Bring’s death sparks different reactions in the Innovators, from anger in Devine to frustration in Revive over how one of them was defeated. Regene, however, is less interested in Bring and more interested in how Tieria chose to oppose them. Setsuna meanwhile makes his way to the Katharon base and collapses in the hanger after seeing Marina. His movements are unknown to the Ptolemaios crew who are at that moment making their way to a rendezvous with a Katharon resupply group, though Tieria is confident that Setsuna will come back. In the meantime, Ian, Sumeragi, and the Meisters discuss how the Seraphim was used in the battle and how they’re currently vulnerable. Over at a Federation base, Sergei is reflecting on his earlier conversation with Pang Hercule about the coup d’état. The mastermind of the coup, Pang is opposed to what the Federation has been doing recently and was plotting to take action in the orbital elevator where A-LAWS doesn’t have jurisdiction. Sergei thought that Pang wanted him to join the coup, but Pang knew that Sergei wouldn’t defy military order and pointed to what happened with Sergei’s wife Holly as an example. Pang’s intent in telling Sergei all this was so that Sergei would turn a blind eye towards it since Pang didn’t want to fight his old friend.

Sometime later, Klaus and Shirin meet with their coup contact, but he declines to give them any details on the operation. The coup faction merely wants Katharon to watch and decide whether or not to cooperate afterward, though they’re surprised to hear that Katharon is in contact with Celestial Being. Meanwhile, Louise and Andrei’s group arrives on some A-LAWS carriers for another mission. Andrei questions if Louise wants to act more womanly, particularly in front of Saji, but she denies it and claims that she’s thrown away her past. She doesn’t want to hear any more of what he has to say, and after she walks off, Patrick offers to explain the basics of love to Andrei. Watching this from afar is Hiling who notes to Devine that being human is inconvenient since humans can’t communicate like the Innovators can. Revive then joins the conversation by revealing that Regene isn’t participating in their upcoming mission, and Devine thinks that it’s because he’s different. Over on the other ship, Kati arrives by shuttle and is greeted by Billy. Billy explains that he’s here so that he can personally see Celestial Being be destroyed, and Kati promises to fulfill that wish soon.

While recuperating from his injury at the Katharon base, Setsuna has a vision of his younger self going to kill his parents. Stopping it form happening, he tells his younger self that there is no god and throws the boy at his parents. Setsuna then leaves with the gun only to find Lockon outside, and Lockon tells him that the only things that can be changed by the past are Setsuna’s feelings right now – nothing else. As if on cue, Setsuna hears gunshots from behind him and finds the gun is back in the hands of his younger self. Lockon then urges Setsuna to change in place of himself who was not able to change, and Setsuna wakes up in the next moment to the sound of singing. Seeing Marina and the children around his bed, he struggles through a lot of pain while trying to get back up, but Marina wants him to take the time to heal and starts talking about how he wrote about understanding each other in his letter to her four years ago. She uses this to get him to tell her about himself, so he reveals his past. In return, Marina tells him about how she liked music and wanted to pursue that path, but she had to be the princess of Azadistan. This causes Setsuna to remark that she’s more suited to play music than act as a princess, and Marina concedes that she might have tried too hard, but she thinks that Setsuna was the same. Their conversation is then interrupted by news that the Ptolemaios got resupplied by Katharon’s Europe branch.

At that moment, the Ptolemaios is approaching the coastline with some repairs almost complete, but many of its systems are still not working properly. Tieria finds Mileina sleeping in the Seravee’s hanger, exhausted from doing repairs, and gives her a blanket and thanks her. Unfortunately, the ship’s alarms suddenly start blaring because a large A-LAWS force is headed towards them. Kati has brought along 36 mobile suits plus a mobile armor for this battle, and the plan is simple: the Gadessa and the Empruss will keep the Gundams tied up while everyone else concentrate the Ptolemaios. Sumeragi responds by having Lyle snipe as many as he can from a distance while the Cherudim Gundam’s Trans-Am is active, but Kati knows that the Trans-Am has a time limit and has her units wait it out. When that time comes to pass, it’s Allelujah and Tieria’s turn to face the enemy force, and although they manage to take out a few GN-XIIIs and Aheads, they have trouble against the Innovators. In particular, the Empruss catches both Gundams and electrocutes them into submission. This allows the rest of the A-LAWS units to get by, and the only defense the Ptolemaios has left is the GN Archer. Because of this, Marie volunteers to head out in it, though Saji first notices that one of the enemy mobile suits is Marie’s old one, and he realizes that Louise is now piloting it.

Back at the Katharon base, Setsuna decides to launch in the 00 Raiser despite his injuries, but before he goes, he asks Marina to let him hear the children’s song again the next time they see each other. He’s too far away to make it back in time to stop the A-LAWS bombardment on the Ptolemaios, but luckily for them, Kati suddenly gets an urgent message from headquarters and is forced to order a retreat. The reason for this is the coup d’état by Pang Hercule and his forces on the orbital elevator. Word of this soon reaches Setsuna as well, and it leads him to think that the Ptolemaios will probably be headed in the direction of the Africa tower now. When he finally reaches the structure though, Mr. Bushido and the Masurao is there waiting for him. Setsuna doesn’t want to deal with this right now, but Mr. Bushido activates the Masurao’s Trans-Am.

ED Sequence

ED: 「trust you」 by 伊藤由奈 (Itou Yuna)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Streaming ▼

As I said last week, I’m a fan of Itou Yuna’s work, and trust you turned out to be about as good as a ballad I had hoped, though until I hear it a bit more, I think I still prefer Prototype. More interesting is the fact that the animation that goes with it, in addition to showing all the Gundams in ruined states with some very pretty shots (what can I say, it’s kinda like mecha porn), continues some of the scenes started in the first ED. The fact that Saji pulls Louise towards him indicates that they might get a happy ending after all, and if you watch this ED closely, you can see that it’s Anew that Lyle will hook up with.


Well, unlike Setsuna, I’m not shocked at all that the Masurao got a Trans-Am equivalent. As I’ve said before, it was the mobile suit and pilot combo most suited to counter the 00 Raiser, and this was an easy way to bring it up to an equal level. In terms of seeing cool things, I kinda wish it were some new technology involved, but oh well. Regardless, I hope that it’ll be the only one to get Trans-Am, and this won’t turn into the GN-Drive from the first series where everyone ended up getting one. For the time being though, Setsuna’s got a huge challenge ahead of him since he’s still injured, and Mr. Bushido isn’t about to let up. I’m going to guess that Setsuna can’t handle this by himself and that someone has to come help.

As for the rest of the episode, I was initially kind of disappointed that the battle ended due to the coup d’état since it meant that the action was cut short. On second thought though, it might be for the better that the Gundams or Sumeragi didn’t pull out another miracle (possibly with Allelujah and Marie in the GN Archer) so that they can have a surprise saved up for another day. Setsuna and Marina meanwhile managed to get to know each other a bit better, but even after all their moments together this episode, I still don’t see them as a particularly close couple – far from the love that the Katharon kids were talking about. Maybe that’s not the ultimate point of their relationship though since Saji and Louise are really the true lovers of the series – Setsuna and Marina are more like ideological counterparts who shape each other’s (and the audience’s) views of the world. Oh and on a different note, I wish they would just let Lockon/Neil rest in peace already. I know he had a huge impact on everyone, but he doesn’t need to show up at every critical juncture of each character’s development.

Since the coup took place inside the orbital elevator, I imagine that this might be what leads to the collapse of it as hinted in the special two weeks ago. The preview seems to indicate that tragic things are coming, so this could be the catalyst to that.


  1. That bushito guy should just blow himself up for good. What’s the point of having him in the show in the first place? Has anybody thought about this? What is his role in the series? He’s just there to give Setsuna a living hell but no purpose whatsoever!

    P.S ED animation is simply magnifisent!

  2. Fantastic episode, and I personally LOVED the ending and all of it’s symbolism. From the way it handled the Gundams to the pairings.

    I for one am hoping that Saji and Louise do get their happy ending. It seemed Anew/Lyle kissed in their shot, Allelujah and Marie pulled closer and kissed, and then Saji tugged Louise towards him and kissed her. Then again, that was off screen, so I don’t know. The OP and ED both have showed positive-ish outcomes for Saji and Louise, but watch Sunrise decide to kill one of them. That’d so be Sunrise. D:

  3. on second thought it’ not so bad for graham to regain some honor, and that would lead to 00 raiser’s destruction and setsuna gets a new godly gundam. well it always happen in gundam

  4. Is that one of the orbital elevators behind the Masurao?

    They haven’t shown one on Earth so far this season, and now the two most powerful suits are going to have a major fight near one?

    This is not going to end well at all :/

  5. Res:

    If you go frame by frame during the sheet scene, you’ll momentarily see that the hidden figure’s hair color is clearly purple.

    The ED was really beautiful. Indeed, I think this ED, at least art-wise, may be my favorite so far for any Gundam series.

  6. So beautiful ending. The song, the new animated sequences with kisses. I just wonder where is Marina. No setsuna x Gundam >_<
    Seriously it’s epic. I loved prototype but there….I’m sold.

  7. LOL Great theyve given the worst mech of the SERIES the greatest power of the series!! i mean comon why does it have bunny ears!!!!!! I gotta say that currently this series has set itself up to be the worst so far!
    A character who has no morals or sanity and fights to prove it
    Hyper pyschic psycho teens who control the world from the sidelines
    2 many Frey charcters
    Not enough actual gundams!

    Afterall the show is called gundam not see how gundam sucks over time!!!

    Bushido=Kazuki from dragonaught yuk!

    Overall so far 6/10 i hope to see improvement

  8. @WingZerozxt

    Characters with no morals or sanity… Hyper psychic psycho teens who control the world… Not enough actual Gundams… Wait a minute… Where did I see those before? Hmm…

    Got it: I believe you just described majority of the Gundam saga… So what were you saying about 00 not being “Gundam” enough?

  9. @Omni
    How come you weren’t shocked by the trans-am!

    Well, if there is one; there are multiple ones. I really can’t believe that guy is really a genius to be able to do the same technology from scratch. Then only thing left is to use the special GN drive that is in only one of the Gundams.

    In the other hand, i think it is a good idea to have technology of the same level for a while cause Celestial Beam have been getting a lot advantage with more modern technology. Now that they are on the same level in technology, it will force the pilots to become amazing in their skills and be able to beat the enemy even without the advantage. And once an advantage comes, they can beat them all up.

  10. @Silv

    It’s Anew’s jacket. And it moreso implies a romance, what with Allelujah’s jacket and Marie’s shirt being in the water, and Saji’s shirt and Louise’s uniform attached to a pole together.

  11. Regarding the ED

    I was open to the fact that it could be Feldt (given the fact that I couldn’t pause at the right moment where you see the hair), but after looking at that screenshot, I have no doubts (and no problems with it, since I prefer that pair).

  12. Anew/Lyle is a nice curveball that I am in favor of.

    Lyle said it himself…he’s not his brother. So why should he be paired with Feldt? They haven’t spoken in 10 episodes. No conversation regarding the slap from earlier has occurred. It would be incredibly forced at this point.

    Anew is better looking and has a better personality too. Good job Lyle. You made the right decision. -claps-

  13. One of this site’s bloggers turned out to be an Innovator. haha

    Ruined gundams… oh boy, not again. Might be season 1’s destruction all over again.

    And I wonder what makes Arthur Goodman so happy in the preview. Who’s he shagging? hehe

    Chino F.
  14. arthur goodman probably piloting new collosal gundam…and wiping out all the coup detat soldier…if any1 notices that louis is piloting the MA in the opening? red n blue color fighting setsuna

  15. i was not happy seeing anew with lyle but when i read a few comments i realize myself that he is not neil so he really has not a reason to be with Feldt at all but anyways all i have now it’s to look forward to what the story is going to turn

  16. this is going to suck if every a-laws suite is going to be use trans-am >.>

    ed was just beautiful….the artwork is amazing. very gd!

    i hope setsuna pwns mr.busido…i want to see his face >=D

  17. There’s something fishy about the Masurao having Trans-Am. I mean, all the A-Laws GN-drives are fake ones, so they have a shorter operational time than the originals because they can’t generate GN particles. Trans-Am drains GN-particles like a mo-fo, so you’d think the Masurao would be dead in the water in seconds.

  18. @Blue
    Theoritically, the Masurao still should be able to use Trans-Arm, but the price should be that once its time limit expires the Masurao should be dead in the water. I doubt any A-Laws MS can have trans-arm unless it was specifically designed like the Masurao. I do agree that in the future that we will see a suit that mimics 00-Raizer, trans-arm included thanks to Billy.

  19. Good episode ! Too bad no Marie in GN Archer and really nice ED (I hope the ED means happy endings for Saji&Louise, Allelujah&Marie and also Setsuna&Marina, even though they aren’t in the ED). I can’t wait to finally see tagteam Alle-Marie kick ass on the battlefield.

    How long are Louise, Kati(&Patrick) going to stay on the A-Laws side? It’s time for them to change to the side where they belong: joining up CB. Kati originally joined A-laws to keep an eye on them (for Sergej) and now she’s fighting full scale war against CB. Same goes for Louise who’s only with the A-Laws because of Ribbons’ manipulations and a 1-sided misunderstanding concerning Louise thinking Saji was/is a CB-member since their happy times in season1.
    Kati reunited with Sumeragi and Louise with Saji before the endgame starts in gundam 00 would be really nice

  20. i love the new ending, i personally think its better than prototype. the animation and the whole Anew/Lyle thing was expected since they seem to like each other. I dont understand why people are sad about Feldt, i think that would be poor development. Feldt like Neil not Lyle so for him to get with her would be kinda weird. I also really like Anew as well. I think Lyle and her make a cute couple. For some strange reason i always wanted Feldt and Tieria to get together, kinda weird but whatever. Great ep and great new ending.

    ∞ Aries
  21. well we know for sure Marie/Soma is the pilot of the GN (Gun) archer, but what I’m wondering is… does the Masurau’s Trans-Am (Trans-Am Tau?) have the same limit properties and ability upgrades as the regular Trans-Am

  22. I don’t think Mr.bushi’s suit is going to out perform 00 with 0-raizer. 0-raizer help stabilized 00’s Trans-Am and boost it, exceed estimation by 290%. Plus I think Mr.Bushi is just an extra in the story, what’s the point of he being there.

    P.S. why do I have a feeling that Hallelujah will be back soon and join the fight. Hallelujah + Gundam + Tran-Am is wicked sick…

  23. Great episode and new ED. I agree that Marina and Setsuna won’t be a couple and that Lyle will stay with Anew. I also hope that Sagi and Louise have an happy ending together. Fot some reason I think that it is possible for Feldt to stay with Setsuna. Wierd. Well for starters, main character usually ends up with the pink haired girl(Feldt). The two had thier first kiss without their consent, Setsuna/Nena Lyle/Feldt. It might be possible but remotely. On a side note, Gundam 00 needs some more fanservice, soon.

  24. i’m getting more and more concerned with marie and allelujah for some reason. it’s been a little too quiet between them within the last 5 or 6 episodes.
    on the other hand, i’m really happy about lyle and anew though 🙂 from the first time they met, i had a feeling they’d end up together 😀 cute couple!
    and i just don’t really care about setsuna and marina or saji and louise 😛 lol. i dont know why…i guess i’m just obsessed over cute couplings, and neither of those couples seem very cute to me = =^^

  25. well, Feldt actually had no reason to be paired up with Neil either, it was more of a one sided crush, though it does suck that she’s going to come out of the ordeal “alone.”

    @ pinkt

    anew also wears the same pink jacket as feldt, must be some kind of power rangers standardization. her dialogue about “they found where we are also” from the previous episode leads me to believe she’s an innovator but isn’t aware of it, maybe she was reprogrammed prior to being placed by wang and at some point down the story she’ll have her memories reactivated (hence the pointing gun motif from the ED) but will this will be conflicted with her time spent with CB

  26. Hossi: No. Just… no. CB is pwnd, then what? A-laws conquer the world and rule in tyranny (after elevator drop)? No atoning for the lost resistance? Karma Houdini, there. Sure, Kati has some good intentions, but Goodman or Ribbons… not so sure. Lead humans to space when you don’t even know humans yourself? And proclaiming yourself God? N***a plz.

  27. I knew Anew was going to hook up with Lyle, they’ve been hinting at it so much in the past few episodes XP. I think it’s much better than having him hook up with Feldt, who’s just pining after his brother.

  28. @Auriaga
    Mr Bushido is annoyingly the only character in this series fighting for nothing absolutley nothing!!! it angers me

    And also by shortening what i said you said somthing different i advise you to read it again and not abbrieviate

  29. hurray awesome new ending
    and the scenes between marina and setsuna are great character development in my opinion. though i agree, they are far from being real lovers at the moment.

  30. Although noone has said anything yet, I get the feeling that Anew will die, if anything from Lyle’s own hands. Probably she ‘awakens’ or is forced to do the innovators bidding, at which point Lyle has no choice but to shoot her. I think this makes the most impact and most sense to the storyline. It also gives Lyle a good reason to take the fight against the innovators, especially revive, which might be his opponent for the end (as hinted in the OP). But I won’t jinx it yet :). Also judging from the director and the large cast, the end will be a huge bloodbath similar to the end of gundam z.

    Am I the only one who just loves Graham’s new suit? I might be biased, but he is by no means an extra as others have mentioned. If anything he is the biggest threat to CB even more so than Ribbons (until his own suit comes out..00 version quebeley perhaps?). Also symbolicly he would be the reflection of the evil within law and order compared to Ali who is more the evil from chaos and destructive urge. The fact that he was the only one to actually hurt the gundams with the old MS in the first season may be skewering my viewpoints a bit however.

  31. I love the ending… I don’t know if Anew doesn’t know about being an innovator… maybe she does know and that’s why lyle has the gun in his hands in both endings… but maybe they fall in love and she decides to work completely with CB.

    Just a guess… and I love the new ending!!

  32. “though i agree, they are far from being real lovers at the moment.”

    Hopefully it’ll stay that way. I can’t imagine them getting together without it seeming forced. I mean what basis is there to even what relationship they have now, beyond Marina looking and sounding like Setsuna’s dead mom (and being almost old enough to be his mom, LOL)? Marina comes off to me as less a character and more a plot device to alter Setsuna’s character.

  33. Episode was okay. But I’m not sensing anything good if the coup is taking place in the elevator. From Goodman’s smirk, and what looks like black boxes (maybe automatons), this will be the 30 Bunch Incident. If not, probably…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  34. Here’s a pretty good assumption of everything.
    Setsuna -crippled
    Tiera- dead
    Marie – dead
    Allelujah- dead
    Billy – dead
    Bushido – MIA
    Sumeragi- dead
    Anew – dead
    Lyle – alive
    Feldt- alive
    Lousie – dead
    Saji – alive
    Ali – alive
    Ribbons – crippled/comatose
    Marina – alive

    There are going to be a lot of sacrificing lives.. Anew is totally dead towards the end, I can see it.

  35. Huh…if the ED is spelling out couples properly (Ale x Marie, Lyle x Anew, Saji x Louise), then does Setsuna become single or does he “get with” Aeolis?

    Pay attention to his “jacket piece”. I’m pretty sure those are glasses…and they don’t seem to be like Ian’s or Linda’s glasses…

    Another thing…the drive remaining on the ruined 00 is the Exia one (EP2…O Gundam is left, Exia is right). Interpret that as you will…

  36. Suspecting a Tomino-style end, Loussier?

    So what happens to the characters you left out, like Kati, Patrick, Regene, and Nena?

    Also there’s no way Ali gets out of this series alive.

  37. Agreed on the chance of Ali living. There’s no way he can survive the wrath that is Setsuna, and everyone else who hates him. If he does live.. that’d be a terrible shame.

    I personally hope we don’t get a Tomino style ending, but I do know quite a few main characters will probably die, and that saddens me.

    Also, as far as the “jacket piece”, I don’t think that’s Setsuna’s. I believe that’s Tieria’s as the glasses belong to him. The clothing shots follow the same characters as the continuation from the “Prototype” scenes, I believe.

  38. Espada’s Weekly Gundam OO Opinion post xD
    1. So Marina’s song will give some fighting spirit for setsuna
    2. graham using trans-graham xD like Lurker said above (we watch the same gundam fansubbed 15th ep O_O)
    3. Coup saves CB, pretty lame…
    4. Louise mobile armor will net gundam OO???
    5. the ending is ok, its like the ending’s go the Gundam Seed Franchise with destroyed gundams in whats exciting is the continuation of the animation in the first ending song xD (I see Anew’s hawt legs there ;P)

    im just confused who’s CB uniform is with Feldt, Lyle or Neil…

    i agree of some characters that will be dead…
    but Ali not dead??? i will kill him my self >,<

    can someone find me a nicely drawn nekkid Anew plsssssss

  39. i have to say, the new ending was very touching. probably one of the best ED i’ve heard from any series. the lyrics really expressed alot of the feelings of the main characters in the series. good job

  40. Flashback
  41. I think this episode shows a lot of Setsuna x Marina hints. I mean, Setsuna told her about his painful past when he’d never tell anyone before. And she told him of hers.

    I know that it’s hard to see sparks between them. But I think their relationship is developing slowly (way way slowly.) And I like that. I mean in Wing, (don’t get me wrong, I love Gundam Wing) Heero and Relena didn’t really have any romantic moment at all until episode 40 something (I think it’s 47 – 48), because mostly they talked about wars and politics (Just like Setsuna and Marina) and in the end when he gave her the teddy bear. But you know they love and trust each other.

    And the reason she’s not in ED….yeah…that I can’t argue that it’s not like a death flag to her, because it is…(at least to me)
    But if I’m not wrong…those flowers are called Marina flowers right?

  42. I think the Gadessa and Garazzos will get Trans AM upgrades and So will Ali’s Arche Gundam but don’t look forward to seeing a Trans Am Sergei and Patrick. Also I hope Patrick and Sergei won’t be stuck piloting GN-X’s I hope the get some type of upgrade

  43. bah; butthurt billy is butthurt. “killz dem, dey tookz mah woman who probably didn’t care about me anyway”, is how it seems.

    and of course, graham’s dumb seems to get worse regularly; I wonder, if setsuna was to play radio tag with the masurao and point out that he’s injured and thus it’s not an even battle, would graham still have the brains to back off under his own ideals? he stopped when the 00 wasn’t at it’s best before, but that means little for masked villain archetypes in gundam.

  44. Is that kid in ED really Setsuna or their son???

    So Gundams didn’t explode and serve as monuments on different parts of earth? How about their GN drives? Because it’s the most important part of Gundam.

    Looks like underwater

    Great nose dive

    North or south pole (aurora)

    u no hu
  45. Concerning Graham’s new suit and it’s trans-am, I see two possibilities:
    A. Trans-am is a success and every suit will have it.(I seriously doubt. Aeolia is one slick guy who pissed people off 200 years ahead of him. I still want to know about that jupiter project talked about in the first season)

    B. Masurao’s trans-am is out of whack and only Graham uses it because he has(imo he has no significant part in this story.) a fighter’s attraction to stesuna.

    I like Ragna’s interpretation of it being Neil’s jacket with Feldt. It makes sense and eases my heart if put that way.

  46. The scenes with Setsuna and Marina reminded me of Kira and Lacus in GSD after he is injured in the battle with Athrun. I actually really enjoyed this episode until the end… This show just keeps me on the edge because no one is really safe, you never know when they are going to kill someone off and you care about everyone! Its just so maddening!

  47. doesnt a-laws have one original gn-drive (the one from when they captured alle at the end of s1)? if so it would explain the trans-graham while at the same time restricting trans-am to that one suit.

    anyone else too thinking that regene is behaving suspicious? im pretty sure that at some point he’ll betray ribbons, though im not sure if its in order to take over or in order to help cb.
    there is one point besides his behaviour that makes me think so: veda
    its been rarely mentioned this season, even though its probably the single most important object in the whole series (with the possible exception of 00). its used by the fed gov to controll the media, it connects to the innovators (possibly between them too), contains the plans for all the advanced tech that makes cb so powerfull but most importantly its the direct inheritance of aeolia’s will. now i know its seemingly controlled by ribons but if u watched closely thats not true. ribbons can access up to lvl7 but since he didnt know about the twin drive (plus im wondering if he has the plans shouldnt he have been able to create original gn-drives given that he had lots of time, so those plans might be upper-lvl too) its quite obvious that there is at least lvl 8. now who controls that ( and therefore the lower lvls/ complete veda).
    i can think of only two answers. either veda is self-controlled/working by the original programm made by aeolia (in which case it will at some point staart acting pro-cb),
    OR its controlled by some person other then ribbons with the only logical choice being regene.
    so, what do u guys think?

  48. @uargh:
    A-LAWS doesn’t have any real GN-drive. Alleliujah before capture ejected GN-drive.
    And if you look carefully at the ED picture, where Tieria is shooting, you can see that Tieria is pointing out Regene.

  49. I really hope setsuna beats mr. b next episode, but setsuna usually had to rely on his gundam’s superior technology to beat ali or graham in the past, but hopefully he’ll go berserk or something cause of his injury or something else. Even ali said he got better in last weeks episode

  50. Also, just recently watched the subs and at the end of the preview it was said: “The punishment of humanity has begun.” Combine that with the episode title “A Prelude to Tragedy” and news of the elevator drop, something big’s gonna happen.

  51. Feldt’s jacket is next to Lockon’s on the bed of flowers. But which Lockon is this referring to, Neil or Lyle. (I know Lyle is with Anew in the ending)

    Gona make some crazy assumptions based on the empty clothing section of the ending

    – Allelujah looks like he’s reaching for Marie, who seems to be drifting off in a different direction. I think she will die (piloting the GN Archer) thus resurrecting Hallelujah.

    – As sad as it sounds i think Feldt will die (I love Feldt). The clothes on the flower bed to me symbolizes that they will finally be together (Feldt/Neil). Providing the Lyle/Anew thing is correct and not just a ruse to get everyone wondering about it (which is a possibility)

    – I’m assuming that Saji and Louise are in the mountain scene with the 00 Rasier. Obviously they’ll end up together. The clothes are joint and the intro pretty much spells it out. (At least i think so)

    – Tieria’s shot is hard to work out without surmising that he’ll die. I’ve personally always thought that his final fight will be against Ali-Al Sarshes due to the whole Neil/Lockon scenario. So if Tieria’s shot of his jacket falling is anything to go by then maybe a double K.O perhaps. Hmmmm.

    – Setsuna doesn’t have a clothes shot. Interesting. I think the boy at the end is Setsuna (not his and Marina’s child as people have been saying) The field of flowers symbolizes the change he wants in himself. He drops the gun slightly, smiling. He loves his Gundam and what it stands for but is glad it is able to stand there as a memento of his past, never to go back to the way things were. The flowers are Marina’s influence on him.
    I’ve always seen Setsuna and Marina as a brother sister role. I still do until i see some pashing.

  52. @Terra,

    That is Anew’s red jacket in the red forest, not Feldt’s pink jacket.

    Saji pulling Louise to his side => Saji’s sweater and Louise’s uniform tied together to pole
    Tieria turning on the Innovators => Glasses and his uniform
    Al and Marie laying down together => Al and Marie’s clothes in underwater.
    Anew and Lyle => Lyle and Anew’s clothes in the red forest.

  53. huzzah

    so you guys and you speculations are about right. feldt will not be anyone at this point. we might see a love triangle due to the fact that the jackets signifies the relationship between characters. the pink and the green jacket is a major factor to this claim. anew is the curtain lady too. and anew wears a red one. lylexfeldtxanew

    now tieria will likely meet a tragic end to his character since he is quite frankly, camille v3. shinn asuka sucked as camille. i like this camille type character better(tieria). young, brash, contradictory and looks up to someone i.e. camille to quattro/ tieria to neil. to me that is enough to be tagged camille v3.

    now setsuna and marina’s relationship is forced at this point. i will discuss this later when i find a valid reason to consider them a couple.

  54. You should have seen the sub when they put Trans-Graham, but crossed the “Grah” out. With Bushido back, will Setsuna finally “become Gundam?”

    I agree that Prototype was a good ED song, but the animation sequence for Yuna’s “trust you” was nonetheless more stunning than its predecessor and possibly foreshadowing the events to come.

    I really enjoyed how we got to see Marina’s character a bit more and how she’s not your typical anime princess who would actually stand up and raise a gun to defend her people. She really is more suited as a music teacher. Most referenced her song as a Ranka thing, but I personally think it’s more of a Lacus thing.

  55. i thought the guy with the red hair w/purple m.suit didn’t die.
    some of the innvotors are starting to look the same
    good thing Sunrise didn’t pull a Kira move out the hat from G.SEED.

    next sunrise plot twist
    more minor character deaths to come, no surprise
    super trans-am plus?
    selfing destruc. GN drive?

  56. I’m guessing Marie and Allelujah will die. Simply because they are going to be in the combined MS as well as the pictures. Normally, one of the combined MS needs to get blown up and the 00 raiser has plot immunity due to setsuna, so it’ll probably be the gn archer. One of them will get shot (Marie probably) and killed and the other, having nothing more to live for, will go on a glorious suicide run.

    Feldt will die since the writers are positioning her as not having gotten over Lockon.

    Ribbons will curse and swear that he was merely a pawn in Aeolia Schenberg’s plan before getting blown up (guessing here that Ribbons turned traitor on the whole plan ala Alejandro)

    Marina won’t die as she represents the yin (gentleness and understanding) to Setsuna’s yang (war and force). I’m thinking her song might even end up serving as the ending piece of the war (probably through the 00 raiser’s super transam mode?)

    Zaku Fan
  57. Gah, I’m getting enamored with Marina’s song the more I listen to it in this series. Sure, it might be a bit corny, but it’s soothing. It just feels right for a scenario like Setsuna hearing the song before dying after a great battle. A depressing thought but it does feel right with the hero dying and hearing the song of children and his “beloved” as the world heals itself. Heroic sacrifice and a sparkling explosion for bonus points!

  58. Interesting that when Kati walked up to Billy, she spoke as if she didn’t recognize him? Didn’t all three of them (Kati, Billy, & Sumeragi/Kujou) know each other when they were younger? There’s at least the one flashback with all 3 of them chatting.

  59. Do my eyes decieve me… Will the orbital elevators be dropped from the sky? It’s no colony but hell, It’ll do!

    What’s up with the song thing… this isn’t Macross – Giant aliens Funding CB for global domination? PROTOCULTURE

    A colony Dropping Fan
  60. Trans-grahAm!

    Although I must say only Graham can match OO Raiser, having able to use trans-am is not so right. I mean, in the first season, I think they mentioned that trans-am can only be used by original GN Drives.

    Unlike original GN Drives, the fake drives cannot produce its own GN particles and need recharging from their base. Even Ptolemy needs a Gundam to supply its gn particles.

    A Gundam after trans-am, also needs to recharge and that is possible because they CAN recharge on their own, but fake drives can’t. What do you think will happen if Masurao depleted its GN particles? If (in the next episode) Masurao will be unusable after trans-am, then maybe I can accept the possibility that Billy indeed found a way to release the compressed GN particles like TRUE trans-am do.

    *(I wonder why I can’t load the other comments)

  61. DAMN!! Why are they showing Lyle and Anew hooking up?! I mean I know I shouldn’t hold my breath, but I was still kinda hoping Lyle and Felt would hook up :/ Oh well…. I still don’t really trust Anew….but idk

  62. Loved the episode. Wow. Masurao is the top MS this episode.

    I also liked the way how the ED presented.. like how the clothes of the characters are shown,not just the pairings but also how the clothes/jackets where shown. If the bodies were present with the jackets, it somehow look like

    Al/Marie swimming upward
    Lyle/Anew lying in the forest
    Tiera failing
    Louise / Saji running while holding hands

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