Part 1: Image Training with Sandbag Fujioka
Riko lets out an aching sigh of despair, as she laments her unrequited love with her prince Fujioka-kun. She’s approached by new girl, who identifies herself as THE OBSERVER (sounds like something from that stupid Watchmen movie), who suggests that Riko needs to improve her image. Well, no better way than some basic practice on Observer-san’s friend, Yuu the sandbag Fujioka. Yuu makes a wonderful mess of things (what did Yuu expect?), but it almost seems to be working… until Kana shows up. Apparently Yuu and Kana get along quite well, and they start getting close… which is, sorry to say, quite counterproductive.
Part 2: Hospitality is a Chili Bath
Kana sets up a study session and invites Fujioka, Keiko, and Riko – I figure Keiko doesn’t really need to study but she needs friends, Fujioka just wants to go for Kana, and Riko just wants to go for Fujioka. Getting them all in the same place? Nice. The study session goes quite well, and as they’re winding down, Haruka prepares a bath for them. Fujioka gets pressured into going first, and as he walks into the bathroom, he’s faced with a potentially sticky situation: yes, this is the same bath that Kana uses! This is where she gets naked every day! Dude gets embarrassed, and doesn’t want to dirty the tub, so he uses the shower instead (in Japan, showers are separate from the tub). Next, Riko is up – and she can’t get in the tub cuz omg! Fujioka was just naked in here. So, she uses the shower instead. Next, Keiko strips down, but since she’s blind without her glasses, she uses the shower instead. Finally, Kana hits the bath – she’s actually the first one to get in the tub – which she so hospitably spiked with chili peppers to supposedly give a more full-bodied, warmer experience. She’s obviously never watched Slumdog Millionaire, cuz chilies on your willy don’t feel too good.
Part 3: Tutoring Woes
Riko got a 97 on her test! She’s quite happy about it, since Fujioka sucks at school, so he might come ask for her advice. Well, Keiko got 100, but she’s smart and wears glasses, so that’s fine. What did Kana get? Whoa, thanks to Keiko, she got a 99?! How about prince Fujioka? Thanks to Kana’s tutelage, he got a 98?!! Is a 97 allowed to tutor a 98? I should point out that not only are they amazing students to be getting A+’s, but also amazing teachers – they only lose one point through the entire transfer process!
Part 4: Mako-chan Valentine’s
It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow – that wonderful day in Japan where the girls have to give chocolates to the guys. Kana talks Chiaki into making some, getting Mako-chan to help. Wouldn’t you know it, the chocolates come out great – but that only works for Chiaki, right? Is Mako-chan supposed to give chocolates to some guy too?

The next day, Makoto is wonder which unlucky guy is gonna receive the chocolate that Chiaki dropped on the ground. Behind him, he hears a voice: “oi, Makoto, chocolates for you.”

Next on Minami-ke Okaeri – All that unused budget and now the poorly animated ugly characters become well animed ugly characters


Wow, am I late on this? Good thing there’s only one episode left. Whatever happened to the good ol’ shows that had me eager to blog about the minute the raw drops on tokyotosho? Ah, hell…

All things considered, this was a pretty funny episode. ‘Course, in the grand scheme of Minami-ke, it was just average, but given what happened last week, getting something average is a freakin’ godsend. Funny to see Kana be the bane of Riko’s existence… in almost everything. Maybe we can have an alternate world Minami-ke like Haruhi-chan, where all the characters’ unique points are exaggerated – Riko would be the axe murderer that won’t stop until she’s wearing Kana’s scalp complete with those twin tails as a victory hat. But, Kana always manages to upend her by just being herself. I almost feel sorry for Riko at this point, but she’s not particularly hot (hard to look hot with Okaeri’s animation budget…)

SPEAKING OF WHICH, and I know I’ve beat this point deader than that idiot bird I saw at the supermarket parking lot today that got run over by a car (are there Darwin awards for animals?), but MY GOD it’s literally worse than THE LETTUCE from that fap fap Feena Yoakena show. I mean, sometimes we get comedy gold out of it, like TAREKANA, but most of the time it’s just annoyingly horrible, especially from a show that looked so great the first season. It is funny, though, that the previews of the next ep look like the budget got severely ramped up, but that still doesn’t save the ridiculously ugly character designs.

It’s still funny – but having an anime with terrible art quality doesn’t add anything to the manga, except for the pedestrian voice acting. The point of anime is to bring the manga to life! What’s this Okaeri thing then? A shot in the foot?


  1. OH COME ON !!!!!!111 I thought you was gonna comment of mako cakes or something because he/she did that one thing after she eat the chocolate cake and my body of almost got excited I almost shot myself when I realize it happened.

  2. Hey guys, why the hell watch a show you all seem to hate so much? I just don’t get it. Minami-ke, as always, was fantastic this week (as it’s been since season 1 and continued to be in season 2, and now 3).

    Seems like I’m the only person out there who actually consistently enjoys the show.

  3. I loved the skit with the bath. I was waiting to see what the payoff was gonna be and Kana did not disapoint. This is still a great show to watch. I noticed that this year Haruka seems like more of a side character then a main. She didn’t seem to be the main focus of anything this year. it seems to be Kana 45%, Chiaki 45%, and Haruka gets like 10% airtime.

  4. Let’s be honest though… Haruka isn’t that interesting of a character. The only times anything interesting happen to her is something through her sisters, or through her much more interesting school friends.

    You can only take the banchou thing so far.

  5. @Minami-ke Okaeri Supreme Quality Attained

    amazing, that’s amazing.
    never thought they dropped the animation quality to that extent.
    nvm. i wished for a third season, now i’M satisfied and don’t want a fourth.


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