In the illusionary world, the girl who can no longer help build the flying machine wants the robot to stay by her side forever, but the robot knows that he has to go back out for that to happen. In the real world, Nagisa’s pregnancy is progressing through the months, and Sanae and Akio are helping out where they can. Tomoya is wracked with doubt, and he one night talks to Sanae about how Nagisa would be living a different, potentially happier life if she had never met him. Sanae, however, feels that they can’t think about such things. Despite this, Tomoya and Nagisa spend a happy Christmas and birthday together, and he gets her another stuffed dango to go with her collection. Sunohara, Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi then visit the couple during New Years, and the group gets caught up on how all their other friends are doing. At one point, Sunohara asks Tomoya what it feels like to become a father, and he reveals how he always felt that becoming a parent was something in the future and something that happened like a natural disaster. Tomoya doesn’t have an answer about his feelings, but he does know that this happened because he’s with the person he loves and is living for her sake.

The group then talks about how Tomoya and Nagisa are so far ahead in life compared to everyone else, and the topic of life prompts Kotomi to bring up her research about the hidden world. She tries to explain how their world and the hidden world are deeply connected and have influences on each other, and that leads Nagisa to wonder what the hidden world is like. This triggers a memory in Tomoya of the role Nagisa had played in her high school performance, but he can’t figure out why. In any case, Kotomi also mentions how there might be a number of other worlds, and this reminds Tomoya of how Ryou had once talked about there being many possible futures. Sometime later, Akio finds Tomoya watching the construction of the new hospital, and he observes that the city is ever-changing. People and things cannot help but change – that’s what it means to live. Still having doubts, Tomoya wonders if Nagisa would be well if he hindered the construction, and he feels that he’s going to hate the city. Akio knows that they can’t do anything about it, but he does reveal that he asked that some trees be preserved.

That same day, the city becomes covered in snow, and the trains and cars are unable to operate. It is in this environment that Nagisa gets a fever and goes into labor two weeks early. Yagi, Akio, and Sanae soon arrive to help, and because of the snow, Nagisa is forced to give birth at home after all. Tomoya stays by her side all day and all night, and she loses consciousness a number of times, only to be awakened again by the pain. It feels like an eternity to Tomoya, but as he’s despairing, he suddenly hears the cries of the baby. He gets to be the first one to hold the newly born Ushio, but he then becomes alarmed at how Nagisa is barely conscious. When she does open her eyes, he shows her their baby girl, and Nagisa is glad that she was able to give birth at home. As Nagisa starts to drift out of consciousness again, Tomoya tries to keep her awake by talking about Ushio and how they’ll raise her. Nagisa’s eyes soon close however, and her hand goes limp. Tomoya remembers how she had promised to always be by his side and how he had finally found his dream, but nothing he does now awakens her.

Faced with this, Tomoya remembers all of the time he’s spent with Nagisa, and his memory goes back to when they first met on that spring day. Back then, Nagisa had noted that nothing could stay unchanged, and she had wondered if they could keep loving the school. Tomoya now feels that it would have been better if they had never met and had gone down different paths. He wouldn’t have gone out with Nagisa and married her, and Ushio wouldn’t have been born. If that had happened, then there wouldn’t have been such sadness.


OK, that made me cry. I had an inkling of what was coming thanks to all the foreshadowing, but the latter half of the episode was so emotional that I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. The view from Nagisa’s perspective, Tomoya desperately trying to keep her awake, the music, and the flashbacks – all of it was done so wonderfully, and I still choke up a little every time I rewatch that scene. This would have been an absolutely perfect episode if not for one big snag at the very end: the ED. After such an emotional and depressing episode, such an upbeat ED was completely out of place. You’d think that an event as major as Nagisa dying would warrant a special song and animation sequence, but no, they stuck with the usual, and that was a horrible choice.

That gripe aside, just thinking about Nagisa being dead makes me sad, and it was frustrating hearing Tomoya talk about how it would have been better if he had never met her. It’s an incredibly selfish attitude, and I suspect Nagisa wouldn’t have wanted her life to be any other way. Tomoya needs his friends to slap some sense into him, but if the preview is any indicator, he’ll fall into a bad rut instead. I always thought – aided by how they keep mentioning in the series – that Tomoya was more like Akio, but it occurs to me that his life probably parallels his own father’s more, with him being a single parent (though he’ll probably give Ushio up to Akio and Sanae) and likely depressed all the time. Bad as it may be, perhaps this experience will ultimately lead him to understand and reconcile with his father.

In any case, there are still plenty of episodes left, so the story’s not quite over yet. It’s probably involves life after Nagisa and raising Ushio, and those light orbs also still need to come into play…


  1. ……
    I knew it was coming.
    I saw the hints, I discussed my views on it…

    And now that it has happened…
    I’m astonished.

    Well played kyoani..well played.

    Next weeks episode will be rather intresting.
    USHIO FTW!!!

  2. Oh well, its time for the series to become a permanent resident of loopyville…not to say it wasn’t visiting there every now & then. Now that the obvious has happened, its gonna get really interesting. What path will they take…will they take all paths (good ending) or will they stop midway (bad ending). The anticipation is off the charts.

  3. the Nagisa dying scene was different from the movie, but this is far better. I agree with you Omni, the only flaw is the ED, they should at least changed it for the sake of this episode.

  4. “This would have been an absolutely perfect episode if not for one big snag at the very end: the ED. After such an emotional and depressing episode, such an upbeat ED was completely out of place. You’d think that an event as major as Nagisa dying would warrant a special song and animation sequence, but no, they stuck with the usual, and that was a horrible choice.”

    Nah, I think the usual upbeat ED was still nice. A special ED would have been nice, sure, but the ED reminds us that this series isn’t about “OMG, the world is horrible, I have nothing to live for now,” and that things will undoubtedly end on a bright note. Seriously, who here actually thinks that we’ll be stuck with a gloomy, dark tone for the ending to this series?

    What I’m wondering is what the heck are they going to do from here out. We still have 7 more episodes until the end, and I would assume that KyoAni, after doing such a good job with this episode, would do s better job than having Tomoya endlessly angst and wallow in sorrow for almost 7 whole episodes.

  5. Lol – so they killed off Nagisa?
    Ok, my prediction was absolutely right – sorry for those people who wanted to see the good ending from the game. Now we’ll get something like the movie instead..

    Well I only watched this series half and now it’s time for me to drop it – as I know exactly what’ll happen. Would have expected a bit more from the story writers.

    I understand very well though, that Omni cried. If you don’t know the game emotion hits you hard^^

  6. Must.Watch.Now.

    Seriously, though, I still think that kyoani is going to go for the good ending as 7 episodes (especially with the pace of this season) is enough to cover Tomoya’s depression, reconciliation with Ushio and his dad, and the revelation of how significant the imaginary world is. After all, I don’t think they would have included all the dream sequences and the light orbs and have Nagisa die fairly early in the series if this was going to be similar to the movie ending.

    I hope. Else, I’m going to be crying.

    A lot.

  7. I’m guessing they’ll just follow the old Clannad movie, which I went back and watched– was hard to follow with the different voices and all! Dunno why I bothered with both of these seasons. Just a good anime!

  8. From how i feel, its no surprise how tomoya will walk the same path as his father since he has always been staring at how his father has been living his life, its more like he was not lead down the “correct” path or should I say that its becos of his love for nagisa that made him walk the same path that his father took which led him to be in prison right now.

    The only ppl that can really help him now is his closest friends, his usual gang to really knock some sense into him real bad, his pure little daughter is waiting for him, its not as if he lost everything.

    -Fuko leaves the hospital, she plays with Ushio.
    -Ushio get the same ill as Nagisa have.
    -Ushio dies.
    -End of Illusionary World, Tomoya saves Nagisa live.
    -True Ending:Nagisa, Tomoya and Ushio have a long and happy live.

    (sry for my bad english guys xD)

  10. Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, this was definitely a very emotional episode. Just when tomoya thinks everything would be happy forever and not the same like his most despised father, everything fell apart in one moment. And now he knows how his father feels like when losing Tomoya’s mother

  11. That was really really sad…but with this many episodes left there’s no way the series will end on this note.

    And these kind of reactions show how much everyone really came to love Nagisa.

  12. Alright people. time for my 100% accurate ending prediction:
    Spoilers ahead.
    DO NOT READ if you don’t wanna spoil it.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Through all of this though….
    I will flip.

    I am basing my estimations off of what happened in the game since kyoani has been really really really true to that skipping only kappeis route and the sanae and akio routes to make up for lost time.

    You people are going to love these next episodes.

  13. By the way….
    The choir REALLY did it for me in this episode. It correctly conveyed the sheer magnitude of nagisas birth giving. The highs and lows the drawn out chords the sudden shrap bursts intermixed helped to add extra feeling to her birthing scene. Plus the Nagisa no shi birth version of the song helped I was glad they put that in.

    I wonder if that particular bit will be released with any more OSTs for the afterstory.

    You wanna REALLY feel that though, headphones.. they made it all the more powerful.

  14. @Dan

    All the songs/arrangements used for both seasons have been released, its just that they’re scattered over numerous albums.

    But I somehow feel annoyed that kotomi spoiled the meaning of the other world whereas in the game you kinda had to figure it out yourself. Otherwise very heartwrenching but unforgettable episode.

  15. Man, did any of the ppl crying foul here play the darn game. The damn ending has already been spoiled upteen times. Heh, yall think this was bad…AIR was a bitch from start to finish. Watching that over & over again will harden you for any anime death, be it temporary or permanent.

  16. I know that the bad ending is needed for the good ending, but how exactly is that gonna work out in an anime? Are they just gonna leave everything that happens after Nagisa dies as some kinda dream sequence or something?

  17. Omni :
    IF this episode makes you cry, the next few eps will (might) make you cry even harder.

    Considering they have stayed true to the original game up till now (except the significant of the orbs in the game has changed into another direction), I don’t think the rest will turn out like how the movie goes – afterall we have about 8 more episodes left.

  18. @Ryan

    And so the search for the epic choir song begins.

    I already have the nagisa no shi birth version on the clannad OST.

    Its kinda sad. But Ushio happens to be a favorite of mine. I guess its from playing the game and having everything in first person. SO it was more like Ushio was talking to you and so on.

    GOD something of value was lost.
    I dunno what more I could say about this episode on here, but if anyone has any questions feel free to field them to my email.

  19. So very sad. I’ve been waiting for this episode all season and it finally came.

    Since it seems to be following the movies script sequence closely, now it’s time for Tomoya to drift into a deep depression, just as his father did when his mother died. We’re now getting to the good stuff.

  20. @Julius: I know, Kyou is looking a lot hotter!

    If they’re just going with the bad end of the series, they might as well make an anime original, where Kyou slaps some sense to Tomoya, and they eventually end up together. Though it would be a good setup seeing as Kyou will soon take care of Ushio (as a teacher), and it would be pretty good if they ended up together. Hey one can hope right? 😛

    Though that’s gonna happen, I’m sure Tomoya would continue being a bum and more worst of before he met Nagisa, and the worst thing is how he can just give up on his own daughter like that. I mean if anyone would be in his shoes, seeing as how miserable his life was after his mother died, and what kind of person his father became, you would think that he should have at least realized that and became a proper parent to Ushio, even if he is only alone at raising her, she’s still a child born with their love. Dam I feel like I’m going to start hating Tomoya the next episode.

  21. lol the bad end needs to happen in order for the good end ( the true ending ) to appear.

    after story is after all based on nagisa’s there’ll be no point in other characters such as kyou to enter.

    nagisa may be dead now..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. I keep getting the feeling that Tomoya is just not mature/ responsible enough..and agree with you that he’s being extremely selfish.. I mean I could not feel any love for Ushio from him. I kept thinking.. is he going to hate Ushio after this? because She made nagisa go through that much pain.. and pass away in the end. Then the end really looked like he didnt take care of what Nagisa worked so hard for and loved so much to even not mind sacrificing herself ( as she said earlier) . Regretting meeting Nagisa and all that happened and being stuck there is also not helping because whats done is done, gotta find some way to move forward and take care of Ushio and not make the same mistake his Dad did.. But I guess he’s still a human, and he’s still young. This kind of difficulty is more than hard for any young father to stand up to.

  23. “It’s an incredibly selfish attitude”

    …and? People are not allowed to be selfish? And to begin with, how is it selfish to wish that events that lead to a person’s death wouldn’t have happened? He’d be willing to forfeit his own happiness for the life of another. Selfish my ass.

  24. I’m with you, facades. Tomoya is just a jerk. I just can’t see what KyoAni is thinking about this “true to life” BS. We Japanese value the family over everything. The family comes first & last. If we find a family member in need, we do not hesitate to help…& we even question that whole integrity & pride thing while we’re at it. How’s that for being thorough.

    Tomoya dissing his daughter for such a petty reason is unforgiveable on every level. I’m sure many more ppl will be up at arms over that than a boring character like Nagisa dying. Ushio FTW!!!

  25. it turns out that ushio dies to(sniff sniff) and that tomoya picks up on his parenting after lsing nagisa. but then ushio comes down with the same diseas as nagisa and dies. then tomoya goes into the world of the lonley girl
    you can get the whole story at wikipedia/Spoiler>

  26. I’m SOOOO worried that Nagisa will come back to life.
    I’m saying there’s a 50/50 chance of this.
    No lies.

    Tomoya should get over his depression in 1 or 2 episodes, please.
    And then he needs to meet Fuko again.

    And then Ushio needs to die.

    Please and thank you, KyoAni.

  27. @chiorin
    Read this:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    @kaisos: Gotta agree.

    @Megas: just like americans, not every japanese person can be grouped the same.
    case in point: Hikkakimoris. (Misspelled I know I don’t care)

    The point of the series is someone like tomoya coming to understand what it is to be selfless and learn to love others as a family. To extend past this annoying little person and shell that he is to accomplish this.

    Unfortunatly, a number of people feel tomoya represents todays japanese youth minority rather accuratly. Thus, it could be inferred that tomoya represents a delinquint youth who has the opportunity to love and grow as a person.

    If I am wrong then please point out the contradictions. All I am going off of is my observances in Misawa to date.

    Personally. I never liked the Kyou/tomoya pairing. Nor the Kotomi/Tomoya pairing. Forgive me but the Tomoyo/Tomoya themed story was rather intresting and something I enjoyed following. Especially the tomoyo after story.

    We REALLY need a tracklist for this episode. I want a copy of the choir theme while she is giving birth.
    (The latter nagisa theme can be found on the 2nd or 3rd disk of the clannad ost.)
    I thought the choir was the perfect addition. adding something of an awe inspiring and powerful feeling to what was happening. struggle of giving life, struggle to live struggle to perservere and finally the moment which is regarded as the most beautiful moment in a couples life: The birth of a child they had made.

    Freaking awesome interpretation IMO

  28. For all those who want that choir song, it can be found on the Mabinogi Clannad Arrange Album. I’m pretty sure it’s track five, I’d have to check my CD again. It’s called in English “”The Warmth Left in the Palm of Your Hand”

    Anyway, thar u go

  29. @Dan, yeah I know & I can’t spell hikkikomori well either, too many ‘k’ sounds. I’m just a little homesick & all. Every culture have their degenerates. Tomoya just don’t have anyone to pound his priorities into him.

    @Kaisos: your definitely right about that one. Although Ushio’s character development was next to nil compared to Nagisa & Tomoya in the game, I found her much more interesting than both of them combined. Its just something about tsundere types that get otaku blood boiling…I never understood why anyone would ever like a tsundere: a sado would get p’d off at the tsun side & a maso would get p’d off at the dere. I guess a maso-sado would go well with one.

    Thanks Bankotsu, now I don’t have to search that hard.

  30. @megas I agree there. hikkakamori is the most evil word known to man. let us now call them “Shut ins” like the basement dwelling scum they are.

    Furthermore, to the people saying this follows the movie far too closely,
    Lurk moar.

    I cant really bring myself to rant at you about how this is following the game more accuratly than the movie because TOEI made the movie and lackluster is to be expected from them.

  31. @ Megas

    Of course Tomoya is being an ass. However, everyone in this world can be in the same situation and have the same thinking. Seems like many people are acting high and mighty but guess what? We are humans and there is always mistakes. However, Tomoya is dissing Ushio due to the death of Nagisa but rather to how he felt like he failed which is right now the same exact thinking that his father had which causes the drifting in their relationship. Due to how the show is using lights and the illusionary world, I’m guessing that somehow he will come to a realization that what he has been doing and thinking is similar to how his father was and by knowing this and experiencing the consequences of his father action, will finally be able to walk down the path that can lead to happiness or contentment.

  32. this episode made me cry over and over again. I almost broke my computer and this came out after I knew that she died thanks to seeing the movie.

    I don’t know if these is going to happen or not but it seems that in the Clannad story after Nagisa dies, the get Ushio and Tomoya together again. But while they live together Ushio gets the same sickness as Nagisa and also DIES. If that is true, i will forever hate this anime. I can’t handle anymore of my favorite character dying. :>_<: But maybe there will be more to the ending cuz somehow the robot and girl separate little thing has something to do with the main story.

  33. Damn, I was spoilered last year (by a comment on this site, I believe – not that I probably wouldn’t have found out elsewhere, anyway, though) but…so soon…and I can’t believe it’s actually happened…where will the show go, now?

  34. @Silver: Tomoya realized that during the second time they tried the family thing, right b4 Ushio died. Him realizing that had nothing to do with the illusionary world. As for the whole Nagisa dying – Ushio dissing thing, sure ppl can think like that if the prior events happen, but actions because of it are a different story. Ppl can ‘think’ about alot of silly things as well but trouble only comes about if you act on those thoughts. Real ppl are more than just a body & a brain. Its not like real ppl only do what their brains tell them to. Too bad Tomoya isn’t real, he would have probably made a more sensible decision sooner.

    Anyway, one of my cousins was in a similar situation, but his wife didn’t die, she was just in & out of hospital for about 2 years. He’s still paying off those bills, I think…yeah like ppl actually pay hospital bills. But he had several of us to back him up during that time so I can’t really compare him to Tomoya.

    No a lighter note, I can’t help but laugh at the folks who think that the anime is basically over with Nagisa dying. Can yall lend me some of your emotions. I know I should be feeling sad with this and all but I can watch the episode & not even change my expression one bit…but I do have to admit that the choir song made me feel some goosebumps. I absolutely love music of that genre.

  35. @megas.
    The choir bit was the most powerful bit during the entire episode. It correclty portrayed alot in this show that one could only grasp feebly at in an attempt to convey the feelings expressed in not just imagry but mood as well.

  36. Can u guys realize that Clannad isnt NAGISAxTOMOYA only ? ITS GOD DAMN NEEDED FOR THE REAL ENDING THAT SHE DIES

    so many spoilers around read before u post bullshit -.-

    is that clear now ?

  37. now, now people.

    It is still possible for them to get the good end. Like people have said already, you have to go through the bad end to get to the good end.

    And for the record, the original script in the VN intended that Tomoya to go down the same path as his father.

    I think, eventually, either Sunohara or Yoshino is going to beat some sense into him.

  38. on a lighter note, notice the the name of the hospital she was supposed to give birth at was 戸鳴町病院 (tonari machi byouin). In english, that doesn’t mean much, but in the previous episodes, they lamented the idea of having nagisa give birth in the hospital in the next city down. The Japanese for that line was “隣の町の病院” (tonari no machi no byouin). Because when the Japanese make names for places they almost always remove the little grammatical modifiers, the two lines are completely the same.

    Essentially, it’d be like saying, “She’ll be giving birth at the adjacent city’s hospital” and finding out that the name of the city next to theirs is Adjacent City.

    Just thought I’d insert some interesting trivia into the mix.

    Also, remember the formula for Key productions. It has to reach a horrible low in order to take you to a fantastic high 🙂

  39. I was hoping Nagisa didn’t die in the series, I watched the episodes with fear and with a little hope. Geezz… I agree with the person that said that now Fuko has to come to live, that would be good! I’m still wondering what will happen with her. And I would like Sunohara to have a girlfriend, I would date him, he is very energetic, upfront, straight to the point and i like that :D. What if Tomoya now hooks up with Tomoyo ? 😀 .

  40. No. Not acceptable, even though i read ahead last week and was aware of what was coming this is the last time I watch a series without knowing the outcome. I am not mentally prepaired for drama. i want random comedy and non sequiturs. Off to watch Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

  41. @ avenger:
    Lurk moar. Its all uphill(well… first ya gotta do ushios path) and then the epic scene.

    Keep watching. you will be happy you did.


    Now that thats out of my system….

  42. From the very first few minutes of the first season I never liked Nagisa, I found her so boring and cliche. I wanted Tomoya to pair up with anyone EXCEPT Nagisa, so I want to say HURRAH! to her demise regardless of whatever ending will eventually be cooked up.

    Let this be a lesson for harem anime male leads, and pimps in general lol:

    When you have a harem of beautiful women practically crawling all over you, don’t pick the weakest, frailest, least sexy girl with a habit of spending long periods in a sick bed with a life threatening illness. That’s just asking for trouble or at least a very large health insurance bill. 😀

    ninja penguin
  43. np Dan,

    Most ppl can only see the steamy pile of poo, dirt, mud, & weeds in front of them…not the gator eggs that lies within the steamy pile ready to hatch or the mother gator lying in wait ready to munch. Lets not be gator chow plz ppl.

  44. Just wondering if anyone noticed that the last picture in the next episode part. All of the other ones were very overcast hinting at tomoya’s depression but the last one was much more vibrant and had a toy in it (although it was broken). Maybe his depression state will end in the next episode.

    Also I have read most of the spoilers and know what yall are saying but I don’t really like to follow that stuff. So disregarding the whole good ending bad ending thing, I thought it would be nice if he had a dream of his life without Nagisa and woke up at the end of the next episode with Nagisa not actually dead (because technically she isn’t dead yet). It could even be totaly backwards and now Nagisa was caring for him.

    Just thought it was interesting and would throw that out there. Not trying to ruin all your good ending/bad ending plots.

  45. Please i dont believe this ending for a minute i think hes gonna get all depressed zone off on the lige without nagi blah blah then snap back and realize life with her was the right choice then all the orbs come into play snap back to scene with him holding in her hand and TADA shes alive

    I mean why show me the movie and i know how everything turns out before the series starts to AIR and then end it the same way..what would have been the point in watching

    Ill believe it when i see it

  46. hrm… well this =’s the Air death scene IMO, ya the ending did really piss me off, I wish I read this though before hand so I knew about that part T_T…

    anywho… this emo thing Tomoya is gonna get into… well normally I’d be annoyed… but because of that death scene, well… can’t blame the guy honestly…

    Now I want to see a Tsundere death scene… or not really want to… but find that it might be MUCH more agonizingly painful and depressing to watch depending how it may be played… too often have I seen characters that are really weak, that are… well… the type to want to protect…

    then again though… since often the strong type’s are my favorite T_T… it might be too painful to watch and just thinking about it has made me even more depressed…

  47. The ending was great and really emotional, but I sincerely hope they don’t ressurect Nagisa like people are saying they will. That would totally destroy the series’ mostly realistic depiction of living life.

  48. OK, I will never ever understand WTH GAR is, so I’ll just interpret it as some form of moe that make youngins cry *hopeless emotion*…OK, I really don’t understand it at all. Plz tell me how does an anime character make you cry. I know I’m oldschool & all, but this GAR stuff is just too confusing. Nagisa is clichéd moe to the max, but she’s the type that I would want to end her suffering rather than boohoo about it. I hate seeing weak things like her suffer…bah, I welcome their deaths in those situations. It was the same for Misuzu.

  49. If anyone is still doubting that the anime wouldnt have the True End. Think again.

    1st Season OP. Remember the first few seconds? The one with Fuko looking at someone? That’s right, it’s the epilogue.

    blank space


    I regret it from the bottom of my heart. I regret it! The whole scene was a 10 out of 10. If I only never knew this would happen. I’d be crying like no tomorrow. I felt the emotion though, but I was aware what was going to happen. So it didn’t get me to that point.. to THAT POINT! Damn…. I need a comment ignorer….

    So much for the true ending. Well you gotta let go of something when you choose. This is much more of dilemma for me though. Good thing is the scene is awesome, bad thing is it tore apart my favorite couple of all time. Never did bitterness and happiness collide like this for me.

  51. @ Megas

    Naw, you’re just old so experiences can numb a lot of your feelings. Young people like me and the others are still quite emotional so we can feel sad at things like this. At the same time, young people like Tomoya tends to act a lot more on their emotions rather than thinking it through and being more sensible. Of course, there is people who are more “mature” in this aspect and can make a reasonable decision quicker. It would seem he is not one of those people. Your definition of a “real” person is someone with a brain, body, and experiences. Younger people don’t always have the experience necessary to stop them from acting foolishly due to their emotions and thus sometimes takes much longer to react and make a decision compared to older people. That’s a reason why having a family as such a young age can be problematic. Many younger people think they are mature enough but sometimes that’s just not the case.

  52. dont know why some people saying hope she doesnt come back to life this show has a cat which was reincarneted to talk to a girl!The description of this anime on any site is SUPERNATURAL!

  53. ***spoiler***
    In the game u have to play the bad ending first where nagi dies and then go back in the game for missing orbes then you get the good ending and seen as how the obes and miracle talk has manifested itself yet there is still hope or they cud use orb to save ushio if anything
    Anyway i believe the next couple episodes will be a dream sequence and when he makes the right decision about summin hell snap back to when nagi is about to die

  54. Has… to.. be.. the… worst… ending… ever…
    I always disliked Torch, but after this episode, i absolutely hate it.
    How could KyoAni make such an amazing episode and manage to completely destroy it with the ED.

    It just doesn’t make sense… there are so many sad parts to this anime and they have to put a happy song at the end?

    Nagisa just died! So let’s put her dancing in the ending! Not funny at all…

  55. Why do you Nagisa haters even watch Clannad? What are you expecting to HAPPEN? Yeeeeesh. Cause of now, even if you haven’t played the VN, you should have a feeling how it will end (And I am betting it won’t end happily for you guys at all). Nagisa haters are really REALLY clinging to false hope.

    zanzina > And why do YOU even bother to watch Clannad at ALL? Don’t you know when to drop a series when you’re not even remotely entertained by it? So you watch Clannad because it’s stupid? Yeah, that really makes sense.

    Any who, tear-jerking episode indeed. I didn’t cry the first time but when I watched it the second time… it was heart wrenching. Only because I wasn’t distracted as much by the subs. And yay, time for some Tomoya emo-ness.

  56. @megas:
    GAR is an expression meaning the person is the epitomy of everything that i right about a person. usualy though, it is used in regards to men to describe them as the penultimate in manlyness. Which tomoya has earned IMO able to beatin walls with his bare hands, able to get women pregnant and live on his own working with only 1 good arm. Yeah he deserves it. especially since he could make sunohara into a complete pile of goo which was ritually abused by his own designs. Thats genius right there.

    And for the people who are curious about the broken toy. This signifies that during the next episode, sanae is going to convince him to come out on a vacation with akio her and ushio. then akio and sanae are gonna vanish leaving tomoya and ushio alone. Ushio breaks that toy while tomoya and her are waitin, then tomoya fixes it. I am unsure if they will actually start the trip or not in the next episode but what I do know is this will signal the slow emergence of tomoya from his shell and help him to embrace and truly love his daughter.

    BTW Nagisa is staying dead untill the end of ushios arc thats all I am saying.

    DOnt even look at wikipedia. If you played the game, go back and play it some more.

    Me, I am on a quest to figure out what precisely changed about nagisas appearance from season 1 episode 1 up untill now. Somewhere along the lines the woman freaking got older and more mature looking. and I intend to pin down exactly when.

    also, still seeking the choir bit. Its not on the clannad OSTs nor the single with torch and the OP.
    Probably will have to wait till an OST for this series is released.

  57. Thanks Dan, that cleared that up quite a bit…no wonder I didn’t understand it.

    The choir song is the 6th track in the “Mabinogi CLANNAD arrange album”. Just search for that & you’ll have it in no time.

  58. No but I am trying to identify her aging through the anime.
    Its just something about their faces which sets off the bells.

    @megas: thanks for the alert on which album.
    probably one of the few albums I dont have.
    BTW ever been to misawa? Headin there soon.

  59. There will be a happy end, i’m sure of it. But it will be very unlogical. I don’t hope KyoAni will make it this way. The Ending without Nagisa is sad, sure, but its kind of better. They should continue the story from Ushio and Tomoya. In the VN they suddenly stopped. The VN said, after THIS LAST SCENE of this both, you should play again for reach the happy end. -.- I think the life without Nagisa is more interesting and is more of things that can be happen. KYOANI DONT DO IT IN THE UNLOGICAL WAY T.T

  60. @Dan: I’ve been there a few times during the winter…it just gets cold as hell up there compared to Saitama.

    As for Nagisa aging, I saw a slight difference from 9 to 12 & again from 14 to now but maybe the latter was because of her illness going into full effect

  61. to Hum

    As a proud member of Nagisa haters society I must inform you, that the show is not that bad, actually Nagisa has died, maybe more gory death will suit her for ruining the show with her never-ending constant whining, but, we can’t have everything.

    We are probably wathing it, because we can bashing it, and that is fun!

  62. 24 something hours later…..

    Yeah… its in afterstory her aging becomes apparent. Especially starting during the episode where sanae pretended to be sunoharas girlfriend. Mainly notable in the way she began wearing her hair which looks to be a couple inches longer in the latter half of the after story arc. only slightly noticable from beginning of the first season first episode to the end.

    Dear god…. what Has science created? I actually hunted that down?

    -goes outside to get some remaining sunlight in washington D.C.-

  63. As some said, this needs to follow this direction so that, next 3 epis should be Tomoya being depressed, then finding out what happened to his mother by one of his grandparents, and then Ushio dying… Then it will go to the dream world, so that it can be presented the way to change all that happened and have the good ending.. 😛

    At least its my prediction 😛

  64. And I was really enjoying watching Tomoya take care of Nagisa. He’s so adorable and sweet. I had a gut feeling she’ll die seeing how Tomoya is so hung up on her but does it have to be this early? =_= Nagisa really annoyed me in the beginning because of her passiveness, and the dango =/, but she kinda grew on me. Anyway, this episode is terribly bittersweet. I can’t wait for the next episode.:( I’ve finally caught up.

    Lastly, they never really told us what’s wrong with Nagisa’s body. Her body deteriorates every winter. And what’s causing compromising her delivery? I guess if they say she has to exit, she has to exit…lol

  65. i told myself i wouldn’t want to see this episode… but it came anyway…

    well, it was still epic (except for the ED)… and to those people who keep on complaining that this was like the movie: people, this is the after story… it’s bound to happen in the game… and the anime…

    @Urs: maybe they hate nagisa because she looks weak… it’s different within perspective… still… she’s the best for tomoya…

    @Syllen: it’s not in the OST CD… and that BGM also happened to appear somewhere in Kotomi’s arc…

  66. @ syllen and Kakashi: the song is track six on Mabinogi CLANNAD arrange album.
    Just do a search for that. Megaupload is being a bidddy for me.
    furthermore, its in FLAC so get your best converter ready

  67. Oh man… I’ve been dreading this episode. I better watch this alone since I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself with this… Just looking at those snapshots is already making my chest hurts… 🙁

  68. Those FLAC files were too huge…even converting them to mp3 made them 3 times the size of the regular mp3 files. Normal ppl can’t tell the difference between FLAC & mp3 anyway. So I found the OGG files. They’re the same size as the mp3s & super easy to convert.

    Oh yeah, come on ppl, yall really need to get over it. Nagisa was cute and all, but her suffering was much harder on me than her actual death (yeah I know that’s coming from a stoic baka like myself). Atleast she won’t have to die again…I killed her off like 5 times b4 everyone started to figure out how to beat the game.

  69. SHIT why did she have to die? I mean….COME ON! We love Nagisa….i havent watched SEASON 2 and i was waiting for it to get finished before i start it but with this development i dont think i even want to.

    Now allow me to curse the writer in my language which is Greek actually:

    Γιατι ρε μαλάκα σκοτωσες την Nagisa? Αφου ολοι βλέπουμε το anime αυτό δεν είναι αναγκη να την σκοτώσεις για να γινει πιο δραματικό και να αρχίσουν να το βλέπουν περισσότερος ατομα.

    Εισαι μεγάλος μαλακας και αυτό που εκανες ηταν η μεγαλύτερη βλακεία του αιώνα….καλά ίσως η δευτερη αφού πρώτη ήταν να μην κανουν τριτη σεζον για το School Rumble!


    Ok i got that out of my system!

  70. I had a feeling that this was gonna happened when I read about Nagisa being weak as a child, and her health not getting any better. I totally cried when I read this. But if Tomoya and Nagisa wouldn’t have gotten together, then baby Ushio wouldn’t have been born, and Tomoya wouldn’t have a beautiful daughter to carry on in her mother’s remembrance.

    Zeke Asch Wilder
  71. I thought this episode was done extremely well. Nagisa’s passing was both touching and dignified. Nagisa could hardly have died with fewer regrets, being surrounded by those who love her. From previous episodes we know that she understood the risk she was taking and was willing to sacrifice her life performing the most important duty she’s had in her short life. Although she barely seemed to grow out of being a meek schoolgirl, and had a weak constitution, that only magnified her noble conduct, which in my mind, has made her the heroine of the series.

  72. Dammit… Why Show Spoiler ▼

    Tomoya is just being way too selfish… Makes me feel like killing him. And I did cry for this episode. It’s just way too sad that Nagisa dies.

  73. @Kazesama
    Think about this, there’s still like 7-8 episodes to go. It can’t purely just show that Tomoya is depressed all the way. There’s got to be some reasons why there are 7-8 episodes to go. Just note that Show Spoiler ▼

  74. Anyone who has played the Visual Novel knows that Nagisa has to die for the good end to happen. Don’t go by the movie, they never finished the story. If they do this right there should be a good bit of magic involving the dream world and light orbs before this story is done but there still more drama to come. There a still 8 more episodes to come, so there is still a lot more of the story to be told.

  75. @ninja penguin: You fail at life and never deserve to be happy. Seriously.

    And I was just thinking, what if Ushio ends up almost dying and then Tomoya gets to use to orbs of light to make a wish and he really wants to bring back Nagisa but he decides to cure Ushio. That could happen actually..but PLEASE BRING NAGISA BACK!!!

  76. Damn you KyoAni! Damn you, Damn you, Damn you to hell thrice times over! ;________;
    It sucks, because I accidentally read a spoiler about this episode.
    Keeping this in mind, I watched the episode… and I thought since I knew already, it wouldn’t be so painful to see. Alas, I was wrong. I reacted just as bad as i would’ve perhaps even worse.

    My head was clogged for hours, my nose as well. My eyes… I’m probably down to 30% percent body water right now. ;______;

    KYOANI. DAMN YOU! You and your perfect emotional distressing skills. ;o;

  77. Well, I saw this coming for a long time now, right since the ending showed Ushio I was quite sure they would base pretty much the after story on the Clannad Movie ( at this point I have to agree with kahai, it ewas hard to hear everyone with diferents voices ) that came out time ago. Still, I just love thise series. i loved the first season and I am loving this second season. This series has made me teary so many times o.o; Loved you, Clannad.

  78. I have a feeling she’ll be back.. for the sake of having a different ending from the movie and cause Kyoto Productions seems to have a knack for happy endings..and even if she doesn’t return, I know I’ll watch the last episode with a smile..

    please revive Nagisa! ><

  79. At the end of this episode… all i could say was “damn”. Over and over I could only say “damn”. I seriously tried my best holding back my tears but all i could say was “damn”. As much as i saw it coming i just kept saying “damn” cause i was crying. Why man, why did Nagisa have to die?

  80. I’d have to agree with everything you said. The ending was so sad that i got teary-eyed. The most perfect and emotional production of the ending was that episode. Also yeah, what’s with the ending. They stuck with the usual song and i felt that it was kind of stupid. Nagisa doesn’t get her own special song right after she dies? What’s with that? Anyways, I’ve already watched this anime and loved it. I also love your blog so keep it up.


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