So I was listening to the radio while working on the Spring Preview, and GReeeeN‘s 「刹那」 (Setsuna) came on. The song immediately stuck in my head, and so I went and looked up the PV for it since it’s a very recent song. To my surprise, the PV was actually really amusing. It’s one of those music videos that actually tells a story, and in this case, it takes on a tokusatsu/sentai flair with the redemption of a washed-up hero. It’s cheesy, but that’s what’s so fun about it, and I enjoyed it enough that I thought it was worth sharing, so here it is.


  1. I love greeeen, saw one of their videos on youtube and instantly got hooked. What radio station did you hear them on? Its almost definate that there arent any radio stations that do jpop in Britain. I dont suppose it’s online or if there is an alternative you might be able to suggest?

  2. Many of GReeeeN’s PV and songs are nice and they often tell stories as PV material because their faces were never shown in public before. Thus they do not appear in their own PVs. You should take a look at Kiseki and Ayumi by GReeeeN too!

  3. EPIC GO GReeeeN use the GReeeeN POWER SWORD!!!!! lol the story of how power rangers end thier career! incidentally what the the word setsuna mean?

    BTW i also found the song sound compelling and pending a lyrical translation it will make it into my track list!

  4. Am I the only one who found this strangely…Sad? I know it has a happy ending, and all, but it’s an oddly melancholic song- Maybe it’s because though he managed to save the world, he’s still an old man grappling with regrets, and his wife is still dead.


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