Jil and company have reached the spot where they fought Druaga last time, but they’re unsure of what to do next. That is, until Druaga appears again. This Druaga, however, is a lot weaker than the previous one, so Jil, Utu, Fatina, and Henaro attack it head on. The main challenge comes when it fires an energy beam from its mouth, and when Jil regains consciousness, he finds himself in a white world with Ki. She’s returned to her adult form and explains that although her real body was destroyed, her spirit lives on. Ki reveals that she was awakened half a year ago and was given the task of helping him to the top of the Tower, but she hadn’t wanted to back then, and neither did Ishara. Ishara is also known as Kaaya, and she’s the only person in the world who has both Ki and Gilgamesh’s blood. On the mention of Kaaya, Jil asks about her and Neeba’s goal, so Ki finally tells him. At around the same time, Amina is telling Ethana the same thing, except that she’s explaining it from the point of view of Gilgamesh’s immortality. Kelb meanwhile hears the explanation from a priest at the abbey where Ki and Kaaya studied.

As the story goes, Gilgamesh was cursed by Druaga with immortality, and since he’s unable to die, Gilgamesh had to watch all of the strife and death around him as the years passed. Ki describes him as tired and at his limit, but the even bigger secret is that there are two of him: one in Meskia and one at the top of the Mythical Tower. Defeating the latter will get rid of the curse and prevent the darkness inside Gilgamesh from making him into a tyrant, and Kaaya is trying to do just that. Ki, however, warns that there is no way back once someone enters the Mythical Tower. She runs out of time though before Jil can get any more of his questions answered, and when Jil regains consciousness, he’s finishing off Druaga. Just like last time, defeating Druaga produces a key to the Mythical Tower, but before Jil, Fatina, and Utu can do anything about it, they discover that Henaro and young Ki have been captured by a woman named Gremica. Gremica wants to revive the Sumar Empire and needs Ki to do so, so she takes Henaro and Ki hostage as she heads up the Mythical Tower. Before Jil can give chase, he remembers how Ki had warned him that there was no returning, and he realizes that this is why Kaaya had left him behind. He warns Utu and Fatina of the same thing, but they decide to go with him anyway. Unbeknownst to Jil and company, they are followed by Uragon, Melt, Coopa, and the Golden Knights. Melt tries to keep Coopa from having to go, but Uragon insists on it, and the group heads up the Mythical Tower.


Well how about that – one episode and suddenly everything starts making sense. There wasn’t anything groundbreaking (especially not the whole immortality-as-a-curse thing), but we now know what Kaaya is after and what’s up with Gilgamesh. The biggest surprise was that there are two Gilgameshs, and this would appear to explain the other person in the vision that Ki gave Jil back in the first episode. The goal for everyone is now to reach that other Gilgamesh, but the question I have now is what Kaaya has been doing in the six months since the end of the first series. If she was after him, wouldn’t she have long ago gotten around to trying to kill him? Why hasn’t she, or has she?

The other thing that I found odd was the inclusion of Gremica and the Sumar Empire stuff. It feels like something tacked on so that they could add some extra conflict as Jil and company try to reach Kaaya and/or Gilgamesh. The only way I can think of it being related to something in the plot that’s been previously established is if it’s related to Neeba’s objective. I’m sure we’ll be finding out more about them since there are still quite a few episodes left, and, as the preview hints, it doesn’t appear that reaching the top of the Mythical Tower will be an easy task.


  1. The Sumar and Gremica conflict isn’t tacked on at all. It’s necessary as a counterreason to killing Gilgamesh. After all, if the principal reason for the existence of the Uruk kingdom is Gilgamesh, once he dies, the conflict between the two old factions would probably once again become prominent.

    Five Boxes
  2. Ahahaha Fatina END just flew off the windows.
    Kaaya END is invitable at this point.

    Ironically the situation is similar to the original DRUAGA game where in the prequal Ki, a princess Oracle climbed up the tower to defeat Druaga. At the top she was defeated. Gil, a young warrior who knew Ki before climbed up the tower, defeated Druaga and rescue Ki. They switch the villain and upgrade the tower though.

  3. wow. i’m glad that’s clear for now. what i expect in future episode is to have jil manly unleash the beast that lies dormant inside of him. oh, you know damn well what i mean. jil will plunge into the great world of taboo. he’ll take neeba’s woman (if he really did love fatina, then that makes it more meaningful) and take her into another universe. Releasing his extracts into her like slimy blobs in season one. Both of them will have hot, juicy, overly wet, dripping meat-to-meat relationship, while perserving the butt for the last episode. Like they say, only give the lose one’s last virginity to the one you lost most, hold dearest to you.

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  4. Ki reveals that she was awakened half a year ago and was given the task of helping him to the top of the Tower, but she hadn’t wanted to back then, and neither did Ishara.

    Half a year ago was when they first defeated Druaga, so I don’t think that is quite right. It sounded like Kai made her new body half a year ago and it took that long to locate Jil. This would explain why the Golden Knights are trying to stop Jil and Kai, since Lady Amina wants Uruk to remain strong.

  5. On second thought, I think Jil and Kai will mate in one of the remaining episode. Jil will impregnate Kai as her physical age will gradually start to develop at an unprecedented speed. Kai is going to give birth to a baby fathered by Jil. The both will get a couple episode of screen time. How will all this fit? I don’t know. Maybe …

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  6. Woo plot development and confirmation of previous assumptions. I have hope for something interesting in the next few episodes, but I have a feeling things will get formulaic and we won’t get a twist until near the end. Still, I like how this season has moved along so far, and as long as they can sprinkle some comedy along the way, it should be good.

    …and while I still don’t have an opinion on who Jil should be paired with (if anyone), it’s (as Qwerty said above) leaning heavily toward Kaaya.

  7. *sigh* they finally explain why Kayaa didn’t want Jil to go with her. Kinda makes Kayaa look like a good person now and how Ki explained it to Jil he’ll most likely end up with Kayaa at the end. I really want a Fatina x Jil ending though. I was hoping Fatina kissing Jil after she told him that he’ll go up the tower with him. Too bad that didn’t happen, which makes it even more likely a Kayaa x Jil ending. 🙁

  8. Kabitzi, it is all the same, Kai awoke as the spirit half a year ago, but didnt want to take him all the way to the top, but when he was shut out of the mythical tower, she changes her mind and formed her body. then it took the subsequent half a year to find him. either way, it seems everyone wants to kill Gilgamesh (the young version) for their own means, that faction wants him dead so they can be independent. Kaaya wants to free him from the torture of immortality. Neeba … who knows? he probably wants some kind of power, maybe he wants to be immortal. the army obviously wants him alive. Jill deosnt care either way, he just wants some answers. BTW coopa is starting to piss me off, is all she going to do is every once on a while make fun of Melt regardless of what he does, at least in the last season she forced him to shape up a bit. Melt i dont have a problem with, he pretty much always looks out for himself, that is who he is. and i guess you could say i want Fatina x Jil if for no other reason than unless Neeba gets all heroic in the end, she sure as hell aint ending up with him, and she seems pretty happy with Jil, and Kaaya is effin royalty, she could do what she wants. let her die. she is the one who teamed up with a dude she knew had secrets of his own, and more than likely they contradict her whole reason for going there in the first place, so she gets what she deserves. good intentions or not, she still used Jil to get what she wanted threw him aside and now is seemingly trying to use the older brother to get what she wants when, like i said, it seemed pretty obvious that he has plans of his own.

  9. I can see Neeba x Fatina clearer and clearer now.

    Neeba seems to have some heroic goal behind his action (most likely working for a kingdom that want to overthrow Gilgamesh or he wants to prevent the kingdom from destruction because of the degration of Gilgamesh). Neeba also abadon his friends so that they don’t have to go ‘die’ with him on top of the tower – all there is left now is to have Fatina know that.

    Fatina was also talking about Neeba before she decides to go on to the upper part of the tower. She said those ‘people’ said the same thing as Neeba.

    Enjoy waiting for it! Mark my word!! Neeba x Fatina KISSING AGAIN!

  10. OMG everything suddenly makes sense!

    Most of the mysteries and questions which had gone unanswered thus far were explained in 1 episode over a cup of tea. And as a bonus it all fits together pretty well.

    ninja penguin
  11. Man, everyone is so quick to just brush fatina off to the side. So what if Kaaya didn’t want Jil to go with her because it was “a one way trip” Fatina and Utu didn’t think about it at all when they were told the truth.

    Seriously, Kaaya has been and still is the most selfish one in the show next to Neeba and the other “bad guys” we see from time to time. Yet you still think she’s some sorta goddess? That’s a laugh. Maybe if she was honest and not manipulative from the start I’d like her more, but no thanks. Fatina is the best one of the two easy.

    And some of you think she’ll also just run back to Neeba? I doubt it.

  12. the whole Sumar Empire thing doesn’t seem too tacked on. I mean considering the country has seen conflict and wars. I am going to assume that the payment for ending Gilgamesh’s immortality is to take it on yourself, which to Kaaya means ending his suffering before he becomes a tyrant, and for the Sumar people it means being able to take over the land.

  13. @ GP

    Sure Kaaya and Neeba is selfish. They are selfish for the safety and lives of their close ones. Even if they should have thought more about what if they die and how would those other people would feel due to their deaths. The overall reason is that they don’t want to see their friends die and I can understand that. I can definitely see how Fatima, Utu, and Gil will be mad at Neeba and Kaaya. However, overall, those two are still great in their own way just as how Fatima, Gil, and Utu are great in their own ways in which even if there’s still a risk of death, they are willing to go. In other words, I consider everyone of them great.

  14. Fatina looks good in slimy roper tentacles and reacts great when foreign objects (like spoons) are stuck up her ass. Therefore she is automatically better than Kaaya who is probably a bit of a prude. 😀

    ninja penguin
  15. “One episode and suddenly everything starts making sense.”

    And still very predictable for most part, it was easy to guess the motivations but not the exact details.

    The main issue with Kaaya and Neeba is they simply did not offered a choice or even bothered to explain why, sure they have reasons but it still comes across as lacking trust on their companions.

    And relationships ARE build upon trust, there is a reason why Kaaya was called “traitor-chan” and why a lot of people did a 180º and started to ship Jil with Fatima.

    Oh yes, this makes Jil look good because he bothered to explain that was a one way trip and allowed then to make a choice.


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