The fifth and likely final commercial for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series aired with today’s episode of Gundam 00. This one is narrated by Miki Shinichirou, the new voice actor of Roy Mustang (he also voices Lockon in Gundam 00). I would say that it’ll take some getting used to hearing him as Mustang, but given that it’s been so long since I’ve seen the original, I think I’ll adjust just fine. Anyway, what’s shown in this commercial gives the new series a rather dark feel, and since the trailer from the Tokyo Anime Fair looked pretty nice as well, I’m really looking forward to the premiere in two weeks.


  1. I love Shinichiro Miki and the various roles he’s played over the years; however, he sounded like crap in this trailer. It also doesn’t help that he’s using his Lockon voice for the role of Roy. It’s still shocking that BONES replaced so many voice actors in the new FMA :\.


    Nina storyline is intact, thankfully.

    So its seems its only Liore they will screw up with the whole Isaac bullshit…Now, since Liore DOES play an important part in manga, I wonder on how they solve that…

    Anyway, good to know that the Isaac filler crap won’t last longer than one or two episodes.

  3. @UnknownVoice

    I wouldn’t call the Isacc storyline crap, mainly because we don’t know much about it. And based on what’s seen in the TI Anime Fair trailer it looks High-quality. Remember, the original anime’s content was mostly “filler” and it was still an overall, well-done series.

  4. @Zache

    I would not call the first series “well done”. For anime-original stuff, it was “OK” series, requiring high suspension of disbelief/logic.

    However they had their go at being “original”, so new series should be more faithful.

    I don’t see “gang chasing random filler villain through central” as interesting, nor faithful.

    Not to mention the problems it will cause to the plot, as with all that “i haz automail and ice powars, so whatz that dere’z no way i could transmute ice thar” plot, they will, most likely, erase Lior, Bandit Train and Coal Town.

    Now I don’t care about Bandit train since it has no significance, but taking out Lior and Coal town… how the hell will they re-introduce character of Yoki and town of Liore ?

  5. Okay, so color me confused. This is going to be a ‘redo’ of the entire series? Not adding on to what they already did but basically starting over?

    While I enjoyed the first one, I just can’t drum up alot of interest in watching a reworking of the same storyline so soon after seeing it the first time, even with a few differences. Not until I can at least watch a full season or two.

  6. @Silentbrick

    The previous anime and this new one have two entirely different plots. Different villain, characters, hell even the homunculus are created differently (two of them are completely different).

    Just think of them as two entirely different series who share a somewhat similar foundation, try not to compare them.

  7. @ Tomtom

    well, the ED is going to be the song from CM4, so that’s one expectation down XD (SIDS is a pretty awesome band)

    I guess the main question is whether they will quickly run over the parts before Hughes died or seriously go through the arcs…

  8. @Silentbrick

    Well, according to an interview, what the creators are trying to do is to follow the manga more faithfully in comparison to what they’ve done before. The reason for this being is because when the first series was released, the manga only had 3 or 4 volumes released, so they didn’t have much to work with back then. Now, there’s 21 volumes available to work with, so they’ll be working with that as a foundation.

    Sorry for the double post

  9. Still the manga have no ending point, its closing to something but I doubt Father is going to be taken down permanently at the end of the arc.

    Or maybe he will and something new comes out, after all a lot of things are still unexplained.

  10. I can’t wait to see the new series….you know I have no qualms against Miki Shinichiro. I love him in Final Fantasy, D.Grayman, Bleach, Gundam oo…BUT the epiphany of the role of Roy Mustang is carved and recognized by fans throughout the world as Toru Okawa.

  11. I can honestly not wait for this. I hope they don’t spend too much time recapping, but I’m excited to see it finally follow the manga, which is one of the few mangas that I have read/are reading.

    Actually, they can spend all the time they want recapping, I really don’t mind it.

  12. the new series is way down hot…..finally they are oiing to stick to the manga story, altough i think i better liked the anime original.

    but, why the logo change? i liked the first fullmetal alchemist logo better than this one.

    knight of one
  13. Wtf why is there an anime only character in my “faithful”manga retelling? I hope they run over this quickly or that it’s just a short battle, it seems that it takes place in Central so maybe this has to do with Ed’s State exam? Still pisses me off though because if they’re already changing things then who knows what else? The trailer does have a good dark feel and it looks very good.

    Mustang’s flames look alot more impressive and looking at the TAF trailer Ed’s spear looks much more amazing then in the first series.

    @Unknown Voice

    Well we’ll see if it goes over as right now it doesn’t look like she can wrap this up by chapter 100 and I think if she had to go over she probably would.

  14. “I hope they don’t spend too much time recapping”

    Why do people keep saying this? There is NO recapping since nothing from the anime was exactly like the manga. And what anime original character? Kind of hard to see with that video, but I didn’t see one.


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