Gallia has won a series of victories against Maximilian’s forces with Alicia’s help, but that means that Squad 7 and Welkin haven’t been able to reach her in a while. The members of Squad 7 are concerned, particularly given how they parted ways with her on a bad note, and so they decide to try to go see her. They are stopped by guards of the regular military though, and while they’re arguing, Rosie overhears one of the commanders call Alicia’s power monster-like. This leads to a fight between them, and after Welkin arrives on the scene, he tries to put a stop to it. When the commander threatens them with court-martial, Welkin tries to take responsibility and apologize, but when the commander doesn’t stop the insults, Welkin personally punches him.

Meanwhile, over on the Imperial side, Jaeger finds Selvaria by herself, clutching a blue rose stem to the point that her hand bleeds. While wrapping her hand, Jaeger compares her to a star who needs to shine, but Selvaria thinks of herself more like the moon which needs the sun to shine. Jaeger thinks that he’s similar, and he tells her about how his own hometown was destroyed by the Empire and how he joined with Maximilian so that he could someday revive his old home. After he speaks fondly of his home and how he wants her and Maximilian to see it, she feels better and thanks him for his words. Back at the Gallia camp, Cordelia visits Faldio and declares that he’s free. She’s still grateful towards him and Alicia, and she tells him something about the Randgriz family that surprises him. Their conversation is then interrupted by the arrival of Welkin’s beaten-up body.

While he’s unconscious, Welkin dreams that he’s back at home with Isara, and she brings him some stew and some of Alicia’s bread. Isara starts saying something about how Welkin feels towards Alicia, but the dream ends there, and Welkin wakes up in the infirmary tent with his squad watching over him. Alicia meanwhile is paid a visit by Cordelia who offers Alicia anything she desires. Unaware that Faldio is outside listening, Alicia’s only request is that he and Squad 7 are not put into any more danger, and Cordelia agrees to this. The next day, Cordelia and Alicia go through a formal recognition ceremony before the next battle at Ghirlandaio. At around the same time, the militia squads get their orders from Varrot, and Welkin is surprised to learn that Squad 7 is being specially assigned to guard Cordelia on her way back to the capital.

Knowing that Alicia is responsible for this, Welkin runs out to where the rest of the military is moving out and yells for her. She hears him as her car passes him, and even though she wants to get out to talk to him, Damon stops her, leaving Welkin to cry out helplessly to the heavens as the main army heads to battle. The next morning, Alicia faces off against Selvaria at Ghirlandaio.


This was a bit of a frustrating episode to watch. Part of it was because all of the members of the regular military were portrayed to be ungrateful jerks who have too much power, and you’re obviously supposed to hate them (which I do). I cheered when Welkin punched that commander, and I’m kind of hoping that Selvaria will win the next battle just so that she can kill Damon and some of the brass. The other part of it was because Welkin continued to be so helpless against the things happening around him. Even though I can’t blame him too much because he was responding the best he could, I thought that by this very late point in the series (only three episodes to go), he’d be a much more assertive and impressive male lead.

Along those lines, my favorite scene out of this episode actually ended up being the one between Jaeger and Selvaria, and I really wish Jaeger got more character development like that. I guess it’s not too late yet, but I get the feeling that he’s going to get killed off soon saving Selvaria or something. The brief dream scene between Welkin and Isara was also nice in a this-is-how-life-could-have-been-if-Isara-hadn’t-died sort of way. As for next episode, the preview was different from usual in that it focused on Selvaria and didn’t really show anything other than those two shots of her, and that makes me think that she’s going to die or something.


  1. Alicia does have monster like powers but have a kind and human heart.
    On the other hand, the normal army might not have monster like powers but
    they sure have monster like personalities and behaviors.

  2. I would go further than that, Freya: all the people from the regular army are a bunch of ungrateful c-u-n-t-s who are given too much power for their own good. They are just like the British military having no respect for Canadian forces (a militia turned into an elite force) during WWI despite the fact Canadians won most of the major Commonwealth’s victories on the Western front.

    It’s sad Cordelia doesn’t want to stir things too much, but all generals who trust on illusions on how to win the war (like Damon and others) should be removed from command in normal time because of poor results. I had my view on this on the forums at Animesuki, and I feel Eleanor Varrot would have been a great supreme commander for various reasons I exposed in the discussion threads.

  3. Having played the game i’m so locking forward to the next episode. Finally someone is going to give Damon what he truly deserves (i hate that guy…).

    I only played/completed the game a couple of weeks ago and i while i liked Jaeger (from seeing him in the anime) already before it was really nice to get to know more about his history and why he is doing what he does. Hopefully they will bring some of that into the anime too.

    If you like the anime i really think you should play the game too. If you don’t like games / that kind of game, just borrow it from a friend, and watch the cutscenes / read the character profiles. I enjoyed the anime even more after doing it.

  4. The end of the episode “this broadcast was brought to you by these sponsors” thing was evil, they had Karl (engineer with the shaved head and glasses) getting slapped by the special platoon guy on an infinite loop. <_<

  5. well this episode looks like crap, I thought welkin final changed but no, he slaps a bitch from the regular army, and drops to the ground like some useless faggot.

    He could have easily done more to prevent that fat pig from taking his women, like run to the car, give it a flat tire and hit the fucker like there is no tomorrow. And nobody can do shit about it because Alicia can own their sorry aass’ any day of the week.

  6. must… watch… till the bitter end.

    I haven’t felt this bad since watching the whole of kurokami. or linebarrel!!
    Even Alicia is beyond redemption now and I think we can say byebye to the “final flame” event as i can’t see that and the Marmotta in just 3 eps, esp with Selvaria and Alicia yet to battle.

  7. Oh yeah, if you notice, we said ‘monster like’ and not monster powers. Beside, it’s better to say that she has monster like powers because then you could say that the army has monster like personalities and need to be bashed it. I don’t know a really good example but perhaps Beauty and the Beast is a nice example. The beast is a beast but he’s kinder than Gaston who is a freaking monster on the inside but a human on the outside.

  8. Hah! Damon will get an ending that’ll probably get him a whole bunch of medals.
    Sylvaria? Scorned for the rest of eternity for her actions.

    Two deaths that are simply dissappointing. But hey, at least it’s realistic.

  9. What, killing Damon? Hell no! That’s too easy. He should be thrown into jail and atone by suffering endlessly, damn it. Along with his friends. Pisses me off that they get away calling Alicia a monster. Cordelia, do something about it!

  10. this is like the biggest let down in anime history…
    I try to see anime and game as two separate things but this is just too much. It started with Cordelia’s hair and it went downhill from there.

    The only thing good about this anime for me: Jaeger/Selvaria scenes. Because I loved them in the game with just one simple scene, and there’s more here.


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