Taiga isn’t happy that the competition is chosen to be a 50-meter freestyle swim, however she still shakes on the deal with Ami. The general feeling in the class is that Ami will win, but Ryuuji thinks that Taiga can pull it off. He tries to train her at the school pool, but Taiga doesn’t like practicing while everyone is watching. Regardless, Ryuuji is under the impression that Taiga is doing all this because she doesn’t want Kitamura to go to Ami’s villa, but when she hears him say this, she throws a magazine at him and just wants him to make her dinner. Taiga spends the next few days practicing in any way she can outside of the pool and her real chance comes when Kitamura – who believes in her – gives her and Ryuuji a pair of tickets to the public swimming pool. That same afternoon, Ryuuji runs into Ami by the vending machines, and Ami comments on how cute Taiga is when jealous. Ryuuji thinks that Taiga isn’t jealous but rather simply doesn’t like Ami, and that prompts Ami to call him an idiot. Ryuuji then tries to get Ami to stop provoking Taiga, but she declares that she’s serious about winning and spending the summer with him. She suggests that the two of them get along well, and this causes Ryuuji to blush and deny it. On his way out of the school building, Ryuuji is stopped by Minori who reveals that she knows that it was he who modified Taiga’s swimsuit. Taiga had told Minori in the past about how Ryuuji does all sorts of household chores, and Minori sees that as amazing, so she entrusts Taiga to him.

The following day, Ryuuji and Taiga head to the public swimming pool, and Ryuuji discovers that Taiga is incredibly fast in the water when given an inner tube and told to flutter kick. He gives Taiga the confidence that she can win, but unfortunately, it then starts raining. Taiga refuses to go home and wants to keep going, so Ryuuji comments on how they don’t want to waste Kitamura’s feelings after he gave him the tickets. Taiga tries to deny that this is the reason she’s trying so hard, but Ryuuji still doesn’t get it, so she gives up trying to explain it to him. This causes Ryuuji to think that she’s trying so hard due to how she doesn’t want to be separated from him because then he couldn’t cook for her. Taiga gets pissed off as Ryuuji continues on about how he’ll go alone and prevent Kitamura from going with Ami if Taiga loses, and she accuses him of wanting to go to Ami’s villa from the very beginning. She’s hates people who think they know what she’s feeling, and she admits that no one should know because even she herself doesn’t know. Taiga gives up on the competition and storms off, and Ryuuji is troubled after she doesn’t show up for dinner that night. When his mother returns home and learns of what happened, she suggests that he should understand that Taiga doesn’t say what she means and that Taiga doesn’t really hate him.

The next morning, Ryuuji brings Taiga a boxed lunch like always, and although she accepts it, she still refuses to swim. When it comes time for the competition, everyone else gathers at the pool, but Taiga doesn’t show up. Instead, she back in the classroom about to have lunch, but when she opens what Ryuuji packed her, she finds the box full of meat items, just like she had wanted. Right as Minori is thinking about calling off the competition, Taiga shows up at the pool decked out in flotation devices. She starts the race off by throwing all the objects at Ami and then ripping off Ami’s bikini top while in the water. This gives Taiga a head start since Ami is forced to retrieve her top, but that advantage is short-lived because Taiga hurts her leg as she tries to make the turn back. Ryuuji dives in to help her, but Taiga insists on continuing and tells him to be happier that his master is working so hard for him. Ami passes Taiga at this point, so Ryuuji gives her a push forward and lets her go. Before the race finishes however, several of the guys who were spectating fall into the pool right onto the spot Ryuuji is. He gets hit and starts drowning, and Taiga immediately notices. She saves Ryuuji, but after she gets him to safety, she refuses to let anyone touch him because no one else noticed or tried to help. Bawling now, she declares that Ryuuji belongs to her, and the somewhat-conscious Ryuuji smiles.

Sometime later, Ami, Kitamura, Minori, Taiga, and Ryuuji all meet at a cafe, and Taiga announces that she’s coming along to Ami’s villa. When Ami suggests that Taiga might be uneasy about being separated from Takasu and mocks how Taiga had declared that Ryuuji was hers, Taiga doesn’t deny it and explains that it’s because Ryuuji is her dog. While the others start planning the trip, Ami privately tells Ryuuji that it’s too bad that they can’t be alone together, however she thinks that there will still be chances.


Well, Toradora continues to pleasantly surprise me with how good it can be. Most of the episode leads up to the showdown between Taiga and Ami while reflecting on the reason Taiga is doing it, and although the race itself was interesting (mainly because Taiga didn’t exactly play fair), the most powerful scene – touching even – was when Taiga protects Ryuuji and refuses to let anyone touch him after he almost drowns. It’s just a shame she goes back to treating him like a dog afterward. I guess though that how you view all that depends on if you think that Taiga and Ryuuji’s special relationship will ever develop into them becoming a couple – note that I’m not using the word love because I think that to an extent they already do love each other, just not necessarily in the romantic way – or if they’ll simply continue to grow their bond while aiming for Kitamura and Minori respectively. The latter is probably what will keep the story going, but I wouldn’t rule out the former for the end of the anime or whenever the novels finally end.


  1. @ Splash shows based off the light novels I dont want to spoil it for you if the what some ppl are telling me about what happens next.

    My opinion I thought of they seemed more of a brother, sister pair but in animu it looks like they will have romantic feelings for each other.

  2. I am thrilled with how much they really stayed close to the light novels in this episode, maybe more so than any other episode so far. This was really where I wanted JC staff to get it right, and they did. I agree 100% that Ryuuji amd Taiga do love each other by this point in the series, but when and who will realize that maybe it’s something more, or even at all, now that remains to be seen… all part of what I enjoy about this series!

  3. the manga hasn’t been updated in a while now, I don’t remember any of this. I like the manga but I don’t want to watch the anime yet. However I always find myself checking out this blog.
    I do think Ryuuji and Taiga will become a couple, but I haven’t seen the anime just read the blogs. Where is this light novel? (i definitely don’t remember this happening in the manga, buuut then again it’s been a while)
    What I think is nice is that they seem to be great friends now and if they ever take the next step then it’d be sweet.

  4. Tiger Mouse is once again very cute and those eyes Minori painted on her eyes to cover up that she was sleeping.

    The first two episodes and that filler third was a bit rough, but after them it’s gotten really good.

  5. Ryuji & Taiga are the perfect bro+sis complexity duo. Too bad they’re not actually related – it would have made perfect sense. That said, I still don’t give a damn what happens anymore. This series is damn good!

  6. It looks like next episode we get the nice heartfelt conversation between Ryuuji and Minori. Hopefully they don’t butcher it. I thought it was a great insight into Minori when I read it in the novels.

  7. It’s a bit unfair…I have a rough time deciding which pairing I prefer. From what I can tell…it’s a bit unfair to the point that none of them have the advantage in any of their relationships. Meaning that even RyujixAmi and RyujixMinorin is a possibility. I do have to say that I am liking the RyujixMinorin pair, simply because I want to see an embarrassed Minorin, I don’t think we’ve seen her blush even once -__-;;

  8. I love how I spoiled the entire series for myself by reading spoilers for volume 7-9 so I can’t enjoy this as much.

    Though I did like the 4th volume, so it’s all good since it’s the next episode. Whoo.

  9. I wonder why Takasu’s so lucky. I mean, seriously, isn’t he? He got like a loli with him, an idol who “plays” with him, and an extremely optimistic girl. He doesn’t literally HAVE them, but he hangs around them frequently…

    Can’t wait to see this episode and the next; makes me wonder if Takasu’s going on a date with Taiga/Minori. Plus, why’s Ami sitting down on the beach with Kitamaru? O_O

  10. @Shiro: Makoto Itou is the faggot to end all faggots. He completely desevrved to go to hell with the girl that killed him. I hope they’re burning nicely together in the same pit. I second that Ryuji is wholly entitled to his harem.

    @Haesslich: its called encouragement, although she made it sound pretty damn weird 😉

    I was still a bit surprised with Taiga’s outburst statement…she kinda confirmed everything that the class already inferred due to their prior interactions. Everything it coming together fine. Now all they have to do it deal with that BS infatuation for the others’ best friends & we’ll be all set. Ami is merely an annoyance ATM. She sorta make it a bit interesting, but that’s about it. Although I don’t feel anything towards Ryuji atrraction to Minori, I still want to know why she’s so cheerful & crazy.

  11. @ Megas: You have my high-five for that (both that faggot of faggots and Ryuuji’s harem). As for Makoto and Sekai I’ll kill them both happily over and over again before turning them into dust in hell XD

    Anyway, I kinda sensed that Ryuuji’s crush on Minori is kinda… incompatible, which is something he overlooked. At least with his pains dealing with Taiga or Ami, these two were much tolerable and have at least a good degree of compatibility. Although, I didn’t mind seeing Minori reciprocate Ryuuji’s feelings.

    Ami is too vague. I wasn’t able to determine whether she’s serious about liking Ryuuji for real (although whether she will give up on him or later, I don’t mind anymore) or what – which is something I want to see, proven true. “Playing around” with a “toy” has its limits, metaphorically: if you don’t have any special liking for a “toy” of course you won’t “play” around with it a lot, isn’t it?

    Evidences were too obvious and I bet whenever Ami says something that makes us think she has an interest in Ryuuji, she’s serious. Like in this episode (I have yet to see the anime version of it yet,Show Spoiler ▼

    Just speculations from what I can think about what I’ve known, heh.

  12. Haha anyone notice the Chariots of Fire music in the backround while Taiga was practicing swimming. Haha if only it were in slow motion. still Epic Win ^_^… (though the generation who watches this probably doesn’t remember chariots of fire lol >.>)

    Lucky Channel
  13. Great episode, one of the best so far, lots of good moments. The character development and drama elements were pretty simplified, but I’ll let it slide because it was still pretty effective.

    @Lucky Channel: Never actually watched the movie, but the music is still parodied so often in television nowadays, that anyone should notice it if just for the signature “Pssh-tsh-tsh-tsh…” drums.

    And whoo, summer vacation next episode.

  14. Really good episode. It definately was the best one so far given how much emotion was expressed between the characters. Every single girl interest expressed some type of feeling for Ryuuji. I think Minori doesn’t quite understand her emotions yet and probably doesn’t really care. Just yet. Taiga is finally beginning to realize how she feels and Ryuuji just cares for everyone. I don’t think he has that romantic feeling for Taiga or hasn’t realized it.

    Next episode probably explores minori’s relationship. Can’t wait.

  15. omg i love this so much, i read the manga, and when i saw the anime i was like gubwahhh? ruuji x taiga = lovey love love, minori will probably become some archeologist and I can see a kitamura x ami situation happening, hope thats how it happens, and i loved the “ryuuji is mine” scene… wonderful :]

    00 twin drive
  16. Personally, I hope its a Ami x Ryuji end. Taiga and Ryuji just seem too much like parent and child and I think it would feel kinda forced if they hooked them up, and Minori is just a comic relief character as of now, providing no actual grounds for love interest besides not rnning from Ryuji screaming. I think Ami has had the best development and seems pretty damn fun.

  17. I just can’t see Taiga as anything ferocious! She’s too cute! Even in the manga, she just looks more like Louise’s half-sister… And they sound the same too(same voice actress?).

  18. Taiga and Ryuuji don’t seem brother and sister to me, nor father and daughter.
    They seem like friends getting ready for more.
    Also who called Taiga a loli?
    Is she?
    I thought she was 17?

  19. That was a powerful scene, when Taiga proclaims that Ryuuji is hers and hers alone.

    I agree with you Onmi, they already love each other, not in the romantic way yet, but in a level when each one is ready to make anything to help the other. Aisaka showed with her strength that she was doing it for Ryuuji…

  20. Great episode, especially where Taiga’s pissed off and declares that Ryuuji’s his. Though this anime will end up with Taiga and Ryuuji as a couple (most probably), it’ll be interesting to see how Ami will try to win him over. She isn’t just after him, since he’s Taiga’s.

  21. it annoying. novel is not good i don’t know. novel so far is very sad but not good. not good that it is sad. sister read it and tell me the whole story to the latest novel. story enrages me. author want to drag drag and drag until it is left with no substance. make it dry and not enjoying. not good. i am guy and i say it is not good. sister likes it at a decent level. sister friend likes it like she touch her pussy when she reads it. sister friend is one those girl who is “oh my god, guy hot. i fuck him.” so may be personality like that is a girl who like this novel?

    i hope all you enjoy this more than me. i kill author in my drawing so i am not that mad anymore. i better now. i raped him in drawing with violent toys. i happy for now. thank you and bye.


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