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Summary and Thoughts

Churuya-san gets a new feature: silent mode. Considering all the things people use the vibrate feature on cell phones for, this opens up a whole new bag of chips… especially since Churuya will do anything for a little smoked cheese. And she also gets owned by a vending machine.

Poor Churuya. Her life is one 10-second disappointment after another, her sole purpose for existence is for people to laugh at her misfortunes. Will she ever implode? Will she ever crumble? Will she ever strike back? Will she ever find happiness?

Probably not. Which is for the best, because this show is hilarious and I don’t want it to ever end.


  1. What kind of sick guy designs vending machines to return change in the smallest denominations available? I sure don’t want fistfuls of nickels every time I get a Coke. My faith in this world lessens by the day…


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