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Part 1: The 3-Legged Androphobic Monster
So apparently, Chiaki and Makoto (note: male version) got paired up to do the 3-legged race, but Chiaki isn’t too high on being strapped to her bakayarou classmate, and instead of practicing she opts to do things she finds more interesting, like pointing at alpha centauri while dragonflies land on her finger. That’s actually a pretty amazing skill, probably several orders above her amazing ability to live a normal life with a cream puff on her head. Makoto is pretty bummed out at his bum partner’s bum 1.5 leg contribution, so he henshins into Mako-chan and consults Kana-sensei at the Minami house – through some deft hint-dropping, Chiaki realizes that Mako-chan and Makoto have similar physiquies and agrees to practice with him her Makocaeks.

Mako-chan gets pretty hot and heavy when Chiaki tells him her himher to grab onto her shoulder tight, but I probably would too if I were strapped to an underage psycho who looks like she’s about two bakayarous from pulling a School Days. Their practice starts out rough but eventually they get the hang of it, finally collapsing onto the grass in a flame of prepubescent sweat and euphoria.

The next day, Makoto is ready to go, and after their strap-up gattai, grabs Chiaki and holds her close like the 3-legged monster they practiced….


Part 2: Hiding the One-Eyed Monster

A lot of scary monsters in this ep, apparently. Iro na imi de. Uchida and Kana are chillin out to some takoyaki, and Kana points out how great she is by contructing the awesome character known as Mako-chan. Elsewhere, Mako-chan is thinking about how great life is as she spends a quiet moment drinking tea with Haruka. As we’ve come to expect from this show, two positives do indeed make a negative, and this week’s excapade comes to us in the form of Mako Doubtfire – as a reminder to all would-be crossdressers, make sure you always piss sitting down as well, cuz the chance of someone busting in on you pissing instantly quadruples when your supposed ovaries are actually testes.

Good thing it’s Kana that busts in first with a roll of toilet paper, as Haruka was right behind her to do the same thing… a quick TP mummification of Haruka’s head, and a self-job on Mako-chan’s nether regions saves the day.

Part 3: Mako-chan’s Everything But the Sex Change Operation

At school, that chick who likes Fujioka points out that her boobs have gotten bigger. I point out that while I’m unlikely to ever remember her name, I’ll remember that her boobs got bigger at some point during the show. Kana is not impressed.

“Psht, it’s like their attitude gets big along with their boobs,” Kana rants at home. Mako-chan doesn’t agree, citing the wonderful harmony of the two that is Haruka. Naturally, the focus shifts to Mako-chan’s own lack thereof, which soon gets felt up by Haruka’s friend Maki. Oh god please continue.

Kana walks the tightrope a bit more by suggesting that Mako-chan start wearing a bra – Mako-chan still has enough sanity to ask for alternate methods… right as Chiaki walks in the room. Chiaki knows exactly what to do, since she’s probably gonna grow up to be one of those Konata flat-chested short girls so she’s already researched the topic extensively. Her solution – a simple one-piece ensemble with a
strap under the chest, which gives the image of a busty figure. I voraciously approve. Anyways, after some talk about Haruka, Mako-chan busts out (of the room) to find himherself staring at bra-top Haruka, currently changing out of her school uniform. Scchhhwwiingggg

Part 4: Grandma Taking a Shower, Sweaty Hairy Man Boobs, Noooo

A jovial conversation between Chiaki and Mako-chan turns into softcore porn with a simple spill of orange drink onto Mako-chan’s denim miniskirt. Oh crap, says Chiaki. Oh crap! says Mako-chan. Oh Yes! says me. After failing to pull off the wet, sticky skirt, Chiaki resorts to wiping the wet, sticky residue up with rapid, rhythmic movements in the money spot. Ganbatte, Mako-chan! Ichau dame, Makoto!

Kana prevents the rocket launch with some abstract story about a raccoon who turned into human to hang out with this chick, but then his tail popped out and it all came crashing down. Chiaki retorts with her own story about the hunter who caught a raccoon, but decided it was a badger instead so let it go. Whoa, deep. Is the raccoon at fault? Is the human at fault? “Who cares,” Chiaki says. “The raccoon is cute.”

I think so too ^_^

Part 5: Holy Grail
Oh noes – Chiaki broke her favorite kuma-san (bear) mug. No worries, now they have a good excuse to buy new cups. It’s an unique opportunity that’s rather reminiscent of Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, to see them faced with an entire bazaar of cups, where only a single mug is the correct one. Aye, that’s the cup of a carpenter. Aye, that’s the cup of a monotone-speaking psycho violent creampuff schoolgirl. Kana finds a good one and decides immediately; Chiaki finds a her ideal kuma-san cup but decides its too cute so finds another one; Haruka finds one with a dead fish on it (interestingly, Haruka can also be considered a dead fish, having that rockin body and no boyfriend to share it with), but is talked out of it by Maki.

At home – ocrap, they all end up with the same pink mug that Kana originally picked. Meh, the next day they go back and get the mugs they actually wanted. So what of the two spares? For starters, Touma is sitting at the 4th position in the table, so he she gets one. Whoaaa, freakin’ cool! She runs to the kitchen to get some milk. Next, Fujioka walks in. His crush on Kana aside, I do wonder why he constantly shows up at a house where like 10 other girls consistently hang out. Anyways, Kana hands him the 2nd spare cup – which… omg! is exactly the same as her cup! Isn’t that… lover status?!

Touma walks back in, holding the same cup. 3P?!?! Kana notices how cool Chiaki and Haruka’s cups are, and asks if anyone wants to switch.



I gotta learn how to do this again, I wrote way too freakin much. Anyways, apologies for the delay on this one, but it was kind of a impulse decision to pick this one up – I’ll be the one blogging this show from now on. Ep 5 and 6 probably won’t be done – sorry! Hey, just like old times.

But at least we get more Minami-ke… and for good reason! Like I was saying to Omni, Okaeri no longer has the top notch animation or art quality of the first season, but it’s still Minami-ke, and that means it’s still hilarious. Don’t put too much heart into the screenshots for this show, though – they all look the same.

And for even better reason, this ep focused on Mako-chan, who is relevant to my interests. It’s a good thing little boys don’t look like girls in real life (Hansen excluded), or I’d probably be in a lot of trouble (wow, those 3 girls are hot!), or at least engage in self-mutilation to break the habit (noooo what have I doneeee). Anyways, trap characters are awesome, and that’s that. Although, the sight of Mako-chan standing over the toilet was slightly disturbing and hit a little too close to home (oh god whats happening to me), but was soon salvaged by the “adult Mako” image.

The bit on the cups was pretty fun too – normally you’d expect them to just pick their cups and be done with it, but Minami-ke always puts its own twist on things, and the addition of Touma and Fujioka into the dynamic was perfect. That said, I usually use one of those disposable red cups for my drinking needs, but then again I never drink hot liquids…

Next on Minami-ke Okaeri – Mako-chan in heat


  1. The Tap on the toilet is for washing your hands. After you flush you wash your hands and that water flows into the the tank/bowl. I dont think it would fly to well in NAmerica but it conserves water.

  2. Wasn’t an eighth of the first seasons shot almost softcore porn to start with? And the second season even more fanservicey, but not quite softcore…more just standing around naked.

    And 5th and 6th episodes should be done for completion, even if they are out of order. (plus more near softcore-ness for you)

  3. When I visited my in-laws last year, that toilet thing got on my nerves more than anything else. They should have never moved to that new apartment. It was two months of pure hell. I knew that the water was clean but still, damn it I’m having flashbacks 🙁

  4. When Mako-chan walked in on Haruka’s bra I nearly felt like smashing him into a brick wall. :\

    Overall though other than the obvious overwhelming Makocakes this was a pretty funny episode. I wonder if Hosaka will make it back next episode.

  5. I remember these captions from season 1 blog on this site… was that you? o.O
    I appreciate the time you put into these kinds of blogs, makes the site much more lively =\
    …Obviously you have a lot of time on your hands (No offense implied =D)
    What ever happened to season 2 xD


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