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Haruhi rallies the gang for a scavenger hunt! Sounds pretty pedestrian until they find out what they’re supposed to be looking for. The first item? “Kokoro no kabe” – barrier to one’s heart – Kyon’s quick thinking nets him a confession to Itsuki, which sends Haruhi into shock, which creates an alternate space, which forces Itsuki to saddle up…

And somewhere, Shiraishi continues to get ignored.

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Not sure about this one – it’s most likely some Japanese tradition where they throw soybeans at a guy dressed up as a demon. And then stuff an entire sushi roll into their mouth. And Shiraishi gets left out again.

Then, the Yuki-Achakura saga continues, with Yuki setting some Kakashi-level trap to bag Achakura, then dresses her up as the princess in a hina matsuri doll setup. Pet, baby, doll – maybe in the next one she’ll be a grapefruit?


Dammit Kadokawa, don’t get anything from them for a week, then all of a sudden they throw three episodes out? Scheduling guys, do it!

This week saw the return of Tsuruya-san, this time in her 1/2 scale non-avian form, and Shiraishi, which continues to remain the collateral damage of Haruhi’s whims. I should also point here that I just realized that he’s actually Taniguchi in this anime, and I’ve been calling him Shiraishi this whole time… oh well, it’s probably funnier this way.

These episodes have vastly improved since the first one, both in story, length, humor, and animation quality – I’m half expecting at this point for them to just continue improving them until it magically transitions into season 2, but that would mean the evil Kadokawa boss is sitting somewhere laughing his ass off, and I can’t give him that. But I really hope season 2 does come, and that it retains some semblance of balance – the second season of CLANNAD got off to an odd start, but once it started going through the story arcs again it regained its original feel – and hopefully the next Haruhi can echo that.

Wait, why am I talking about season 2? Dammit, that’s the whole point of these damn shorts, isn’t it!


  1. While I sort of understood 8, I found 7 was funnier.

    And now that you mention it, he name /is/ Taniguchi, isn’t it? Grr, this still reminds me of lucky star at times. For better or worse.


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