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Given the production quality and depth of plot, I will adjust my writing style accordingly.

See Haruhi bored. Bored Haruhi is bored. See Haruhi jump. Jump, Haruhi, jump.
See client finally show up. Client sees Haruhi. Haruhi being crazy. Client leaves.
See Haruhi OTL. OTL, Haruhi, orz.

Part 2, Kyon walks in on Nagato watching hentai. Except, if an anime character is watching hentai, do they perceive it as real people? So technically, Nagato is watching AV? But then, how does an anime character watch hentai?

EDIT: Yea, she’s playing an eroge, my bad. Kit-Tsukasa notes in the comments that the girl is Nagihiko Fujisaki from Shugo Chara – thanks!

Anyways, I digress. Kyon puts a thumb drive in her laptop and puts earphones on her so she won’t disturb others – if this were any better animated I would say she’s not disturbing me at all – which brings me to my next question… what the hell is the thumb drive for? For Nagato to keep privately so evidence isn’t left on the public-use laptop? Or for Kyon’s… archives?

Nagato asks if Kyon wants to join in. “Eek, no!” Wuss.

Part 3, Ryoko is about to stab Kyon with her rambo knife when, like in the real anime, Nagato busts in. Except this time, they bang heads, which apparently is enough to disintegrate Ryoko. She claims there’s more people stronger than her that will come after them. I don’t squeal in excitement.




In this episode, the SOS-dan plays janken to decide who takes out the trash. Guess who can only throw rock because she doesn’t have any fingers? Nyoro~n

Next, they do a fire drill, and Churuya is the fireman. She’s immediately pronounced dead. Nyoro~n

Churuya asks Nagatocchi to play with her. Nagato declines, tells her to play with her backup instead. Nee, Ashakura-san, wanna play? “Impossible.” Nyoro~n

Churuya takes Mikuru’s advice and Googles smoked cheese – apparently that bastard Kyon has put some kind of parental anti-cheese block on the computer.

Ashakura-san heads to Kyon’s house to hand him a love letter, but she’s too short to put the letter in the mail slot. Then she sees Churuya walk out of the house with Kyon – wtf! So she shoots Churuya in the back of a head with a suction arrow, with a letter that says “impossible”.


I guess KyoAni and Kadokawa think they can be the Japanese Matt Stone and Trey Parker? Then again, South Park season 1 had much higher production value than this, and that was made out of colored paper and scotch tape. Well, it is funnier than those SethComedy Family Guy-ish shorts on YouTube, but none of that really matters, because it’s still a Haruhi product, and I will ingest whatever they throw at me. Even this. The Churuya-san ep was quite charming, though!

Anyways, these summaries are kind of pointless, considering they probably take longer to read than to just watch the episode itself, not to mention that the subbed episodes are released the same time as the raw. I’ll probably severely cut down the length of these from now on, but I’ll keep doing the captions.


  1. Oy, jaalin’s comparison to South Park is accurate. Oh, except it wasn’t the first season of South Park that was made out of colored paper and tape, it was just the first episode. Thereafter, the entire series of South Park is actually rendered on computer using 3D animation programs, though it uses stylised shading to look like cardboard. Sort of like how these shorts are all animated in 3D and shaded to look like 2D animation. Because unlike in the olden days of animation, *gasp* 3D is now cheaper to do than 2D.

  2. i’m very choosy with the facts i pull out of my ass – people shouldn’t know otherwise, or don’t care enough to research the answer themselves.

    nice to have you around tokkan XD

  3. And just like that, I make a typographical error and leave out “she” from between “why” and “asked”. I am a failure as a pedant. Well, I’ll go be pedantic about something else.

  4. jaalin, you’re over thinking this too much, for 2-3 minute web shorts which are not even made by KyoAni, they are simple throw-away entertainment.

    I’m surprised you even bother to blog it. The time spent writing an article and time spent reading it is surely wasted.

  5. I just realized…

    The thumbdrive isn’t a thumbdrive — it must be a bluetooth (or other wireless) headset! The “thumbdrive” is the wireless dongle that plugs in so that there aren’t any cables on the headphones.

  6. god is it me or does anyone feel like

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. “Part 2, Kyon walks in on Nagato watching hentai. Except, if an anime character is watching hentai, do they perceive it as real people? So technically, Nagato is watching AV? But then, how does an anime character watch hentai?”

    By watching real AV

  8. This is kinda Kyo-Ani version of Shana-tan or even Index-tan. By the way it’s indeed genuine Kyo-Ani production and directed by none other than Mr.Takemoto who is gonna direct the “real” season 2 of Haruhi.


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