Ox, Kilik, and Kim continue fighting the Arachnophobia forces, but since they’re approaching the 20-minute mark that Stein had set earlier, Kim sets out to give the signal for retreat. Ox and Kilik work together to cover her, and Kim successfully gets away from the battle. Mifune meanwhile has walked into a trap set by Nygus and Sid, and Sid tries to hold Mifune in place while a giant pillar comes swinging down towards him. Mifune forces Sid to let go by stabbing him in the shoulder, but it’s too late and Mifune gets smacked by the pillar. Although injured, Sid then charges Mifune and stabs him in the arm. Mifune counters by digging his hand into the wound he inflicted on Sid moments ago. Neither are able to bring the other down, and since Mifune doesn’t care to negotiate, the two get ready to start another round of fighting. They never do so however because Kim and Jackie draw the retreat signal in the sky, and so Sid leaves the fight.

Inside the magnetic field, Stein is losing to the madness, and Marie is powerless to help him. He gets a slightly better grip on himself when Maka, Black*Star, and Kid show up, and those three point out that Marie and Stein have already been inside for 20 minutes. Since the trio have 10 more minutes, they decides to stick around to search for the tool, and Marie can’t stop them. At the base of the pyramid, they run into Mosquito and realize that he’s got the tool. In order to fight, Mosquito returns his body to its state 100 years ago, bulking up his upper body considerably. The start of the battle though is briefly interrupted by the sudden appearance a moving image of Eibon. Despite this, Black*Star doesn’t want to waste time and attacks Mosquito. Kid is concerned about Eibon, however he ultimately chooses to help his friends in fighting instead of following the mysterious figure. The three then unleash some powerful attacks on Mosquito, but these have very little effect

Soul knows that only Maka can sense their soul wavelengths in this magnetic field, and they need to perform a resonance link to win. He can feel everyone’s wavelength through Maka, and the demon inside of himself reminds him that he knows the technique to tell that to everyone else. Calling him by his family name Evans, the demon tempts Soul to come through the door for a concert. Meanwhile, at the landing beach outside of the magnetic field, Sid and the others realize that Maka and company aren’t back yet, so Sid gathers some people to go save them. Back at the spot right outside the field, Ox and Kilik have finished off the last of the Arachnophobia underlings, and they watch as Marie and Stein emerge. Marie wants the two to look after Stein while she goes back for Maka, Black*Star, and Kid, but those two insist on going in themselves instead since she’s still under the effect of the field. Although Marie tries to stop them by threatening failure and expulsion, the two ignore her and head in anyway. This leaves Marie crying because there was nothing she could do even though she’s the adult and the teacher. Stein tries to stop Marie’s crying by taking responsibility for the failure, however he then starts laughing maniacally.

Inside the field, Black*Star goes into his youtou mode, but even that isn’t able to hurt Mosquito. Knowing that they can’t win like this, Soul is once again tempted by his inner demon and questions if the black blood in Maka will spread to the others. The demon claims that the team soul resonance is an indirect connection, so they’ll be fine as long as they don’t resonate strongly with Maka. He wants Soul to change the connection between them to sound using the piano, and Soul decides to do it. Soul tells everyone that they’ll be conveying soul wavelengths via sound, and to his surprise, everyone laughs when he mentions playing the piano because they had all been trying to figure out how to get him to do so. Soul then passes through the doorway inside of himself – acquiring a black suit in the process – and approaches the piano which the demon assures him has been tuned.


Between the freaky eye twitching and the crazy laughing, it looks like Stein has really lost it. I wonder if he’s past the point of no return (probably not) and if he’s just going to go berserk at some point. I felt the most sympathy though for Marie who’s losing both her partner and her own confidence in herself. I just don’t see how things get better for her unless Stein gets better as well.

Overall, there was more great action this week, though perhaps not quite as good as last week. I was a little disappointed that Mifune and Sid didn’t get to continue their battle for longer, but it was interesting to see that the only way Mifune was injured was after getting hit by a trap. Mifune’s not the kind of character who would die though unless Angela were around, so it’s not too surprising that the battle ended inconclusively. The fight meanwhile inside the magnetic field was less interesting because Maka and company were so ineffective against Mosquito and seemed to spend all their time getting beat up. I’m curious though to see what happens with Soul taking a risk – and perhaps endangering everyone – by doing this piano thing.


  1. Can someone clarify something? Now I’ve been watching Soul Eater on and off due to all the other anime out there (may need to catch up on everything sooner or later) but I wanted to know one thing. Who exactly is Eibon? I only remember the book. But as far as what the book is or even who Eibon is…I have no idea. Anybody want to clarify?


  2. I feel sorry for Marie, but I also like Stein’s crazy side. I guess he is one of the main reasons why I like this series so much, especially after he started becoming semi-insane…

  3. Maka may be the weakest, but it has become fairly obvious what her talent is (Soul blatantly remarked on it in this episode). While she may be inferior to both Kidd and Black*Star in terms of combat, Maka exceeds everyone, instructors and Death Scythes included at sensing soul energy.

    I’m sure Asuza would have been able to tell what was going inside the storm if she had been as close as Maka, but that doesn’t change the fact that Kidd couldn’t sense anything and Maka could.

    Maybe it’s not as apparently useful as Kidd’s other abilities or Black*Star’s atheticism, but I’m sure Maka will show us exactly why she’s the first protagonist the series introduced.

  4. So next week will finish off the battle between Mosquito and the three and show more of Justin vs. Giriko. More hot stuff, but I wonder when they will bring in the new character, seems like next week might be a bit rushed for them. Nice animation so far though, for the fights, though I felt the Mosquito one was a bit plain.

  5. @Izaak. u speak of dat fight but still ,MEH!! and double MEH!! aint impressed. dont get me wrong. i like her and soul is da dude!…hey remember how cool she fought in ep #1?? what happend?? on another note, DAAAAMN!! getting stabbed through the forearm must SUCK!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. “So next week will finish off the battle between Mosquito and the three and show more of Justin vs. Giriko. More hot stuff, but I wonder when they will bring in the new character, seems like next week might be a bit rushed for them. Nice animation so far though, for the fights, though I felt the Mosquito one was a bit plain.”

    that’s because Mosquito hasn’t done anything yet. wait til you see how powerful he really is.

    also to the Maka haters, i think you’ll change your tune after the next big arc.

  7. WTF? Who sends a cease and desist when the series is still going. >_> I always figured it was an unspoken truce to at least wait til the end of the series….

    I mean, it’s obvious the companies know about fansubs, and are probably aware that many people watch subs before buying the DVD.

  8. @animekritik:
    I’ll like to know the same exact thing.
    Chrona just vanished it seems? DX

    Anyways,good episode though I agree that the who mosquito battle wasn’t so progressive.
    (He’s not even the boss..XD)

  9. Man Soul is so awesome when he goes to play the piano. He becomes all badass and evil looking. They need more of soul when he’s like that. Kidna reminds me of Alucard when soul becomes evil like that.


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