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Haruhi plans a Halloween party – but all she knows is that it involves pumpkins, capes, and bats. Lack of research never stopped the intrepid leader of the SOS-dan, anyways. Also, Achakura cooks up some curry, then destroys Nagato’s laptop. Noooooooo

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Haruhi gets her hands on a big box of balloons, and immediately starts to reign destruction with their rubbery floatiness. Also, Mikuru gets cruxified and balloonified, and a tender moment between Yuki and Kyon.

The timing of episode 13 escapes me – we had Valentine’s (February-ish) in the previous ep, and immediately we skip to Halloween? Oh well, Haruhi is the supreme being after all, pretty sure she can control time. We also had the next in Mikuru’s line of cute shit – this week, it was “kusun” (*sob*), after mutilating her pumpkin at the direction of Nagato. Well, it did come out a lot scarier, and it fit better on the anatomy dummy much better…

Not sure what was up with the balloon ep, not much going on there except for a cruxified Mikuru. For all those who might get offended, just keep in mind, the guy blogging about this show also professed his infatuation with feet, so it’s important to maintain perspective on these kinds of things. Balloonified Mikuru kinda looks like one of those mega stacked Gundams, except in this case “stacked” means “huge orange tits”. Yea, I’d seed break all over that.


  1. Somehow I was thinking it was something on the like of a Nerf blowdart (foam). It looked sort of familiar. Though I do wonder how Haruhi could yell at Kyon while blowing a dart and supersonic speeds (with a sci-fi blast trail even).

    Doesn’t Japan have a native tourture device that is cross-shaped? (Higurashi had one or two)

    Also, episode skippage maybe? Episode 12 had a cliff hanger like ending (on Valentine’s Day), and then its Halloween. Then it is an undeturmined time of year that isn’t summer (due to their uniforms). Also one would assume that the Halloween time was before Valentine’s Day (first year students with second year Mikuru in both February and October).

  2. No the romans was big on crucifion. they save that for rebels and what not. if you watch the ending for Spartacus, he and his slave army is crucified on the main road into rome. even one of the Sants was hung on a cross only he requested to be hung upside down.
    Any ways back on topic. both eps was good but I like the ending for eps 13, revenge for Achakura. as for eps 14, I think their just going along with Haruhi’s radomness

  3. “The timing of episode 13 escapes me – we had Valentine’s (February-ish) in the previous ep, and immediately we skip to Halloween?”
    Or maybe the series isn’t in chronological order? It’s not a new concept.

  4. u gotta be shitting me if this is second season. omni i know ur a fan of suzumiya haruhi series but can u plz pick the ones that r worth next time cus college junior students that are good on making animation can do a better job than this cheap a** series. I bet u can ask some of people and make a much more better animation that this series.


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