Gallia recapturing the Vasel Bridge has gotten the attention of the Empire, and Maximilian’s plans to counter it involve General Gregor and a key supply line in Kloden. On the Gallia side, General Damon of the regular army plans to capture Kloden and the supply base there, but he doesn’t want Welkin and Squad 7’s help. Alicia and the others aren’t happy about this, but Welkin doesn’t mind and has them clean and do laundry in the meantime. During this, Alicia becomes better acquainted with Faldio after catching him with his shirt off and after he finds a pair of her underwear. Alicia is frustrated with Welkin, so Faldio tells her that Welkin is someone who’ll get things done when they need to be and that she should trust him. Word soon reaches them that Damon’s forces were annihilated, though Damon himself managed to flee and survive. In light of this, Squad 7 is being sent to Kloden after all, and Faldio decides to have Squad 1 help.


This episode was a bit of a wash for me. There’s some character development all across the board, but seeing Squad 7 clean and do laundry just isn’t all that interesting. Watching Damon be arrogant and then run away from the battlefield when things get tough isn’t all that great of a consolation either – I hate characters like him. Alicia ended up being the most entertaining again, and in the context of the series, what happened this episode just didn’t seem all that important.

I do want to comment though on a couple of the newly introduced characters, or more specifically, on their voice actors. Maximilian, as expected, sounded a lot like Lelouch from Geass with all the strategic maneuvering, but it was actually Jaeger’s voice actor Ootsuka Akio that caught my attention because he approaches the role in the exact same laid-back voice he uses for Kyouraku in Bleach. That made me think that he’s not really such a bad guy and could actually help our heroes in the near future. Plus, he looks like he’s at odds with Gregor in the preview, and if this episode showed anything, it’s that Gregor is a hardass. In any case, I’m hoping next week’s episode is better than this week’s, and the preview looked promising.


  1. Runty
  2. I don’t this counts as a spoiler, but there is no laundry mission in the game. I like this episode, I didn’t see it as a wash. Or maybe they just ordered too many episodes and it was their opportunity to trim some fat early on.

    That’s a big welt on his face. Welkin took a nasty slap, but not as nasty as when Rajon Rondo slapped Brad Miller last night! Eh? Eh? Eh? Am I the only one watching the NBA playoffs?

  3. I skipped straight to the conclusion at the end, and saw this pic:
    and started to read the conclusion. I got to “Still, I was amused by how Cuuhlhourne’s transformation had a mahou shoujo-esque feel to it, and his cero scene was pretty funny as well. And in the end, it was a nice seeing Yumichika’s hidden technique animated, and it made me curious what Yumichika’s bankai would be like.” and I was thinking… the prince transforms? Bankai? WTF?!? Then I scrolled up and realized I was reading the Bleach review. *facepalm*

    I enjoyed the episode, haven’t read the manga though. I found it to be amusing and a nice buildup to the next episode. I don’t need explosions everywhere all the time.

    Faldio is my idol.

    Though I was half expecting Maximilian to say “I am Zero!”.

  4. Going with the short reviews again i see. When they said i’d be a day off from the action. I didn’t think it would be cleaning and laundry duty. In any case this episode was ok, but not really all that great. (At least it wasn’t a ‘beach episode’)

  5. Alicia is one of the main reasons why I watch this series. Her facial expressions are priceless! Even though she tries her best to be tough it shows from time to time that she is still a young girl, which makes her so loveable…

  6. I finished the game on Sunday. It’s absolutely amazing.

    While the new personalities in the anime aren’t necessarily bad, I definitely prefer the personalities from the game (Welkin is a bit too aloof). In addition, I feel the character designs in the game are much better.

    This is not to say I don’t like the anime. It’s still pretty entertaining. I’m just hoping the rumors about a love triangle between Welkin, Alicia, and Faldio are just that (rumors). Given the story, such a thing is totally unnecessary and just frustrating.

  7. The 5th episode:
    Faldio teaches Alicia how to be a good Welkin’s wife.

    Faldio brings FUN. I like that.

    If Alicia doesn’t do funny face, she isn’t noticeable.
    Welkin is so far away from this world that he even doesn’t defend his sister.

  8. I thought this episode was nice. At least the series isn’t overdoing the “Too Many Characters” Syndrome that Gundam 00 S2 suffered from.

    Alicia’s reactions are priceless; but so was the rest of Squad 7’s expressions the moment before Alicia slaps Welkin.

  9. @magixili
    quite true about that as well his seiyuu being Jun Fukuyama as we have known his roles

    as for Jaeger and Gregor according to character profiles im not sure if this could be said in the anime
    Show Spoiler ▼


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