It’s certainly strange to be here now. I can remember discovering Random Curiosity sometime last spring where I found myself getting back into anime. For the past couple years I wasn’t what you’d call a serious fan of anime. I probably can identify with a lot of fans now who discovered Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing on Toonami way back when they first premiered on Cartoon Network.

Every day after school you could find me and my brother glued to the TV watching with eyes wide with amazement. Eventually for me anime became something like an on again / off again relationship. It wasn’t until one day during the winter of 2007 that I picked up a copy of the Bleach manga. Then I started picking up Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note and that’s when I decided I wanted to see some of these series on the screen and just like that I was sold.

My discovery of Random Curiosity stems from a little series some of you might be familiar with. It was a little show called Code Geass R2. To say the least I was blown away by the first season’s cliffhanger and I simply had to know what happens next? To my dismay I couldn’t find any real information about the series until I stumbled my way here and you could say the rest was history.

I’m here now to provide you with a brand new Daily Dose that will continue to bring you the latest news that you love from within the world of anime and manga (with my colorful commentary, of course.) I’ll also try to blog a show or two if I have the time when the new season of series’s start up this spring.

It may be strange to be here now, but I’m looking forward to having a great time here.


  1. bienvenido camarada, espero tus reviews de cada episodio y claro no te preocupes entiendo el inglés un 90% asi que estaré comentando en cada post tuyo en Español.

    saludos desde México

  2. I relate to you a lot, my like for anime happened practically the same way lol. I started off watching DBZ, Gundam Wing, etc on Toonami, then wasn’t really into it for awhile. What got me back into it? My friend had Death Note and Code Geass downloaded on her computer and transferred them over to me to watch. I found them both totally epic, so I started getting back into anime more 🙂

  3. Welcome. We welcome you with open arms (and sweaty palms). SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT! 😀

    Also, may it be you or anyone else, has anyone ever thought about blogging Hajime no ippo new challenger? I do realize it isn’t a series that you would blog (matches where each punch takes about 10 seconds to land) but I have always wanted to hear (from an anime fan) others opinion about it.

  4. Welcome! 😀
    lol, I discovered this site through Romeo x Juliet at first, but then forgot about it for a while, then found it again when I was looking for Code Geass (first season).
    I’ll thank you in advance. 🙂

  5. Thank you for all of your kind words. Becoming a victi- er, I mean part of the staff here at Random Curiosity is something that excites me and I’m looking forward to bringing everyone here my “A” game. So let me know how I’m doing!

  6. Hi! As well as Welcome. I kinda feel the same way with you, if I hadn’t found Code Geass[and gotten hooked on it] I wouldn’t have found Random Curiosity. Hope to see your posts and I hope that you enjoy the coming spring season as well!

  7. Pimpolla: pues si, yo igual creia y no de ahorita sino desde hace aproximadamente 4 años desde que empecé ver la Serie de SUZUKA (I have 4 years in this web), pero nunca me dí cuenta porque todos hablaban en Inglés, pero que bueno que hay una Mexican Girl por acá 😉 saludos desde Yucatán

  8. Dragonballz – Break – bleach – Code geas
    Doesn’t this make you a bit underqualified?
    Can you read japanese? With that little anime background how are you going to decide what is interesting and what not?
    Oh well good luck and be reading you

  9. Welcome mate 🙂 its nice to see someone who began anime in the same way as me.. Toonami:) i remember them showing Tenchi Muyo and One Piece also i think. Either way, look forward to your work

  10. hi arcade, and thanks for continuing Daily Dose!…

    but then maybe you could also try to do on the season schedules of new animes to be aired every season? that would be a great help for me who wants to catch some more anime once in a while…

  11. Ehe, outcast got right to it. I’m wondering the same thing, but I’d prefer to stay blunt.

    So do you mind providing us with more of your background with Anime and Manga, please?

  12. Where do they keep coming from?! Is Omni farming them from some secret trans-dimensional rift somewhere? Do they come in peace? And do they like POPTARTS?!!!

    Welcome friend! 🙂

  13. I got into anime because of the Toonami stuff too. Did you like Tenchi Muyo? I guess that’s the reason I have gravitated more towards the AIR/Kanon/Clannad stuff more so than the action genre.

    Roy Mustang
  14. everything you said just now was like me
    i first watch anime cuz of toonami
    i even found this website from looking for code geass information
    i really got into it after watch naruto and bleach
    damn its like i was remembering it back myself when i read this


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