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Valkyria Chronicles – 26 (END)

Inside the Marmota, the members of Squad 7 insist on distracting the enemy while Welkin goes to save Alicia.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 25

With the Imperial attack, Welkin and Squad 7 have to abandon their plans to go help Alicia and fight instead.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 24

Alicia faces off against Selvaria at Ghirlandaio by herself, and it soon becomes clear that Selvaria is fighting with much more intensity.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 23

Gallia has won a series of victories against Maximilian’s forces with Alicia’s help, but that means that Squad 7 and Welkin haven’t been able to reach her in a while.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 22

Many years ago, Alicia was a child in an institution where she was experimented on and sometimes went unfed.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 21

After having shot Alicia in the back, Faldio tosses aside his gun and takes her to the medical tent.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 20

Based on the research that he’s done on the Valkyrur, Faldio remains concerned about Alicia but still hasn’t figured out what to do.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 19

Alicia tries to talk to Welkin about what she said to him previously, but he avoids the subject and continues to treat her coldly.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 18

At Isara’s funeral, Welkin surprises everyone by asking them to forget about her and just do their best as members of the Gallia militia.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 17

Welkin finds out from Varrot that Squad 7′s next mission is to destroy an enemy base at Mulberry shore.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 16

Despite Gregor’s failure at Fouzen, Maximilian isn’t too worried and is already preparing their next move.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 15

After what happened in Fouzen, everyone in Squad 7 is feeling down, and given the toll on the other forces of the militia, Varrot decides that they should hold a party.

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Valkyria Chronicles – 14

At roughly the same time, Welkin’s group and Zaka’s group launch their attacks on their respective targets.

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What The Hell Valkyria (Spoilers)


So I was watching Valkyria earlier and was very happy to see that it got a new OP. That is, until I realized how massive a spoiler they threw into it by showing that Alicia does indeed have Valkyria blood in her (enough to face Selvaria for the matter). It’s a plot twist that wasn’t totally unexpected given how they’ve hinted about it in the past, but damn it I would have liked to see it played out in the series and not completely spoiled by an opening sequence several episodes before it happens. *shakes fist at A-1 Pictures*

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Valkyria Chronicles – 13

After the events with Cordelia, Welkin and his squad’s next task is to take part in the recapture of the key city of Fouzen.

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