A video message from Miyano Mamoru popped up over at Nico Nico Douga (reposted above, with the original here), announcing the release of his second single, “…Kimi he” 「…君へ」. Mamoru then goes on to make a couple of personal announcements, with the first being that his 25 year old self is now married and the second being that he’s expecting a child with his new wife. In his nearly 15 minute long personal announcement full of drawn out emotional pauses, Mamoru is almost moved to tears on several occasions, which made the whole thing quite awkward for me to watch/listen to. This sentiment was further compounded when he revealed that he was diagnosed with the possibility of being infertile a little while ago. With Mamoru claiming that he absolutely loves children, this naturally came as a huge shock to him and also gave him doubts about being able to get married. As per his original announcement though, he was able to conceive a child after all — a miracle in his eyes. Evidently, this is a huge life-turning moment for Mamoru, enough so that he felt he owed it to his fans to make a formal announcement about it here and in written form as well.

With that said, he didn’t make mention of who his new wife is, but the fact that these two announcements come hand-in-hand made me question if the marriage came first or the pregnancy. Joking aside, Mamoru has shown a very emotional side of him that I had no idea about, in addition to revealing a lot of personal information (with the infertility taking tops in that regard). In my opinion, neither are easy things to tell the world when you consider how he’s putting himself out there and subject to public scrutiny. Infertility aside, I was under the impression that seiyuus (particularly female seiyuus) aren’t allowed to let their personal relationships slip into the limelight as it could be potentially bad PR. Perhaps marriages are seen differently, but a lot of fans still “cried” when Chiba Saeko announced that she got married. Luckily though, public reaction seems to be positive and supportive so far in Mamoru’s case, based on the Nico Nico Douga comments.

As many people are aware, Miyano Mamoru currently stars as Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam 00 S2, Kiryuu Zero in Vampire Knight Guilty, Death the Kid in SOUL EATER, Fuwa Shou in Skip Beat!, and Kuro in KUROZUKA. His previous big roles include Yagami Light in Death Note and Suou Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club. Despite his new outlook in life and how he seems intent on devoting it to his upcoming child, Mamoru tells everyone that he plans to continue doing his best in his roles as an actor. He’s become a huge name in the seiyuu world as of late (seen by his current starring roles), so there’s nothing left to do but wish him and his new family the best.

…learned that YouTube still has a 10 minute cap and wondering who Miyano Mamoru’s new wife is.


  1. He’s probably my VA, especially after his amazing performance as Yagami Light in Death Note.
    While I understood absolutely nothing from that video, the summary fills me in, so all the best to the guy.
    Perhaps this may mean a short break from his job when the baby comes, so I intend to savour all his current roles, especially Death The Kid, which shows his versatility at what he does.

  2. Congratulations are certainly in order…though I don’t know what to think of this whole announcement, especially the infertility issue – it’s not usually a thing one would share with the world. I hope it’s not just a publicity stunt.

    He still remains one of my favorite VA, though I can’t help but think of him differently now.

  3. Lol. I wonder what will happen if he roleplays as one of his acts while raising his child? Who will it be?
    – The overprotective Tamaki from Ouran?
    – The Symmetry crazy Death the Kid?
    – etc…

    Shinn Agami
  4. O_O WOW…
    This really shocked me! But i’m so happy for him! I’m sure he will be a wonderful father~ and and excellent husband too.
    He made me smile all throguh his announcement, i’m glad he takes the time to give this typoe of message to his fans, and that he’s receiving positive comments.
    Now… Who is she?! I’m dying to know!

  5. Don’t see why people think about him being open about the infertility situation is weird. Famous people have been open about this kind of thing and even more stupid crap.
    I’m very happy for him, he deserves happiness. And I’m glad that even with his problem, he’s able to receive a blessing. ;_; @ his video!!

  6. Thanks SO MUCH for the minute translation. Miyano Mamoru is my favorite Seiyuu, and I am a bit of a fangirl but more than overjoyed to hear this news! I’ve read in many fan translations about his wife and child, but nothing of the infertility, so it was great when I learned something new! I didn’t expect RC to have something about Miyano since you are all guys (I assume), and Miyano is a bit of a girly subject. I do wish to know his wife also and the child’s sex/name/etc xD It’d be nice if he shared, but I’m sure the publicist wouldn’t be ‘OK’ with that.

    Thanks so much again for translating! I appreciate it so much, and always enjoy all of the groups efforts to review anime!

  7. Congrats to Miyano-san, he is one of my favorite voice actor, it’s really a good news for him. I hope he will have a happy family, to accept thing like that he is a very brave man to me.

    :”> I’m a little sad too, he’s now a married man, but at least Setsuna is still single and legal ;)).

  8. Congrats Mamo-chan!
    Even though I really wanna know who’s the lucky lady, I guess that’s not possible. Seiyuu tends to keep their private life.. private. Heck, I’ve never seen/heard anything about other seiyuu spouse & children ^^

  9. a man is infertile because his sperm count is too low, and he can’t make a baby within
    a year of constant “trying”.
    so there are 2 possible explanations to this: 1. he loaded that girl up so badly, that she overflooded with cum, like a litre of cum. (talking about bukake)
    2. his girlfriend , just went to another guy, cause girls want babys, right thats WHY they are girls for: to make baby’s.

    my personal thoughts to this are that his dick was just wayyy to small. like a lot japs have,
    so you can’t do much with that either.

    lastly, i don’t really care about voice actors, the big point to me is that i can understand what they are talking about. so i don’t care who the voice is. like a lot people hate gundam00 dubbed but i don’t give a fuck. i can understand the story so thats wat really matters to me. these VA get waaaayyy to much undeserved attention.

  10. Miyano’s one of my fav. seiyuu and it’s lovely that he got married with a child on the way. Hope he’ll still continuing voice acting cos he’s got one of smexiest voice around.

  11. So when famous people get diagnosed something like one ear becoming deaf it’s ok to go on a 15 minute emotional video to show to the world?

    Keep your private stuff private i reckon.

  12. @outcast

    This guy is just sharing his happy news to his beloved fans.Naturally when you are happy,you will want to share it to everyone. It’s not like this video is some sort of embarassing act.

  13. I really really liked Mamo chan so I’m torn between being a little sad and really happy for the guy. Congratulations Mamo, I hope he’ll be blessed with a good marriage and a happy life.

  14. wow! so mamorou’s finally married … dats great … he deserves to live his life happily … um a question to japanese people can ‘Miyano’ be a first name too? or is just a family name?

    Watching the Japanese speak is sooo funny!!!!
    The tone of his voice changes so drastically and he does these weird head movements, its freakin retarded!
    He acts like a really gay guy would in america.

  16. dude, crazy Fujoshi women in Japan want his wife to have a miscarriage. Crazy fans aren’t so happy back in Japan. Personally, I think its pretty cool he has a child. Hope he has a good future.

  17. To all those that call him crazy, gay, retarded, or whatever: WTF is your problem?

    What is wrong with him wanting to share his happiness to the world? Even though it is private, it’s his goddamn freedom to share it, and why not? It shows he’s generous enough to want to tell the world he’s glad about it. It’s not like he’s moaning about how he’s lost his job or whatever.

    I don’t understand why people like you can be so pissed about something so trivially joyous, I can’t help but think you guys are simply jealous and bitter. Grow up, and stop being so cynical for once, for f*ck’s sake. (OTOH, If he were to be moaning about his misfortunes in public, I’d probably join the dissing brigade myself in telling HIM to grow up. lol )

    On a lighter note, congratulations to Miyano on managing to have a child against such odds. May you have a happy family life as well as continue on your successful career.

    Kinny Riddle
  18. Yea, I just read about fujoshi and it really creeps me out although Mamoru’s marriage news sadden me. Anyway, i do hope that those fujoshi will come to their senses instead of threating or cursing at his wife. Now, I am just worried that Mamoru will stop being a seiyuu in order to protect his family from the fujoshi.

    Anyway, fujoshi-san, please think about Mamoru’s future and his happiness instead of making him feel hurtful and sad. Hope you will understand this and be more supportive with his decisions.

  19. Omg he was so nervous and all when he told he got married ! <3
    so cuute ! <3 biggest pause in his life i guess before he told that he was married and expecting a child. Loads of happiness to him ! He will always be our favourite seiyuu, right 😀

  20. my Love is maRried!! but weLLL… i hOpe he’s haPPy with his new famiLy.. and this did’nt affect his career.. btw.. i Love his new aLbum!!:DD Go MAMO gO!! i’LLL always lOve yOu!

  21. I can’t believe I read this so late (I mean I knew he was married and his wife was pregnant but I hadn’t checked out the announcement)!
    Congrats, Mamo-chan!! I hope he has loads and loads of joy with his wife and child! Initially, his getting married did sadden me a little but my happiness for him and his wife overcomes all that. I just hope they can stay smiling forever and he continues to work as well as he does now!!

    P.S. His public announcement of his infertility must have been really tough. But I’m glad things worked out. Hope nothing goes wrong!


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