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OP: 「泪のムコウ」 (Namida no Mukou) by ステレオポニー (Stereopony)
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I didn’t think much of this song when I first heard it, but I rather like the cut of it that they used, and the images of all the girls (including oddly Anew, but not Sumeragi – foreshadowing perhaps?) were really pretty. In fact, the OP in general just has a ton of eye candy.


Even though they just destroyed the Memento Mori, the Ptolemaios and its crew soon come under pressure again by a new mobile armor along with the Gadessa and Garazzo. By the time Setsuna arrives at the rendezvous point, all he sees is wreckage. Nena is there waiting for him and explains that the Ptolemaios descended back to Earth, so Setsuna wastes no time in heading back down as well. The Federation is at this moment announcing the destruction of a satellite as a terrorist act, and in response, they put the Federation military under direct control of the autonomous peace-keeping force. Related to this is how Pang Hercule tells Sergei of a coup d’état that’s in the works. Pang Hercule personally believes that the Federation government has become a puppet of A-LAWS and that the public needs to be alerted to this. Meanwhile, over on the Ptolemaios, Ian wakes up from his treatment and is surprised to find the ship back on Earth, surrounded by nature. The others fill him in on what happened, including how they got attacked again and how they were separated from Setsuna. They had managed to escape from the new mobile armor with a combination of camouflaging smoke and using the impact of the enemy blasts to accelerate, but the ship is pretty badly damaged.

In the ship’s hanger, Sumeragi apologizes to Allelujah for getting Marie involved in the previous battle. He doesn’t mind this time since Marie was willing, but he asks Sumeragi not to do it again. Outside, Lyle calls his Katharon allies to fill them in on what happened, and afterward, Anew comes and confides to him that she’s bothered by why A-LAWS was able to figure out the Ptolemaios’ location so accurately. Lyle thinks that she suspects him, but she denies this, and both suggest that the other call them by their first name. Nearby is Saji who is helping out with some of the repairs, but his thoughts continue to dwell on Louise. Over at the Katharon base, they get word of the coup and the desire of that faction to talk with them, so Klaus decides that he’ll go even though it could be a trap. The discussion about this is interrupted by the sound of Marina and the children singing. At around this same time, Setsuna, who is still searching for the ship, comes across a giant hole in the ground that was caused by the Memento Mori. By chance, he then runs into the Arche Gundam and decides to pursue it.

Ali Al Saachez leads Setsuna all the way to what used to be the Krugis Republic before landing and getting off. He had brought Setsuna here because Ribbons is waiting, and Ribbons reveals that he knows all about Setsuna’s past, including how his real name is Soran Ibrahim. What’s more, Ribbons claims that he first met Setsuna 11 years ago because he was the pilot of the 0 Gundam. That particular intervention was a 0 Gundam performance experiment, and the plan was to get rid of everyone there in order to maintain secrecy. Ribbons, however, had saved Setsuna and had later used Veda to recommend that Setsuna be a Gundam Meister. He now wants Setsuna to hand over the 00 Gundam because he feels that he’s should be its pilot. Setsuna refuses and tries to shoot Ribbons, but Ali Al Saachez is quicker on the draw and shoots Setsuna in the shoulder first. Despite his injury, Setsuna gets back in his Gundam and faces off against Ali Al Saachez again.

Back at the Ptolemaios, Lyle informs the rest of the crew that two unidentified mobile suits are coming their way, so Sumeragi sorties Allelujah and Tieria. The Arios goes up against the Gadessa while the Seravee faces the Garazzo, and even though Tieria initially has some problems against Bring, he eventually activates the Seravee’s Trans-Am and detaches the Seraphim Gundam. At close range, the Seraphim Gundam is able to break through the Garazzo’s GN field, and when Bring questions if Tieria is going to attack someone of his own kind, Tieria denies that this is the case because he sees himself as human. The Seraphim Gundam’s hands then turn into a pair of cannons, and the subsequent blast destroys the Garazzo. Ali Al Saachez meanwhile isn’t having as easy a time against Setsuna as he would like, but he notices an approaching shuttle – which happens to be transporting Klaus and Shirin – and tries to take it hostage.

Setsuna, however, quickly activates the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am and knocks the Arche Gundam away from the shuttle. He then destroys all of the Arche Gundam’s Fangs and starts slicing it apart, but right before he can deliver the finishing blow, he hears Marina call out to him. As her song with the children then starts, the Arche Gundam falls to the ground, and Ali Al Saachez escapes. Meanwhile, up in space, Louise meets the Innovator pilot of the new mobile armor Empruss, and he explains that it’s a prototype of the one that she will eventually get as a small gift from Ribbons. Over at Billy’s lab, Mr. Bushido’s custom unit, the Masurao, has finally been completed. As they look at it, Billy reveals to Mr. Bushido that he’s also installed onto it some new technology based on some of Eifman’s notes on the GN Drive. After Mr. Bushido walks off, Billy tears up a photo of himself and Leesa Kujo, and he says goodbye to her.


I came into this episode thinking that it would be slower in pace and more relaxed after the flurry of things that happened in the past few episodes, especially since this is the start of the second half of the series, but to my pleasant surprise, they kicked things up a few notches instead with some plot twists and great action scenes. Ribbons as the 0 Gundam pilot was certainly eyebrow-raising, and it both explains why he feels entitled to the 00 Gundam and how Setsuna came to be a Gundam Meister. It also creates a connection between the two characters where before there was none, so now Setsuna potentially going up against Ribbons in the final battle would make more sense.

As for the battle this week, it was good to see Tieria using some new tactics and finally kicking some ass again. Granted, using the Seraphim Gundam currently doesn’t seem more than a close-range surprise-the-enemy move, and now that surprise has been used up to kill Bring. Maybe it still has some hidden abilities though like the Nadleeh did with the Trial System. Setsuna, on the other hand, proved that the 00 Raiser is powerful enough so that he can have a handicap and still win rather handily. The only person who can stand up to him now is probably Mr. Bushido in his new mobile suit. Despite the 00 Raiser’s power though, it was disappointing to see that Setsuna wasn’t able to kill Ali Al Saachez after getting so close. It was all thanks to Marina and that song (titled TOMORROW), and that in turn reminded me of the power of music in Macross. Whether or not that’s what they’re going for, I suspect that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear that song.

Speaking of which, although that song was the special ED for this week, the actual new ED has been announced as trust you by Itou Yuna. I’m really excited about it because she sings some good ballads, and it will probably premiere next week.


  1. Omni: I didn’t think much of this song when I first heard it, but I rather like the cut of it that they used, and the images of all the girls (including oddly Anew, but not Sumeragi) were really pretty. In fact, the OP in general just has a ton of eye candy.

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  2. “Omni: but I rather like the cut of it that they used, and the images of all the girls (including oddly Anew, but not Sumeragi)” sumeragi??? u mean the 2nd pic?? that looks like feldt to me >.<

  3. and soma is like four, not louise. geez four was a crazy psycho with feelings. louise is just a robot. so that zeta concept is gone. now we move on to g gundam concept, which is naked super power attack. and then the x concept of apocalypse looming over earth and then the turn a concept which is the unnatural gundam 00 and the wing concept of setsuna and marina never getting together. yay. alot of homage from the old shows…..

  4. padfoot135:
    It’s a strange picture, because it shows that they are togerther, but at the same time with two tables on the opposite side, on each table is a drink, and Saji is standing in the shadow as that opened balcon doors and the light from them is separating him and Louise.

  5. I am incredibly excited for Yuna’s ED. I presume it will be a ballad and it’s probably excellent for the way the series is unfolding.
    As for the episode, it was just awesome. I was expecting something slower for the episode, but it wasn’t that, thankfully.

  6. i think it goes like this: marina – hesitates, feldth – chases (probably because of neil?), louise – diffidently awaits to land but was disappointed after it flew away, anew – with expected confidence?

  7. Mr. Bushido’s new MS is called the Masurao. Billy mentioned something about the GN drive of the suit. I wonder what he was saying. Anyone speak Japanese?

    Since Anew is in the OP, it looks like she will be sticking around for a while. The look on Ian’s face when he saw Earth was so hilarious. Looks like the next episode will be some development for the Marina X Setsuna relationship.

  8. Is it paranoia for me the thinking that there is simply not enough episodes left for the series to progress decently without either having to leave out tons of loose ends or rush things too quickly?

    If it makes the story better I seriously wouldn’t mind a trilogy instead of a finishing on a half-baked second series. But I doubt trilogy will ever come to pass.

    I wonder how old Ribbons really is. Considering how little we know of Innovators he could be anywhere from 20s to a 100 years old for all we know.

    ~Small rant~

    …And I still think Graham’s japanese angle stupid. This anime is Japanese. Made by Japanese and for Japanese (for the moment). I get it. Don’t shove it down my throat. Mr.Bushido sounds a lot like… never mind. 🙂

  9. That was a shock Ribbons piloted 0 Gundam. Then If I remember correctly Ian used the data from 0 Gundam to Design 00 Gundam then how come Ribbons was so shocked when 00Gundam made it debut. I think Ali will fight Mr Bushido instead seeing he love battle and power. I also think Sumeragi will probably loose her memory becasue she did faint over the incident at Kathron and no longer be part of of CB. watching Most Gundam it is a possibilty and I believe that the fun is just started and we could Setsuna turning against CB more specificaly Wang Lu Min

  10. Ali Al Saachez just got one retarded plot shield that’s for sure. He’s the biggest homicidial maniac in the entire show and he gets saved by a children’s song and a telepathic plea for mercy. Ridiculous

  11. @Dragonite88
    I guess you didn’t know that the same actor would voiced Amuro Ray from the original gundam is now the VA for Amuro Ray. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Ribbons piloted the 0 Gundam.

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  12. Opening:
    Marina hesitates to touch butterfly, Feldt chases after butterfly, Louise doesn’t expect anything, but butterfly touches her and flies away, Anew – butterfly stays on her hand.

  13. @teo i agree with oyu about bushido but i am confidnt that this will be one of the first gundam series (the first in fact) not to suck badly in the end! to be fair theyve managed to get this far without relying on the usual cliches so im hopoing the ending will be very different and not suck like usual (nothing wrong with the usual ending btw oher than the fact that theyre practically the same every series.. well atleast the ones ive seen!)

    WingZero zxt
  14. Did anyone notice that they didn’t show whose hand setsuna’s holding? Whatever it is, setsuna x marina? Doesn’t that just… ugh? No offence, oh what the hell. The op seemed to spell many tragedy later. Hopefully, it will be epic, not another gsd.

  15. If the GN archer doesn’t show up soon with Marie as its pilot, I’ll… be really mad. Also, I can’t believe they didn’t show Sumeragi once(from what I could tell) in the opening. When will Sunrise learn, Show Spoiler ▼

    Though hopefully they’re throwing us a curve ball and that won’t actually happen, at least not until the end.

  16. Am I the only one worried about the fact that Nena wasn’t in the opening? I mean, sure she did some bad things and then Karma went out to get her (brothers got killed, almost killed by Saachez, etc.) But she helped Celestial Being destroy Momento Mori after Wang Liu Ming decided to go rogue, and has helped Setsuna a couple of times just now…Also remember that it was Ribbons who raised the Thrones in order to do all that stuff, it’s not so easy to break the habits you were raised with.

    Another thing, anyone else think Bushido’s new suit looks like a cricket ^_^?

  17. mmm. you’ve got a good point. Watching it again, a lot of characters were left out… Sumeragi, Andrei, Wang, Nena, Katy, Lasse & Ian… still though, I’m worried. I just don’t see Sumeragi as someone they’d leave out if it wasn’t for a reason, you know?

  18. I think in the opening with all the women, they are all women who are conflicted in the series, i dont know why sumeragi isnt in the op but not much of the ship’s crew are in it besides Feldt, i dont think Sumeragi is going to die but you never know. Nonetheless once again Gundam 00 surprises me, cuz i didnt like the song too much when i heard it. I thought it would be bad but i like the op, not as good as the previous three but still up to Gundam 00 standards. I cant wait to hear the new ending by Itou Yuna.

    ∞ Aries
  19. @justin43

    About the GN Drive on the Masurao, I think Billy mentions it’s the product of the findings of Prof. Eifman before he got killed. What that translates into won’t be revealed until the next episode perhaps.

    Just speculating
  20. There’s no real way for Marina to have known her song would actually reach Setsuna, so I find myself pissed at Setsuna for allowing himself to be swayed by her calling his name and a song.

  21. With the way things are going it is likely that they are saving Al Saachez for the end of the series b
    because he is Setsuna’s nemesis so killing now might be the right now but i was still pissed they let him live i mean i was like yes finally Al saachez has no chance until the song started playing and he stopped i was like WTH he is right in front you.I,m also curious about why Ribbons revealed himself, Ribbons admitted to being the pilot of the 0 Gundam which he once saved Setsuna in the past.

    Peter Rice
  22. Gundam 00 keeps getting better and better.. This episode was really good.

    I’d say Setsuna and Tieria have really grown during this 2nd season.
    Tieria is so much more likeable than in the 1st season; highlights for me ep3 (when covering Gundam 00 during prison break) and this episode when he finishes off Bring while saying he’s human and rejecting the innovators once more.
    Setsuna has grown this season from the shadows of Lockon to become the wing commander of the gundam meisters. He even defeated Ali while being injured (even if he “transam-ed”). I hope he won’t die (nor Marina) since he’s on a path of self-redemption through (self)sacrifice it seems. Especially when we he’s gonna face Louise in a new mobile armor, knowing what she means to Saji and seeing how he spared Ali’s life.
    Anyway can’t wait to see Soma&Allelujah in action; (for me) the best gundam team-up in the making. I also hope that not showing Sumeragi doesn’t mean her death is eminent, it be nice to see her survive

  23. Maybe it’s just me. Couple things don’t quite add up…

    Certainly don’t want this to actually happen, but why didn’t the Innovators destroy Ptolemaios 2 and let the ship descend to Earth?

    Innovators must have a MS inventory nearby… How could Bring Stability get another Garazzo so soon? Did his original one get destroyed by 00 Raiser in Episode 12?

    Being the 0 Gundam pilot and the one made Setsuna Gundam Meister, why didn’t Libbons take all the real GN Drives with him?

    Great episode… one more thing I want to pick on… Having Marina sung with the children are great, but time is bad (but apparently intentionally) when Setsuna was right about finishing Ali Al Sarshes. It looks like Marina can influence Setsuna to stop fighting eventually (hopefully this occurs AFTER all the bad guys have been taken care of).

    MS pilots… one advice for you all: never get yourself in front of Ali Al Sarshes in person. Stay in your MS cockpits, or you will be injured by his fast moves.

    Gundam 00 Fan
  24. Ok, this ep only showed that Seiji Mizushima doesn’t have a clue about directing a mecha series. Setsuna have Ali served in a silver platter and don’t waste him just because a fucking song?! He has become a moralfag just because the director still needs his personal assasin, Jesus Christ!! What kind of amplifier Kataron have that even the 0-Raiser heard Marina’s song? The Seraphim is worst: a ripoff of a damn minicon from Transformers!!

  25. @Gundam 00 Fan

    Innovators prolly have a few copies of the same suit in quite a few places. I would, honestly, not be surprised.

    As to why they let Ptolemy descend to earth I can think of two reasons: Firstly the directors felt like it (^_^;;) or two (which I find more likely) is that they could not descend by themselves on account of the fact that they either 1) don’t have the capability or 2) even if they could, due to their limited GN supply they would not be able to reach a base to refuel or fight on par with the ptolemy which may survive long enough for one of the gundams to recharge. Or maybe they could not pinpoint their trajectory.

    Then as for why Ribbons didn’t take the original drives. Firstly, he’s an asshole(pardon) who finds himself superior to everyone in every way, I would, thus, assume that he felt it unnecessary to use drives that were created by Aeolia Schenberg, a mere human.

  26. @ Gundam 00 Fan, Mira

    He didn’t take the original GN drives because he was not Celestial Being’s enemy. He needed them to act as they did to spark the formation of the Earth Sphere Federation, something that wouldn’t have happened without the Gundams equipped with GN drives. This was step one of Schenberg’s plan. Remember, Ribbons still following Schenberg’s “will;” it is CB that is deviating from the plan. It has nothing to do with a disdain for human creations.

  27. @SeedStriker
    Don’t bash the director of such a great Gundam series. Gundam 00 is one of the best gundam series of our era. Minicons? Seriously no! No! No! No! Setsuna has always been affected by Marina. Trans-Arm 00-Raizer Newtype effect cover the entire area. The Kataron ship wasn’t that far from their base.

  28. Seems like Setsuna might actually consider leaving CB. He seems to get second thoughts when thinking of Marina and the opening shows him watching a flower next to a discarded gun 😛

  29. Hmmm…
    – Graham’s new MS looks better in action (OP)
    – First few seconds of OP had more meaning than…well…the rest of it
    – Eh? Louise gets shot down? Well, it was bound to happen but still… (OP)

    – Ian’s reaction = Priceless
    – Ribbons being 0 Gundam’s pilot…no real surprise here. It’s been speculated for months
    – Ugh…when will people learn…Anyone vs. Ali in a non MS fight = Anyone loses
    – 00 Riser TransAm = Mobile Quantum Amplifier
    – Sumeragi’s face wasn’t quite ripped (the eyes are completely intact). Actually, Billy’s first tear was horizontal: the two faces were still in the same piece of paper.
    – For a second I thought that organ and choir song was the ED o_0

  30. @Omni: What song stopped Setsuna from killing Ali? was it the one sung by marina? (just my guess lol) That was the frikin reason he stopped? If that’s so then WTH! Unlike Lacus who promotes peace in a battleship kicking ass, Marina is there singing song trying to convince gundam pilots (Setsuna) to stop fighting… wth? What would she achieve by doing that? She should try doing it to Ali, and she’ll probably singing with the fishes now lol. Also this is a golden opportunity:

    If the guy was more like Lelouch, he would’ve killed both in the spot, and it would lighten up their huge problems and enemies. IMO they have far too MANY enemies, there’s Ali Al Saachez, Ribbons and his Innovators, Federation, A-Laws, and even Wang Liu Ming (sorry if this is a spoiler, but it’s quite obvious from the last ep. when she smirked when the satellite fired at the Ptolemy thinking they would’ve died there.)

  31. @Mira, Eirias
    Thanks. What you said makes sense to me. Ribbons overestimated CB and the significance of the real GN drives. I’m sure that he would grab them if he knew about the hidden capability of Trans-Am and the Twin-Drive System. Another thing that still puzzles me is why even Kati knows about the time limit of Trans-Am. Isn’t that supposed to be known only among CB members? If it was Wang Liu Mei who told them about that, then why didn’t she tell them about 00 Gundam (remember Episode 2 when Ribbons was shocked to see it)?

    LOL Great comparison!

    Gundam 00 Fan
  32. it reminds me of the CGR2 ending Making us think by showing us that These were the saviours & a few of the befallens that will come and appears to you soon if not,later And that butterfly thing i think it has got something to do with the word called ‘hope’ or a ‘choice’ Just my thought though

  33. I honestly don’t get why people are worried over X and Y maybe dying. This is Gundam. A lot of people are going to die. On the one hand, it sucks, but on the other, it adds to the poignancy of the show. It’s pretty much guaranteed several members of CB will not be alive by the end of this series, and there aren’t a whole lot of them to choose from to begin with.

    This is the best Gundam series I’ve seen to date. Oh, some of the old Gundams were good when I watched them (as a child), but I have a hard time getting into them today. This one…still has a number of trappings for children, but there is a surprisingly large level of adult oriented material here. For a series that is largely done to sell merchandise, made by a studio that’s more known for anime girl cliches, I’m deeply impressed so far.

    Here’s hoping future Gundam series continue along this path.

  34. “Looks like the next episode will be some development for the Marina X Setsuna relationship.”

    Potential for a wasted episode is quite high, then. Setsuna’s random, inexplicable connection to Marina is the least interesting part of this series. Especially since Marina is such an uninteresting character to begin with.

  35. Of course people are going to die, I understand that, and I agree that it adds poignancy to the series. I was just observing that, based on past Sunrise history, this opening basically (to me anyway) lets us know that one character in particular is almost assuredly going to die, and so I’m going to be waiting for it to happen every time CB enters an important battle. It’s not that I have a problem with the death, per se, (even though I would, cause I don’t want it to happen), but I would like to not know its going to happen before it does.

  36. Worst episode.

    1. The OP sucks, all the half-naked women doesn’t make up for the terrible song.
    2. Marina went from useless to actively pissing me off with all the singing.
    3. Seraphim sucks beyond imagination!! Nadalleh was much better(but still sucked).

    Please someone shot down Marina.

  37. Oracle:
    I dont think that the OP was that bad, even though the 1st one was better.
    I think that there are more to the Seraphim Gundam’s abilities, it is too early to decide whether it sucks or not(i cannot forget how much of a disappointment Nadleeh was).

    About Marina……..i must say that i agree with you, she is such a useless character, she does nothing other than babysitting kids and persuading Setsuna to stop fighting(which will ruin the show).

  38. i know that it is frustrating, but Ali is a major villain in this series, so i think that he will not die until the end.

    did anyone notice the conversation between Anew and Lyle was extremely similar to the one Feldt and Neil had? i think that Anew will betray the Innovators in the future.

  39. Espada’s Gundam Opinion: xD

    1. the op is ok we can compare it to op4 of gsd not to gundamish song…
    2. seraphim gundam not appealing to me…T_T no design of some sort just a plain mobile not that can fire beams…
    3. one innovator down =)
    4. Mr. Bushido’s new suit samurai looking flag what are the hidden secrets in it… hmmm


  40. @Anon
    From the sub, I am starting to agree with you.

    Why all the hate for Marina? All she is doing is getting in Setsuna’s head before battles, trying constantly to get him to stop fighting even through she should know he is very important to the fight, and stop him from killing a major villian with her call using the GN particle phone service. Okay, I understand:P

  41. Anyone realize that once Setsuna was shot there was red GN particles rising from ali’s gun. And then think back to when Louise lost her arm can’t be regrown. Something is gonna happen where he’s not gonna heal up right

  42. @Espada
    I think Wings of Words was a way better song choice but I agree with you in terms of visuals, its basically the same cept Shinn ran into nowhere while there were half-naked people in the back.

  43. Bloodlust Setsuna can own Ali. Setsuna was like pumped on pure adrenaline after knowing that Ribbons spared him.

    I think Graham’s new Masurao has some form of Trans-Am built in. Something to even the odds.

    I find it ridiculous that they brought back Hallelujah a couple of episodes ago and left it dangling. Like wtf.

    And I think Gundam Wing still stands as the Gundam with the strongest and most interesting female character. Relena Peacecraft fo sho.

    Now I’m still wondering how they’re going to use these last 11 episodes.

    All in all, a better than normal episode but nothing fantastic.

  44. About Anew – I agree that she may not even know that she’s an Innovator. But that probably doesn’t stop her counterpart, Revive, from being able to find her with Veda, when you consider that Regene has apparently homed in on Tieria with his knowledge or consent.

    Ah, someone else noticed the GN particles from Ali’s gun and the possible repercussions.

  45. Wow…i loved this episode…the OP and the all the action and plot advances. (Feldt and Anew..OMG definitely eye-candy =D)

    But on a more serious note, for you all who ask about Kujo’s lack of appearance in the OP. I have a theory that Kujo is the backstabber (and agent for Ribbons) and all of Billy’s hatred is more towards the assumption that she left him for CB. That is my conspiracy theory. It would certainly make it more shocking.

    Cpt. Obvious
  46. Marina isnt that bad, yeah, her trying to stop Setsuna from fighting sucks but she has a reason, mainly that even though he knows he has to do it, or at least feels like he HAS to fight, he really doesnt want to. whatever, in the end, he is going to fight, she is going to preach some more, no doubt, but if someone is trying to kill you, you fight back, simple as that. as for the GN pistol of Ali’s, i watched the episode on stream so i couldnt see anything, then i clicked the pic above and was like OMG,
    that was sneaky. i dont know about the repercussions though, i am pretty sure Setsuna wont have to lose the arm, but it will keep him handicapped for a while if not permanently in some slight way.

  47. WTF I was thinking Ali was finally going to get whopped. Freakin annoying bad guy that seems to be invincible with the suits he gets and uncanny ability to survive everything

  48. OMFG ribbon’s really the pilot of 0 gundam… Anew appear on the OP like a new heroine. BTW for some of the ppl who still think innovator sexless go check the OP 1 more time and open ur eyes they did have a gender!!!!

  49. Well, after much deliberation, I now agree that “The Trick” is TransAm, though a *different* version of it (maybe it shuts down the drive afterwards, maybe it lasts longer but weaker). I mean, the other options are:
    – Infinite run time (kinda impossible if you don’t have that filter…which can only be made on Jupiter or something)
    – Twin Drive (except we can’t see two drives on it)

    …yes I’m including TD because it was a “theory Aifman worked on”…and TD was a theory thought up by Aeolia.

  50. Super 00. What happened to Ali being a good villain. Bah beaten in his 2nd fight. At least the fights were good. Ian was pretty funny too. I guess overall it’s good but we’re hitting the super powered ultra gundams level again. Personally I had nothing against SEED but in terms of plot we’re doing a lot better, in terms of not having mega gundams we’re not. At least there are mobile suits that can fight them this time around.

  51. Ali al saachez has to freaking die, kill that bastard im sick of seeing him i cant stand it die die die die die die die die die( I hate him so much i was yelling when he didnt die im pissed). Im super excited that a innovator got killed i want them all to die like 13 episodes ago,smug bastards.Tiera erde just earned some major cool points.Mr Bushido(stupid masked jerk) has to die along with Katagiri(he is so pathetic)Good episode.

  52. wow you have good eyes my fellow gundam viewers after rewinding

    the gun which ali uses to shoot setsuna

    has red particles after shooting him >,<

    very evil ali very evilllll…. you add up my rage wanting you to be killed X_X

  53. WTF???? MARINA GO AWAY! I screamed out of frustration when Setsuna wasn’t able to give the finishing blow. Now Ali will come back with a powered up MS and kill more people, way to go marina, way to go. Setsuna won’t be able to pilot for a while due to that red GN gun… The new Mr Bushido is probably twin drive, I think the 2 drive socket protector thing kinda confirm it… Marina will end up getting people killed indirectly…

  54. I guess this made Setsuna miss his chance to kill Ali at all. So i guess it’s probably a scenes of luck and destiny in play. Although Ali doesn’t intend to eliminate him “cheap shot” as you see Setsuna aims at Ribbons instead. Anyway there are many times Ali got lucky so that’s why his giving some handicap for Setsuna as well and damn the singing although for peace it indirectly made one villain getaway. Hopefully Setsuna takes down Ali once and for all and face Ribbons Almark.
    And again Anew Returner looks sweet with that new OP with the other girl. I noticed that Seraphim Gundam is cool as well as it’s a disabler type of gundam in critical situations. Putting up Trans-Am for Seravee while the back builds up a Seraphim to crush its foe that’s really crazy.

  55. I’m glad they finally started explaining a few things that have been bothering me since season 1 but there’s still one thing they haven’t explained yet. Who’s this girl from the first opening?

    I thought it was Marina for awhile but realized the hair and eye color are different. I hope they explain who she is because it’s been bothering me since the end of season 1.

  56. @Espada
    As I said, she has different eye and hair color. Sure one might argue the lighting has an effect on it but no lighting can completely change the color of someone’s hair. When you compare her to pretty much every shot of Marina you can find it’s pretty obvious they aren’t the same person. I just think Sunrise forgot about her or put her in there for no reason, which would be incredibly dumb in my opinion.

    And with the white clothing that girl is wearing it’s probably safe to assume that she already died awhile ago. After all, Gundam has a pension for hallucinations of dead people. As much as I hate to admit this I don’t see Marina dying. Although after this episode I REALLY wish that she would, which is saying a lot since I actually like her.

  57. @sourrooster
    that is so Marina. Not like anything was ever concrete in a Gundam opening anyway, let alone, any anime opening. That’s would be like saying that isn’t Marinas hand in the 2nd last scene of the new opening, whose else would it be?

  58. Poor swisschocolate, he died. But no matter, he deserved it, and I like the way he was PWNED by the debris of his WMD orbital gun. The writers of the script sure won’t even give the crew a break. We have three innovators incoming, and one armed with a new Mobile Armour Suit, and it looks badass to me, and IS THAT DIVINE? Awesome! Looks like Ribbons has prepared a gift for the crew, with a good dose of GN artillery and a few servings of laser cannon fire. Poor Ptolemy!!

    Ok, the new OP. I wonder why sunrise wanted to add scenes in which everyone in Gundam 00 gets sparkled up and NAKEY? We have Marina, Feldt, Louise and Anew…and they seem to be catching a butterfly. Marina seems to nearly get the butterfly, Feldt did not get the butterfly, Louise does NOT want the butterfly, and Anew seems TO GET THE BUTTERFLY IN THE END. Hence me interpretation is that Marina is reaching out to her lover, gundam baka–excuse me–Setsuna, and is trying to get his hand. Feldt liked Lockon, but lockon is dead, and she slapped Lyle, and so she has no love, so she’s trying to catch the butterfly. Louise has lost her love because of a tragic misunderstanding with gundams, and another misunderstanding of meeting saji in space and discovers him with celestial being, hence the reason why she does not reach out to catch the butterfly, but the butterfly could represent Saji, flying towards her to give his love to her. Anew, on the other hand, allows the butterfly to land on her hand, which means she must have charmed Lyle to love her, however, she is a sleeper agent of the Innovators, so she may have some questions on whether to do her duty or follow her heart.

    Tieria got naked, which means that either he got some link with the other innovators and maybe he is being controlled by someone within Veda, as seen in the OP. Saji, on the other hand, is trying to reach out to Louise, but the unfortunate thing is that their love is broken in a way that is almost irreparable The scene of him and Louise in a room by the beach could be a hint of their reunion? Or is it their afterlife? Louise seems to have the ring, and there seems to be a letter and a few photographs on the table. The butterfly is also present in that scene.

    Gundam action? Woohoo, love the battles, exchanging fire, combat Ptolemy, attacking A laws, Innovators opening fire, Lockon, Alleluljah and Tieria returning the favour with their gundams, PURE AWESOMENESS. Can’t wait to see what other tricks their mobile suits have to take on the enemy. Mr Bushido needs more frames, more than 5 in fact. I wanna see him with his crew of the A laws and Billy, perhaps with the ghost of professor Erifman behind them all.

    Setsuna reaching out to hold a hand (possibly Marina’s) and the butterfly flies around it, which means their love could be together, but it would be at a later time. The scene of the gundam meisters parting ways made my heart break. It seemed as though the day their mission is complete they will all separate and live their lives in peace.
    There is a lot of people missing from the OP: Shirin, Klaus, Sumeragi, Billy, Ian, Lasse, Kati, Patrick, Andrei, A laws, kataron, CB crew, Nena, Neil, Chris, Litchy, wang and Hong Long. Don’t tell me that they are all marked for death? Sergei too? It seems many people will die in season 2.

    The federation propaganda lady is spinning more lies than a computer at full speed, and she seems to try to turn the public towards the A laws stand, and to be precise, I think there are more than enough people who see A laws acts of destruction, ITS TIME TO TAKE A STAND AND SHOUT BACK TO HER: WE KNOW THAT A LAWS IS OPPRESSING US!! Uncle Katagiri and the fat captain seems to be talking about destroying Celestial being, God knows what they are trying to do? Form a strike team to destroy the Ptolemy? Maybe, but their butts may get kicked.

    Setsuna’s reaction at Nena was priceless, and Nena seems to praise setsuna a little, saying that he’s handsome, but setsuna is not buying her crap. No thank you? Setsuna sure lacks manners, even after 4 years ever since he visited Marina in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IN HER BEDROOM. Nena seems annoyed, and STOP HITTING THE HARO, ITS NOT YOUR SLAVE!

    Coup? Seems that some people in the Federation has some brains after all. Now sergei aka PAPA BEAR has to make a choice: join them, or keep silent. A tough choice. I want to know which he would go with.

    Ian’s look when he saw the mountains, clouds, trees, birds, Woodchucks was priceless. I thought for a few seconds his mind was fried like an egg for a while. I was laughing heads over heels at this. Looks like Ptolemy has crashlanded, with a large chunk of her side missing and a huge hole on her body. The meeting at the bridge was my fav, as CB family is getting ready for a discussion—minus setsuna. I like the father-daughter relationship at the ending of that scene. Made me giggle. Looks like the flashback was short and snappy. In a nutshell, Ptolemy was owned by the Mobile Armour and they use smoke to cover their escape. Oh well, they live to fight another day. Marie is becoming a waitress again…woohoo, everyone seems too happy to see her.

    Allelujah needs more role to play, not sit inside the Ptolemy and activate Trans-Am. I wanna see him shoot down some enemy and destroys them with his beams sabers!! And Marie could be more useful in a Mobile Suit, as she can watch Alle’s back and provide support to him at all times. I hope she can drive something and saves the Ptolemy at some important moment, and that would be simply awesome!

    Lyle, lyle, lyle. IF YOU ARE A SPY, DON’T TALK TO YOUR PHONE WHILE YOU ARE IN THE OPEN HIDING BEHIND A ROCK!! It seems anew is suspecting him, EVEN THOUGH SHE DOES NOT KNOW SHE IS A SLEEPER AGENT PLANTED BY WANG AND RIBBONS!! Do they both never read any spy manuals? 007 would have performed better than both of them, but that’s just me. AAAAWWWWWWWWWW, some sweet talking pairing love. It seems that they have become even more loving to each other. Lyle and anew is becoming a couple already!

    Saji, don’t be so emo, buck up and fight as hard as you can, so you can get back your love.

    Introduction to Ribbons, RIBBONS ALMARK WAS PLAIN LAME. Walking out from behind a building???? What did he do? Teleport there? Ribbons was the pilot of 0 gundam!! BOMBSHELL DROPPED!! And he does not seem to age, I think its possible because of his innovator genes. SO HE IS THE ONE WHO TURNED SETSUNA INTO A GUNDAM BAKA AND RECOMMENDED HIM TO VEDA BY HACKING VEDA, and HE LIKED SETSUNA SO MUCH that he picked setsuna to be a gundam meister. WHAT? HE WANTS 00 RISER? NO FUCKING WAY!! I think the reason is that he wanted to pilot the latest mobile suit, but Aeolia does not trust him as he knows someone is planning to betray him, and so he deleted the data of Trans-Am, blueprints of the gundams, 00 riser, and lastly BOOBIE GUNDAM!! Now Ribbons is using the meisters as puppets to get him what he wanted. Prince Ali was awesome, wanting to shoot setsuna and gets him…in the armpit. Just LAME! He wants Setsuna alive enough to fight him and blows him up in the gundam, but didn’t Ribbons said he wants the BOOBIE Gundam? Ali is gonna get whacked by Ribbons if he destroyed the Mobile Suit. Geeze, Aliy never changes after 4 years.

    Lyle, did YOU REALLY SEE THE MOBILE SUITS?? Lyle is a spy who has a lot of info on his fingertips, a push of a button of his phone and bingo! INFORMATION AND MORE INFROMATION. Courtesy of Kataron company Pte Ltd.

    BIG DOSE OF GUNDAM ACTION TIME!! The fight pairs are Setsuna versus Ali, Allelujah versus Revive and tieria fights with Bling aka Bring. Woohoo, Bring picked the wrong person to fight, and Servaee gundam reveals that it is A TWO-IN-ONE COMBO GUNDAM BY DETACHING ITS TORSO FACE AND TRANSFORMING INTO SERAPHIM GUNDAM!! Seriously, Servaee has too many extra body parts. What is Tieria thinking when he asked Ian to build a new suit for him?? Nevertheless, T-chan gave Bring a good dose of GN cannons, perhaps a bit too much, after seeing Bring’s uit destroyed. Poor revive is saddened by bring’s death. Never mind, at least he has more lines than Patrick. Speaking of Patrick, I wanna see him again. Maybe next epoisde is his day with a silver lining. I also wanna see nadleeh back, with the hair and the GN bazookas!!

    Setsuna kicking Ali’s butt? That was so awesome, and I was looking forward to that. And the he was the one who saved kalus and shirin and he was about to kill Ali when he HEARD MARINA’S SINGING VOICE AND STOPPED FROM KILLING ALI, WHICH ALI ESCAPES AND LIVES TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! And the singing part was enlightening and awesome!! But it breaks the fourth wall, as everyone can hear it, and it can penentrate the gundam’s armour.

    Mr Bushido and Louise seems to be getting new suits, and it seems Mr B.’s suit has a hidden ability!! I would like to see how they will take on the gundams in their battles, and it seems it is just the calm before the storm. By the way, Mr B.s suit looks WEIRD, and it’s as absurd as its pilot. Billy is now like louise, tearing the picture of him and sumergai aka kujo and throwing them into the wind. So…he’s gonna kill Sumeragi? PLEASE, NOT ANOTHER TORN COUPLE. Billy can be a drama King indeed, I just hope he knows what he’s doing, because he’s walking down a path of destruction and loveless.


    The Master Commander
  59. @Liz
    We don’t see the face attached to the hand so we can only INFER that it’s Marina. While there is clear evidence that the girl in the first opening is not Marina with the different eye and hair color. A friend of mine said that it might just be Setsuna’s mother. Taking into account that both his mother and Marina had the same seiyuu they may have designed their characters to be similar. Either way one thing is certain: that is NOT Marina.

    And Gundam openings may not be concrete but they do foreshadow quite often. An obvious example is the fact that Astray Red Frame was in the first opening of SEED before the Astray manga was even published.

  60. @Liz:
    Setsuna when sees Marina always remembers his mother. Maybe in that scene we see not Marina, but his mother.

    The last picture in the opening: I think the hands which are touching Setsuna belongs to his mother.

  61. I do not understand all the Marina hating. She didn’t do anything. The 00 Raiser Trans-Am turns the GN particles into a long range communication device that interfaces directly to the brain (like Veda in Gundam 00 and the newtype links in the UC century epoch. We also see its effects just as Ali tried to hostage the ship, the GN particles interfered with his senses to the point that he couldn’t sense the 00 Raiser (granted, it did Trans-Am so the significant boost in speed should be there but meh)

    It was just a bad case of being in the wrong place and in the wrong time which of course sucks for Setsuna as Ali should have been dead there.

    I think the Masurao has the same GN particles that interrupt the senses (it would work perfectly to Graham’s mystique and combat style- imagine the 00 Raiser and Masurao in a duel and both of the pilots are talking telepathically)

  62. @tritoch

    it’s probably not the gn particles interfering with ali’s brain so much as the 00Raiser’s ability to “quantize” , whatever that is.
    the ability that allowed it to teleport like particles…

  63. @tritoch

    I don’t think the elusive style fits Graham well at all ^_^;;. For the last few battles that we have seen him in, he, as i see it, enjoys things close, personal, and straightforward. He does not care for strategy at all, it’s a bit obvious when he asks for a mobile suit with the most speed and the best sword. (The whole talking thing will happen without a doubt. If it wasn’t telepathically it would be through the regular channel.)

  64. I like the conversation between Sumeragi and Allelujah concerning Marie getting involved in
    battle. Now guess who is going to pilot the GN Archer? Yes! It’s no other than Marie. There’s a strong chance that she will pilot it to save Allelujah’s but!

  65. Anyone feels that Cherudim Gundam somehow got the short end of the stick?

    With regards to all the ‘support units available’….
    00 Gundam has the 0 Raiser
    Arios Gundam has the GN Archer
    Seravee Gundam has Seraphim Gundam(Ok it’s in-built, but still it acts like a support unit)
    Cherudim Gundam has….erm…shield bits and Haro?

  66. btw, i REALLY hope that the writers will do something to make Marina more useful and likable because she is SO useless right now. Since Saji is doing something more useful now, Marina became my most hated charactor(save Ali).

  67. Its about time for Setsuna to whoop Ali’s ass but then again he let him escape just like he did in season 1 and we all know that was a mistake b.c that got lockon kill. So now we will c who will die now that Setsuna let Ali off the hook again…..

  68. From this episode it is readily apparent what happened or has happened as far as Aeola’s Plan.

    Ribbons was meant to pilot Exia and be the second Innovator Gundam Meister on the team. Reminds me of heroes with the whole, one of us and one of them, reasoning The Company employed as far as using super humans with human partners.

    Ribbons decided to alter the plan to become his plan. He admitted to as much when Setsuna owned that mobile armor and its pilot at the end of season one and the guy was about to die.

    Additionally the fact that he let Aeola *Die* at the hands of a man he was manipulating. Shows that he has altered the plan to be one of world domination at his hands. And he could care less about pure humans except as far as what they can do to serve him. Hence his relationship with Louise.

    She gives his organization money, he in turn offers her weapons with which to serve him. As long as he gets something out of her, being his living camera and microphone system as far as observing the A Laws when no Innovator is around for starters; he has use for her and would obviously throw her away the moment presents itself.

    I do not know what spawned this megalomania streak in Ribbons, but I have a feeling he is at least a century old at the most. I say this because a lot of the genetic engineering materials that would be needed to create an Innovator are being worked on right now and should be finished in about another hundred years at the most with the current pace of research. Same goes for nanotechnology.

    Considering that DNA should be able to be programed like software once properly understood. And many people participating in the research state that they need faster computers to accomplish this. VEDA was the final piece of the puzzle obviously.

    If you have a quantum computer that is able to access research notes remotely, as well as hack into any computer system that is networked. Why should it not be able to generate altered humans as caretakers of Aeola’s plan?

    Or failing that, the Innovators could be based on research stolen from the Human Reform League by VEDA. Soma stated that she herself has nanotech and she also is able to utilize quantum brainwaves just like the Innovators.

    In all I genuinely hope my theories are answered by the end of this excellent series.

  69. I don’t get this episode, what is going on here ? Songs about happy marmalade times in the middle of war…how chesy can you get… I think everybody has been waiting for a fight between Setsuna and Ali Al Saachez and we finally see Sestuna raging mad…cutting through bullets… we praise him, he slashes through that bastard like he would butter,,, and what do we get !? > suddenly Setsuna is a telepath. I don’t care about the children, Or about the princess (this is melodrama – they should give me a reason to believe in the children or to care about them, I can’t just care for the characters just because they are children and they look nice)…which is a very shallow character,, you can tell everything about her from the way they drew her. I do get she likes children and peace from the way she is drawn…show me something that I don’t know..from first glance…all they have been doing with her character throughout the series has been to say” Hey did u notice that she is a peace and children loving princess…no? Ok we will show you again and again.
    The other princess in GUndam Seed : Lacus I mean we discover in her a person that is determined and smart in reaching her goals…but this ? I think this could’ve been the best episode (not including when Lockon dies)if not for the total demolition of climax with elements from kindergarden.
    And I wonder how they are gonna explain/use the sudden telepathy in Setsuna.

  70. Lol is Setsuna the only guy in the intro? Either way, no matter how strong 00 is, I can’t ever seem to like it. Probably because of all that extra armor. As for Tieria, woohoo, finally found his thunder again. I like Bushido’s new mobile suit.

    the burnt shadow
  71. To Stormlance

    If you have watched episode 11 and 12 you would have know telepathy is possible with O Raiser in Trans-am mode. In fact that’s how Saji Crosssroad came to know that Louise is in A-Laws…not only that everyone else in the area is affected also..watch the episodes again and you will understand..

  72. the happy go-lucky song is a tribute to yoshiyuki tomino. giving a show such vibe and in return killing every single major character. best example is gundam victory. watch the op and open a box of napkins.

  73. Marina is plain useless, she should be killed in the show, she doesn’t possess any power nor does she even possess the right mindset. If you compare her to the rest of the female lead in other gundam shows (ie. gundam seed and gundam wing), she is the least favored.

    Relena started out just as a student and a daughter of an influential politician, but in the end she became a huge political figure and prevented any wars from coming about. The same can be said with Lacus being a daughter of ZAFT’s chairman, except Lacus is also a singer/idol, she was able to influence people from the start and despite her not wanting wars, she will do battle to prevent it, even if it means
    fighting both sides. Now lets see Marina, she was a princess/ruler of a nation, yet she was unable to do anything about it, but follow somebody else or just went with the flow. She is very naive and just plain unrealistic, thinking that she can convince everyone not to fight or stop the wars through her words or singing in this case (IMO her singing sucks – it was too annoying). Not only that, but she even tries to influence the main lead to stop fighting anymore while the guy is trying his hardest to end the war and strife. I wouldn’t have disagreed with Marina, IF she asked that to Setsuna when the battle is OVER! Then that would be understandable, just like in gundam seed when Kira and Lacus just lived together or in gundam wing when Heero and the other pilots gave up their gundams. BUT this isn’t the case in here! She is too stupid to understand what these guys are fighting for and just keeps trying to convince that the only thing she can do is use her song to influence others.

    Marina is one issue, Setsuna is another. He had too many GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! to kill Ali Al Saachez in this episode as well as Ribbons, the moment Ali came out of the cockpit he shouldve shot him down using his gundam then both would’ve died in the spot. Also the fact that he stopped during Marina’s song shows that she is his weakness, as long as she existed she would continue haunting him, he’s better of without her.

  74. it’s not about the lyrics it’s about the upbeat mood. that the OP that usually give’s the audience. ideon had sad lyrics too, it didn’t stop tomino from making an upbeat song and killing every single person possible.

  75. Awesome episode. If Ali hadn’t held the ship hostage, Setsuna might’ve killed him without Trans-Am (and him hearing Marina’s failtastic song). Actually the song wasn’t too bad, it’s the damn timing. Marina, if you are gonna keep doing this, you’re just gonna get more people killed. Why can’t you be more like Relena or Lacus who are actually useful? The future relationship better make up for your uselessness. 🙁

    Love the music playing in Tieria and Allelujah’s sortie. The appearance of Seraphim Gundam totally mindfucked me. This whole time I expected it inside Seravee, but the BACKPACK? Holy shit. Innovators: 1 down, 6 to go. Hopefully not 7. Can’t wait to see Bushido’s “Flaghead” in action, and what may be “Fake Trans-Am”.

  76. i can understand why everyone is annoyed got Ali Not getting killed in this episode, but think logically, a major villain like him should die at the end of the series, not in the middle of it.

  77. I know I’m late to the party on this but, Marina’s Lacus impersonation is quickly starting to put here ahead of Saji in terms of my hated characters list.Especially when she stops someone like Ali from dying.

  78. @Lelouch,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    The show is about redemption….That’s why Marina and Setsuna’s “weaknesses” are important. Or else you should side with the A-laws…they have the right idea as far as total peace: eliminate problematic people, use poison against poison, total domination of the population thru force and/or fear, etc.

    But since this is a GUNDAM show, not an A-LAWS show, we can’t see these ideas prevail. That’s why I truly believe OO Raiser’s true function is to connect people’s minds together in this show. It’s very corny, I agree. I’m an avid chess player myself, I go for the kill 100%..

    But hey, Gundam is Gundam…And this is not corny like GSD…so i’m ok with it.

  79. But I still don’t see a Bask Om or Jamitov… oh wait there’s Ribbons. Maybe more shots of A-LOLS just slaughtering “uncooperative nations” and then we can truly view them as evil. Most of what we’ve seen is the team fighting CB, and the other who manned the Memento Mori. Show more of what’s happening offscreen, plz.

  80. the problem, leoh, is that the A-Laws are not a political party or a country. they are just a military force, kind of like the UN peacekeeping forces, not the actual UN. but they like to act like they are a separate entity. as for their ‘evilness’, it should go without saying. they have already used the Mori to wipe out a couple of countries/organizations that have been against the federation, but they killed everyone, men, women and children, not to mention that it has already been said in an earlier episode that they have been using these tactics for a while but most people dont know, and probably wouldnt care. their world is a lot like ours, but picture the UN with ungodly powers and a huge ‘peacekeeping’ force. hell, they even want to bring the actual military under A-Laws control. the Gundams unconsciously created them in wanting to bring the world together in peace, well, they brought the world together, but the world subsequently created a merciless military force hell bent on the eradication and massacre of any and all resistance groups. these resistance groups are not even opposing a countries ideology anymore, they are just resisting the A-Laws. same with the Gundams. i am sure the Gundams dont have a problem with the countries around the world uniting, but they probably hoped this united front would have helped and nurtured developing countries and bringing needless wars to a halt, as opposed to just destroying countries completely. the A-Laws were the ones who eradicated the Middle East in order to enforce their rule there as well. the A-Laws have actually become what the people thought CB was in the first season. a single group enforcing itself on the entire world. slowly but surely people within the governments around the world are seeing this and questioning the direction the world is going. members in the military have already figure it out and if they ever allow the truth of the A-Laws atrocities come to light, then the world as a whole would notice as well.

  81. as for Marina, i dont really get all the hate. you have Relena(GW) on one side, who was fighting from the very start, Lacus(GS) in the middle who stood back and watched half the time and then took a stand, and Marina on the other side, who abhors fighting and would like things to end through talking and deliberations. only i never felt Lacus was all that believable. Relena took over after her father and wanted to end all the atrocities fromt he start as well as wanting her own gundam crush to stop fighting, but Lacus appeared through most of Seed (never watched Destiny) as an aloof person who had some slight knowledge of what was going on but pretty much stayed to herself and wasnt all that interested in what was going on around her, then all of a sudden she becomes the head of a major resistance group and not just a figurehead, but a fighting strategic leader almost out of nowhere. marina doesnt like the fighting at all, she wants Setsuna to stop because she sees that he really doesnt want to keep on fighting either. Setsuna knows he has a reason to fight, but he doesnt really want to go on fighting. kind of like Saji, he really doesnt want to fight, but he ends up fighting nonetheless. if Louis wasnt all crazy crackhead, and was like she was at the beginning of the first season, i am sure she would be imploring him to stop fighting as well. either way, she has her principals and she sticks to them, the person she is interested in, Setsuna, is fighting, the person she trusts completely (i forget her name) is fighting, and the country she was to look after was destroyed, and in the end, she still doesnt like fighting. she is what she is. as for the singing, it is not like it was her fault, she was just singing with the children to help calm them and herself down, how in the hell was she supposed to know Setsuna could hear her. besides, she is the constant reminder of what everyone is fighting for, for the people who cannot fight back and are being slowly crushed by the A-Laws actions. Setsuna finds her interesting because he wants to believe, like her, that the fighting will and can stop, but even with him spewing the CB motto of ending war completely, i am sure he is a little hesitant if that is possible.

  82. I dunno, I miss Prototype as the ED. I mean the first half of
    the season had some really good cliffhangers like with Memento
    Mori’s first demonstration on the Seel Kingdom and how Prototype
    started at the apex of that.

    The song really did put some nice emphasis on the initial cliffhangers
    so I really hope this new ED measures up…x_x.


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