Taiga and Ryuuji don’t get any sleep because of how they were scared by the strange occurrences, and they’re unsure of what to do to scare Minori now. When Yuusaku happens to overhear them talking about this, Taiga claims that it was a present for Minori because she loves being scared. Convinced, Yuusaku insists on joining in and getting Am’s help as well. Later that morning, Minori gets up and finds breakfast already made thanks to Ryuuji. He’s now working on lunch, so she volunteers to help him, and she turns out to be pretty good at food preparation. Minori reveals that since both her parents worked, she made lunch for her brother when he was home. She also compliments Ryuuji on his cooking ability and notes that the girl who marries him will be very happy. That gets him worked up enough to re-raise the topic from the previous night, but Minori wants to keep that a secret. The two continue working together until they’re done and it’s time to head down to the beach.

Minori goes on ahead, but since Ami hasn’t shown up, Ryuuji heads back inside to get her. He walks in on her in her swimsuit, and since he’s not too keen to look at her cleavage, she threatens not to help with Minori. On that note, she asks why he wants to entertain Minori and gives him five seconds to answer. When he doesn’t say anything, she decides not to help. This leaves Yuusaku and Ryuuji to check out the cave that they were going to use, and Yuusaku decides to go alone so that Minori doesn’t get suspicious. He returns at lunchtime, and to his and Ryuuji’s surprise, Ami is the one who proposes to Minori that they go to the cave. Though the cave turns out to be scary looking, Yuusaku urges them all in, and he had earlier set up a bunch of scary things inside. One is a piece of fried tofu that swings down after being activated by stepping on a wire, but this misses Minori and hits Taiga in the face instead. Another is a bloody-looking message written in ketchup on the walls, but Ryuuji is more concerned about the slimy hair that he accidents gets on his hand. Minori panics after seeing the hair, and Yuusaku thinks that Ryuuji had set this up even though he hadn’t.

Ami, however, is bored by all this and decides to turn back, and Ryuuji decides to go after her. Ami claims to know the way out and questions Ryuuji’s uneasiness with being separated from everyone else, so he admits that he’s not good with dark places. This prompts Ami to question what he’d do if she left him there and if he’d be scared and lonely. She suggests that he doesn’t want to part with her and that he needs her, and she wonders if he wants to go back to where Minori is. Ami feels that Minori isn’t suitable for Ryuuji and starts to say who she thinks is suitable, but she then notices that she doesn’t know where they are. She starts to panic about being lost, so Ryuuji tries to make her calm down by saying reassuring things, however Ami soon reveals that she was just joking. She comments on how he was helpless, but she doesn’t hate that part of him. Going back to what she was saying earlier about Minori not suiting him, Ami compares Ryuuji to the moon and Minori to the sun. She feels that he can’t become equal just by admiring and that it could only happen with someone like her.

Their conversation is interrupted by Minori’s scream, so the two rush further into the cave. Ami trips in the process, but Ryuuji manages to catch her, and the two eventually reach Yuusaku and Taiga. Yuusaku isn’t quite sure what happened to Minori, and since his own flashlight dies, he borrows Ryuuji’s. After hearing some strange sounds, Yuusaku then runs forward with that flashlight and disappears, leaving Ryuuji, Taiga, and Ami in the dark. Panicking, Taiga rushes ahead by herself as well, and she ends up falling. When Ryuuji and Ami move forward, they find Yuusaku helping Taiga up and realize that everything had been set up by him and Minori. Once back at the house, Yuusaku and Minori reveal that all the scary things – including what happened in Ryuuji and Taiga’s room the previous night – was all their doing. Minori had known that Taiga and Ryuuji were trying to scare her, and this was to get them back. She actually loves horror.

With it now dark outside, the group heads back to the beach to play with some fireworks. When he gets a moment alone with Ami, Ryuuji answers her questions from earlier and admits that he’d be lonely without her around. However, he points out that it’s not a question of whether or not he’d be lonely but whether or not she’d be. Ami feels that thinking about that would be painful, so Ryuuji suggests expressing it in a straightforward way since they’re equals. Walking away, Ami notes that Ryuuji is sometimes quite nice. Ryuuji then has a conversation with Minori in which he thanks her because even though he was really scared, being with her was fun. Minori also confesses to having a lot of fun, and she feels that Ryuuji understands her. She had scared him because she wanted to show him a ghost, and she’s curious why he wanted to scare her. Minori doesn’t believe that he just wanted to make fun of her because he’s not that kind of person, so Ryuuji eventually claims that he wanted to show her a ghost as well. He wanted her to believe that ghosts exist and feels that it’s too early for her to give up. In light of this, Minori proposes that they go looking for UFOs and then tsuchinoko. She starts to say something about what would happen if they can find everything she wants to see and change her world, but she’s distracted by some large fireworks going off in the distance.

The group returns home the next day, and Ryuuji suggests to Taiga that they go to the supermarket. Taiga doesn’t want to because she’s too tired, but when Ryuuji starts walking off on his own, she runs to catch up with him. She still doesn’t want to hear about going shopping though.


There’s not much funny stuff this week, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good episode. It certainly put the focus on Ryuuji, and it feels like all of the girls are more interested in him, even Taiga who looked a bit sad at the end of the episode after spending most of it apart from him. Ami’s the one who ends up being most flirty with him (along with being probably the most honest she’s ever been) and seems genuinely interested, but he seems to have the best connection/understanding with Minori after the continuation of their ghost conversation from last week. It even sounded like Minori was ready to admit that there could be something between them if he could help change her world. One of the things I continue to like about this series is that there actually appears to be some progress in the relationships, and they’re not just resetting after every arc. As I’ve noted in the past, that’s something I’m always concerned about for romance comedies like this.

As for next week, it looks to be the start of a three-part arc about the school’s culture festival. It’s been a while since we’ve had some new characters, and I wonder who this guy is.


  1. Another nice episode. I like how Toradora! is developing its characters so well. The characters are given much more depth than typical romance comedies, so much so that they seem to resemble real-life characters that appear in our lives some point or the other. And they do these not by blatantly showing their character traits but subtly dropping hints throughout the show. Taiga seems to be beginning to discover an unexpected jealousy for Ryuuji’s attention; Minori is supposed to be an airhead, but she seems to be understanding more of the analogies hinted at from Ryuuji than she is letting on – and underneath that cheerful demeanour one suspects that it is a facade hiding something (a delusion towards love, perhaps?); Ami’s motives are the most suspect – in the sense that it is very hard to unravel her true feelings are towards the characters in the show.

    I really like how much I think I know these characters, and yet how they could turn out to be so different from what I think I perceive.

    Umineshi Kai
  2. I’m finally starting to understand Ami…and it only took all the manga & 10 eps of the anime. She’s a deprived nut. She has as many mixed feelings as she does personalities. She has the same complex nature as many other characters I can think of. If she go by those prior ‘saints’, she’ll slowly fade into the darkness after doing something profound to ‘encourage’ the relationship of a certain 2 people. OK, I’ve said enough.

  3. Megas, you got it. She is deprived, and it’s driving her a bit nuts (understandably). Reading up to volume nine in the novels, we see what she is really after with Ryujii, and it explains some of her reactions here and last episode. As a matter of fact, Minorin’s actions are explained by her revelation later on too!

  4. For some reason the recent episodes including this one is more like supporting most of my opinions of AmiRyuuji. Or is Ami developing true feelings for Ryuuji proven already? I can’t wait to bring down the Hammer of Truth to what I had in mind now.

  5. Even understanding almost nothing of Japanese, heck… even my English is poor, I couldn’t wait till subs are out and watched the raw. Looks like another superb episode, loved Ami-chan expressions.
    For the ending, seem that Taiga is begging to be jealous of ryuuji. Good developing episode is always a good thing.

  6. I think you guys really gonna want to kill Taiga’s father, he’s that much of a SOB. You guys keep on wanting Ami&Ryuji…she has one purpose in this mess, it’s only going to take her 90% of her screen time to get it done. Although I say that, she doesn’t have the best of intensions whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong. She’s not evil. She’s just confused, complexed, introverted, mischievous, delusional, & a bit psychotic. Kinda like the normal teenager with an unrequited love, don’tcha think 😉

  7. Minori and her “it’s dark, it’s cramped, it’s scary” phrase somehow reminded me of Honey senpai from Ouran (episode 8). When I first heard that, I KNEW I had heard it from somewhere before.

    And the 9th image… CASSHERN!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!

  8. Omni, where did you find out that the arc will be in three parts?

    Because though the title mentioned 前編, which means “opening part”, naturally there’ll be a 後編 (concluding part), there’s no guarantee there’ll be a 中編 (middle part). So I was wondering if you’ve obtained the episode info from Moonphase or some other magazine?

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I apologize for being such a prick just now. I was so busy jacking off at Ami in her bikini that I went incoherent for a while there. Now then, I’ll go back to jacking off once again.

  10. Everyone who hates Toradora doesn’t know good anime when it sacks them hard in the testes.

    And people who use the name “Anonymous” outside of 4chan fail hard.

    @Kinny: Check both wiki and the ANN page. Episode titles were released a while back.

  11. I think that it is funny when people read a blod and post complaints that they hate the anime. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and don’t read the blogs on it.

    And what exactly is Minori’s secret revelation going to be? I don’t mind spoilers, in fact I prefer them.

    Personally, I don’t think that Ami cares one bit about ryuuji, she hates Taiga and is tryign to hurt her by taking ryuuji, thinking that she likes him.

    Is this anime just 13 episodes?

  12. Awww, who else thinks that Ami’s the only reason to watch the anime? Kinda sad she’s already slipping into her support role so soon. She’s about the only unique part of the anime. The whole Taiga/Louise/Shana/Nagi/Akane thing has been done to death already :p There’s no real depth in Taiga’s character at this point.

    Ah well.

  13. Finally… somebody who thinks the same thing as I… Well, Taiga’s character is a bit old, But Minori, Ami, Ryuuji and even Kitamura have an interesting character… I’ve been wandering, if there’s something between Kitamura and Minori… Anyway… I cheer for Ami&Ryuuji… Yeah, yeah… I know that’s impossible, but people must have dreams…

  14. I can’t decide…AmixRyuuji or MinorixRyuuji…They’re sorta tied for first with me with Taiga following behind. But I would hope that they don’t reuse the tsundere coupling, it’s just a bit too much at this point. Luckily I see Taiga and Ryuuji in a more sibling type of relationship.

  15. I agree, where they don’t restart the relationship with each arc, rather, build up upon it. And it’s interesting to see that Ryuuji could be all knowing yet completely blunt at the same time.

    I’m liking how they’re starting to peel away that outer, 1st-impression layer of the characters and now we’re seeing something new, yet not so new.

  16. Hai hai, i just watched ep 1-9 and waiting for the subs of this ep. And wow, im impressed. Well as most of you have said, Taiga’s char. has been used up alot of times already, Ami on the other hand is very interesting, even if she might be just playin with Ryuji to tease Taiga it will be good to see her falling for Ryuji. Minori on the otherhand seems to be the usual klutz char, but her talk with Ryuji about ghosts sort of mislead her char in a good way!!! Tonikaku lets see what’ll happen. I’ll start with kannagi since im stuck on this one for the weekly eps.

    Any Anime’s you wanna recommend???

  17. I don’t like feeding the trolls but…

    hud, if you this show is bad then go check out Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. It just fell into a pit in hell, even though most of us knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Why do the anime producers love incest so much!? 🙁

  18. You really want to know where the series will end up? It puts this episode, and a few previous, in a different perspective.

    Highlight only if you are sure you want to know!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  19. You know, despite the obviousness of the end pairing, and my support of it, I REALLY don’t like Taiga. For pretty much the same reasons as everyone else.

    I do hope she stops being such a bitch to Ryuuji at some point. That would certainly help my opinion of her.

    @Sammy: Assuming, of course, that the anime takes that direction.

  20. Sammy: Oh great, spoilers again. People are just going to OMG RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!1 because their favourite shipping didn’t win, even though they don’t know any of the events following up to it in the first place. Oh well, let them rage, their shipping discussions are getting annoying.

    Anyways, can’t wait to watch this.

  21. You know… saying “screw the novels” is probably a bad idea, given that you can thank the novels for the story in the first place.

    Gaaaaaahh… I hate fandom, and this is why.

  22. Ryuuji doesn’t seem interested in Taiga at all. I think it will take some time for him to come around to her.

    I liked these last two episodes… they added a lot of depth to the characters, especially Kushieda’s (who’s my favorite of the girls).

  23. It’s 25 friggin episodes ppl. There’s no way you could wrap this mess up in 13. They’re no where close to being half way through the novels so just give it some time. They still have a crapload of stuff to deal with. But really, why are yall so interested in Ryuuji-Ami anyway. Relationships aren’t about being equal, it’s about understanding each other. Which ever pair understands each other the most wins. Its friggin obvious which pair accomplishes that feat.

  24. Taiga the one for Ryuuji?? since when calling a person a dog means you have mutual understanding with that person.
    You asking why are ppl so interested in AmixRyuuji, well thats because that would be different, that would be something new, that would be 3 times more romantic than dating a girl that calls you dog or shit like that. Even if i dislike Ami (i like Minorin) i deeply believe that a romance between Ryuuji and her would be more … mm lets say interesting than seeing something that we have seen 389723847 times before in all kind of shapes.
    Really thank you Sammy (i really mean it) for the spoiler, thanks to that i cant stop seeing this. I have been watching this series believing that it would bring something new, with such an awesome cast of chars around i hoped for something else, yet is the same old story just with new chars, situations of confusion between them (raising your hopes for something new)and new art style.

    P.S: my cousin understands me better than my girlfriend, that doesnt mean i have to date her now does it? (change cousin with taiga and girlfriend with minorin/ami)

  25. Taiga naturally grows as a character throughout, and the situtations are just as fresh and as fun to watch in the animation. An enjoyment can be found from the sacrifice and understandings the characters come together with each other, instead of the cookie-cutter nature of just throwing girl after girl over to Ryuuji.

    I’d recommend to keep watching, of course. 😀

  26. I personally just watch this show for shits and giggles, but the pairing for the characters got me more interested. It’s not that I hate Taiga but she has a bad attitude/personality. I guess the reason why some people don’t agree with the pairing is because everyone is so used to seeing the cliche pairing of the main characters. IE. Clannad with Tomoya x nagisa, Ef-a tale of memories with renji x chihiro, etc,etc. In the end, people do not want change and want the same happy ending with good pairing couples. You could argue about some, like in true tears or shuffle! butI dont think I have ever seen a romance anime where the girl the main character is suspose to end up with this blatantly mean and horrible.

    I think everyone knew that ryuuji x taiga was coming, but many people didn’t want to admit it and hoped for ryuuji x minori or ryuuji x ami. I like how the writers continue to tease the viewers with moments where you think that maybe, just maybe, ryuuji would end up with either minori or ami. As much as I wanted to see ryuuji get together with ami, it’s not going to happen because the pairing was really set in stone right from ep1.

  27. “Taiga the one for Ryuuji?? since when calling a person a dog means you have mutual understanding with that person.”

    Nelvoid, haven’t you seen the lyrics for the opening and closing song? 😛 Love/hate relationships are part of the show’s theme.

  28. I never liked Taiga, as ks said is not that i hate her but i just cant stand a pairing like Ryuuji and Taiga.
    There arent many series where the main character is not a total loser, thats why i liked toradora. Ryuuji is something nice to see, is a good example of how a good man or boy should be (i mean cooking, helping ppl, cant stand dirty places, etc..). And then i found out that he is gonna end up with a copy/paste version of shana , isnt that too much? i mean, he has a scary face, has no father, his mother is like a little sister he has to take care of, and he gets for compensation that thing called Taiga? he confessed to Minorin and gets turn down because of Taiga? he loves Minorin but cant be with her because of Taiga?
    I dont know you guys, but if that were to happen to me i would curse Taiga to hell, as simple as that.

    P.S: sorry mark but i usually skip the openings and endings (not a fan of japanese pop).
    If the author keeps piling shit unto Ryuuji he will end up like guts from berserk 😛

  29. Yeah, the author had the chance to make something different, but instead he/she just made a copy of Shana/Louise without the fantasy theme… Well, I can understand why he/she done that… “Just make sure a lot of people will buy it” or something like that. As a fellow writer I’m disappointed, but it can’t be helped…
    About the anime… I’t obvious, that Ryuuji can’t be a pair with Minori… That’s becouse he thinks that he has a crush on her… For RyuujixTaiga, They are more like brother and sister… And I don’t like this kind of setting if they will end up together(that’s obvious they will). And finally AmixRyuuji, the best pairing for this anime I can think of… Just think about how interesting it would be when Ami trying to confess… Wah… somebody stop me before I write down a whole page…:D

  30. Not that I’m a Tiaga fan but she has displayed some subtle growth. I mean, those small moments when she looks at Ryuuji having a good time with Ami or Minori. The time she regretted faking the stomach ache so Ryuuji could have his quiet time. There is some emotional growth hear but with 20+ episodes, there is no value in rushing things. Personally, I would like to see this go by way of Minori but at the same time give Taiga a positive out.


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