Upon his return to the Furukawa home with Ushio, Tomoya enters Nagisa’s old room and finds it just like it used to be. He apologizes to Sanae for making her and Akio take care of Ushio all this time, and he promises to raise her himself from now on. After a round of baseball – in which he hits Akio’s pitch – and eating and drinking with family, he and Ushio go to bed, but Tomoya wakes up later that night and hears Akio and Sanae talking. Akio knows that Sanae hasn’t cried since that day, so Sanae explains that she had to raise Ushio. That leads to Akio noting how Ushio has helped them considerably, but he realizes that it’s over now. He feels that it’s Sanae’s turn to cry and vows to stay by her side until she stops, and Tomoya then hears her start crying.

The next morning, Tomoya takes Ushio to kindergarten before heading to work, and while he’s there, he hears the other mothers gossiping about him. Instead of getting angry, he introduces himself to them and explains his situation. He goes back to pick Ushio up midday and brings her to her new home, but since he has to return to work, he leaves her there alone. When Tomoya comes back later, he brings with him all of Ushio’s stuff from the Furukawa house, including Nagisa’s three stuffed dango. He and Ushio then head out and happen to run into Kouko at the park. Tomoya had heard from Yuusuke that Kouko’s sister had been released from the hospital, and Fuuko turns out to there with Kouko. Fuuko doesn’t like Tomoya patting her on the head, but she does take an immediate liking to Ushio, hugs her, and wants to make Ushio her little sister. Later that night, at bedtime, Tomoya watches as Ushio hugs one of the stuffed dango, and Ushio explains how Sanae told her that it holds the smell of her mother.

The following day, Tomoya takes Ushio to see his own father. His old home is still a mess, and he has to turn off the radio to get his father to realize that he’s there. After introducing Ushio, Tomoya tells his father of how he met his grandmother and how he remembered what happened in the past. He knows that his father is tired and suggests that it’s okay for his father to return home to the countryside and rest. Looking at Ushio for a moment, Tomoya’s father wonders if he’s done, so Tomoya tells him that he’s done enough since he used his entire life to raise his son. Tomoya’s father now understands that he was done before he realized it, and he’s glad. Tomoya then helps his father clean up the house and himself, and he also helps his father pack for the trip.

When it comes time to send his father off, Tomoya tells his father to take care of himself by not drinking or smoking. With each additional thing he says, he is reminded of how his father had taken care of him when he was young, and he can’t help but start crying. Tomoya pulls himself back together after seeing Ushio concerned about him, and he thanks his father for everything up to now. As he watches his father walk off, Tomoya wonders if his father was happy, and he thinks about how his father lost the one he loved at the happiest time and how his father worked hard for an ungrateful son like him. Ushio meanwhile notices a bright light float down from the sky and touch her father’s chest, but when she tries to say something about the light, Tomoya thinks that she’s commenting on how bright the sun is.


Well, there were several more touching moments this week, none of them quite at the level of the final scene from last episode, but they still got me a little teary-eyed. One was when Sanae was talking/crying to Akio and another was the obviously emotional scene when Tomoya tries to tell his father to take care of himself and remembers all that his father had done for him. It’s good though to see Tomoya finally be able to face his father and send him home, and I thought the light appearing at the end – i.e. a symbol happiness when Tomoya was wondering if his father was happy – was a nice touch. What was interesting was that Ushio noticed it but Tomoya didn’t seem to – did he pass that ability on to her or something?

This episode also started to get back to some of the more light-hearted, normal daily life stuff. For one, Fuuko showed back up and was as amusing as ever. I thought she would have matured physically after so many years, but she still looks like she’s in grade school despite being the same age as Tomoya. There were also several hints that Kyou is Ushio’s kindergarten teacher – the long hair, the picture of Botan that Ushio drew, plus the fact that Kyou always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher – so I would guess that she’ll reappear soon.

Speaking of which (and I make this jump in thought based on the fact that Kyou was a girl that Tomoya could have technically ended up with), I noticed that Tomoya is still wearing his wedding band in the scene where he wiped food off Ushio’s face, and it made me wonder if he’d ever consider remarrying. I doubt it’s on his mind right now, and it’s probably out of the scope of this series, but it’s not impossible – I’m suddenly reminded of the special Tomoyo episode. Regardless, for next week, it looks like they’ll just be focusing Tomoya’s happy times with his daughter.


  1. I’m wondering how they’re going to pull off the final ending now~ I mean, now the orbs of light are being seen by Usio, but I always interpretted as Tomoya being the ones who saw them~

    Only time will tell XD

    miso and soup
  2. “I thought she [Fuuko] would have matured physically after so many years, but she still looks like she’s in grade school despite being the same age as Tomoya.”

    Well, from what I’ve gathered (at least from a few sources), sleeping for long periods of time slows the ageing process, which may make sense, considering she’s in the hospital for (I think) several years.

  3. Wow that’s a really big coincidence. When I was watching the opening credits I was surprised when I noticed that Fuuko was there and then she suddenly appeared in the episode. I liked the references to the game with Tomoya breaking the window and patting Fuuko on the head.

  4. In the opening Fuuko shows up hugging Ushio and this episode proves that what happens in the intro usually will occur in the show. So yes, Kyou will also make her appearance as Ushio’s kindergarten teacher as seen in the opening.

    Even though it is possible, it is highly improbable. I strongly doubt that Tomoya will remarry within this season. I can’t imagine any of the girls accepting let alone trying to be a replacement for Nagisa. The closest thing we’d probably get is an alternate world episode like last season, where Tomoya dates Tomoyo and Nagisa is hardly a part of the story.

  5. I personally believe that having a Kyou ending would spoil the mood of the story, and honestly, I really don’t think that Kyou is a good enough replacement for Nagisa. But then, who really is?
    I would rather they devote more time to Ushio and Tomoya’s relationship and the orbs. As much as I enjoy a good romantic ending, I think this series doesn’t need one, and any ending like that would seem rushed.
    Yay Fuuko! I was happy to see that my prediction that she was coming back was correct. They handled her really well in this episode and kept her there just long enough to be funny.

  6. here are the spoilers for the rest of season i read

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I am actually hoping that Tomoya would get remarried, and I think that if anyone should be more suitable or possible for that matter is Kyou. If I’m not mistaken, Ushio likes Kyou, and we all know Kyou likes Tomoya. I think that besides from improving Ushio’s relationship with Tomoya, it would be better as well to show that Tomoya moved on and accepted Nagisa’s death. Also Ushio needs a mother, I mean I actually thought that Tomoya would still leave Ushio into Sanae and Akio’s cuz he has to work almost all day (even overtime in his job – since it takes him to all places), so is he just going to leave Ushio all alone in his house?

    It would be somewhat the same as what he had went through, where in his childhood, he was left alone in the house, since his father was busy with his job, which made Tomoya thought that he didn’t care about him and started living on his own. Despite the fact that all along, his father cared about him and just had a hard time to show it. So it would be far better to have someone take care of Ushio in the house, since Sanae can’t probably do it anymore, due to her bakery and tutoring. IMO Kyou would be perfect for the job, she’s her kindergarten teacher so they can practically spend time together all day, at home and school, and just wait for Tomoya to come home from work. The other girls are nowhere near or close to Ushio: Tomoyo probably moved out of the city, Ryou probably has a boyfriend, Yukine’s nowhere to be heard off, Kotomi is in America, and Fuuko well, she’s Fuuko (just as Tomoya had quoted: “I don’t know why, but I feel something that’s completely opposite of being in a romantic relationship with her”). Also the best mother figure and can actually take care of kids is Kyou, the best candidate. Well one could hope.

  8. this is speculation but they will most likely do some sort of time warp back to the past, which is what i assume those light orbs represent, a way to save nagisa from dying. the robot is most likely tomoya and the girl is ushio who gives tomoya a chance to save nagisa. (just a guess) i could be way off and they might actually just go with a different ending altogether. i have a feeling something unexpected / tragic will happen to ushio since everything is too perfect for a series with 5-6 episodes left.
    i liked this episode alot though, its good to see the emotional levels have not declined.

    Precise Moment
  9. These last episodes were good and i almost cried it was so good. I really want nagisa back and im happy that fuko is out of the hospital. Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Tomoyo did not move out of the city… if you saw the movie you would see that she comes by often to help Tomoya out at his place, cooks/cleans etc. You dont really see that in TV since it time jumped 5 years and the explanation on that time is focused on Tomoya and not any of the girls in his life. Not sure about the game.

  11. Alright guys.
    Bad rumors floating around.
    for 1 don’t listen to the newtype release because I can tell its going to be differant.

    Now its time for my reasonably accurate episode predictions starting with next week:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And thats that for this arc. I HOPE we will get some awesome extra story episodes out of this too. It would be neat seeing a tomoyo after anime and heck, even some kappei, akio, school life, and other little side stories which were in the visual novel (There were many. the trapped in the closet and the basketball game each had roughly 9 differant variations)

  12. The calm before the Storm is all I can say.
    If any of you done any research on Clanned then you all know whats going to happen next.
    All I can say is I probably would have kill myself then to go thru this next big events in Tomoya life.

  13. In the preview there was a guest coming over. Kyou perhaps?

    Anyways this episode (the end with Tomoya remembering all the tings his father did for him) was very touching. I teared (maybe even cried) as much as I did in the last ep.

    I wish they had a bit of a touching remembrance episode with Fuuko though. And they explained that even though she’s the same age as Tomoya because she was asleep this whole time her mind is still at a High School level.

    As for the light I don’t think Tomoya lost the ability to see the light. Maybe it has something to do with not being able to see your own light of happiness? Or see the light that has anything to do with you (for this it would be the relation with him and his father).

  14. Shipping is bad. Stop now. This isn’t a harem anime anymore. It is far too late for there to be any other ending than the game’s actual ending.

    The only way you will get a Kyou ending is if they do an Alternate Universe story like they did for Tomoyo last season…and that will be after we have the True Ending. (Such a thing would start back up while they are in school…with the whole Ryou/Kyou arc…and most of you won’t like it because it is mostly Ryou from my understanding.) There are no other girls paths into After Story…only Nagisa to Ushio.

  15. im sooo sad >.<,i wanna to cry to much alote and thx god fuuko is back im soo happy and im sad im cry too much alote what should i do now 🙁 im thinking to much im soo touch the store clannad alote and im fun love LOVE L O V E CLANNAD i want to know more and more MORE

  16. WOW. Thanks everyone for the spoilers. I appreciate them. So the whole robot and girl thing was pretty significant then.

    Anyways, loved the episode. Made me cry…again… T_T Fuuko’s weird faces and speeches really brought out the ‘starfish love’ in me.

    Some spoilers said Tomoya might remarry, but I prefer the other spoiler about reviving a certain person because I still love her. If Tomoya did remarry, I’d pick Tomoyo. ^^

  17. im happy that this episode was less of a tearjerker than the last few, i was suprised that Fuuka didnt recognize tomoya or that her older sister wasnt a little more shocked about seeing tomoya in like 6 years

  18. Man I can’t believe they got me to cry again. Clannad ~After Story~ has been just as good if not better than season 1 so far. And I think that if Tomoya ever did remarry it would be with Tomoyo.

  19. Nah, I don’t think Tomoya would remarry. Look at his dad, After all those times, he was focused on raising Tomoya and didn’t thought of remarrying, which I think, will also happen to Tomoya. I just can’t see him thinking of other girls aside from Nagisa.

  20. you know… I kinda like the idea of Tomoya remarrying instead of whats expected to happen… him and Kyou wouldn’t make a bad new couple… I hope they do that…. ya… that’d be awesome… I really hope they do that…

  21. FFFFFF

    The best episode of Clannad to date.

    I almost cried. (ALMOST)

    That “Here some candy Tomoya.”
    “Don’t eat too much.”
    “Sorry I’m always working.”
    “I’ll make a you proper dinner when I come back ok?”

    o___o fuck…

  22. >> Man the torpedos, there are ships to be sunk.

    Seriously, I thought that people should have realized that it is NOT Shuffle and that “who be the end girl?” was not the point of Clannad. But noooooooooooooooooooooo.

  23. Ushio has the ability to see Orbs of Light?! Biggest surprise in the whole anime so far.

    Looking forward to how Tomoya and Kyou will react when they see each other. I predict her class seeing something they have never seen before: ARMOR PENETRATING TEXTBOOKS

  24. I wonder, how come Tomoya’s dad grew old so quickly while Nagisa’s parents never aged a bit since her birth? Could it be Tomoya’s dad’s alcohol and smoking addictton agains Nagisa’s parents’ constant “exercises” (the ones that always start with someone badmouthing Sanae’s bread)?

  25. The light that enter Tomoya’s heart! What is that? Is that some kinda key to unlock his lost feelings or a key that maybe grants him a wish that can create a mircle like Tomoya restart everything what happened Nagisa’s death, but this time she is alive and still have their first child name Ushio.

    That maybe possible beside I really miss Nagisa right now. Hope the people feel the same.

  26. I agree with those who say Tomoya will not remarry. There are too few episodes for Tomoya to really get close to any of the secondary female characters. Plus, I doubt Ushio would be able to get along with any of the girls so easily and so quickly (other than Fuuko but Fuuko is…quite the child. If Tomoya marries Fuuko, he’d have an extra kid to take care of..)

    Long Live Nagisa-chan!


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