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Boobs. Boobs boobs boobs boobs. Boobs… boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs?! BOOBS!!!!! BOOBSBOOBSBOOBSBOOBS

Uhh thoughts? Erm… abuh… ehm, mmm. BOOBS HEHEHEHHEHEHE

But seriously, to have any sort of coherent thoughts kinda defeats the point of the whole thing.

Training with Hinako is some sort of workout video targeted at otaku, and takes full advantage of the “spectator sport” nature of aerobics. It’s another example of the increasing market of anime-inspired products targeting the voracious and seemingly bottomless wallets of the otaku population, which is perfectly alright with me, cuz this video is all kinds of awesome. It’s a lot like hentai in the sense that you’re supposed to get entranced by the repetitive motion (lot of gif potential here), and uh… boobs.

Boobs? BOOBS!!

Err, sorry. Anyways, Hinako is in some amazing physical shape, being able to do 12 push-ups with those monstrous sandbags holding her down. Imagine the back muscles on this girl!

The ED scenes were a bit confusing as they’re completely different from what the OVA was about, but if it’s any sort of preview for what we’re going to be seeing later on… maybe do crunches and sexy lunges in the cock-pit of their spaceship.



  1. I don’t see how this is gonna get otaku’s inspired to exercise. While I think it’s cleraly fappable content, it is 100% fluff on exercise authority. I think this is a case study in how to sabotage your spine.

    Breasts that large weigh maybe 5 pounds each, but rather than strengthen they would be a strain on her back and neck muscles. Worse, the fatigue build-up in her neck causes strain on her cervical vertebrae. This video sends a terrible message to girls too, because she’s not using a sports bra, much less a bra. Ask any RL girl if she would go one day without a bra, provided her breasts are sizable. Gravity is their enemy. Not to discount downtimes when they gotta “breath” but otherwise they are a day-to-day necessity.

    Worse, Hinako’s encouraging sit-ups which are clinically proven to injure the back by hyper curving the the lumbar vertebrae into a position that crushes the discs. Also the only major muscle situps work are the hip-flexors. Instead, with a little research (and believe me this would have been much more entertaining… jiggle jiggle) the production team could have worked Hinako through a small regimen of abdominal workouts using an exercise ball.

    If Hinako Ova aimed to be educational and arousing at the same time, then it hit-and-missed to turn a phrase. Then again, it might just get points on sexual health’s score chart instead giggity.

  2. I just watched the video to atleast give it a chance. To not be a complete ass, the squats were actually a good exercise, and push-ups are fine, but you can get more out of your torso by doing pushups with your hands propped on large text-books or something else to drop lower.

    Otherwise, Sit-ups and no bra. I get who this is aimed at, that doesn’t mean girls aren’t going to watch (and it serves my point when you realize what the sex is of the 2nd person Hinako’s talking to).

  3. Hey Roggle, if I were to go into watching a Queen’s Blade episode with this mindset, the only muscle I’d be preparing to exercise is my wrist flexor if you know what I mean giggity.

  4. wtf…. what’s happening this year? A plain has sprayed pheromones over japaneses anime producers or something?

    Anyway, this is more healthy than queens blade, physic and mental way 😀


  5. that girl sure knows how to work out. but then she doesn’t need to, for all her calories goes down to her boobs(quoted for Orihime Inoue, who didnt care to exercise anyway). One thing. Boobs.

    Z-01 Lancelot
  6. It seems you only took screencaps of the first DVD chapter, Jaalin. Are you not aware that there are more chapters for it, or did you think that just this was enough? Granted it’s mostly more of the same, but we do get to see Hinako in various different outfits (including just her underwear), as well as her doing fan-servicey things like kissing the camera, lying down with her shorts unzipped, wearing a see-through teddy, & close-ups of her boobs jiggling (hard tits pointing thru) while she quietly & seductively counts.

  7. Boobs! Boobs boobs. Boobs, boobs boobs boobs boobs… boobs. Boobs boobs, boobs oppai boobs boobs. Boobs… oppai oppai tits boobs.

    Also, given the otaku propensity to take their media obsessions a wee bit far… I wonder what effects this might have on otaku health in general? I know, for example, that those situps are actually pretty bad for you, all told…

  8. Oh boobs you know i like boobs they are so…. BOOBS BOOBS bouncing boobs but sexier than boobs well just bigger boobs xD … I agree with meery this must somekind of training to get a role in QB, just put her some medieval clothes, give her some useless powers and she is in….. Ohhhh and i forgot

  9. If I weren’t so blind to the interests of executives on these shows already, I’d say this is one of the stupidest ideas for an anime to come in decades. Right there with Queen’s Blade.

  10. @jaalin

    I thought you were BUSY why are you wasting your time with this dreadful shit – random curiosity’s image takes a hit when you put this stupid garbage up here. I mean… the hell, boobs can be found ANYWHERE, this offers nothing of any redeeming value except to remind us all that we are, what, not supposed to have coherent thoughts to enjoy this?? I guess it’s nice to be reminded of how miserable the state of anime is these days though, so keep it up.

    also I have to hand it to killjoy above for taking this with a modicum of seriousness. That’s tough, good job sir. 🙂

  11. Oh come on, who the fuck buys this? I mean, I dont mean to come off as TED DA JOK GET ALL DA CHIKZ NERDZ but god damn this is pathetic. I mean, I could just watch hentai or something. Plus, I don’t need someone to tell me how to work out.

  12. I don’t know if its already been said or not I just got to the point where killjoy said breasts that big would weigh 5lbs each and realized he has never held breasts before if he thinks they weigh that much anyone else agree?

  13. El oh el You are so right! C’mon killjoy, they totally would be more like 10lbs each, not 5! Silly virgins and your silly made up numbers.

    @Jaalin: Regardless of the type of blog report this happened to be, zomg raking in the hits? Hinako discussion is doing rather well. Go figure. If only you had added a Spanish comment…

  14. [Danny at 8:10 pm on April 25th, 2009]

    >>>I just got to the point where killjoy said breasts that big would weigh 5lbs each and realized he has never held breasts before >>>if he thinks they weigh that much<<>>El oh el You are so right! C’mon killjoy, they totally would be more like >>10lbs each, not 5!<<<

    Wow guys. Way to prove me wrong. *Golf clap*

  15. Well, I watched the whole OVA and it’s built up of chapters basically repeating the same scenes over and over with a few changes in outfits (lingerie and sports wear). The only “new” scenes are after the first chapter (the one blogged here) and at the very end. Too bad they only do those 3 types of exercises. Hinako is cute, but the OVA eventually becomes rather boring because of the repetitions. I guess since the dvd is rather cheap for japanese standards there wasn’t much budget left for other scenes…

  16. Please, you guys cant be this dense=P
    The seriousness of the anime increases the fappablity. No way is it intended to make otaku’s do anything exercise beside running to the video store to pickup the next DVD.

    I think the idea is brilliant, this video is perfect for the Otaku on the go, no more fast forwarding to the tentacle scene, waiting for boring stories to play out, just pop the DVD and your off!

    I believe the ED is her anime, she reminds the audience the she’s is later for work (as an anime character). This is in no way a lead into a true anime series.

  17. This is a new milestone. People complaining because the staff people reviews things that they don’t like… Anime review a la carte. LoL!

    You guys haven’t considered they review whenever they want because it’s their blog, not yours?

  18. jaalin ..u’ve been infected by boobs =.=;;
    anyway ..about the ED …she kinda from that “never existed” anime
    during normal time = her workout
    during her work = the ED

  19. @killjoy
    The type of sit up is incorrect yes, however, as someone who actually works out 5 freaking days a week using classic exercises (push ups sit ups, crunches, flutter kicks, squats, planks verticles, sprints etc) You can reduce the strain on the spinal curve by simply crossing your arms over your chest and sitting upright untill your elbows touch your knees, you then allow yourself to fall back in a controlled motion untill the base of your back touches the ground.
    Furthermore, I know women with much much MUCH Bigger Knockers and they don’t complain about their Boobly nooblys touchin the ground. In fact, most of us men are jealous because they dont have to go down so far.

    Furthermore, I wouldn’t be so quick to misjudge the power of a well made show. I’ve seen less get lazy fat bastards up to work out. Much…much…less.

    Another good exercise manuver is to do the sit up using a medicine ball. If you are new, then I reccomend using a simple 5-10 pound ball, while you sit up, get your buddy to catch the ball as, when you reach the fully upright position, you toss the ball to him, drop back down, then proceed up again, catch the ball, hold in the halfway position, then control drop back letting the shoulderblades only touch the ground. Repeat till tired.

    Finally, the squats she did here were hopelessly inefficient at maintaining leg strength or even improving such. Yes the static squats are good for the lower calves mind you (Its crazy) but if you really want to work your upper legs, you have to do a variation of squats known as the lunges. Once a week, (Don’t try this without working up to it) You should go out and do a lunge set for a good 20 yards at least 4 times, alternating with sprints and stretches. This helps to improve muscle strength while keeping the muscles from stiffening up.

    Finally, if you want to improve your shoulders and arms, along with the push ups, I would reccomend something Called the military press. essentially you hold your arms out parrelel with the ground, then bend at the elbows so your forearms and hands are to the sky. raise both arms, fully extending, then drop down so the upper arms are parrelel to the ground. repeat till tired, stretch and thats it.

    Now, if you REALLY want to improve the Core muscles, try whats called the plank.
    (Do this on soft ground, you will understand why later)
    stretch out into the prone position then lift yourself, keeping your body completly straight, with your elbows supporting your weight and forearms resting on the ground, You want to hold your body in a generally straight line for a good 25-35 seconds, then rotate your body so that one elbow is on the ground, the other on your hip and your body is facing a direction while maintaining this generally straight line. Hold for 25 seconds, roll to your front again, making sure not to let your body touc the ground or dip unneccesarily. if you cannot hold for 25-35 seconds then hold for 15-20 seconds for each move. This will dramatically increase your core strength when done in combination with the muscle group of the day (Alternate on a daily basis, the stomach and hip flexors can be done daily as they are the quickest to heal) Make sure you stretch and rotate your hips and muscles from top to bottom to keep your muscles, spinal disks, and major jointz from suffering too much stress, stretch before and after workouts, working from top to bottom.

    I’m…In the military, this kind of thing..only at a longer time (Usual pt time is 1-2 hours depending) and frankly I’ve gone from skinny 145 pound geek to not so skinny 195 pound geek.

    By the way, I’ve been doing sit ups like she has shown for a better part of 5 years and have yet to show any kind of spinal stress (knocks on wood) it was shown that the less people stretch and warm up their bodies, the more likely they were to suffer some kind of workout related injury, studies found that if the person made sure to stretch and do light warm up activities, the risk of injury dropped 40%. If you maintain a healthy diet, you will not be hurting more than 24 hours. especially if you drink protein shakes and eat 4 small meals over the day balancing out the amount of protein intake to your body weight (I forget the amount of grams per pound but I think it was 2 grams a ound or something) along with eating right…sleep (but I am an insomniac btw) tends to help out immensly along with, of course, getting some sunlight for vitamin D.

    Good god, I lectured on Proper health and how to do certain exercises right…
    Oh well, I needed the practice since I’ll be leading The PT formations next week…

  20. omg fail O.o so dumb so pointless its pretty much the same frames running over and over again i guess some people like the whole the whole boob bouncing thing but omg it was just repeating and over and over there like tried to give it some story then just gave up and totatyy went for up and down repetitive motions and then it just ended ubruptly No BUENO i mean i guess it was kinda funny for its sheer stupidity but no bueno!!!

  21. …I am deeply saddened by the lack of plot for this episode…Where’s the search for a princess to save or to have a main character’s strength resonate through his sword to fight the evildoers that tormant the land in order to save his world???? Where is the philosophical meaning behind all of this??? Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see it right now…all she does in this episode is…wait a minute…I…I think I see something now…YES…that is it….the light…the beauty…the mountain…that I must climb!!!!!!


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