This recap episode was actually better than I thought it’d be, and I’m a bit impressed that they managed to get through so much of the main story in one go. It’s framed as Tomoya telling Ushio the story of everything that happened before she was born, starting from when he met Nagisa. It’s original narration with Ushio sometimes asking questions, and Tomoyo talks about all the friends he had and how they helped Nagisa with her play for the first half. The second half covered the important parts of AFTER STORY, but what was interesting to me was how the “official” timeline was presented since there was that miracle to account for. When Ushio falls asleep during the recap, Tomoya admits that he has a strange memory that he hasn’t told her about. It’s the story of how she was born and Nagisa died and all that, and at the point where they’ve collapsed in the snow, Tomoya recalls that something happened, and the next thing he knew, he was suddenly back to five years ago when she was born. He still believes that everything that happened was real, and he finishes by talking about living in the city where everything in his life has taken place. The very end was the only original animation in this episode, and it showed Tomoya trying to wake Ushio and Fuuko up, and Nagisa calls out to all of them.

In short, they did a good job depicting this recap as a story Tomoya tells Ushio, and I enjoyed hearing their voices again. It’s probably not worth watching the entire thing though unless you’re a huge fan of the series. I was also hoping for an announcement commercial after this episode for a new Kyoto Animation and potentially Key title, but there was only a commercial for the Gundam 00 finale and for the already announced K-ON! show (which I’ll talk about more when I post the Spring Preview in a few days).


  1. Yeah, man… that thing of K-ON has kept me curious, for some reason it brings me good “vibrations” if you know what i mean. I think it will be a normal school story, with some good elements, at least, i expect that. I really expect a good series on April.

  2. “They must do little busters next…”
    Nooo, now Key animation for now. I’ve already clear on this point: We need something new, original animated from Kyoto Animation, not another visual novel adaption.

  3. Well KyoAni will be showing at least two shows starting next week (K-On! and Haruhi (something or other)), plus maybe more Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san.

    Though Kyon-chan would make my day.

  4. “Nooo, now Key animation for now. I’ve already clear on this point: We need something new, original animated from Kyoto Animation, not another visual novel adaption.”

    complete BS! =O

  5. Dammit, now im going to end up watching the entire thing again because of this.
    Why please why didnt Fuko speak. It was the last chance and she was asleep… And she was right next to Tomoya… GAH

    Also it was nice that a subbed version got out less than a day after its raw release. Although its was a bit odd seeing some of the key moments that i had previously seen subbed by eclipse translated slightly differently by Socket. Or did the actual dialogue change… If not, then i like Eclipse’s version of the opening scene better… or i could just learn Japanese… crap i am going to end up learning Japanese now.

    Anyway good wrap up for a great story. It shows us that he remembers his wish, or at least part of it, which is MUCH better than if it had all been forgotten… Although that doesn’t explain why they never remembered Fuko. Which really bugged me as that was an entire arc worth of character development lost… Plus it will help explain what happened in episode 22 for those who didn’t get it (i still cant believe people didn’t get it).

    And there is always a chance of a OVA later on in the year which is something to hope for… begin ‘tomoyo/ryou after’ requests now

  6. It was a better recap episode then I thought. I think it did a good job of explaning Tomoya and Nagisa’s story of how they meet, fell in love and formed all of there relationships with everyone. Also I was happy that Tomoya didnt forget all the sad episodes with him and Ushio. I heard of lil busters and it seems alright but it didnt seem like it was a romantic show. Can someone who knows alot about lil busters touch on the plot of the story.



    I just need to finish the visual novel now. Mannnnn. As a heads up, Im following the game close to the way the anime is played out. Does that mean I get to see NagisaxTomoya ? 😀

  8. The most beautiful anime i’ve ever seen. I’ll miss it so much, like Gundamaniac said, it feels like losing a family member. Can’t wait to see what KyoAni will present us next.


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