Better late than never right? So oddly enough, Hyakko got new opening and ending sequences this week (episode nine), after only having a video collage of episode one clips for the opening up until now. The new ending sequence on the other hand is still a picture collage, but features newer and better artwork. Retaining the same opening song “Suppin Rock” 「スッピンロック」 by Ogawa Mana (小川 真奈) and ending song “Namida Namida Namida” 「涙 NAMIDA ナミダ」 by Hirano Aya (平野 綾), these new sequences are welcomed additions, but I find it really unusual to introduce them now when three-quarters of the series is already over. In any case, Hyakko features a wide-range of quirky and interesting characters, so if you haven’t checked it out and are looking for a light-hearted slice-of-life comedy this season, it’s a pretty good fit. Torako’s an absolute riot.

…felt the urge to say something about adding new OP/ED sequences this late in a series.


  1. Hah, I’ve always wondered why they just didn’t make a proper opening instead of using recycled scenes. Oh well, at least it’s all better now. On a different note, I wanted to drop this series after watching the second episode because I found it so boring, but it actually got better as the series progress. =)

  2. O.O the new sequence for the OP makes the OP song a LOT more likable, lol. I used to skip it all the time, because I cringe at the song. Think now I can actually be bothered and watch it.
    Though the ED is very Ayu-centric [heck it’s all Ayu, because Hirano sings it? XD]. I know it’s to fit the song “Namida Namida Namida”, but makes it seem like there’s more to Ayu than what we see O__o;;

  3. I like “new” and proper. If it’s like this.

    I remember when that was the case for Speed Grapher, they didn’t get it in until like, episode 11. Which was fine because it was the end product was actually quite good.

  4. The only reason they do this is because they had not finished (or even started?) the animation for the OP by the time the series starts, so they stuck a placeholder OP with reused episode animation until they finished it. Its not that uncommon.

  5. wtf, the girl that sings the OP is like 15. She sounds older… compared to like, Kugimiya Rie… and about long cop-out OPs, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’s first OP sequence seemed to stick around way too long. I can’t remember which episode they finally put in a good one, but I remember thinking that their budget must have been poo poo when I was watching it.

  6. i can say with 80% certainty the reason why the OP/ED sequences came so very late is because of the budget of the anime… it is common for anime to have a montage-like OP/ED for a couple of episodes for the beginning of the series because of time constraint, but if it’s so close to the end of the series, it would be because they wanted to produce OP and ED sequences for the DVD, and decided to also put it in the airing of the series proper after the fact… This allows them to produce the sequences after they have gotten the money from the airing of the series…

    of course, they could’ve just as easily just been too busy with the episodes proper that they haven’t had the time to produce the sequences until now…

  7. well some series didn’t even get a new opening until the DVD’s came out, like Bamboo Blade.
    The series OP sequence didn’t even change even when the DVD’s came out, and that was kinda disappointing, including the fact that they changed the ED sequence in episode 15 when the characters in in a bathhouse with their rival clubs, exclusively in the DVDs.
    Those OP/EDs can be seen in Youtube.


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