Although Saji tries to convince Louise that they build their future by understanding each other, she refuses to listen. Andrei then tries to get involved in the fight, but Setsuna knocks him out again. This gives Louise the opening to catch the 00 Raiser and attack it with her electrified wire grapplers, and to make matters worse, some of the Gaga units are headed their way. To prevent the 00 Raiser from getting away, Louise has the Regnant physically restrain it without regard for what happens to herself, and even though the 00 Raiser is able to destroy some of the Gaga units, one of them crashes into the Regnant. Meanwhile, inside the Innovator ship, Tieria tells Ribbons that they’re not Innovators but rather Innovades – artificial beings created to bring about the appearance of the true Innovators. Ribbons, however, suggests that Innovades can evolve and that he personally has surpassed both Innovades and true Innovators. Before Tieria can shoot him, Ribbons shoots Tieria multiple times, killing him.

Over on the Ptolemaios, Billy dismisses the Automatons that he brought with him and claims that he’s doing all this to achieve a permanent peace. In terms of the Innovators, he feels that being led by superior beings is the correct and logical choice, and when Sumeragi points out the loss of freedom, Billy notes that complete freedom means the abandonment of morality, and that’ll just lead to ruin. In a social structure with order, people enjoy limited freedom and are comfortable being protected in a cage, and this is what peace means for him. Billy accuses Celestial Being of messing things up, but Sumeragi feels that a future that’s not created by themselves is meaningless. While this is going on, outside the ship, the battle is going poorly for the Gundam Meisters. Lyle is losing to Ali Al-Saachez, Allelujah and Soma are being pounded by the Gaga forces, the 0 Gundam has run out of particles for its weapons, and Lasse is coughing up blood.

Setsuna, however, has managed to save Louise from the Regnant wreckage, and he instructs Saji to take her unconscious body to a safe place. Shortly after Saji and Louise leave the 00 Raiser, it gets attacked by Hiling and Revive’s mobile suits. Not paying attention to this, Saji takes Louise to a safe place somewhere on the Innovator ship, and he wakes her up. When Louise realizes that it’s him though, she tries to strangle him to death. In doing so, she notices the ring that he’s still wearing around his neck, and that triggers memories in her of their past together. This builds up to the point where Louise is overcome with pain, and she collapses. Setsuna meanwhile is having trouble with the Trans-Am coordination of Hiling and Revive, and he’s forced to use the 00 Raiser’s own Trans-Am. This allows him to sense everything that’s going on across the battlefield, and he can hear Saji crying out for the now unconscious Louise.

Setsuna can also hear Sumeragi tell Billy that she’s fighting so that they can create a future on their own will. Feeling that Sumeragi doesn’t understand, Billy looks ready to shoot her, but Setsuna’s attention is then turned to each of the other spots on the battlefield. All of his friends are in trouble, and refusing to let them die, Setsuna activates the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am Burst. This causes the 00 Raiser to expel a tremendous amount of GN particles, covering the entire battlefield. Setsuna himself remembers how Lockon told him to change, and he feels that they’re changing to create the future. Nearby, Revive thinks that all this is thanks to the Gundam, but he suddenly hears Regene’s voice tell him that it’s not just that. Regene explains that the quantum brain waves of a pure Innovator synchronizes with the Twin Drives, increasing the purity of the GN particles and enhancing people’s consciousness. Regene, whose dead body is still back where Ribbons left it, thinks that Setsuna has achieved a complete evolution.

As a result of this, the tide of battle begins turning. Lyle starts winning against Ali Al-Saachez, and Hallelujah motivates Allelujah to turn on Trans-Am and destroy the Gaga units coming at him and Marie. Sumeragi uses the ability to communicate telepathically to apologize to Billy because she had known his feelings and yet still depending on him too much. She then approaches him, and he finds himself unable to continue pointing his gun at her. When she hugs him, Billy finally confesses that he’s loved her for a long time. Soma meanwhile finds herself able to communicate telepathically with Andrei, and although she can’t forgive him, she acknowledges that Sergei wouldn’t be happy if she continued to hate him. When she questions why he killed his own father, Andrei claims that it was Sergei having to face the consequences of betraying the military, and he’s still sore over how his father let his mother die.

In particular, Andrei points to how his father never said anything, either to make an excuse or to apologize. Andrei feels that his father didn’t even try to understand his feelings, and that’s why he killed him. Soma responds to this by wondering why Andrei never tried to understand his father if he himself wanted to be understood, and she believes that Sergei surely had Andrei in his thoughts. Andrei, however, questions why his father didn’t say anything back then, and he feels that they have to talk to understand each other. Soma can do nothing but listen as Andrei yells in frustration. At around this same time, the GN particles cause Louise to open her eyes again, and she has returned to normal. As she and Saji embrace one another, Louise asks about the warm light around them, so Saji tells her that it’s the light of Setsuna’s heart – the light that illuminates the future.

By this point, Setsuna is done with Hiling and Revive and enters the Innovator ship so that he can get to Veda. Inside Veda’s room, Ribbons is trying to figure out what these GN particles are that are disturbing his own quantum brain waves. Regene suddenly tells Ribbons telepathically that he’s been waiting for this time, and moments later, Veda rejects the link with Ribbons. Regene refuses to let things happen according to Ribbons’ wishes, and he alerts Ribbons to how Tieria is still alive. In fact, Tieria’s consciousness triggers the Seraphim Gundam to detach from the Seravee, and it activates its Trial Field which cuts off and halts all the Gaga units linked to Veda. It also shuts down Revive and Hiling’s mobile suits as well as the Automatons inside the Ptolemaios that Sumeragi and Billy were trying to hold off. Given this lull in the fighting, Allelujah is able to check up on Marie and finds her okay.

The only fight still going on is the one between Lyle and Ali Al-Saachez, but because the Arche Gundam is in bad condition, Ali is forced to abandon it. Lyle chases him on foot into a nearby corridor and forces him to surrender. Lyle wants to shoot his enemy, but he then remembers how Anew talked about understanding each other, so he starts lowering his gun. Ali uses the opportunity to try to shoot Lyle, however Lyle is still quicker on the draw and finishes Ali off. As he returns to the Cherudim, Lyle comments on how, thanks to Anew, he feels that a world where people understand each other is not impossible. Thus, even if he’s alienated from the world and takes the blame, Lyle is determined to fight as a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being. Setsuna meanwhile reaches Veda’s room and finds Tieria’s dead body. He vows to avenge Tieria, however Tieria’s voice suddenly starts speaking to him.

Tieria explains that his consciousness has been completely linked with Veda, and he’s glad to have been an Innovade because he was able to save everyone. Being connected with Veda allowed Tieria to learn everything, and he decides to explain Aeolia Schenberg’s plan. Tieria notes that, although their armed intervention actions were filled with contradictions, it stimulated the unification of the world. A mankind that holds onto the sources of strife could not be allowed to advance into outer space, and a mankind that does not change cannot inherit the future. Thus, in order to prepare for the dialogue with the different wills, they need to understand each other. Understanding this, Setsuna returns to the 00 Raiser and flies back towards the Ptolemaios, but he never makes it because Ribbons suddenly reappears in his own mobile suit. After taking out the Seraphim Gundam, Ribbons takes credit for Setsuna’s powers.


I thought this was an exciting episode overall, but certain parts of it felt forced or at least poorly set up. It was mainly with how they showed all of the characters in such bad situations that really the only thing that could save them was a miracle. And so halfway through the episode, I was already expecting Setsuna to pull off some sort of god mode miracle, and lo and behold, a Trans-Am Burst later, everything magically turned around and pretty much everyone made it out okay, even Louise who looked dead at one point. The exception was Tieria who lost his body but it sounded like he was pretty content being one with Veda. My point is that they really shouldn’t have tried to solve everyone’s problems with just one miracle solution – that just makes it seem like the writers got lazy. I guess the general idea that they’re trying to show with all this is that understanding each other can lead to peace, and it’s demonstrated by how the particles/telepathic communication allow Billy and Sumeragi to make up and allow Soma to help Andrei come to terms about his father. It’s not a bad theme to end on, but they need to be careful about overemphasizing and overusing it.

Speaking of Billy, I really, really hope he dies next week. He doesn’t deserve to end up with Sumeragi, and it pains me to think that a good ending for her might involve him. I’m glad to see though that at least Ali is dead for good. I still think Setsuna should have gotten the honor of shooting him, but oh well – Setsuna did more than his share this episode. I also have to say that Ribbons’ mecha is rather ugly and not very intimidating at all. I bet it has Trans-Am mode and maybe a transformation or two, but I still don’t see how it’s going to be much of a challenge for the 00 Raiser. And where the hell is Graham in all this? I’m hoping he comes in next week in the finale and steals all of the time that’s probably being allocated to Marina. She’s been sidelined so much that I’m really dreading how they’re going to probably work her back in through her song. In any case, there’s only so much they can fit into one episode, so I hope Ribbons goes down relatively quickly and we can get some decent closure for all the characters in the finale.


  1. I kind of thought it was heading towards a zeta gundam like “everyone but setsuna” dies episode but of course he obtains godlike powers and saves everyone. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. I knew Andrei’s the type of character that Sunrise will never kill off – the typical ahole that learns “omgz I’ve been a douche all this time?” I also like Setsuna’s pixie dust that magically healed all problems, both physically and mentally. I know the producers are just trying to tie up all the loose ends, but throwing pixie dust is just such a dumb way to resolve the issues.

  3. And people complain about Kira’s HAX? At least he didn’t do a huge colony-wide brainwash and instant ressurection.

    Oh look! Setsuna went Deus Ex Machina! Automatic HAPPY END!


  4. Ali’s death wasn’t as epic as I wished or thought it might be, but at least he’s finally dead. But these “end boss” mechs are so fugly. I just hope Grahamshidou doesn’t pull another stunt like he did in S1 and intercept Setsuna after his fight with Ribbons. @_@

  5. I keep hearing that this is either the BEST EPISODE EVAR or the WORST EPISODE EVAR! I don’t know if I believe anything I read on the internets anymore. Someone tell me why I keep reading the internets for Gundam info. I need to know…..

  6. What The Hell !!!
    Billy doesn’t deserve a good ending
    Should have died
    If patrick dies, billy dies
    While I’m happy people are coming to life
    Are we forgetting what andrei did,
    he killed papa bear, soma should have capped his A**

  7. Honestly, I don’t think any of these new Gundam writers have the balls to give us a Tomino ending like the one we got with Zeta Gundam. Where everyone some way or another ends up getting screwed over. Happy miracle endings are so overrated. I want to watch a good Gundam show with no jesus powers.

  8. Liaw…………………… More Gundam Seed Destiny plot ‘repetoir’!!!!! Like Kira like Setsuna……… From good interesting climax plot twists to oh well pretty much umm………..

    BillyxSumeragi cant be helped………. I suspected from the start of the 2nd series they already a pair…… Well, cant be helped…….

    But the SetsunaxMarina that many fans expected turned out duh………… This pairing got the most fanbase…… Might as well no doujinshi of SetsunaxMarina and fan vids of them both at the first place……….. Also, might as well no Marina at the OP clip at the first place that gave many fans the impression possible and permanent pairing of Setsuna………

    At least no more Ali for now……. Maybe Graham and Ribbons the final bosses of the show to be defeated………

    Well, how the show will end up is all up to the director lah…….. He is the one who sets the plot and everything of the show…….. Hopefully the ending wont be extremely rushed and squeezed all tight in one kind of thing like the the ending of Macross Frontier and Gundam Seed Destiny…….

  9. I wish people would stop saying that the GN burst magically fixed everything. It just allowed a dialogue between people that solved misunderstandings. It certainly didn’t prevent Ribbons from doing anything, and he’ll be back, regardless of people understanding.

    Too bad about Ali, though. He was my favorite villian.

  10. Awesome episode!

    Looks like Regene still has a trump card that enables him to override Ribbons’ access to Veda, very cool!

    I will miss Tieria, who has grown to become a great character.

    Now that we’ve seen clones of Innovators, and their abilities to do “mind transfers”, I wonder if they will bring back Regene, Tieria and Anew near the end of the next episode…

    Welcome back, Hallelujah (for a short while)!

    Finally, Ali got shot and finished off by Lockon!

    Go Setsuna! Trans-Am Burst!

    Saji X Louise and Billy X Sumeragi are back. Those who dislike Billy please forgive him.

    Good to see Ian, Linda, Mileina, Feldt and Lasse are all ok.

    Where’s Graham? Maybe he will show up in the last episode and help out Setsuna?! Imagine they can pair up together to fight against Ribbons, Healing, Revival and Bring/Divine clones. That will be fantastic!

    Gundam 00 Fan
  11. Hax was not the problem with Seed Destiny, it was the lack of content. I think people are overfocusing on power levels as an issue here. Maybe it’s just because I’m watching too much Super Robot anime right now, but I always though the problem with Seed Destiny was that it never felt like it went anywhere or realized any sort of theme, which is what Gundam 00 seems to be doing right now.

    If people really need that much less “hax” to enjoy there Gundam might I reccomend MS Igloo 2? Anywhoo, sounds like a good episode so I kind of look forward to it.

    P.S: Again Gundam Seed Destiny’s problem ran WAY deeper than hax. Too simplified folks….way way too simplified a comparison…..unless we are talking about strictly power levels/hax being worse than Seed Destiny in which case I might agree. Not all Gundam shows are built as real though and that’s not all there is too them. Hope some people make there peace with this shows Gundam power levels eventually.

  12. Ok, this is a little out of control. I can eat the idea of a the quantum brain waves system for the OO raiser, it´s as rare as the zero system in Gundam Wing but this!!!!
    Instant understanding!!!!!!, For god sake, is that nobody holds really hatred against anyone. Specially the Soma – Andrei relationship.
    To be honest, I was waiting a finale like Code Geass R2 with some kind of final sacrifice and fights for ideals/Survival.

  13. Hax was not the problem with Seed Destiny, it was the lack of content. I think people are overfocusing on power levels as an issue here. Maybe it’s just because I’m watching too much Super Robot anime right now, but I always though the problem with Seed Destiny was that it never felt like it went anywhere or realized any sort of theme, which is what Gundam 00 seems to be doing right now.

    Hax is always a problem, especially from a show that was supposed to be above it. What exactly is Gundam 00’s theme? It seems to have lost the main thing it was about to start with. It’s hardly the realistic take on Gundam like it started. Now it’s about magical sparkles, zerging bombs, pretty explosions and hax. I’m pretty sure Setsuna outdoes any hax Kira might have had. Kira never cured the sick or saved someone’s relationship. Trans-am ruined this show.

  14. That ugly Billy and Sumeragi???!!!, thats horrible. “He doesn’t deserve a good ending with her, and I hope he dies somehow next episode.” I agree with that, if he really love her he NEVER make help Ribborns, and then why he destroy her picture???

  15. Lol, some of you folks are so hung up on “hax” that you don’t even realize that Gundam 00 has actually just realized it’s theme. And on top of that you are asking what it’s theme is? This is hilarious from my POV. 😀

    Sorry guys, but this is just too much. 😀 Some of you completely lost the themes of the show in worrying so much about trivial stuff like power levels and “realism” in robot anime. Glad I paid attention to what was important to the themes instead of what was important to the “realism”. Show was NEVER realistic and people still kept holding onto it. Shame shame shame……

  16. The main theme that G00 had can still be achieved without the hax in opinion. It just really feels like the writers are using the easy way out of this to accomplish that by using hax and it totally ruined the expectations I had upon finishing the first season. Hax is used to resolve plot threads in this show and that isn’t good.

  17. @Moira: Okay, well share with us our ideas of what they could have done instead . I am curious and think it’s a decent point to comment on.

    Truthfully though I don’t know though because at the beginning of the show they said that 00 was instrumental to them trying to fix the distortion with the current world and it sounds like that’s exactly what has happened and they’ve shown hints prior to this that it’s capable of doing that so it seems fine to me. Maybe not to others though (can’t see why not) so let’s hear it.

    The plot has been that there is something to accomplish and that 00 and Setsuna working together are what was going to accomplish it and barring any surprises from next episode (apparently though there are some on the way) that is what happened so I just truly can’t think of anything that would work better with all the hints and such that we’ve been given so far regarding Gundam 00, Setsuna and Saji helping to build a better future with people understanding each other a little better rather then strictly through figthing.

  18. Gundam 00 is officially declared a Super Robot show, where emotional energy make miracles happen. Overall, it was a mix of Zeta biosensor and something like Angel Halo. Some form of peace can be achieved through perfect communication between humans, but warmongers and Ribbons can’t be helped.

    00 is not worst than Seed Destiny. Seed Destiny was a mismatch of Yuusha robots in a real robot militaristic war setting. 00 s2 is Yuusha robots, but the final enemy turned out to be a typical alien like evil villian.

  19. i bet this hax You whine about will in fact kill setsuna next episode. i think having something lik this is helpful. i mean, this series wants to show us, that dialogue is better than never ending cycle of revenge. it is possible to achieve dialogue during the war, but most of the time the preffered outcome is to wipe out the other side. remember, at the end of the last episode of the first series, it was told that 00 will be the MS to change the world. and it, in fact, did. by releasing so huge amount of GN-particles that they begun to have magical-like properies, it made this dialogue possible on the battlefield. call it hax, if You want. but while You do so, please call newtype ability in UC gundam series “hax” too.

    also, let’s not forget, that ribbons probably has his own hax or anti-hax device. and will probably kill some of the good guys next episode. this could be the silence before the storm…

  20. @bgi: By george you’ve got it. And indeed this is not the final episode so there is still a lot that can happen.

    My hopes for the next episode is that if there is no movie and people understanding each other better are the dialogues to come that it finishes early and we get an epilogue sequence. And if there is a movie then…..I don’t know…..I guess I’ll have to think about it.

  21. What if Ribbon is just wearing a mask and he was indeed the missing “Amuro Ray” haha that would be a mind-blower in the Gundam universe and almost kill Setsuna even with the Trans-Am Burst then Graham shows up and unveil he is Char Aznable’s great-great-great-great grandson and duke it out with Amuro Ray and both of them disappeared once again.

  22. Um…huh? Since when did Billy do anything for which he deserved to be damned? The worst he did was hold a grudge against Sumeragi because he thought she was suing him to get info on the military, because……THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID. lol

  23. I was convinced to watch this episode.
    GN magical dust in the second part of this episode – made me feel disappointed.
    CB has happy End and the rest people don’t deserve it – at least I got such a feeling.

  24. It wasn’t all Setsuna. Tieria help with the Veda control. Veda control shut down all the Gaga forces, automations and the Innovator suits temporary. Trans-Burst just allow everyone to hear each others thoughts. Watch the episode before saying that Setsuna solve the problem.

  25. Whooboy! Not liking where this is going. If this doesn’t turn out to be a feint for a major downer event for the last episode then I’m going say gundam 00 only had 42 episodes. Everything after 17 felt like Bandai executives messing around.

  26. after watching the episode: what the hell, people? when in Char’s Counterattack Nu’s psycoframe resonated and made it possible for Amuro to push Axis from falling on earth and push away every mobile suit which was nerby, everything was ok, and CCA is considered to be one of the best gundam movies ever made. but when in 00 trans-am burst gave people chance for dialogue, it sucks, and is considered to be worse than trash like Destiny?

    i’m pretty excited for the last episode. Setsuna must fight Ribbos, Hiling, Revive and probably the whole clone army, as every other CB’s mobile suit is trashed. IF any of the other meisters will join, well, they’ll die. i think that Ribbon’s MS is equiped with either twin drive or some system to counter it, maybe even Trial system. alos remember that Setsuna have used trans-am already, so he wouldn’t be able to use it right away. there are many possibilities how it could end, with most promising Tomino’s “kill ’em all”.

  27. does anyone else feel that the last 5 episodes had rather poor animation compared to the first half of the season?? its not as smooth…

    btw since seraphim was destroyed, does that mean CB only has 4 real gn drives left

  28. wow everybody got a happy ending, lyle didnt even get revenge for anew…poor guy. like i said before setsuna’s 00 didnt allow them to communicate. it was for them to “feel each other feelings”, it still hax though.

    i stop watching this show since 22 (i think). im just going to read omni’s summary. i dont want to waste my bandwidth with this one.

  29. 1. I, for one, am somehow surprised that Billy was redeemed after the “GN particle” moment…it seems that sunrise wants to keep the Billy/Sumeragi pair after all. Initially I thought one of them will die, but there’s still one more episode to go, so there’s no gurantee that this couple will survive.

    2. Tieria seems to have MERGED with VEDA. Well, a good end to a rogue innovator and he got killed by Ribbons. Tieria, congrats on becoming a entity with Veda, but are you in paradise already? Btw, does CB needs to bury his body? Btw, he can be with neil lockon now.

    3. Louise, Tieria, Lockon, Allelujah, Marie, Sumeragi, Lasse, etc etc all seems to be in the danger of dying aka killed off. There’s a silver lining that comes later is the Trans-Am 00 Raiser doing its magic and Setsuna plays “god” and saves his friends. Pretty predictable, since he’s the main character. Quick solution to problems that spans throughout the entire season.

    4. saji and louise are back together!! My heart warmed at this, but marie and andrei’s understanding added to my pain. Shouldn’t she kill him in revenge for killing Papa bear? Well, it seems that the story has taken a drastic turn.

    5. Commander Ali, mighty is he! Perhaps not so mighty after all, after being shot by Lyle Lockon. Please…a mercenary against a gundam meister, killed IN A PISTOL DUEL?? Hello?? Ali should know better that he would have more time to shine in a gundam fight.

    6. Ribbon’s mecha looks like a rip-off from other mecha series. Its ugly, and it looks freaking weird. Don’t tell me setsuna will become “Gundam” literally and then take down that big boss of the show.

    7. Mr Bushido, WHERE ARE YOU?? I hope he can get to kick some ass at the end of the season. I want to see him in action and then revert back to the Graham we all know and love.

    8. Patrick!! I hope he survives. I want him to be a couple with Taisa Kati!

    9. marina, please do something…I dunno, anything BUT DEFINITELY NOT SINGING!!

    10. Is it me, or is the writers running out of ideas?

    11. Oh wait, this doesn’t go to number 11.

    The Master Commander
  30. I was always up in the air about who should be killing Ali, but Lockon makes the most sense to me. Unlike Setsuna, who was indoctrinated into killing his own parents (in other words, it’s partially his fault too), Lockon lost his brother, his sister, and his parents through no fault of his own.

    Also, Setsuna’s already beaten Ali in a fight, when he activated Trans-Am. Twice, in fact. On the other hand, neither Lockon has beaten Ali until now. It was sort of due.

  31. For some strange reason, i’m guessing ribbons to have an ugly looking mecha because it probably has another unit stored inside of it to be released later on. *thinks back to the final fight of season 1.

  32. Oh woah woah… so, everyone starts dying and sort.. and then got revived O.o ..? It looks like everyone was possessed and came back to their senses with the help of Setsuna the mighty. Ionno… it still so weird to me. On the other hand, i’m glad they’re back cept for ANDREI.. WTH?! He should die!
    -As for Billy, i don’t hate him for all he did. Simply because he thought that Sumeragi had used him and he felt betrayed (which she,I’m glad he was redeemed.
    -And yea.. what’s with that fugly mobile suit? It’s so FUGLY!
    -Afterall, i had a feeling that Setsuna will merge with Gundam – Setsuna X Gundam. Tada!

  33. this episode is SICK!!! i meant that both in a good and bad way…

    but seriously, come on, you guys, at least saji and louise had their happy ending…
    it’s reason enough to be happy about this episode…

  34. If anyone should die, then that’s should have been Louise (she is the reason millions of innocent were murdered by A-Laws) and Saji (even if he redeemed himself). On the other hand, Andrei only took one soul who was prepared to die.

  35. god, after reading all the complaints all i can do is quote this

    “Fans are clingy complaining dipshits who will never be grateful for any concession you make, the moment you shut out their shrill tremoulous voices the happier you will be for it.”
    -Ben “yahtzee” crosshaw

    seriously, it’s impossible to please some of you people, and why is it that people equate lots of characters dying with good story writing? hmm, it almost seems to much like a cop out to me ‘oh we can’t think of anything else to add. lets just drop a bridge of character X’

  36. oo yea.. I suspect Graham will come out of nowhere to assist Setsuna for the final battle.
    So, the final battle will be Setsuna & Graham vs Ribbon.
    It’s quite likely, since Graham has agreed with Setsuna’s opinion before.

  37. …Call me a killjoy, but I really didn’y want Saji and Louise to have a “happy ending.” But that’s just me.

    I despise the Deus Ex Machina device so much… Ruins everything, in my opinion.

  38. This show here is like trying to impress the audience esp. with those trans am burst mode thing a.k.a trying to communicate everyone…how dumb! And yet,the story still sucks right from the beginning of this season(to me). I thot it supposed to be cool or something but what?! Meh!

  39. Hmmm… Well, I haven’t watched the episode yet, but you can’t seriously say that you didn’t see it coming. Setsuna has been playing the God role ever since Africa tower fell. That was when he seemed to reach the almighty understanding and everything and was just sort of weakly ‘guiding’ everybody around him. It’s just now that they really pulled it into the spotlight and played it up.

    To be honest, I really can see them going with a ‘Setsuna dies to save everybody and then Marina sings for him and the world unites and everybody is happy’ ending. I’m not sure which would be worse, that or just a miracle where all the good-guys live.

    Beh. Whichever way it goes, it’s better to just sit back and enjoy the ride. If anybody was expecting 00 to be the best Gundam/mecha series ever, then your expectations were too high from the get-go. Just take it for what it is, sit back and enjoy the ride.

    At least they eased us into it, if only a little, rather than having Setsuna suddenly go crazy GOD mode right at the end with no explanation.

  40. @Em0de – if the story sucked from the beggining of the season, then why are You watching it? i mean, it’s okay for a few episodes, but for 24 episodes? and i don’t remember anyone saying that it was supposed to be cool.

    @Ozu – thanks to becoming an innovator, Setsuna’s deathbingo bonus for last episode is doubled. so don’t count on him living at the end.

  41. I bet Ribbons Piece of crap Gundam is not the real thing; their is always an attachments to Gundam so think of this piece of junk appetizer and the main course will come out; if not i am very disappointed. I do hope Graham is alive and come to fight Setsuna and join him and fight Ribbons depends if Ribbons is too strong @_@ then its alright.

  42. Guncannon + Guntank = Ribbon’s mobile suit. 😀
    Man seriously, you fans BAAAAWWW so much. It’s anime, so to hell with the realism this series was known for. Sure the chance for an loltomino ending has gone down a bit, but it is and will still a good series.

  43. Trial System went kaput. So all Gagas back up?
    Almost had me thinking they were going Zeta style until Setsuna activated Trans Am burst. Still none of them was actually saved by the Trans Am burst directly. They were instead saved by the Seraphim Trial System, but Regene and Tiera would not have likely been able to shut out Ribbons if his quantum brainwaves were not cut off.

    So they explained the entire plan which was actually an amalgamation of the various hints they had been dropping throughout the series. The “unite the world” aspect was quite clear in Season 1, the hints on space colonization was also there. The alien hints from the later half of the second season threw things off a bit.

    Billy hiding behind his excuse of world peace reminds me of Andrei. Making an excuse for something you have no courage to face. However his discourse on society, peace, order and freedom is a valid viewpoint abeit on the extreme end.

    Seems like Marie finally recovered. She has been hiding behind her Soma Pieres personality like Andrei and Billy has been hiding behind their execuses of world peace.

    If they did the how Tomino Kill’em all thing, it would probably have been stronger in terms of the plot impact. The current director would be hated but it would be remembered. Still there is one more episode left. If the director does exactly the same thing he did this episode reversing from a sure win to kill-em all scenerio, that would be interesting. Maybe end it with Marina noting that shortcuts through technology does not always work and man has to work it out himself.

    Zaku Fan
  44. @blind dead mcjones I agree with you sunrise likes making people mad and starts fights on theses forums. I glad I caught gsd year later oh man I would have complain almost every week. I just watch gundams and try to keep an open mind.

    @ozu i can see your ending but I think graham will be dying also.

    Now my turn to complain i think the only person who should have died would be andrei. Killing his father out of cold blood and not knowing the whole story why he was there in the first place. I hope there is not a happy ending for everyone. I think more people should have died how things were going. I hope it is not going to like macross frontier the one person should die did not. I am not coming here until ep 25 is sub I want to watch the last one with open mind. I am already on page six on comments I will most likly be on page 10 when I come back for the final one. I can”t wait for omni final thoughts on this series…I hope i will like it better than macross frontier and gurren lagan ending

  45. @x20571x – well, for me the natural reaction is to stop watching something if i don’t like it, not to whine about it on the internet. why waste the bandwidth if there are better things to do? it seems wierd.

  46. @bgi-you see. i am not the only one who think how people looked at it as sucks hey,i watched them too but that does not mean that i like it. me too want to know how the story ends. just for my own review tho to my upcoming blog. and it is bcauz i do not want to comment it first not until how it ends up. ok?.

  47. @x20571x – as i said, it’s only my opinion, if anybody thinks otherwise, then that’s fine, too. it just doesn’t make sense for me that some people are watching something they don’t even like so that they could whine about it on sites like RC, without even a bit of constructive criticism.

  48. “And where the hell is Graham in all this? I’m hoping he comes in next week in the finale and steals all of the time that’s probably being allocated to Marina.”


  49. Errrr …
    Does Someone here knows what was in the mind of Ribbons when he did that …
    After all, he managed to build the somewhat elegant Garazzo et Gadessa … even the Arche, or the Empress & Regnant …
    But this giant lego thing … horrible …

  50. “Honor of shooting him”?

    I really dislike that you fail to notice the main theme of the entire series, which is: revenge leads to nothing.

    Lockon was ready to not kill Ali and instead apprehend him, just like human rights should be. Letting go of the need for revenge (which leads to nothing). The only reason Ali was shot was that he still tried to kill Lockon, so Lockon shot him in self-defense, not in revenge.

    This is a very important point. And in this light, Billy’s rehabilitation also makes sense. “Wanting to see him die” is just a barbaric notion.

    It kind of worries me how people who watch the show regularly fail to notice the basic human rights and humanity stuffs. I remember a scene (just before the ED) in Gundam Seed Destiny, where ZAFT helps some Coordinator village to get rid of the Earth Alliance occupation. In the end, there was a scene where officers of the Eearth Alliance were kneeling down and each executed one by one by some coordinator civilian. It looked gruesome, just like a chinese execution, and I really hated that every fucking blogger in the entire Internet didn’t notice that this was basically a human rights violation (which I think the series writers were aware of and actually wanted to do deliberately).

  51. Man, reading all those “he should have died” or “she should have capped his A*” or “he should have killed him” makes me think you people are uncivilized barbarians.

    This is a series about how “war is bad”. And such a theme _MUST_ come with a notion of human rights. This isn’t Rambo. There’s a very human and very ethical message here, and “A should have killed B” just doesn’t fit ANY ethics.

  52. Well I’ll find it funny as hell if Tieria gets “Reborn” as a woman……if Veda Decides “Eh, you’re too annoying being here with me all the time…”

    Looks to be a good ep…happy that Saji finally got his woman away from Andrei!

  53. @tokugawa – words of truth…

    @justin43 – while i also was an advocate of a true “kill ’em all” ending, it was just that i didn’t want to see another happy-seed-destiny-nobody-dies-ending. curret bodycount is enough, with even a comic relief character possibly dead. i jest think that besides my deathbingo guesses for the last episode (Ribbons, Revive, Hiling and Setsuna), there would be some sort of a misunderstanding and others will die. there is still a factor of Ribbons having a whole asteroid, which he could drop on earth (and a red mobile suit, You see a pattern?). i get a bad feeling that this series would not end as nicely as this episode made it look like.

  54. By the way, i would have loved an epic and furious battle beetween Prince Ali and Graham “Bushido” Aker …

    Seems that it will stay as an epic battle in my mind only …

  55. @justin43 – while i agree, there are other means to drop an asteroid on earth than using its controls. remember that Ribbons doesn’t like the fact that Regene and Tieria have the couch for themselves.

  56. @Tokugawa

    I think you’re being a bit self-righteous. You have to understand -why- people want to see certain characters die and also realize that they’re speaking about fictional characters. If everyone who wanted to see a fictional character die was a barbaric narcissist in real life, then the world would be an even shittier place than it is now. We can just use Billy as an example. Because of a misunderstanding with Sumeragi, he ended up joining A-Laws and had undoubtedly contributed in some way to numerous atrocities committed by the organization over the months. He’s also responsible for handing over the Trans-Am technology to Ribbons, which in turn allowed the latter to efficiently utilize his army of living-bombs. Even if people saying “I want to see him die!” is a little harsh, it’s justifiable. The same could be said about Andrei. You also need to understand that what’s depicted is a war, and while killing is wrong under most circumstances, saying you want to see someone die on a battlefield is hardly the degree of human rights violation you make it out to be.

    I also have to wonder why you continue to watch shows like Gundam if every fictional depiction of human rights violation sets you off like the scene in SEED. So what if people didn’t continuously say “OMG ZAFT VIOLATED HUMAN RIGHTS!”? Frankly, it should come obvious enough to anyone watching that it doesn’t need to be said. Honestly, if you have time to whine about fictional depictions of such things, then spend that time fighting for human rights in the real world instead.

  57. @Kaioshin Sama Yeah, I knew it was a Guncannon homage; but there’s also just something… Ideon-y about Ribbon’s mecha. (It’s probably because it’s a big red ugly Guncannon, and the Ideon was a big red ugly GM… and therefore I’m just imagining it, but hey, imagination is awesome…)

  58. @ Popnfresh
    Hmmmmmmm well, judging by the angle on how the particle was shot to seraphim, I dun think it really hit the drive, check XD Anyways, I think the drives are better to be destroyed, humans are not really ready for such advanced technology XD I think the destruction of the Drives is one of the most logical way to end the series with.

  59. @gundamaniac: the shot went right through the Seraphim’s chest, so i think that the Seraphim Gn Drive bit the dust, which counts as the first Original GN Driver destroyed (not counting side stories and that crap.

  60. I lol’ed at all the RAGE, most of which RAGE just for being on the “this sucks!” bandwagon. Admittedly this series did some things that makes you roll your eyes (hey not like you people didn’t see it coming) but they came up with a theme and stuck with it, even if the execution turned out pretty iffy. >_>

  61. The Trans Am burst did not raise the dead because Louise did not die. She went into a coma because of her psychological conflicts.

    For those who think she died, any explaination what did she die of? Headaches?

    Zaku Fan
  62. @Zaku Fan: I never got the impression that she died either, just that she passed out because her brain seized up with the conflict of her brainwashing making her strangle Saji and her not really wanting to deep down. The Burst Mode resolved that conflict so she woke up. I wouldn’t read to much into Saji’s reaction as he always gets over emotional and the thought of her being hurt or in pain is easily enough to send him into that kind of outburst.

  63. i got the Guncannon homage but with whole kujo and billy thing. i don’t think that billy deserves her not saying that he should die and wth with kujo hugging him, if you had feelings for him then at least give him an explaination.

    overall, excellent episode and those shoulder pads on almarks’s MS looks like cockpits similar to the O-raizer maybe that is where the other two invovades went??

    lastly…on a humourous end.
    when i first saw this….jizz in my pants

    Cpt. Obvious
  64. This was, the best episode of Season 2, fo me at least, I’ve felt that S2, dispite the good pointswas falling apart, but this ep just brought it back up due to the sheer enjoyability of it (not to mention the Aeolia plan finally cleared and the animation quality to this ep)

    “It’s not a bad theme to end on, but they need to be careful about overemphasizing and overusing it.”

    I don’t blame you for critically thinking this way, but I reckon it seemed perfect, feels like SRW OG again, only its Celestial Being(Divine Crusaders) being the main characters and the World being the enemy. What’s different about this compared to SRWOG would be the Veda connected suits and Tieria’s Trial equipment being a good way to say “Stop fucking fighting”. Some would probably say that Aeolia’s plan seems to wtf-ish due to thinking over 200 years ahead, but if you think “there may be another race whose thinking is different” then that can set the whole storyboard to a plan.

    Only fear is now if its a complete tragic ending, but who knows, the preview only showed fighting bits. And the Ribbons suit, lol, I guess they wanted to show the ole’ DOM trooper feel. Dunno about a transformation, but I would bet more on an armor detached form.

    Now for the highlights. This seemed to be enjoyable because
    -The “Understand each other” theme
    -Animation Quality
    -Ali, while an awesome villain, finally dead, and thinking he had it covered XD (Yes the OP showned Tieria vs Ali, but I guess thats just the expression of Tieria’s hate. ALso, remember OP2 of S1, they didn’t fight the Thrones in space did they? Hell Alejuah didn’t even fight em)
    -Good to see Halle, his words bascially saying “Stfu and just kill em” XD
    -Reckoning that Tieria not just became Veda, but (imo) also become Seraphim was awesome :]And his quote “Don’t kill me off yet” my has he changed =D

    Final episode next week. I swear I hope 00 just doesn’t end (other then Sidematerials!) we need another 00 XD

  65. Best episode of Gundam00 HANDS-DOWN

    I thought Louise’s supposed ejection from her mobile armor was kind of weak, but everything else made up for it.

    Especially the execution of Ali!

    Anyone think ‘The Immortal Coldsore’ will return in some form? (probably as a cockroach)

  66. The writing for mecha anime is usually pretty awful. The artwork and some of the music for 00 were pleasant. I don’t care about the robots at all, but if that is your thing then maybe they worked too. The writing has been contrived melodrama built on a core of ridiculous ideas, and it’s been a downward spiral into inanity since partway through the first season. I can only hope that decades later they determine that exposure to Setsuna’s GN radiation causes sterility; impotence; and rectal cancer, and that humans ultimately become extinct putting an end to war just as Aoelia had planned. Or at least prolonged exposure to naked quantum brainwave time causes writers at Sunrise to abandon tired subjects such as the removal of conflict in humans by means of emo powers and/or teenagers waging global war.

  67. wow you guys sure will take the fun out of watching a series like this if analyze every dam error or thing that went wrong with the show heres some advice, if you don,t want to feel like the series failed you, just don,t bother to watch the finale and blog on here that way you don’t have to complain capiche

    John Tokyo
  68. I was disappointed in this episode… Billy doesn’t deserve to live after all of his sudden change of heart and Andrei needs to pay for his sins also…. Lovely to see Alli ans Marie back together, Saji and Louise are back together too….

    over all more disappointed than happy w/ this episode….

  69. Espada’s Weekly Gundam OO Episode Guide 24:
    1. ali dead YAHOO!!!!
    2. ribbons MS is recycled from season 1 sad =(
    3. all of them won xD except tirea <_< make a clone for him?
    4. saji x louise hmmm 5/10

    Overall nice episode!!!

  70. Ali, NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You’ll be sorely missed.

    Overall, while I don’t agree with everything that’s going on, a good series overall. Can’t wait for next week:)

  71. I think the goal of this series really isn’t to show how the “old system” is completely destroyed because it has no place in the future, but rather it is that those who were part of it can change through understanding of the new way and be integrated into the new system. Therefore even the completely wayward (like Billy and Andrei) can change, if only they see the error of their ways and undergo an “innovation” of the mind, through this earning themselves a place in the future. Those who fail to do so (Like Ali) are destroyed “by their own backwards philosophy.”

  72. OMG, just a one episode filled with miracle and suddenly many people began to judging worser than seed dEstiny?? GIVE ME A BREAK. SEED DESTINY IS MUCH WORSER THAN THIS!!!!
    i still don’t get it…. why all these retarded haters couldn’t understand???? 00 is nothing comparable to the crappy Seed destiny who just been crappy for 2/3 half of the series…..
    I don’t understand what all these retards thinking…..

  73. IM bored( i think thats what people are trying to say Knight_SV!)

    I personally thought that world peace was enough of a reason to do anything and not to tack on the end ‘so we can talk to aliens’

    Incidentally Battlestar Galactica ended recently! BOOOYA!!!!! beautiful story at the end. although it sideways blamed japan for everything wrong with the world (or it can be construed that way ) which is amusing since people are constanly commenting on the anitwest sentiments voiced in anime (not rele i just needed to say BSG was AWESOME without joining another site!)

    In any case now that i have mentioned BSG i can say that people seem to be bored with gundam because, ‘everything that has happened, has happened before and will happen again’

    (i also desperately needed to tie that in somewhere!!!)

    My (first/final) point is
    For as long as someone somewhere hasnt seen gundam the owners of the franchise will continue to make it marginallly different each year and for as long as they keep doing that more experienced fans will continue to get hopelessly bored each year especially (in my case atleast) if something like code geass ends a few months before! So there will always be complaints because unfortunately people all over the world keep having babies and a minority of them keep becoming anime fans!!! STOP DOING THAT! then finally (when the global fan base begins to stagnate!)gundam will be able to move on from the tired rehashed formula and slighlty more people stand a chance of being happy with it!!!

    Also GSDestiny????? REally i was suprised to see that on last page when i came to post about BSG :P.. This is anime if your looking or realism and somthing less akin to the stereo typed ‘acid trip’ then watch boring ass british TV!!!!)

    P.S. BSG was awesome.
    Gundam stayed the same. Im just slighty more bored than last time. Are you??

  74. Guys Tieria VS SACHEZ NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Those rumors are NOT TRUE!!

    I mean I just can’t believe that HOW COULD RIBBONS KILLED TIERIA!! :frustrated::frustrated::frustrated:



    In the final ep of gundam 00, Make that Douchebag Ribbons Almack PAY Once and for all!

    Yeah I swear A god for Anew, Louise & Tieria Erde. Talked about THINGS went paralyzed on me like those hypocrites & those HAS-BEEN in this show makes me paranoid till it really encrypts me all the time. man, I sound like CHRIS JERICHO to me.

  75. I’m quite happy that Andrei survives because now the fucker has to spend the rest of his life knowing that he murdered his father for no reason. Hope the guilt drives him mad.
    I’m even happier with “Prince Ali” going out like the way he did.
    Also, Setsuna’s level of psychic pwnage has now surpassed that of Amuro Ray.

    Speaking of Amuro, the obscure inside jokes continue on Ribbons, with his machine looking like a giant GunCannon that somebody severely beat with an ugly stick.
    In the original MS Gundam, Amuro piloted two mobile suits: RX-78-2 Gundam(most of the time) and on one occasion RX-77-2 GunCannon. Ribbons is voiced by the same guy who voiced Amuro, and has piloted two mobile suits, the appearances of which were respectively derived from the RX-78-2(0 Gundam) and GunCannon(This hideous monster)

    Badass episode. Especially when Ribbons got locked out of Veda by Regene and Tieria.

    Newtype Destroyer
  76. Your review for this episode really sucks onmi. If you hate this series then don’t fucking watch it. bitching after bitching. If you can do better then get hired at the studio and do it.

  77. @Multi:
    What are writing?
    You got a Summary of this episode. That’s what happened in this episode. You should be glad.

    Why should people like everything?
    I didn’t like the second part of this episode.

  78. This Gundam is getting ridiculous. Superpowers, miracles, paranormal stuff… Man, I should be show about militarism, politics and war, like the other Gundams. But now it looks like a mix between Power Rangers, DBZ and Saint Seiya.

    The plot is just ridiculous. They are just putting random stuff on the storyline… Tottaly nonsense. This is not Gundam.

  79. i really liked this episode, and if you want to get technical, Setsuna really didnt save anything, well, except maybe heal Lasse, but other than than, nothing his gundam did was anything we havent seen before, we all knew his gundam could do the whole particle thing and let people hear others thoughts. this time around, he just made the effect more widespread but the idea is the exact same. Sestuna didnt save Sumeragi, Billy and Sumeragi saved themselves once they could actually know what the other was thinking, other than that, it was Tieria that did a lot of the actual saving with the Trail system. either way, the theme of this series isnt far-fetched at all, i am sure most everybody hear would agree that if people could actually truly know how other people feel, it would be easier to get along. oddly enough, i am currently reading a sci-fi book called “The Reality Dysfunction” and in it there is a sect of humans that have something called the affinity gene which allows their thoughts to be connected, they are still individuals, no Code Gease/Eva mind merge, but because everyone can feel everyone else’s feelings and thoughts, among these people, they is no war or hatred among themselves. of course it leads to some of them having a small feeling of being better than ‘normal’ humans, but it is nothing more than just a slight feeling a elitism, nothing more, but it works along the same themes. basically, Setsuna didnt save them so much as Setsuna gave them the opportunity to save themselves. anyway, i cannot wait to see how this show ends.

  80. To anyone complaining about how the episode went, just remember, it could have been a LOT worse.
    Imagine, if you will, the scene where Setsuna gets to the Veda control room. Tieria is dead, and Ribbons is there. Ribbons is angry that this upstart kid is now an innovator, and he’s going to take down Setsuna himself. Ribbons gives a little speech about how he is the true innovator, and no mere human could ever hope to match him. Ribbons and Setsuna shoot at the same time, and only manage to hit each other’s guns. Now, it’s man to man, fist to fist. They’re evenly matched, so Ribbons decides to show Setsuna the true power of an innovator. Ribbons goes Trans-Am. Yes, you read that right. Ribbons. Goes. Trans. Am. Now he’s tearing apart Setsuna, landing Trans-Am powered punches that no one can hope to dodge. All Setsuna can see are the blood red afterimages of Ribbons. Setsuna is defeated, floating there beaten and bloody. On the brink of death, he apologizes that he couldn’t change the world after all. But wait, Lockon (the original) is calling to him beyond the grave. He tells Setsuna that he is a true Innovator, and that he alone can harness the true Trans-Am. Setsuna wakes up, and goes Trans-Am. Ribbons, floating away, doesn’t see this. Setsuna calls out Ribbons’ name, and he turns around just in time to be Trans-Am punched. The fistfight begins anew, Both of them Trans-Am, Red afterimages everywhere, every time they connect red and green bursts of GN particles emit. The station is being destroyed around them due to the sheer power of their punches and kicks. But Setsuna is losing. How can this be?! Ribbons has the upper hand, and is about to finish Setsuna once and for all. But wait! Setsuna has been holding back, and gathering power from all his friends! He unleashes it, Riser Sword! Right through Ribbons’ shocked face. Screaming “Riser. Sword. Slice!” Setsuna cuts Ribbons in half! Everyone is happy, Ribbons is dead. But here comes Mr. Bushido! And he has learned the Trans-Am technique! The episode ends with them starting to fight.

    So anytime you complain about how this series ends, just remember that it could have ended like this, thus destroying any possibility of Gundam ever being taken seriously EVER again.

  81. @Arael

    That would have been far too horrible… especially when you take into consideration that punches in a zero-g enviroment won’t hit particularily hard… 😛

    I thought this was an okay episode, got a little hax with the Trans Am burst, but I more or less expects Setsuna to become god at the end so it doesn’t surprise me…

    And I fucking hate Ribbons, Setsuna got to fucking smash that fucking ugly MS to pieces and rip Ribbons in half >:(

  82. just to clarify, i dont think that Trans Am Burt was hax AT ALL. i mean, think about what it is, it is just a wide range version of what we all already knew his gundam could do when in Trans-am. we all saw how the 00 raiser let people hear others thoughts, just now he covered a wider range, what is so unbelievable about that. you could say it healed Lasse, but didnt the 00 already heal Setsuna in the first place from that gunshot wound. picture a smoke bomb that releases a lot more smoke than the average smoke bomb, or in this case GN particles as opposed to smoke, what is so ‘God-like’ about that.

  83. Senta vs Ribbons a perfect battle between good vs evil.

    Similar to Transformers, Senta is acts like Optimus tiring to save the world and care about his comrades and Ribbonin in the other hand acts like Megatron tiring to inslave universe and other evil stuff. A perfect pair, but with different set.

    I wonder they’ll battle in dramaic way like Senta will sacrific himself and Ribbons to create a future like Beast Machine in the final episode.

    This will be so cool!

  84. @Multi: Summary + Thoughts looks perfectly reasonable to me. Shows he put some thought into reflecting on it and I can’t say I see any bitching at all. Omni has always come across as generally positive towards this show compared to other bloggers out there.

  85. whatever happened to normal people just piloting great Gundam suits?
    the next gundam series should just stick to Gundams, war, and even better Gundams.

    people DO want to see more of the Gundams than a human attaining nirvana and miraculously solving all problems through said special powers.


    i miss Gundam Wing.

  86. Ali had an eye for catching people off guard and hitting them where they wouldn’t see it coming. (Neil’s case is the most literal example.) Yeah, he most likely had the upper hand over Lyle and he got defeated only coz his mech went dead w/ Seraphim’s Trial Field. Well, he didn’t see that one coming. (As well as Lyle’s bullet on his head. :x) Throughout the series I hoped someone (either Setsuna, Tiera, or Lockon) would overpower him in the end, showing how useless his skills and cunning are. But this one was more poetic for me.

    Haha, and yeah, Ribbon’s mobile suit(armor?) reminded me so much of Grand Master Gundam. 😛

    tap nai
  87. Let’s see how many homages to old Gundam (the obvious ones) shows are on here:

    Gundam – GM guncannon and guntank, as well as the regular gm. telepathy

    Zeta Gundam – Four Murasama = Louise; jupitris was the ship that came back from jupiter. Supposedly, in 00, Aolia was from jupiter or had researched there.

    ZZ Gundam – mass produced suits that Ribbons used reminds me of the Quebeley.

    Char’s Counterattack – Remember when Amuro moved the axis from hitting earth, he forced his human will and his gundam magnified that will. It was green and dispersed over the whole axis comet/ship/colony. Reminds me of the scene here when Setsuna activated burst… lots of green light and heightens brainwave awareness.

    Victory Gundam – Angel Halo + V2 Gundam = 00 Raiser Gundam

    Gundam Wing = Relena = Marina (??) haha!

    Well.. most of the comparisons come from the UC time era.

  88. hey guys, i think there was something strange about Patrick’s ms exploding, something flew out right after it exploded… you could watch that part again if you’d like, i’m just stating my opinion…

    and i think seraphim isn’t destroyed at all, maybe it survived…

  89. im hoping 00 ends well, theres so much to do for ONE episode…and its not even a long one, this is going to be interesting…anyone else see a possible 3rd season? this “dialogue” to come, does anyone else think ALIENS? uniting HUman kind before war comes to space for a coming dialogue. well heres hoping that theres a fanstasmic epic quick takedown of ribbons and an OVA/movie, thatd be nice. Though it woulda been nice had they done a SEED destiny and had a longer episode to finish things off

  90. Death means nothing in Gundam 00! how many times has Patrick died and he is still gonna come back! Tieria died, but didnt really! Lock on died but not really! Hallelujah died in S1 is now back! Lasse, Arthur goodman killed on Memento Mori, then again several episodes later, Regenne Regette, Wang lui mei, Ribbons! everyone of them has died and come back to life magically again. There is no death in this show, just MIA. Wouldnt be surprised if Alejandro Corner comes back!

    John Eire
  91. Marina’s song actually played this episode. Its the string version of Tomorrow that’s used after the Trans Am burst is activated.

    Hopefully the real Tomorrow (not the episode 14 one) preempts “trust you” as the ED next episode.

    Zaku Fan
  92. there will be a movie sequel in the works. it will expand the plot and connect the current events to what led aeolia to commit such atrocity. playing messiah in the modern day is hard. oh well graham as a meister would be awesome in the movie sequel. i mean someone’s gotta fill tieria’s void.

  93. I know it’s been reiterated a dozen times (but then again so has “durrrr, characters don’t really die in Gundam durrrr”), but unless you visibly see a character die onscreen in an anime then it doesn’t really count. All the characters that have appeared to die have done so off screen, which leaves the door open for surprises. Face the facts:

    – Lockon is dead, he and Lyle are not the same person, they just have the same appearance. If I had an identical twin and I died, but he was alive does that mean I am not dead?

    – Hallelujah never died, he “went away for a while” after Allelujah suffered mild brain damage. 00 Trans-Am allows Allelujah to contact Hallelujah within his own mind again and vice versa.

    – Arthur Goodman? Died offscreen and probably wasn’t even in the area that blew up on Memento Mori.

    – Lasse never died, people just thought he did because he was drifting in space after the fight.

    – Wang Liu Mei? Never died on screen, we just saw fire coming up near her eyes and that was it.

    – Ribbons can clone himself and already had his conciousness stored in Veda before Regene shot him so yeah, Ribbons couldn’t die until now that he’s lost control of Veda and can’t produce a new body for himself.

    – Regene is dead, but Trans-Am Burst allowed him to bridge the link between his still functioning brain and Veda. There are multiple kinds of death after all and Regene’s wasn’t brain death yet.

    Of course I’m sure people already knew this and just like mentioning the cliche about “dead people” not really being dead for the trillionth time. Here’s the thing, we don’t need to be told, we already know. Why do people keep bringing this up?

  94. regene was brought back to life by tieria who chose to resurrect his data and completely delete the others(innovators). tieria is just being a good bro. twins for the win!

    well ribbons isn’t really that lame he has like a gundam inside that thing. maybe he has his own twin drive system.

    innovado? who the fuck are these people?

  95. @ Frito

    I think that by Innovado they mean all the artificial created Innovators 😛 It was never meant for Ribbons to have that kind of power and work against Aeolia’s plans, but he still did in order to lead humanity himself and he told everyone that he was an Innovator while he was only responsible for making people evolve into Innovators… hope that made some sense.

  96. Both Goodman and Lindt didn’t sit in Memento Mori. Both of them were in their ships. Yes, no one is in Memento Mori, because it’s a device which is controlled from distance(Saji even said in 17ep. that he is fighting against machine).
    Lindt’s ship was near Memento Mori and he died, because some detail from Memento Mori pierced his ship.
    Goodman was wiser. His ship wasn’t glued to Memento Mori that’s why he survived. We see no ships near Memento Mori when Setsuna attacked it with his long and strong beam.

  97. theory on ribbon’s fugly mobile suit:

    1. to those who say that it may contain another ms inside like the alvatore/alvaron, i completely agree with you guys…

    2. graham’s masurao/susanowo has a pseudo-twin-drive right?? ribbon’s ms probably has it too… i wonder where they will put them, 00 has it on the shoulders, masurao/susanowo has it on the hips, maybe ribbon’s suit has it on the knees (well, it remains to be seen, seeing that the suit doesn’t look like it has knees)

    3. of course, the billy-made pseudo-trans-am…

    4. plus every freakin gundam arsenal and feature from every GN, GNR, GNW, GNZ designated suits

    5. finally, the suit’s name would probably start with a “GA”

  98. ribbons gundam has them on its arms and trust innovado is part of a bigger conspiracy. hopefully the movie will flesh out the rest and reveal the real people behind the events.

  99. The only way I could honestly see this series saving itself from utter ending destruction and millions of critic flames, is ofthe director sacrifice Setsuna in some way, and attempt to make the anime I tiny bit more realistic. I didn’t have a problem with it up until this episode. Come to think about it, I didn’t have a problem with Seed Destiny up until episode 26 when we found out lira survived. I mean god dam*, that kids truly immortal. He got shot, slashed, slammed, and stabbed and he’s like , -ohhhhhhhhhhh! there’s the “nuclear off” switch-. WTF ever dude lmao.

    Annnyway, I’m actually scared to watch this last episode.
    Bbrrr *shivers*

  100. Quoting Izaak:
    “And people complain about Kira’s HAX? At least he didn’t do a huge colony-wide brainwash and instant ressurection.

    Oh look! Setsuna went Deus Ex Machina! Automatic HAPPY END!


    So true

  101. @Starshine.

    Lyle is a cheater?!

    Fuck that. Ali is gone and dead. Probably
    the only character besides Ribbons himself
    who has no redeeming traits what-so-ever.

    Really, this is an action that should’ve been
    carried out a long time ago!!

  102. According to Veda intelligence, this series is 100x times better than Seed…
    Action wise! Story wise! And fighting scenes are not repeated a thousand times like in Seed Destiny…


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