Inside the room, the black and white Soul claims that he’s stuck there because he used the black blood too much and got most of his soul engulfed in the madness of the black blood. There’s only one way out, and that’s by opening a box that supposedly contains his courage. What Maka doesn’t realize is that the box actually contains Soul himself, and if she opens it, then the black blood will completely swallow him up. Meanwhile, back on the battlefield fighting against Ashura, Black*Star and Kid are still unable to do much damage. Feeling responsible for how all this came to be and knowing that he needs something stronger, Kid enters into a resonance of souls with Liz and Patti and starts to power up to use his all-out, last resort technique. Black*Star insists on attacking first and having the leading role, but it all appears to become moot after Ashura impales Kid during the power-up.

Kid, however, rises up again with his eyes glowing, and he continues to power up anyway. The white lines in his hair lengthen to stretch around the entire circumference of his head, and Ashura recognizes these as the Line of Sanzu. When Ashura tries again to take out Kid, Black*Star jumps in and uses everything he’s got to get Ashura to concentrate on him instead. Kid eventually finishes and turns Liz and Patti into giant gold cannons, and the ensuing shot appears to vaporize Ashura. Afterward, Kid collapses, but Black*Star realizes that Ashura isn’t finished yet. From a husk on the ground, Ashura emerges back in his more human-sized form, and Black*Star feels that it’s his fate after all to surpass a god.

Back inside Soul, Maka grows uncomfortable with how the black and white Soul is trying to force her to open the box, and she realizes that he’s not really Soul. The red demon reveals thus himself and claims that he’s part of Soul and Soul’s a part of him. He makes it clear that Maka has only two choices: abandon Soul in the box without opening it or open the box and see a Soul who’s completely controlled by madness. Given this, Maka decides to open the box after all, but she vows to save him. Drawn into the world of the box, she finds Soul at the end and hugs him, and together they’re able to break out of the demon’s grasp. Soul is thus able to retake control, and he decides to eat the now-miniaturized demon. Returning to the real world, the two are shocked to find that Kid and Black*Star have been knocked out, and Ashura is still standing.


For the story path they’re going down, this episode was pretty good at keeping things exciting, even if it was a bit predictable that Kid would fail and that Maka and Soul will have to finish off Ashura. I liked how they kept the whole Line of Sanzu thing from the manga for Kid’s power-up, though I wasn’t all that impressed by the huge golden guns as a final evolution for Liz and Patti. I also liked how Ashura tried to kill Kid during that power-up sequence. That’s one of those laws of shounen series (no one tries to stop a main character from powering up and reaching the next level) that doesn’t get broken often enough. Speaking of which, there was that odd shot of Shinigami-sama’s mask cracking right before Kid fired, and I wonder if that’s a sign that he’s going to inherit his father’s position after all (i.e. he’s now powerful enough to do it).

As for Maka and Soul, I didn’t think much of the part where she had to save him, but I did like the music afterward when they were reunited. Which reminds me, I need to go listen to the second OST that came out last week – one of the strongest points of this show has always been its music. Anyway, it looks like Maka and Soul will reach a higher level of power next week as well, and she’ll probably finally beat Ashura. I don’t expect any big surprises for the finale, but maybe they’ll prove me wrong.


  1. My guess for Soul Eater 51

    1: Maka fights Asura and is defeated.

    2: Crona takes up Excalibur and rescues Maka at the last monent.

    3: Crona/Excalibur are defeated.

    4: Maka powers up and destroys Asura.

    5: Shinigami turns out to still be alive and makes everything go back to normal, Maka makes up with her father, Stein and Mjølnir become a couple and adopt Crona as their daughter.

  2. I cant lie. I’d be a bit disappointed if somehow only Maka and Soul beat ashura. Considering the son of Shinigami is supposed to be far more powerful, it wouldn’t make much sense. UNLESS they all combined powers to help boost her power.

    I’m curious about the crack on his father’s mask as well.

    I have a feeling Crona will show up, how? no idea. There’s a forcefield. Overall I’m a little disappointed that Kid’s power up merely returned Asura to a smaller state. It seemed like it was just there for fangirls to squeal over the Sanzu. (I did enjoy that is was implemented, just not really happy with the ‘final product’. But I will take what I can get 😉 )

  3. @ the OST good luck its not out yet, but believe me Ill be there to get it, I ordered the first one form japan but i don’t feel like spending 50$ this time around to get it, do you have any links for the second OST?

  4. I wish there were more than 51 episodes,and we all know how annoying it’s going to be when Maka out of nowhere kicks Asura’s @$$. The main characters alwas do that;and Maka seems to be especially obnoxiously strong.I frankly LOVE everything they’ve done with Black Star for no reason-I hate the guy but whatever. And what i don’t like is that Kid’s a Shinigami;he should be tougher than maka and SOul especially after the sanzu lines conenct.Ah well,it’s one of the best anime I’ve ever seen anyway.

  5. majin garii gets an epic rage style power up im guessing, in the darkness maka lets loose her rage which is why the MG becomes red as opposed to the clean white color it was before, ashura will fall but prolly through one more intervention as opposed to JUST maka, cause in the preview you see soul is knocked out at one stage, so something has to distract ashura im assuming if maka can rewield soul…its too late for 1 more twist, even the writers should know than to just throw something from left field for the final ep.

  6. revival through prOn! ttp://
    Plenty shocking, how can they look eachother in the face pretending nothing happened 😛

  7. A very exiting episode. I’m glad Kishin is back to his human form he looks way better!

    The preview for the last episode looks intense, I honestly can’t wait! I know I’ll enjoy the next episode even if it means Maka beating the Kishin!

  8. i think a perfect ending though one that would be the ultimate WTF would be if maka used demon slayer at full power and it failed the kishin is holding maka by the neck and saying kowai kowai kowai over and over and over and then the screen goes black and then you hear a sound like a neck snapping

  9. Epic my ass. Glad to know there is only one goddamn episode left from this pile of trash. Thank GOD!

    I don’t understand how can Omni prefer this to the Manga. I’m just speechless.

  10. Shinigami is probably gone (the crack of the mask suggests that his era is over and Kid will take over)

    Exaclibur is just there for the sake of it

    What I was really looking forward to is Clare, who appeared in the ED riding her pumpkin. I was hoping there will be more Clare fighting but I guess it ain’t happening =.=

  11. Glad to see, I’m not the only one who noticed that someone actually attacked during the power-up. I was like “wow, there’s actually an anime villain who uses common sense!!!”

    Really, when you’re about to get punched, you don’t just stand there to see if you can withstand it or not…

    Just makes Ashura all the more cooler.


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