Apparently there was one more Fullmetal Alchemist commercial to be had, and this one runs a full 30 seconds. It shows off more footage from what I assume to the first few episodes, and I really don’t have much to say about it since most of it is extensions of scenes shown already in the five other commercials. I’m looking forward to the first episode next weekend.

Edit: It seems that I missed a full-minute FMA promo from a few days ago. Here it is, and it shows a ton of the action – gets me extra excited about the series.


  1. Quale è il titolo occidentale di questo anime?? E’confermato Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ??

    What is the title of Western this Anime ? Is confirmed Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ??

  2. Each time I see another one of these I keep wondering why I’m supposed to care. There have been some well-deserved remakes before.

    – Hellsing Ultimate turns a mediocre series into something good, blissfully uncensored.
    – Kanon (TV 2) was shinier, much better animated had better development, big KyoAni tears, and was almost twice as long.

    But there wasn’t anything fundamentally *wrong* with the first FMA version. It just didn’t follow the manga as closely. I can’t seem to find any reason why I should bother watching this one, much less why so many people are so enthused about it.

  3. @Melchior

    “nothing wrong with first FMA”?

    Let’s see:

    1. It did not follow the manga.
    2. Most of plot points were resolved by characters acting OOC.
    3. It involved Nazi.
    4. “It was earth all along” cheesy cliches.
    5. It involved Nazi…in mecha…
    6. It spawned horrible movie which involved Nazi…in mecha…while….being mutated…by…cosmic_horrors_from_beyond.
    7. It did not follow the manga.

    For me thats enough of points to warrant a remake. 😉

  4. @Melchior – first FMA made every character turn emo to progress the plot. in compraision with their manga counterparts they were flat and devoid of life. i mean, without looking at the manga, first series was ok, but nothing special. however, when we compare it to the manga, it becomes really dull. better build world, better plot, better villains, every character is awesome in his/her own way. and if this is not enough reason for You, Show Spoiler ▼

    also, Minami Takayama as Envy is an epic win.

    @UnknownVoice – You should have only written the first point, it is more than enough 😉

    on the other note, if the rest of the soundtrack would be like the piece in this commercial, then the soundtrack from the first series will get smashed badly. and it was probably the best part of it for me.

  5. @Erilex

    Its Isaac. Renegade Fullmetal Ice State Alchemist.

    They are using such anime original filler to introduce the characters(instead of repeating Lior).

    So first one or two episodes will be anime-original, and then, hopefully only manga content(trailers hint that Nina storyline is intact)

  6. fma first series is still good still my number one anime i’ve ever watched because nothing surprised me like FMA did. And it was brilliant that nazi and another world was involved. I dont know how the Manga actually went but my opinion will not waver FMA is still the best anime i’ve seen.

  7. Personally, I liked the first series just as much I’ve liked the manga.

    They did a lot of creative things in the first series that toyed with the elements of the manga in interesting ways. And thematically, it was a lot stronger than the manga, which drags its heels in a lot of spots and forgets its purpose. The manga does have a more fleshed out world, though, so it’s an even draw.

    And yes, I liked the movie, Nazis and all.

    As for “the characters were more emo in the first series”, that’s a lot of shit. It was more like the writers gave them more time to absorb their surroundings. In the manga, it’s very disquieting to see the characters sort of shrug off major tragedies like they were nothing.

    Plus, I hate Ling, he’s a Mary Sue/Ed clone who had to be posessed by Greed to even be marginally interesting.

    Still looking forward to the new series, though.

  8. @penguintruth – “the characters were more emo in the first series” – most notably, Alphonse. he did nothing but whine and look big. he couldn’t really fight on his own, despite having harsh training. to a lesser extent, same goes for Ed. also, some characters in the manga basically DO something. and by that i mean Winry, Hohenheim, Kimbley and Marcoh. however, this is only my opinion, it’s fine if You disagree;)

  9. wow.. Kugimiya Rie sounds cruder than her Al voice b4. and Roy sounds more subdued.
    @ Tara-nope, that was Takuya Kimura. Mustang’s new voice is by Shinichiro Miki-u might know him as Lockon Stratos or Uruhara in Bleach, to name a few.

    I love Ling and Mei and looking forward to Show Spoiler ▼

  10. @bgi

    I disagree. They didn’t really give Alphonse a lot to do, but he wasn’t worthless. Remember him taking on Anime!Wrath? Protecting Martel from Kimbley? And he did plenty of interesting alchemy in the movie, too. The manga just has the luxury of being longer, giving Arakawa more chance to give Alphonse more things to do. And Ed was doing all sorts of awesome things, like in his fight with Scar in Lior or Anime!Sloth in the factory.

    Yeah, several characters in the manga are more fleshed out than in the first series, I get it, I’ve read all 93 chapters so far, the same as you have. But come on, the manga is a lot longer. The series did what it should have in fifty-one episodes, in my opinion.

    I do, however, look forward to Dr. Marcoh living and going on to kick Envy’s ass. (I disliked that Arakawa brought him back just for Roy’s revenge, it seemed sort of cheap.)

  11. To the people asking why they should rewatch the series, you’re going to look like an idiot when the later fights come and all sorts of epicness comes out. Ling vs Fuhrer or Al vs. Pride is going to be amazing animated. If Bones doesn’t deviate too much then this is easily going to be anime of the year(or next year I guess). I wonder if they’re going to completely cut out Rose.

  12. Do want!
    After a mediocre couple of seasons this one should be great!
    FMA and 07ghost since I’m such a big fan of both already.
    Plus half a dozen I’m going to try. Ahh so happy.
    Can’t wait.

  13. The only part that ever bother me in FMA, was at the beginning where the father using his families, his wife ,daughter, and dog in an experiments. That part still upset me up to this date but besides that go go FMA.

  14. Judging from the trailers, no this is a completely new story.

    *Cues the bitching about not following the manga*

    Some people are forgetting that the author herself pretty much let others spawn 3 or so different stories out there, without caring about continuity etc.

  15. I just catch up a good part at the manga, i liked the previous anime one.

    At the CM, first i thought that ice alchemist looks like the one that hijacked the train (without the mustache and eyepatch ahah xD).

  16. @mike, That part really bothered me the most in the series. I can deal with a lot of things in a show but that was extremely disturbing. I missed it on my first watching but realized when I was watching reruns if I hadn’t missed it the first time around I might have stopped watching. The fact that the guy never was dealt with in an acceptable manner still bothers me.

  17. @HideSeeker: How from these 1 minute trailers can you say that the story is completely new? Most of the scenes they’ve shown look like the same scenes that where shown in the anime and the manga.

  18. The Nazis in the first one was well done. If you’re going to go the “alternate ‘magical’ universe interacting with our own”, you can’t really do any better. Music was suitably epic. Best non-Kanno anime soundtrack ever. Even gave us one of the most meta-enjoyable moments when the first time we see the zeppelins bombing London the sound track changes to a “real” song (Beethoven’s Fifth). That said, the manga adaptation looks to be even better.

    Trimming some of the opening story for a (presumably) shorter anime “filler” is a great idea, especially if it’s done well (as BONES showed they could with the previous series). It avoids rehashing a whole lot of stuff that we’ve already seen, as well as making it more likely that they’ll be able to fit the remainder of the manga in the rest of the series (assuming Arakawa is finishing up the manga, whi ch seems to be the case, and assuming that’s the plan for the new anime). Going with the manga character designs is also a good idea. It looks just different enough that it doesn’t get stale, but characters are still more or less identical, so there aren’t any glaring Yuuichi=Kyon distractions. The manga storyline is superior, if a bit more drawn out (which should be fairly easy to fix now that it has matured to a point that what is trimmable is fairly evident), even if the original anime was one of the greatest animes of all time.

    But you are all forgetting the number one reason why this series will be more epic than the original:

    Lust = Kikuko Inoue


    Think about that for a second, then clean up.


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