graham noticed that his aim was better.

    And seriously, who other than Setsuna knows his fighting style better than Graham 😀

    Oh, and to all you naysayers about “Too much romance”…ep 7/25………

  48. You know it’s really sad and says something in and of itself when the people who absolutely have to find something to complain about (Yes I’ve been taking notes) can only come up with the fact that the Gundam 00 and Setsuna does not predictably steamroll over all of it’s opponents because it has the term “Gundam” in it’s name and he’s the main character. Like, you know, that’s even a flaw in the storytelling and not just a matter of fact of what transpired….. All this focus on that non-issue just really goes to show just how tight the episode actually is. Now where are those subtitles……

  49. Have to agree with Vsin here.. Setsuna has improved his skills but so has Graham, and he was already one of the best.
    Besides Gundam 00 isn’t operating at a 100% and we don’t know how powerful Graham’s suite is, it’s definitely more powerful than the other aheads and may be even more powerful than the single drive gundams.
    Why does Graham think Setsuna isn’t giving his all, simply because he can’t at the moment and that’s what Graham found out this episode when Gundam 00 broke down. He didn’t leave just because gundam 00 broke down, he left because he then realized that Setsuna was fighting with a suite that wasn’t 100% operational. He will only fight him when he’s at 100%.

    Besides what did you guys think that as soon as 00 awakened, he would have wiped out the a-laws. If that where the case then all the main characters on the other side were now dead and this second season would have only been around 6 episodes long or gundam 00 would’ve only awakened near the end of the season.

  50. I hope I wasn’t one of those stupid complainers, I went off on a rant, but I didnote that 00 is still in it’s prototype stages and setsuna skills most likely did not improve as much as graham as it seems he barely went out in the open to fight then Grahams years in A-laws. Which is why I still say setsuna, get back to some training it will help. How ever I still have to stand strong that this was not the coolest episode ever. Romance development went way to damn quickly. Hopefully more twist will happen later.

    Sora no kaze
  51. Love it. Contradicting with your comments, I would think that marie will launch in her ahead in future battles. Good for allelujah, he now has a reason to fight; To protect marie. I can expect him pulling hallelujah out during desperate times as well; He probably hasn’t fully died yet.

    Graham Aker owns. Dang he’s good.

    free yews
  52. To JordiBlau

    I think double 0 will fully awaken at ep 17-18. Then the new batch of suits will arrive. Like most gundam shows they must go through at least 1 upgrade.

    For the first season, they got the initial upgrade of 7 swords. And further along the line, they achieved trans am. And finally, GN armor.

    free yews
  53. What a surprise so Soma/Mary’s is with CB now… well the she did give the A-LAWS a big advantage. I do expect her to be piloting something in the future ( maybe another group of thrones??) looks like 00 gundam is out of commission for awhile and im interedted in the Mobile suit shown in next weeks preview not to mention trap Tieria if that is him-her

  54. I think trans am overblow the drives sync as the 00 gundam is only at 87% and not a full 100%Im not making excusing for them but it dsoes seem odd that 00 gundam is like this when it first was operational kicked the butt out of the alaws… i under stand its grahmn but he shoyld be struggling to fight the gundam post trans am. Saji will no doubts help in repairing 00 gundam but for a few episodes expect 00 gundam to be M.I.A my prediction

  55. feel my tities allelujah, yea like that, taste them though my shirt. now feel my pussy its a little wet, yea. stik it in alleluja i want you whole in my quantum pussy ! yea baby !

    kat tun kartoon
  56. To free yews.. you’re probably right. I don’t expect 00 to reach fully operational status anytime soon either, it would give CB a to big of an advantage this early on. And it would be something if Saiji is going to be the one to get 00 up and running indeed.

  57. I’m actually enjoying S2 quite a bit, when compared to S1, because we finally have a reason to look forward to future episodes because Gundams won’t be pulling off kills like in Wing or the Seed Series (yeah its cool but it gets boring after a while). But I guess people will complain of SOMETHING always because it’s either “LOL! Gundam isn’t a ‘super’ robot anime and the Freedom was too overpowered” or, “The main character doesn’t kick everyone’s but (except for the last boss) in 2 seconds, hence he sucks.” Although, I do admit that 00 and the new gundams feel underwhelming but there’s still a lot to go.

    I’m also glad that they got one of the character subplots out of the way and hope that it won’t just end up becoming yet another tragedy. I just hope they stay a couple, slowly fade into the background, and focus on other characters. Yeah, no more Angst <.<

  58. Finally some romance in Gundam, too bad either of them will die.
    I’m guessing Allelujah will die protecting her.
    If she dies, that would be interesting, but unlikely.

    I don’t care about the Tiera. I just hope Marie will not start fighting since I’m sure the Colonel will find out, or probably WILL FIGHT HER. That will be bad on Allelujah.

  59. everyones dissing setsuna. cut him a little bit of slack people.

    there’s been a 5 year gap between season 1 and 2 setsuna has been using a self repaired 1st generation ”SINGLE” GN drive. He aint a mechanic as far as i remember. the progress in mobile suits has developed a huge amount and graham (bushido, stupid name) as one of the ace pilots has probably been honing all his skills in order for a rematch with the gundam that screwed his face up in ep 25.

    now lets not forget setsuna’s 00 is only synced at 70-80% meaning that the two drives ARE NOT IN UNISON YET. they have their own reaction times, meaning setsuna must compensate to move better. (this shows he is a good pilot)
    when trans-am was activated graham had no answer to fight back with because trans-am has 3x the output of GN particles i.e sync or no sync setsuna had a gundam 3x more faster and stronger then before.

    so logically speaking if the max output is 300% setsuna was using about 240% based on the drives being in unison. sorry my mistake 600% due to two drives so 480% more.

    now when the two drives work together and when setsuna is able to use trans-am fully i’m sure his gundam will be unstoppable.

    but i have to say watching that ep i think graham wanted to fight trans-am on purpose. i think his next suit later in the series will have something special for him to fight setsuna on even terms even with the benifit of trans-am.

  60. @Sora no Kaze i disagree with the notion that the pseudo gn drive weapons are gundam like on the grounds that Celesttial being have had just as long to improve, and are supposedly still the masters of GN technology the annoying thing is that it seems from the way everything is happening is that setsuna would be better off in the exia with a working trans am! Also i disagree with them being gundam like because aside from ali and graham everyone esle needs to operate in lynch mode to be effective I disagree with Grahams skills growing i honestly feel the only reason he kept losing before is because no matter how much you modify a flag it is still comparitively trash to a gundam. I also dont beleive setsuna lost skill i genuinely beleive he was always that rubish and its only sumeragi whos been keeping them alive for the entire first series

    It might be just me bt has anyone else noticed that setsuna has gone bck to missing every shot he takes i mean in the first or second ep (to tired to check) when the 00 was launched and he HIT somthing i was like great more of the same please but now hes started misssing every shot again!
    Also im not sure because the 8th ms team is a series ive not seen (damn) but are you talking about mass production units ( essentially astrays to people unfamiliar with older series) that obviously doesnt count as a gundam (which is why im asking because you dont seem like the type of person to pass of a mass production gundam look alike as the real thing and hope im to ignorant not to notice!)

    I agree with your point about the geass characters /gundam idols (because knightmares are to small kira doesnt kill anyone and Athurun wasnt really that good (oh no he didnt :P)

    Overall regardless of past precidents set it seems that unlie what they usually do with thr gundams which is make them overpowered than make everyone else catch up. Theyve lowered the power of the mere concept of ‘Gundam’ overall not just compared to other series but compared between now and season 1. if you dont beleive me look at how the seravees burst mode hit ONE GUY!!! it looked like a totally pointless waste of energy (considering ho much tieria whins in the cockpit even though hes got the best (only) defense
    Also does anyone else find it odd how the only ones with energy shields (and therefore any real defensive capability besides the seravee) are the shrapnel suits? it concerns me that the only suits to succesfully taken a hit and survived ared the ones that die most often?

    so my final points are

    after 32 episodes we have:

    A GUNDAM which doesnt really work properly
    2 other GUNDAMS with no defence capabilites whatsoever
    2 Gundam PILOTS with no real skill
    2 Other gundam pilots in gundams which for one reaons or another pilot skill is almost entirely a non issue ( and im talking about manueverability not the ability to hit a target which is almost also lacking)


    2 REALLY SKILL pilots in suits that operate at full capacity one of which is only slightly lower than the gundams (and literally its just transam and the shield on the seravee that seperates em now)
    a but (lol finding nemo)load of shrapnel suits which Randomly have higher defence than 3 of the four gundams and
    a Global military organisation

    Now using this raw data i will make some genuine predictions
    1) Kathy realising its sumeragi will at some stage beat her strtegically
    2) Ali al sharshes wont die til the end (HOW shocking is it that hes my favourite character i was a suzaku hater back in the day! this is what happens when the lead is THAt rubbish!)
    3)Scarface will sacrifice himself
    4)I Miss Zechs marquees i mean; MR Bushido will at some point offer an explanation for the mask and name which will make him look more like a MORON!
    5)There will be either an addition of a gundam or another gundam added to the CB squad (other than saji and his remote controlled plane) pilot yet to be confirmed (to many possibilities)

    WingZero zxt
  61. but think about it though, there wont be a season 3 of this, gundam 00 is a two part series and is basically just answering questions and tying up loose ends from season 1 kind of like seed and seed destiny only much shorter, the abrupt conclusion to marie / allelujah is fitting becuase we all know there is only going to be like 25 episodes and this is episode 7? we’re a quearter of the way there, so they will designate at least 4 quarters (like 3-4 eps) for each meister and then tie it all up in ep 22-25 :]

    will of the 0 riser
  62. but I agree with wingzero on this, the gundams this season are crap, and worthless im so sad and disjointed like gundams are supposed to be fucking gods on the battlefield not get shredded and hit and destroyed by stupid models, its like a zaft main unit destroying strike freedom like wtf? the 00 team needs to boost up their power and do it fast its really annoying how weak they are.

    will of the 0 riser
  63. I kind of feel insulted by kink, I liked this episode even though it didn’t have as much action as usual. You can always buy video games and see nice visual mecha battles there right? There’s gotta be good story lines to drive a series.

  64. Wow.. this episode is totally wow! I got so emotional when watching it, crying over the two touching scenes – one of Allelujah and Soma, Another of Sergei and the two – and the really hilarious scenes where Lockon found the couple and the crew saw the picture, and the one where Regene startled Tieria, it was really hilarious, I’ve never seen Tieria exhibit so much expression, and the way he moved! It was really funny.

  65. Since Allelujah has seemed completely incapable of piloting this entire season thus far i wanna see him actually do something useful for once without marie facing him. That being said, he did say he didn’t have quantum brainwaves anymore (hence worse pilot imo)…i wonder if he and Soma/Marie can dual pilot a suit since she does have quantum brainwaves, sounds trippy I know but if done right it could be interesting.

  66. whoa peeps, pls don’t expect the gundams to be destiny godlike bullshit. this is a new season and vulnerability plays a factor. not some fucking seed that drops on there forehead.

    in the end it will be all about tieria and ribbons to fight it out who gets to lead the so-called innovators or should i say the manufactured kids of aeolia. O.O!

  67. Trans-Am had to be used because Mr Bushido mech was modifed if you remember his flag it was faster then exia. And he even say oh your suit is not ready. Tieria was a failed experiment and now that his can access the system they sent Regene to make him join and tell him the course the world will go. And I sure nena to has that similar ability. Found some info on Nena she was actually frozen like Aolia and brought back to life. Overall the epis was the best. Im now worried that it may end too quickly

  68. @Frito The thing that (amuses) gets me with what you said is obviously its gonna end that way! The last fight will blatently be between a modified mr bushido (DAMN I HAE THAT NAME) or ali and setsuna using trans am (theyll find a way to copy trans am and make it permanent for the double 00 or somthing!) so honestly all that will happen is youllbe peed off for the last half of the series because escalation is a primary part of any mech series, even Power Rangers (lol ESPECIALLY Power Rangers) We need ‘MEGAZORD POWER’ becomes we need thunder megazord power becomes we need SUPER DEMENSIONAL FORTRESS MACROSS MEGAZORD POWER NOW!;’ wait im confused… 😛

    I DUNNO i guess all i really miss is the , ‘look a gundam… we are all going to die’ comments from the enemy

    WingZero zxt
  69. for what I can say on the next ep preview, the girl with long long hair that looks like Tieria is the ORIGINAL, I think Tieria and Regene are both clones or somewhat like that form the original. Regene said something like Base pattern Type 0988. Remember the Innovator/s (Ribbons) and also Tieria can access VEDA up to level 7. So its clear that they are not human.

  70. @mikoze, they are aliens with super power.

    wingzero, you lost me. WTF, escalation? who cares! we want super robot NAO with combining head of seravee. seravee+veda+o riser+00+cherudim+arios= super uber powered gundam! im gonna play dynasty warriors now!

  71. An older, more experienced, pilot bested a younger and less experienced one. Radical concept, I know. 00 just needs more auto-aim laser h4x from Freedom, AMIRITE? Anyway, Regarding Tieria, I always felt that he looked more like a woman than a man (heck, thought he WAS a woman before I started seeing S1) so maybe the whole thing about her being the original is entirely plausible (That and the fact that sexually ambiguous characters are not that rare in anime).

  72. escalation!? you know how at the begining of a series the mechgs start out simple and comparitively rudimentery compared to how they finish! it happens in EVERY show involving mechs. Im just irratated that 32 episodes in ultimately nothing seems to have changed! or should we say between season one and 2 that nothing has really been altered. Ohwell i guess its all for the sake of the story

    Also out of curiosity everyones saying that saji might be the one to fix the double 0 aside from the fct hes a technician do we even know what is primary skill set is (its quite possible we were told and i totally overlooked it)

    ‘look a gundam… LETS KILL IT’, ‘you can’t do that, IM GUNDA…. *static*’ doesnt seem right does it !

    WingZero zxt
  73. first off all, Saji was majoring in aerospace engineering back in season 1, so i would assume his affinity in the subject, plus 4 years of on the job training, would make it obvious his role is to better engineer the Gundams.

    second thing is, there is a perfectly normal reason as to why we havent seen too much in the way of upgrades this time around. if i remember correctly, the whole GN drive concept is over 200 years old. it required specially built parts that needed to be manufactured in an ‘alien’ atmosphere, AKA around Jupiter, like they showed in season 1. and Trans-Am systems are only a trigger which releases the limiter that is inherent on a GN Drive. so if all of this was shown in season 1, where else could they possibly go other than just find a way to synch 2 GN Drives together, which i assume the whole Jupiter-part thing makes it sort of a problem.

    so in effect, it would seem very odd to see them somehow come up with some kind of magical upgrade on their own, especially with Veda still out of their use. Veda helped unlock the Trans-Am system in the first place and also stored and probably helped design the 00 as well. so like i said, other than 00 Gundam, which itself isnt working properly right now, the other 3 Gundams cannot be all that much better than the suits they used in the first season. sure, there has to have been some kind of innovation, but all in all, they cannot be that much better as a whole. on the other hand, the Federation and the A-Laws have had 4 years to get everything they could out of those fake GN-Drives and 4 years for engineers to design specs as close as they can to the Gundams. this all leaves us with a military that can hold its own against the Gundams in battle.

    in the end, we have 4 gundam pilots, one who has been living by himself in a busted up 3rd generation Gundam for 4 years, one who has lost his quantum brainwaves and anything else that made him a super-soldier, and one who is essentially a n00b who may or may not have had weapons training but most likely has had no real mobile suit training. that leaves us with only 1 gundam pilot that has been training and whatnot, Tieria Erde. coupled with the previous statements about the development of the suits, and it is easy to see why the Gundams cannot just go around demolishing a squad of ace pilots specifically meant to fight against Gundams.

  74. I thought this episode was great,what’s with some of the moronic complaining?
    We got to see action and a good conclusion to ‘Soma Peries’.
    Now it’s time to put the spotlight on Tieria.

  75. GGear! we know that! you simply stated the obvious for no apparent reason.

    remember boys and girls if you have teenage angst, going through PMS, or psychotic go ahead and play dysnasty warriors. cuz this shit ain’t gonna cut your desire to see huge explosions.

    guys new director, new animators, new show, new era.

    im still waiting for my G Gundam re-imagination btw….

    and wingzero i lost you man, i have no clue what the hell you are talking about now? o.O

  76. @Frito you asked wat i meant by escalation and i answered but its fine ggear gave a suitable answer WAT THE HELL IS DYNASTY WARRIORS LOL 😛

    @Azumi im querying the fanbase as to why i found it boring!

    @GGear if thats the case than there should be atleast 4 anti gundam units like the thrones used by the government (instead theres only one!)

    ohwell i guess that as its gundam ill just have to keep my fingers crossed for something amazing! (and im not just talking about mech battling) after all it is gundam!

    WingZero zxt
  77. Seriously, I like the fact that the gundams just don’t own everything like Strike Freedom. 3 of the 4 gundam pilots are humans(I am including Allejulah due to his lost of quantum brain waves, which gives him coordinator(Gundam seed)-like abilities). There isn’t much difference between a GN drive and a false drive except that it can’t run forever. In addition, the federation did capture Kyrios(no GN Drive), so I would expect them to create suits that are compability of putting up a fight with the gundams. Kyrios has other technology other than the GN drive that the federation can steal. Hence, we have the Aheads and GN-XIII that has some decent capabilities. Since Aheads and GN-XIII are much better than Zakos, I would expect a good pilot(which what A-Laws are made up of) to fare better against a gundam than a Zako or other fodder suit from Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny.

  78. @ justin43 Allejulah didnt lose his abilities he recieved a injury to the head that stoped him from recieving quantam waves. Marie/Soma was able to get the upper hand because Allejulah WAS not srsly fighting her. Im not too sure on my information on the GN drives but it seems to me the false drives have a shorter operational time limit and power output.
    Well (i dotn know if its a spoiler) but it looks like INNOVATOR(SP?) is the one who created the ahead amd the GN-XIII.

  79. yes, there isnt much difference between a false GN drive and the real ones, beside the obvious, the Trans-Am system. but seriously, i get why people are irked at the performances of the gundams lately. it is not the fact that the Military can have suits of comparable performance, i think it mostly has to do with the fact that EVERY TIME they fight, the gundams dont ever seem to have the upper hand, except when they broke Allejulah out of prison but even then, it was a quick strike and get the hell out of there kind of plan. BUT still, ….. this can all be fixed when Sumeragi finally takes over strategic duties full time without hesitation or coma-like symptoms, along with Saji most likely helping make the Gundams a bit better overall. as Lockon gets better and we find out all the things that Tieria’s Gundam can do (and we know it has got some tricks up its sleeves) together with Gundam 00 getting better and Allejulah working out his quantum brainwave/Allejulah-Hallejulah problems, then we can get down to business. i think they need to throw in an episode soon of the Gundams just demolishing some military regulars just to remind us as to why the world feared them in the first place.

  80. @Po
    If Allejulah can’t use quantum brain waves, then he has lost his coordinator-like abilities for the time being.

    I think most of the people here wants to see a seed-like battle all the time with the gundams being untouchable. That what people want, which, like someone said, gets boring if this occurs all the time. A battle when a gundam can actually be endangered provides more suspense and makes it a better battle than what I would call a seed-like battle. In the next episodes, we may see a battle where the gundams have to rape in order to survive.

  81. People keep forgetting that the Gundams are constantly fighting against an enemy that outnumbers them. In addition the majority of enemy pilots are more experienced and skilled than the four Gundam Meisters, and the enemy mobile suits (especially the AHEAD) are pretty close to the Gundams in terms of technology and power. Despite all that the Gundams are able to hold their own, and even manage to destroy a few enemies every time (even without using Trans-Am). So obviously they are still superior, just not as overwhelmingly superior as they were at the start of season one, when they were almost untouchable. Personally I prefer battles that are somewhat even, and thus more interesting to watch, over battles where one side is so much stronger that the question is not who win, but how long will the losing side last.

  82. i didnt think it was everryone wh wanted to see a seed like battle. dont get me wrong i enjoyed the battles in seed but ultimately felt that a gundam which is a extremely difficult to hit 99% of the time and then for the last 1% it has a shield did indeed get a bit wearing (especially as in seed the reused way to often all of the battle sequences (air brushing i think its called)

    I do however think that if you in a gundam whether u get hit or not should ultimately make no difference because its a gundam! Because the simple fact is that cos the show is called Mobile Suit GUNDAM (00) if the gundams are too similar or no substantially stronger than the competition and with less experienced or skilled pilots, it makes it harder and harder to justify them beating the odds! And since this show is called gundam having a close battle doesnt matter because ultimately we no what the name of the last suit to fall will be! AHEAD… 😛 lol
    i also feel that wanting close battles is no reason to settle for boring ones! and the fact is until the arrival of transam the mechs in the whole show have been what i would call too dumbed down to the point wear they look impressive but actually arent!
    Even between seaon 1 and 2 we see diminished returns not just cos the enemy is better!

    1)Obv 00 doesnt work properly but that will inevitably change so we can grey it out)
    2(1))Burst mode on the Virtue Blew up a battle ship (or with trans am a massive asteroid
    burst mode on the seravee hit 1 GUY and seemed really over inflated (was a let down!)

    GNXIII pilots: OOH GIANT BALL OF ENERGY from the bulky one were doooomed…oh wait a minute… LOL unlucky miscellaneous pilot who somehow didnt see it coming! ill tell your family that you didnt suck as much as you did!

    WingZero zxt
  83. @justin43 and P0
    I agree with justin because in one of the early episodes of s.2 he specifically noted he lost his quantum brainwave abilities. Additionally it didn’t really give him super status in s.1 either, he was a capable pilot but still wasn’t super solider (ie Kira style), the only incidence of that was when Hallelujah took over or during the end of s.1 when they “merged” for lack of better term. While i’m sure the intention of Allelujah isn’t for Soma/Marie to every fight, I really can’t see her not fighting since she is a skilled pilot (and while unproven atm, i think she’s probably more capable than Allelujah for the moment)

  84. @ggear, there are more distinctive attributes to separate the mass produced GN to the limited edition colonoid-built ones.

    the green GN can replenish themselves and are not needing of any type of recharging. the red ones on the other hand doesn’t have this technology and therefore must go back and forth to maintain supply.

    again, green=auto heal, red=no auto heal

    @wingzero, dynasty warrior is the game in which seed was base. well seed closely resembled its fighting scenes. bottomline it’s a shiny game!

    @everyone, quantum brainwaves doesn’t give alle any edge unless it’s against another modified soldier. besides alle is one of those defective kids hence the reason why they rebelled against the facility and got stuck in space.

    and gundam 00 works fine, it needs some kind of synchronization since its the only mobile suit that uses two GN drives unless you count ‘tolemy a suit, that one uses all four gundam GN drives to be up and running. O.O

  85. Geez, a lot of people comment on this series’ blog.

    But anwyays, I agree with you Omni. I thought Sergei was
    gonna die right then and there at Lockon’s hands. Would’ve
    been really a turn for the worst in a happy moment.

    While, I’m talking about Lockon, lol, I agree with him.

    Not bad Allelujah, spending all this time with a woman, XD!!

  86. @GN777, that girl is probably tieria undercover.

    @wingzero, i still don’t get you man.

    @omni, regene is a woman’s name. just pointing it out since you refer to it as a he/himself/him. tieria is an it with a case of micro-penis.

  87. Frito above said that the quantum brainwaves didn’t give allelujah an edge in battle.. But that’s not completely correct. Yes the supersoldiers can hinder each other with the quantum brainwaves.

    But there’s more to it, compare it to quantum technology if you like, computers with quantum technology are much faster than normal computers. Same goes for allelujahs brain, it’s much faster than the brain of normal people. But to fully use his brain’s speed, he needs his second personality, without it his reactions can’t keep up with the speed of his brain. That’s why he was better than Marie/Soma, she could only use one personality.

    Simply explained it’s like this.

    Allelujah = fast brain, to slow of a reaction to keep up with the brain
    Hallelujah = fast reactions, but not a fast enough brain to predict the moves of others
    Allelujah + Hallelujah = fast reactions + fast brain, meaning a true supersoldier which is faster and smarter than any human.

    To round it of the test subject Allelujah/Hallelujah which was deemed a failed experiment is the only true supersoldier, Soma was incomplete. Why is it in every big story that the failed experiments are actually the best (FFVII anyone).

  88. Nice to see ppl are still posting in here
    for all allelujah im still reserving judgement until he actually FIGHTS someone
    all we’ve seen from him is him take 2 mobile suits out and then fight Marie/Soma I really dont belive he was even trying to srsly fight her.

    As for the gundams i think we havnt seen the full abilities of the gundams yet CB did have 4 yrs to upgrade.

    What worries me is no one has spoken anything about the innovators who i consider the BIGGEST advantage the UF has. Not to mention the mobile suits they must have in their possession.

  89. Jordi, he’s a defective soldier. hence he can’t use it to his advantage. he ended up with a split personality disorder instead of brainwave interference like soma. so again before yapping, get fapping.

  90. Rumor outside in Japan that spreading, Tieria is final boss for gundam 00final phase episode that he? or She? be a part of them and piloting GNXXXX (??????)gundam vs GN GN0000 Double 0 Gundam , but still with unknown story plot.

  91. @Frito.. Maybe you should rewatch some episodes from season 1. I can remember an episode where Hallelujah almost kills Soma just with his brainwaves, one of the first. After that incident they altered Soma’s brainwaves so that she couldn’t be affected anymore by those of other supersoldiers (some of it explained in episode 10), that’s why couldn’t affect her in the later episodes.

    For you to understand why he wasn’t defective, watch episode 25, with good subs please if you don’t understand japanese. Soma has two personalities as well, but she supresses one, the fact that allelujah/hallelujah can use both at the same time makes him better than the rest.. The researchers created a new personality for every soldier, meaning a personality that solely exists for fighting and following orders (they suppress the one that doesn’t want to fight or thinks for itself, the original one). But as we know Allelujah/Hallelujah didn’t turn out to be the one that followed orders and developed a personality that was far more violent than the researchers probably predicted. So my guess is they named him defective because he didn’t follow their orders blindfully like the other soldiers and not because he’s really defective. Basicly episode 25 showes you that he’s far beyond Soma in skills.

    But it’s true that without Hallelujah he is actually defective, but not because he got a split personality instead of brainwave interference like you said. Another example, how the hell was he else able to talk to Marie when she was little and lying in some sort of coma in that room, where they’re were talking through their brainwaves.

    So I say to you before yapping, get fapping!

  92. Jordi maybe you should focus on the realism and logic behind allelujah’s disorder? and why they planned to cast them off(the defective ones). why is that? have you ever crossed your mind that eventhough he has brainwave power he also developed some kind of disorder…. so before telling me to rewatch episodes. i would recommend that you analyze each episode accordingly. and not come up with bullshit. stop claiming that allelujah could use his uber brainwave skills. if he could he would have claimed the lives of others. that’ swaht supersoldiers are. so again think before you fap!

  93. Frito you have a valid point, he did create a disorder, being his second personality.. but we also know the research facility intended to do so, that’s why soma has two personalities as well (only thing is hallelujah didn’t turn out as intended). As far as I know they didn’t cast them out or planned to, he escaped but I could’ve missed something.

    And well you keep telling me I’m talking bullshit, but well do you remember episode 5 of the first season. In it, Soma unintentionally enters Allelujah’s mind, what happens next is that Hallelujah takes over and tells her to get the fuck out. He then says I’m going to kill you. Next thing is that Soma begins freaking out and shoots at the orbital station. Once it’s over she’s in complete shock and he just stands there looking satisfied. He even corrects a person who says it must have been an accident. If he can’t use his brainwaves than it’s a pretty neat thing to be unaffected while Soma still lies in shock even in episode 6.

    In episode 6 that research guy from the facility even says to swirnov that he suspects that her quantum brainwaves where probably affected by an external force and implements a device in Soma suite to prevent it from happening again. Just a few moments later he starts erasing the files on Allelujah so they won’t find out that he was the one to let Allelujah escape.

    As far as claiming lives, the researcher in episode six says it can only happen under certain circumstances, which is that it might occur between people with the same quantum brainwaves just like soma. So that means he can’t do the same to normal humans. Besides he killed all the other supersoldiers and Soma is protected from brainwave interference by her suite from that moment on, so no he can’t claime her live anymore from that point on.

    I’m not sure you’ll read this but well consider my points above when telling me that I’m talking bullshit again. The point was you said he was a failure because he got a split personality instead of brainwave interference, but I believe I have proven enough to show that is not exactly the case. Again I’m not saying he doesn’t have a disorder, but it’s this disorder of having acces to two personalities at the same moment, that makes him better than Soma and that’s why he can’t really be seen as a failure. Although they call him that. If you don’t believe me on my word go check out episode 5 and 6 of he first season for yourself.


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