As many of you may know, popular singer and guitarist YUI performs the opening song for the new Fullmetal Alchemist series. It’s a pretty good song, full of energy, and the full version of it has been floating around the internet for a few weeks now. The PV for it finally aired yesterday, and while it’s not a very exciting video since the majority of it is just shots of her performing the song with a band, it does showcase her instrumental and vocal talents. It’s probably worth a watch if you like the song. If you’re looking for more, FujiTV’s Mezamashi TV also aired a segment a couple of days ago about the PV, and you can find that download here (thanks to yuistalker for the link).

The single for again comes out June 3rd, 2009.


  1. No MIO FTW…oh, wait.
    It’s a cool song, I like it; but I think this video, much like FMAs OP, while being well made, is a tad over on the unexciting/slow-paced side for me.

  2. @Amatsu

    I doubt that the authors of k-on could even spell the word “purpose”, or think, for that matter.

    So no, most likely they just took a random name for their random lolpedocomedy show.

    Unknown Voice
  3. This song makes me love YUI again. The song is great, but I don’t think it’s FMA worthy. I’m still a fan of Asian Kungfu Generation’s Rewrite (FMA first series’ third opening).


    If anything, TommyHeavenly6 is the Avril Lavigne of Japan. YUI’s more like the Michelle Branch of Japan. That’s who inspired her, after all.

  4. She’s not a great performer or singer, she’s okay; the OP happens to have caught my ears for awhile. It has a good catchiness and energy. I really like the song. ^^

    k-on… what

    how does a show exploiting wannabe-otaku for their notoriously easy-to-please tastes with a sucky 4-girls-in-a-band slice of life comedy have anything to do with FMA and this singer? Oh, the main character in k-on, she plays a guitar? She’s cute? Oh. Her name’s Yui, too? Oh wow, let me get my jaw off the floor at this revelation and start to make some hilarious references to this.

  5. I love YUI, really do. No lie at all. However, does anyone else think she got voice lessons during that hiatus? She sounds better vocally now… like… it’s just better. The song still needs to grow more on me before I fully fangirl over it (like most of her other music) but I like it 😀

  6. the verse and the pre chorus in this song are awesome but i feel they could have spent some more time on getting her vocal right. pitch is ok its just the TONE, though i guess it could just be my western ears getting in the way. 8)

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