In the comments of Jaalin’s Queen’s Blade post, a number of people were wondering how the other channels would censor the show since AT-X was going to be the only one airing the uncensored version. Well, the first episode aired on Chiba TV today, and the answer is that they made good use of cropping, bright glow, and fog, as you can see in the images above. A poster on 2chan even made some comparison images (NSFW). It was kind of amusing just to see how much censoring had to be done for this show, but I can’t say I’m surprised. To answer my own question though, I guess the series still has a very strong voice cast, and if you can’t watch the uncensored version on AT-X, then this might be better than nothing. As for me, I could care less about the plot or the nudity, but what I am curious about is what the absolute limit that AT-X will let them show is. I suspect that it might be even more hentai-ish than just what was in the first episode given how the promo videos had tentacle monsters.


  1. pues a mi me gustó mucho este capitulo de Queen’s Blade independientemente de que aparezcan escenas de desnudo, lo que me interesa es la historia de “Reina” la princesa guerrera y de los combates que va a verse.

    ya las escenas desnudista pues son algo extras para los fans 😉

  2. It’s pretty pointless to air it on a station that will censor it to this level. All this show has is the fanservice and blotting out the screen for so much of the episode just eliminates the point of the episode (which is limited already). I’m not following this, but it’s pretty funny to see this comparison.

  3. I’m a chick and I was surprised at how much I was entertained by this epi. I’ll most likely will watch the rest of the series but the censoring is stupid.(Even though I watched the uncensored version)To me it reuins the whole point of there being nudity in the series to begin with.

  4. Apart from those ever intriguing nudity/censorship issues, haven`t most ppl here finally noticed that this is quite well done, fluidly animated anime with consistently produced character designs? What about checking the story also? Why do ppl pretend they have so much prob with sexuality, at same time swallowing copious amouts of violence without ever noticing?
    I don`t mean evetual violence in Queen`s Blade, but all anime & other entertainment in general.
    Why can some nudity continue to be something to get excited/irritated about, it`s 2009 already!

  5. Just watched EP2. This one is 9001x easier to censor, as most of it revolves around clipping out a few frames here and there. Some notes:
    – First nude scene lasts about 10 seconds, and steam clouds work because it involves a bath house.
    – Another scene (remember that girl getting chained in the preview?) can also be easily censored, as you just stop the clip as soon as the chains are done wrapping round (the tightening reveals)
    – The supposed “tentacle rape” scene is a frog tongue, lasts almost no time at all and can be completely omitted without any issues.

    Overall, the plot seems to have substance now, and the animations are still great (though v-sync is still off every now and then). Worth following if you’re a pervert (like me :P), and it does have potential to be worth something without the overly gratuitous fanservice.

  6. OH no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where the hell my bOObs go!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? oh come on this show without boobs and with this censorship is like looking to the sun directly is just a show of lights and bad syncronized voices.

  7. That’s what i call a Show-Buster!!! It’s not fair censuring a show because of the some nudity scenes. If the series has sex scenes than its another issue. Who cares about a female fighter exposing a pair of tits while fighting against another one?? No One!!!!

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