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That box of balloons that Nagato brought back from the big competition last episode? Turns out that Achakura is a real kiddie when it comes to these things (hehe!)… using her ultimate data manipulation, a particular green balloon somehow turns into… Minoru Emidori? Well, whatever his name, it’s nothing more than yet another ruse to bait poor Achakura…

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The set of Lucky Channel gets converted into Haruhi’s cooking spot, with all the expected trimmings. Also, Yuki endows “homing mode” on a samurai sword with some potentially disastrous results for Kyon. At least he finally got what was coming…
See, Kyon is kinda like Churuya-san’s guardian in the same way that Yuki is Achakura’s, and yet, Kyon comes off looking like a total dick while Yuki is just kinda, teasingly funny. Or maybe it just seems that way because Achakura isn’t given any whitewashed backgrounds in which to say “SHIMATTA!!!” That expression on Achakura’s face in ep 15, pic 5 had me chuckling… that whole “I’m probably gonna get pwned but dammit he’s so cute” look of anxiety lol.

The cooking ep was meh but we did get to see Yuki lookin pretty cool in a sword, the return of homing mode, and Itsuki busting out with a “mawwaare~” (a nod to his trademark word and character single). KyoAni sure knows how to please em – when the story is thin, just throw a ton of references at it!


  1. BTW, the dog-balloon introduced itself as Kimidori (not to be confused with Emiri Kimidori). Remember the name when it appears in a future episode.

    And cooking instant noodles for either fifty hours (around two days and two hours) or five days is really a very absurd time, not to mention the end result will not smell and/or taste good, based on experience.

    Hey, jaalin, whatever happened to the mouseover captions for this pair of episodes?

  2. Lia@ -You have to know this anime first, to understand character`s actions. You better watch the original series from 2006 before saying anything about this. I think this is very funny indeed.
    I can see screen caps no prob.

  3. Since ‘midori’ is green, does Kimidori-san mean something similar to Green-san? Or am I completely off? I guess it is a pun with Emiri’s hair color?


    AlsoAlso: Bring back the captions!


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