While Welkin tries to figure out how to attack the Kloden supply base, Alicia discovers a porcavian in the nearby woods. She decides to keep it for the time being, and the presence of an animal trail gives Welkin an idea. He thinks that this trail will lead them to the side of the enemy base, so he decides to split his and Faldio’s men into two groups. Welkin and the Edelweiss will attack the front of the base to attract the enemy’s attention while Alicia and Faldio take the second group along the trail in order to hit the base from the side. The plan starts without a hitch, but as Alicia leads the other group through the thicket, she gets annoyed at Faldio’s attempts to chat with her. When he asks if she’s scared, she admits that she is, but she knows that in order not to be overcome with fear, she has to move forward.

The group eventually arrives at the side of the enemy base, and Faldio counts six Imperial soldiers near their position. Alicia is momentarily frozen with fear, so Faldio deposits something down the back of her uniform and pretends that it was goat droppings. It turns out to be just a nut, and Faldio had done it because she had been too nervous and tense. A few of the soldiers soon get called away, so Alicia and Faldio make their move. Alicia rushes forward and nearly gets picked off by a sniper in a guard tower, but fortunately Faldio has her covered. However, during the next advance, Alicia gets hit in the leg and falls, so Faldio has to carry her out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile, Jaeger shows up to support Gregor and advises that they draw back. Jaeger claims that he’s there to protect Gregor’s forces and the ragnite, and Gregor decides to go along with the advice and retreat. Back outside, Alicia turns out to be mostly okay and still able to fight. By the time she and Faldio get inside the base though, Gregor’s forces have left, and Jaeger is watching their rear. Jaeger catches sight of Alicia charging forward and has his men shoot at her, but Alicia takes cover. She is then stopped from chasing the Imperial forces by Welkin. In the aftermath, Alicia attributes their success to the presence of the porcavian which had been sitting in the Edelweiss during the battle. Alicia wants to keep it, and she’s decided to name it Hans.


You know, it’s hard to take the war stuff seriously when there’s a cute mascot character like Hans around. Fortunately, Alicia didn’t carry Hans around the during the battle scenes (for a moment there I thought she would) because then it would have been really awkward. That being said, I fully support Alicia carrying Hans around any other time because Alicia’s (over)reactions plus Hans cuteness is a nearly unmatched combination. Speaking of which, what was with all of the Alicia and Faldio moments this episode? I didn’t think much of it last week, but they kept going with it this week. I thought Alicia was supposed to be paired off with Welkin…

As for the actual battle, I found the way they portrayed it to be a little off, particularly in regard to the strength of the Imperial side. Maybe I’m thinking about this wrong, but having two important generals for the defense of a key point should mean huge numbers of Imperials, and yet it seemed like they had hardly more than 30 men and 4 tanks between them. No wonder Welkin with an overpowered Edelweiss and a flanking strategy could take them on with hardly any losses. Basically I’m still disappointed by the resistance that the Imperial forces have put up. Maybe things will get less one-sided when Selvaria finally fights. For the time being though, it looks like there’ll be another break in the action next week with the introduction of the reporter character.


  1. It’s insanely hard to take the war aspect of this anime seriously with all the cuteness and tame violence. Well whatever, it’s still very enjoyable to watch.

    I guess the show is going to keep emphasizing Welkin’s ability to come up with battle plans based off his knowledge of animal/plant life.

  2. It would interesting to see how Welkin deals with Selvaria. If she is anything like the game, Omni, you will start to think that the Imperials are overpowered.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. “…what was with all of the Alicia and Faldio moments this episode?”

    yeah, what’s with this?
    i didn’t play the game, somebody want to spoil me? then do it now!
    if they suddenly change, that would be stupid, too.

  4. It was a nice episode. The scene where Alicia got injured was good thing to include even thought I hate to see her suffer (at least the heros are not impervious to enemy gunfire).
    Next week we get to see some great Alicia-faces again:

  5. Faldio’s squad basicly had the rest of Velkin’s game squad (aka: the male troopers) As for Jaeger supporting Gregor, it was only the “I’ll cover while you put your ass in safe place”, at least in the game it was also the first encounter with Jaeger’s tank, and it was more than a match for the Edelweiss.

    Having in mind that Gregor’s batallion should have tons of wounded soldiers after the Gallian Regular’s attack, is no wonder that the 7th Squad pass through them with ease.

  6. Nice to see that they finally converted Rosie and Largo to stormtrooper and lancer respectively. It’s still a little strange to see that Imp tanks go down with one frontal shot and the Edelweiss is super overpowered (that’s not exactly the case in the game…).

    Anyway the story is pretty good so far. It doesn’t exactly follow the game (especially regarding Alicia characterization), but that’s what makes it interesting.

  7. Hey, I know Faldio moments keep popping up.. It’s actually an integral part of character buildup they are doing. I want to spill the beans but I choose not to.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. And here we got a good example again of how arrogant the Empire was (both in the game and anime) at that point. It was a keypoint in the game as well but they didn’t have an all too big defense there either. Jaeger only showed up to buy time while everyone retreated. Gregor even commented in this ep that they didn’t know their place (clear signs that the Empire didn’t think Gallia would have the guts to try and attack that place).

    A shame they left Jaeger’ Lupus tank out.

    The show has been surprisingly good sofar but I wonder when we’ll get some more focus on Welkin again coz it feels like Alicia is the main hero here instead of Welkin.

  9. It could have been possible that a lot of imperial troopers were unfit to fight from the previous battle (wounded/exhausted due to annihilating the Gallian regulars) that Gregor pressed. Jaegar and Welkin seem to share get the mission accomplished without heavy casualties.

    Spoiler for Faldio and Alicia, pretty big one if you haven’t played the game
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. @tomtom

    i’ll spill the beans

    there actually isn’t any relationship stuff between Faldio and Alicia in the game but I think this change will actually make things a lot more interesting because

    Show Spoiler ▼

    it’ll definitely spice things up

  11. These Alicia and Faldio moments are getting pretty annoying. The game was nothing like this. In fact, Alicia and Faldio talked no more than once or twice throughout the whole game, and it was only an acknowledgement of each others’ presence. Also, I would rather they focus on Welkin. At this point, it just seems like they’re making him a side-character, which is completely wrong.

    It seems this show is simply fabricating this love triangle in order to compensate for its inability to make the rest of the story interesting. They’ll need to start establishing the relationship between Alicia and Welkin sooner than later, and from the looks of the preview they may have skipped an absolutely critical part of the game.

    It makes me wonder how much they really plan to change (f*** up) the story…

  12. Agree with Rootz

    I know its stupid at this point to ask but what game when and on what console!!!

    (and when are they gonna make an anime of metroid!!!!)

  13. The interest that they show in this episode between Alicia and Faldio is actually covered in the game, its just not reveiled until the end after Welkin and Alicia confront Faldio after a certain insident happened. I assume they did this in the game to keep things more of a secret so no hints were droped until it became shokingly obvious.

  14. @jho

    Stormtrooper syndrome. The stormtrooper effect, also called stormtrooper syndrome, is an expression used to describe the cliché phenomenon in works of fiction of minor cannon fodder characters being completely ineffective in combat against characters important to the plot (protagonists). This ineffectiveness is typically visible as an inability to successfully strike the target with ranged weapons, even at close range. Though obviously unrealistic, the effect is common in many stories and movies. The stormtrooper effect is often a source of mockery by critics and fandom, but it is generally recognized as bringing a camp appeal where it occurs.

  15. Military concepts from this episode brought to you by, IDBjoshm.

    Military Idiom 1: Sun Tzu says, you prepare an enemy on his right, he will be weak on his left.
    Military Idiom 2: Don’t sacrifice good soldiers to save a loss.
    Military Idiom 3: Latin Proverb, a retreating soldier lives to fight another day.

  16. One more Idiom:

    Sun Tzu says, “Move not unless you see an advantage; use not your troops unless there is something to be gained; fight not unless the position is critical. If it is to your advantage, make a forward move; if not, stay where you are.”

  17. For some reason, this reminds me of Rondo of Swords, where you can only command up to 6 people and your enemies are always at least 20 men. They should definitely make an anime of it too.

  18. What the hell is Tonkatsu (from Nagasarete Airantou) doing here!? XD (and now he’s sprouted wings too, or does that make him Suguru from Kamisama Kazoku?)

    Hehehe just kidding. Looking forward to more facial expressions from Alicia next week, and possibly some fanservice from that new character :O

    Sailor Enlil
  19. I like Faldio…but then Welkin is also cute!

    And having Hans around is so comical! Kkkk…

    I never thought that the pig in the ending song would have a significant role in the drama. Hehehe.

  20. the piggy is cute

    Alicia & Faldio moment

    Welkin strategy win

    Faldio interested in Alicia

    Gay guy in next episode

    Reporter girl expose herself to Welkin

    Alicia freaks out

  21. I’m kinda disappointed that they aren’t doing anything with the other squad 7 members… especially since they were all fleshed out pretty well in the game. Marina and Edy haven’t even had any lines yet 🙁 Was also disappointed to see Nina in squad 1 instead of 7.

  22. I think people are whining just a taaaaaaad too much about “all the moments” Faldo and Alicia are having….we’re /five/ episodes into the series, and it’s not like Welkin and Alicia are oblivious of each others’ existence, y’know. That and it looks like it’s setup for the spoilers mentioned above anyway. (which I won’t go into either; read the aforementioned spoilers if you want)


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