Jil and company have arrived in the previously water-filled area and decide to set up camp. While the others are catching fish, Fatina tells Jil that she likes him even though she know that he still has feelings for Kaaya because it’s part of what she calls her rehabilitation. Melt then discovers the underwater door to the next area, and the entire group gets pulled through. Soon after they arrive though, they realize that one of the knights, Specula Ex Machina, is there as well, so Jil decides to act as a decoy while everyone else gets away. Jil manages to distract the robotic knight long enough before hiding himself, and he then runs into Neeba. After Jil explains how he came with Ki, he asks about Kaaya, so Neeba suggests that she might not want to see him. It comes up during the conversation that seven months have passed, and this surprises Neeba because he and Kaaya have only been in the Mythical Tower for three weeks. He thus realizes that the flow of time is different inside here, and that’s how they caught up so easily.

Jil and Neeba are then found by Specula Ex Machina, and while they’re running away, Jil pushes Neeba to tell him his objective in all this. Neeba claims that it’s to kill Gilgamesh and revive the old Sumar Empire, and that makes Jil think that it’s related to Neeba’s mother. In any case, Neeba thinks that they should keep running from Specula Ex Machina, but Jil doesn’t want to. Neeba knows that it’s because of how their father fled in the face of the enemy, however Jil refuses to believe that, so Neeba points out that Jil passed through the House of the Dead and could have met their father. Neeba feels that he can’t be Jil’s comrade because Jil continues to lie to himself, but for the time being, they have to fight together. Meanwhile, Fatina and the others have discovered where Neeba left a sick Kaaya, and they’re unable to wake her. While the others watch over Kaaya, Henaro sneaks off and activates the light on her staff, connecting her with the knights Sword of Blood and Tear of Ice.

Jil and Neeba work together to try to bring down Specula Ex Machina, but Neeba gets attacked by Gremica and her assistant Acra in the middle of this. It turns out that Gremica used to be Neeba’s teacher, and she accuses him of having a different goal now than reviving the Sumar Empire. She proves this by having Acra cast a spell around them to reveal the Succubus that’s been following Neeba, but Neeba still claims that he’s on this journey on his own free will. Neeba is able to end the fight between them by hitting Acra in the chest with an arrow, and he frees Ki before returning to help Jil defeat Specula Ex Machina. Having seen Neeba fighting Gremica, Jil knows now that what Neeba said earlier about his objective was a lie, so Neeba admits is that he’s actually driven by anger. He remembers how their father had returned home injured back when they were young and how their father had wanted to see Jil. When Neeba had tried to convince Jil that their father was a coward, he had been beaten and left outside in the rain to be found by Gremica.

Despite all he went through after that, Neeba’s doubts didn’t disappear, and he wondered about the existence of something predetermining their fates. He doesn’t like the idea of them being swung around by the whims of the gods, and he reveals that he’s after the power that was the reason the Tower of Druaga was built 80 years ago. Meanwhile, in Meskia, Ethana has received a secret message from Kelb, and she heads out to lead an uprising. Back in the Mythical Tower, Jil arrives at the rendezvous point and finds Utu, Melt, and Fatina all knocked out.


Well, a lot of stuff got explained this episode, but I’m still not entirely clear on if Neeba is just pissed off with life, the universe, and everything for his fate or what the Succubus wants. I did find it interesting though that they pointed out how time passes by differently inside the Tower, so that turns out to be the real reason Jil and company caught up so quickly, not because Neeba and Kaaya stuck around with Ahmey for a long time like I had thought after last episode.

In any case, I found the episode to be decent overall, but the fight between Neeba and Gremica was sorely lacking, and I thought they tried too hard to make something out of Acra dying. It’s hard to feel anything for such a minor character. It also looks like Henaro has finally betrayed the group since she’s not among the unconscious there at the end and had been acting suspicious all episode. The question is what she plans to do with Sword of Blood and Tear of Ice now and if she took Kaaya with her. The armor in the preview resembles that of the other Gilgamesh, so he might already have his hands on her.


  1. I hope they reveal the objectives of Succubus and Ki with a blast. The episode itself seems interesting, though. Henaro’s betrayal wasn’t that surprising since the meeting with her father probably set the stage up for that.

    And if you want to talk about hawt-ness…There’s plenty of them. =D

  2. lol, Jil x Fatina’s ship is now as good as sunk.

    Fatina confess to Jil this episode in an extremely non-climatic manner. She even said she said it for the sake of saying it – now that she can get it out of her chest she didn’t care much about Jil’s answer and she is fine if he reject her. oh well…

  3. Jil is being lame like most “overly nice” main shounen characters. It’s getting lame, though I like the show in general. Seriously how can anyone like Kaaya compared to Fatina? It’s silly, they try to sugar-coat it by saying she betrayed the group at the end of s1 to “save them” or w/e. That’s just her yet again being selfish and thinking she knows what’s best.

    The right thing to do if you trust others is to tell them the truth from the get go. Start of s1 till the end she just used Jil to get to the top, then she goes all <3 <3 only to toss him aside without any explanation of why, yet he’s still crushing on her like a whipped doggy. Get real. Fatina has been looking after his ass for 6 damn months and she’ll just get shortchanged and shafted like this? Pathetic Gonzo.

    The right thing to do is have Kaaya sacrifice herself to save everyone with her all-knowing and god given powers of Ishtar she’s so proud of. That’d be the best ending imo. I hope Gonzo doesn’t decide to give us something lame, but with their track record, I’m not holding my breath.

  4. well, if you know she’s gonna be the “chosen” one you might as well try to sympathize with her eh? anyways, she may have been “selfish” by trying to keep her friends safe, but selfishness and selflessness aren’t what make a character good or bad, just how he or she is portrayed.

  5. Sympathize with Kaaya for what? Over what? I don’t see anything there to fell sorry about.

    And she’s been portrayed as a selfish idealist who hides the truth from her so called “trusted comrades” and basically just uses them to get to her goal. You’d seriously let someone lead you around a dangerus place without any very important information sharing which they have, then at the end tossing you aside using “love” as an excuse, and you’d be fine with it?

    Wanting answers and the truth is fine, but thinking “oh, she cares about us so that’s why she didn’t tell us or let us go with her.” is being silly. She could’ve been upfront with everyone from the start and they would’ve probably went with anyways. Yet finding a poor sucker like Jil worked out best for her.

  6. hey, i’m not saying those guys should have or would have followed that line of thinking, but she’s most likely feeling bad about leaving them out of the loop and it’s (speculatively) true that she did it for them because there was no chance in hell they were going to be okay with staying. Well, because of Jil’s pursuit Kaaya’s betrayal was for naught. Of course, this is all based on if she actually did care for them, which seems to always be the case. well, there could be some more plot twists, and if Kaaya really abandoned them for some other reason, she is a very bad person.

  7. Kaaya’s betrayal always come off as a lack of trust, when Jil was faced with a similar situation he left the decision on them, Kaaya simply decided for then.

    Also I think Kaaya suffered backlash from being the obvious love interest and her betrayal simply did not sit well … Fatima seems fairly popular among the fanbase, question is if the writers decided to take a chance and NOT follow what most of us expected since Episode 2 (Jil x Kaaya ending) or they are going to decide into another direction, the fact Kaaya is not really in this season (she been absent for most of it) certainly does not help her much.

    And I like Fatima for a reason, she actually seems to have a personality as Kaaya simply comes off as very “flat” and there are far more interaction of Fatima and Jil that there was with Jil and Kaaya case … its only a Jil x Kaaya ending because it says so in the script, not that there is any chemistry in the two or anything that makes then have that type of relationship.


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