At the mansion in the middle of the green field, Jil and company come across Melt and Coopa who have gotten separated from Uragon and the Golden Knights. Much to their surprise, they also are reunited with Ahmey and Kally. Ahmey acknowledges that she’s dead, but she doesn’t give a reason for why she’s here, and Melt can feel a mysterious power coming from the mansion. Regardless, the group catches up with their old friends and rests for a while. Jil wants to move on to the next area, and the door happens to be nearby, however they need a key to go through it. That key is hidden somewhere in a large storeroom filled with items from each person’s past. Utu manages to find it fairly quickly, but he doesn’t tell anyone else because he doesn’t want to leave yet. Jil, on the other hand, discovers the clothes that Kaaya left behind. This leads to an argument with Fatina about Neeba and Kaaya being traitors, and she claims that she came on this journey in order to kill those two.

Uragon and his subordinate Cumu meanwhile have arrived at the mansion as well, and they’ve brought with them the unconscious young knight known as Might the Fool. Here, Cumu is reunited with his dead sister and leaves Might the Fool under Uragon’s care. Uragon isn’t happy that he can’t meet anyone he knows who’s dead, but Cumu’s sister explains that it’s because he doesn’t have anyone he wants to meet, and she claims that a person who can’t love someone else won’t be loved by anyone.

Watching them from afar, Henaro knows that this is all an illusion, and she herself is reunited with her father Pazuz. He wants to talk about those four knights who have gone berserk since he died, so Henaro explains that she came to recover them based on Lady Amina’s orders. She thinks that he would have something else to say to her, but Pazuz just ends up telling her – who he calls Hecate – that he didn’t loved her. Later that evening, the mansion comes under attack by the other three knights. Henaro tries to control them but can’t, and when she laments that she could have detained Jil and the others, Pazuz suggests that she has to kill them now. Pazuz pushes the idea of killing to the point where he mentions Henaro’s mother, and that gets Henaro angry enough to shoot him in the head, causing him to disappear.

Jil and the others meanwhile get ready to make their escape to the next area since Utu revealed that he had the key. Before they leave, Ahmey ties Kaaya’s old hairband around Jil’s head, and she tells him to save Kaaya. They head through the door after Henaro rejoins the group, and Ahmey gives Jil the hand signal to move forward. By this point, Might the Fool has woken up and had been reunited with the one person she wanted to see: Kally. He had been the first one she had seen back when her casket was opened, and she thinks of him as her mother. With the house under attack, the Kally illusion tells her to protect everyone before he disappears, so she attacks her former comrades and forces them to withdraw. An explosion tosses her body at Uragon, so he carries her into the next area as he heads through the door as well. Uragon is the only one left out of his Golden Knights group because Cumu has decided that he’s staying behind at the mansion with his sister.


That was another good episode of Druaga this week, this time revisiting and giving closure on Ahmey and Kally while throwing in a couple of big plot twists. Henaro being Pazuz’s daughter was a surprise because I can’t believe someone actually had a kid with him, but the bigger implication is that Henaro’s goals don’t match up with Jil and the other’s, so it’s quite possible that she’ll betray them at some point. Having the crazy little girl turn on the other knights was also a surprise, as was the fact that she saw Kally as her mother, however what’s more interesting to me at this point is that it looks like they’ll be trying to build up/rehabilitate Uragon’s character with her. They portrayed him in a much more sympathetic light this episode, so it looks like he’ll end up being a good guy after all instead of just another obstacle.

In any case, I guess it makes sense now why Neeba and Kaaya’s head start of six months didn’t end up being all that much time if they stayed at this mansion for a while. It looks like Jil and company will catch up next week, though the preview only hints at Jil and Neeba meeting with no mention of Kaaya.


  1. I liked how this episode wrapped up stuff from last episode, and gave those “ohhh snap” moments.

    I’m going to guess that when Kally opened one of the coffins back in season one, he woke the girl and that’s what triggered the connection?

  2. I surprised and interested they put some back story to a character who was cannon fodder (although lucky because he survived) in the first season.

    Looking forward to seeing this episode once it’s out for streaming.

  3. Kaaya and Neeba have only felt 10 days pass since they entereed the mythical tower. Jil and Co. Have felt 6 months pass since Kaaya and Neeba have entered… “Time Flows Differently” plot device.

    Also, Henaro being Pazuz’s daughter was really a good plot twist. But I think they could have gone without it.

    I also like how Utu is bringing back the Cursed Doll from S1E1B. It popped up a few eps back and again this week.

  4. ugh…. shit smells funny. ok. anything is possible now! i’m rooting for ahmey to make a combat and snatch Jil away from the other girls. Go Ahmey, use your womanly strength to fuck Jil away from them. Spread and Suck it in. Take Jil IN!!! HAHAHA.

  5. 1. Great and sad episode, animation is clearly much better again.
    2. Fatina’s bathing hairstyle, FAPFAP.
    3. Ahmey looking amazing without the armor and her hair down.
    4. Loli sad = me sad.
    5. Ahmey putting on that bandana on Jil = shitsux (JilxFatina Gonzo, DO IT)

    Looking forward to next ep.


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