Arthur wants to try to save Riannon, but he finds himself unable to do anything because she told Drwc her true name. Unbeknownst to him, Arawn is reaching out to Riannon’s consciousness and frees her, at the same time opening his own heart to her. Arawn then kills Drwc and allows Riannon to be reunited with her brother, but Arthur still treats him like something evil and tries to kill him. Riannon puts a stop to this by announcing that she’ll become Arawn’s bride, and she gives him the scarf that makes him the next chieftain. Arthur is against this, however he has no choice but to work with Arawn for the time being because they’re attacked by skeleton warriors. As the trio tries to make their way out of the tomb, they run into an old man named Ogam who knows both Arthur and Arawn. Ogam leads them out, and afterward, he warns them that fighting is unavoidable if the Empire finds out about all this. Understanding this, Arthur rallies the rest of the tribe for the upcoming war. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Empire, a warrior named Gaius hears of what happened with Drwc. Gaius doesn’t think very highly of Drwc, but he knows that they have to deal with any group that turns on the Empire, and he feels that they have to wipe out the Gael tribe.


Well that was decent for a second episode. It started off a bit slow but got much more interesting at the end once all the impending war stuff came about. I was also rather amused at how they went from a fairly serious scene where Arthur looked like he was going to kill Arawn to a much more light-hearted and comedic one with Riannon declaring that she was going to be Arawn’s bride. Even though I had read previously when I was researching the series that this would happen, I pretty much had the same “Ehhhh!?” reaction that Arthur had. That surprise reaction though probably has more to do with how quickly the mood changed than anything else since it’s pretty obvious that Arthur will begrudgingly come to accept and respect Arawn.

So after two solid-but-not-really-great episodes, I’m continuing to watch this series mainly because I’ve been told that it’ll get more interesting later on. As I kind of alluded to when I talked about the first episode, how much I end up enjoying this series will probably relate to how much I like the fairly large cast of characters, and I’m still hoping that they won’t take a straight girl-of-the-week approach. It might not be so bad if they mix it up with this war against the Empire, but we’ll have to see.


  1. It was good indeed but you should play the game. Seriously, the level of comedy is different. I had way more fun with the game. It is just that the faces of the characters in the anime makes them look way too serious.

  2. umm…I went to go read the first episode summary first, and it seems to be gone. I KNOW it was here before…what happened?

    Anyway, sounds like an interesting show, maybe I’ll watch…

  3. taken from a direct quote of my friend… Though I feel the same after watching this episode.

    “This show is retarded. And I don’t mean retarded as a pejorative term. I mean this show is actually mentally deficient. The people who wrote the dialog clearly do not have cognitive abilities of an average human bring. I really wanted a dumb, inoffensive, pointless, action-anime to watch, but this is just too much. Holy hell is this terrible.”

  4. Since ive played the game im interested to see if they are going to decide to incorporate bits of fan service or if entire episodes will be dedicated to it since this is based of an eroge game after all.
    that being said, ill start this series eventually, but it looks faithful to the game so far, although i am somewhat worried about the pacing we shall see.

    Precise Moment
  5. Arthur was kinda annoying crying out Riannon’s name number of times like he has a sis-com or something xD Overall its nothing spectacular happening but I’ll keep watching for a bit to see where this one goes.

    On my way to your house now
  6. Well, they’ve already changed a little of the plot. Ogam appears at Arawn’s side to wake him in the game, and is around for the first battle there.

    And Rhiannon missing her twin-tails…I just can’t get used to it. That hat doesn’t do anything for me. It’ll clash when she brings out the snake hand-puppets later. I always figured her looking a bit…eh…mentally challenged…was part of her charm. I mean, Star-Pacts do that to you.

    And yes guys, this is a retelling of the Arthurian Legend. The Gael, in the game, at least, are actually Irish, though.

  7. BTW should anyone know they are basing the game not from the PC but the PS3 version thus explains also the change in character design and there are some major changes in the story other than the removal of the H-scenes so far so good


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