Having figured out where Ashura is, Arachne, Giriko, and Mosquito pay a visit to a mountain stronghold. Arachne goes in alone to propose an alliance, but Ashura assaults her and tries to strangle her. Nevertheless, Arachne succeeds at convincing Ashura to come to Arachnophobia with her. Back at Shibusen, despite being told by Eruka that the mission is over and despite Ragnarok reminding her of her betrayal, Crona doesn’t want to leave Shibusen because of the friends she’s made. During lunch with Maka and the others though, Crona gets uncomfortable at the mention of Marie and the thought of going to see Stein. Crona excuses herself to go to the bathroom and feels that she can’t tell her friends the truth, and to make matters worse, she experiences a vision of Medusa saying that Crona can only return to her. Maka, however, has chased after Crona and hands her the picture of them together that she dropped. This gives Crona a chance to talk with Maka, so Crona asks about Maka’s mother, and Maka reveals that her mother is missing. To Crona’s shock, Maka’s best memory of her mother is during the divorce because of how cool her mother was, and Maka matter-of-factly tells Crona that she loves her mother.

Joe meanwhile asks Sid to procure large amounts of building materials. Kid is now following Joe secretly, still bothered by what Joe is up to and how Joe’s manner is similar to his father’s, but Joe manages to elude them. A little later, Maka’s father discovers that Crona has disappeared, and Soul suspects that Crona has left. Maka decides to look for Crona and heads out of the city with Soul’s help. By now, Crona is already trudging through the desert, but her intent is not to return to Medusa – it’s to go to a place with no people. She ends up falling into a pit, and sitting there by herself reminds her of how she felt before and after she met Maka. When Maka eventually finds her there, Crona tries to get Maka to go away and reveals the details of the betrayal. Not wanting to hear more bad things about Crona, Maka goes into the pit and almost punches her. Maka wants Crona to say that Medusa made her do it, but Crona isn’t able to because Medusa is her mother. In tears now, Crona doesn’t want to hurt anyone any further and admits to not wanting to separate from Maka. Crona thinks that because she’s a coward, she’ll probably betray them again, but Maka refuses to let that happen and convinces Crona to return to Shibusen.

Unfortunately, they have to report all this to Shinigami-sama, and although he understands how they feel, violation of the terms of the original agreement to let Crona stay means that Crona has to be kicked out. Maka tries to stand up for Crona, but a more urgent matter interrupts the discussion: Medusa has arrived at Shibusen and has surrendered herself.


Well I have to say again that bad guys fighting each other is always fun, though I guess Arachne didn’t really put up much of a fight. I’d love to see what kind of battle there’d be if Arachne actually did seriously want to fight – she’d still be no match for Ashura but it would be cool to watch anyway. But given that Ashura is more or less on Arachne’s side now, I can understand a little why Medusa might want to join with Shibusen temporarily. It might help her manipulate the Shibusen side so that she can orchestrate the two sides’ mutual destruction. I’m not sure though if Medusa’s surrender means that the anime is trying to return to the manga story or if they’re just taking certain elements of that story and working them in.

As for Maka and Crona, I thought the writers did a good job of working in the mother aspect. It was an interesting way of looking at what else the two had in common since it was pretty obvious that Maka would be the one to redeem/rescue Crona again. I also hope that Medusa showing up at Shibusen like this gives Crona the opportunity to finally stand up to her and break out of this rut, though that’s probably unlikely.


  1. whoa!! this don’t look like anything i read. did i forget?? ashura vs. medusa? maka bout to punch chrona?? its a blur, AND I LIKE IT!!!!! bad memory =new entertainment. thanks for still blogging this, cuz there’s a lotta boring crap out this season.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. I stopped watching the anime original part too, I´m still angry because they change the story and come on guys don´t say that this is for better because I can say you thounsands of examples where animes fails creating new material and the plots separates from the manga

    So maybe someday I´ll see these episodes….

  3. @ James
    What would you rather they do, turn this series into a Naruto-type show where you have 100 eps of filler because the manga doesn’t have enough material?
    I think they took the right option in opting to go in a different direction since it’s only going to be 51 eps. We’ve seen in the past with FMA that they know what they’re doing so I have faith all we turn out well.

  4. This is an interesting turn of events from the manga, but what is even better is how they are still keeping in with the manga’s story while having their own story evolve alongside. It seems likely that Medusa will cooperate with Shibusen for this upcoming fight, but I wonder whether Kishin will face off with the kids now. 12 episodes left, not a lot of time but enough.

  5. God forbid if somebody dares criticizing this anime. Don’t even mention the Manga otherwise suddenly all hell breaks loose. Every single commentator in this blog wants your head as if I called their mom something.

  6. The point is bamzi, is that you guys are not even criticizing the anime by pointing out flaws, your just bawwing because its not the manga storyline, so if you don’t have anything constructive to say, there’s no point in saying anything.

    We knew from the start that this was going to be 50 something episodes, deal with what comes with that.

  7. It’s not like the anime is bad but i think it’s stupid that Asura has joined Arachne. In the manga he is a big mystery supposed to be stronger than the Shinigami and the main antagonist. You know nothing about him and he has still to be shown. I don’t know but this kinda destroys his image.

  8. Medusa arriving at shibusen to surrender sounds like trouble to me because she always up to something but we all know she is very unpredictable like omni said she would probably join them and then from the inside destroy both sides but i think she came also for stein in the preview isn,t that the brew if medusa is handing that over that easily then something is not right.

    Nello & Nano
  9. Looks nice. I guess they’ll be going with an anime-original ending since Crona’s still there. Wonder how Crona and Medusa’s reunion will turn out now that Medusa is with Shibusen :D.

  10. @SnooSnoo; I don’t think so. FMA is going to air on April so probably it will replace SE.
    But maybe your point is in a new series after two and something years like FMA? In that case I totally agree with you.

    I don’t mind more Crona, he/she/it is my favorite character but for Asura to join Arachne sounds a little weird but FMA anime original wasn`t TOO bad (except the movie, which was lame) so I guess I’ll follow it.

  11. @bamzi – 2

    What a lame attempt to use my name for that second comment. As I said before you’re so childish, so immature and so stupid that don’t even deserve the attention you’re getting. You just proved my point about last week’s comments. Scared of coming with an original name instead of using mine?

    What a loser.

  12. @RedX: Androgynous crazy Chrona is awesome! Cmon, you see girly girls EVERYWHERE in anime. This is a welcome change. I love Chrona! <3

    As for the whole anime VS manga discussion… I haven’t seen this episode yet, but when I do I’ll be able to tell whether I like it or not. o-o Undeniably though- the manga is much longer than the anime, so they’re trying to make it the anime end prematurely in the storyline. Character development will be halted at odd spots, like it did for Black Star. This will decrease the anime’s story quality, but if they manage to keep all of the characters IN CHARACTER until the end- without ruining their style or exaggerating it (they totally exaggerated Stein…) then I will still like the anime and say it’s all right.
    If they veer it totally off course and crash it into a wall and do all sorts of other horrible things to it (like what they did with Bleach…) then I will not like the anime from ep37 onwards anymore. At all. n-n;;

  13. There seems to be a general consensus that Chrona is female, but Chrona’s gender isn never defined, as the Japanese dialogue only ever refer to Chrona with something that translates to “that person” instead of him/her. I think Chrona’s a guy, as s/he said in ep. 7: “I don’t know how to deal with girls.” Of course, considering this is Chrona, s/he probably doesn’t know how to deal with guys either.

  14. >I think Chrona’s a guy, as s/he said in ep. 7: “I don’t know how to deal with girls.” Of course,
    >considering this is Chrona, s/he probably doesn’t know how to deal with guys either.
    Well, Chrona definitely dealt with guys earlier – in the very beginning(ep. 6 or 7) where he murdered everyone inside of chapel where “the door opens to inside”. Funny enough, that main heroes of anime already should know his/her gender (assuming that at Shibunsen toilets for men and women are different).

    ps. But I too think that Chrona is he.


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